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5:56 AM
The question might be reasonable, but regarding "I'm hoping something off topic on stackexchange would be on topic on overflow." <-- anything on-topic at MathOverflow is on-topic at math.SE, though the attention it might receive is different. If it's legitimately off-topic there, then it's off-topic here. And note that old questions from almost 9 years ago are not necessarily a good guide to what is now accepted. — David Roberts 11 mins ago
It is not really true that everything which is off-topic on Mathematics is automatically off-topic on MathOverflow. MO has much more relaxed approach to soft questions and big list questions. And MO does not put much attention to context being included in the question.
The rules on MO say that the questions should include background/motivation and it is explicitly suggested that the asker should "do their homework": How to write a good MathOverflow question? But they are not really enforced.
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7:20 AM
@DavidRoberts "anything on-topic at MathOverflow is on-topic at math.SE": well, almost. For instance math.stackexchange.com/questions/3135015 (now open) has been closed 3 times in MathSE (by 15 users) while probably nobody here would have the idea of closing it. — YCor 3 mins ago
Another example would be Physical meaning of the Lebesgue measure. Basically the same question was deleted on Math.SE: math.stackexchange.com/questions/1524356/…
However, it's probably not an ideal example - I wanted to mainly stress difference in the requirements about context/background.
Here is some past discussion about MO vs. MSE:

Discussion about differences between MO and Math.SE

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This Todd Trimble's answer and some comments below it also touch on the differences: What happened to the dear user “quid” (9072), they appear deleted?
@DavidRoberts As this topic (off-topic on MO vs. off-topic on MSE) is only tangential to the question where the above comments were posted, I responded here - since I did not want to digress too much from the original question in the comments under that question.
8:26 AM
I thought M.SE was for mathematics questions at all levels? Or is that a euphemism? — David Roberts 24 mins ago
I don't think that the difference mentioned here is about level of the question - rather more about including background for the question. And possibly there are difference also in some types of question - MO being more permissive for broad, big list, soft questions.
As differences between (closures of posts on) MO and MSE seem to be a tangential topic to the question at hand, I have posted some comments on this in chat rather than continuing the discussion here. — Martin Sleziak 16 secs ago
8:41 AM
For example, it seems that a post which can be answered simply by a quick google search has better chance of surviving on MO (assuming that it is of sufficient level) than on MSE.
Despite "Do your homework" section of the FAQ post "How to write a good MathOverflow question?" explicitly says:
> Before asking your question, try to solve it. Search Google, Wikipedia, and nLab, check any references you can think of, and try to figure the problem out yourself (maybe even sleep on it).

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