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5:55 AM
Q: Using tikzcd to draw commutative diagrams on MO

Praphulla KoushikCan some one let me know how to draw diagrams in MO with tikzcd There are information for drawing diagrams using AMScd $\require{AMScd}$ \begin{CD} A @>a>> B\\ @V b V V= @VV c V\\ C @>>d> D \end{CD} but could not find one for tikzcd I want to compile following tikz code. \begin...

@PraphullaKoushik Judging by your comment you are more interested in question how to draw commutative diagrams than specifically in tikzcd.
That is really not easy. I tried for some questions which you can see from my recent question.. That is really time consuming which I would not prefer.. any other suggestions ?? @AsafKaragila — Praphulla Koushik 15 hours ago
I'd guess xypic is a suitable package for commutative diagrams.
And you can in fact use presheaf website and do this online. (And then copy the picture.)
A: How to draw a commutative diagram?

Bruno StonekI have used presheaf in the past, it's really easy (if you know xypic) and comfortable to use.

I do not use tikzcd, but somebody mentioned this website in connection with this package:
in MathJax, Nov 9 '17 at 15:33, by Long
@MartinSleziak @user170039 I recently found this tool for drawing diagrams, definitely worth trying out: http://tikzcd.yichuanshen.de
Some examples of diagrams using xypic syntax and presheaf website:
And if you go to the presheaf website, some examples of diagrams are shown there: presheaf.com
6:26 AM
@MartinSleziak Yes, I am aware of presheaf website. But one question that I asked on tex stack exchange got an answer which has tikzcd code and the code written in xymatrix was not good. That is why I asked..
You obviously like to talk in riddles...
@MartinSleziak My english is not good :)
No what I mean your recent example.
what example
You mentioned "your question on tex stackexchange". Maybe if you add a link, somebody will be able to give you some advice after seeing what commutative diagram is not good.
Similarly your question on meta - it is completely unclear what you are actually asking. Most likely interpretation is that you are asking whether it is possible to use tikzcd code in posts MO posts. But you did not clearly say so in the question.
6:31 AM
Q: Latex Code for two parallel arrows and alignment in commutative diagram

Praphulla Koushik && P\times_{\mathcal{H}_0}Q\ar[rdd]\ar[ldd]\\ \mathcal{G}_1\ar[dd] &&\mathcal{H}_1\ar[dd]&&\mathcal{K}_1\ar[dd]\\ &P\ar[dl]\ar[dr]&&Q\ar[dl]\ar[dr]\\ \mathcal{G}_0&&\mathcal{H}_0&&\mathcal{K}_0 This is the code I have written in http://presheaf.com/ It shows the below diagram I need help ...

I have edited meta.mathoverflow.net/questions/3792/… to say clearly what my question is :) Thanks for telling me that it was not clear
Similarly when you asked this, you did not mention that it is actually about your own account: Is there a way to check all questions/answers posted from a deleted account
Sorry for the rant.
I just don't like playing hide an seek in posts on Stack exchange.
And thanks for the edit. After it was clarified what you want, I have upvoted the posts.
Although I suppose you already know the answer:
Q: Can we support TikZ picture rendering?

I like SerenaI found an older thread from 2013 with basically the same question: Using TikZ on math.stackexchange I'd like to revive the discussion, since I believe it's certainly possible, even if it may not have been back then. That is, can we have TikZ picture rendering? Similar to math formula rendering?...

I see that you have used the diagram in question in this post:
Q: In what sense bibundles are called as generalized morphisms

Praphulla Koushik Definition : Let $\mathcal{G}$ and $\mathcal{H}$ be Lie groupoids. A bibundle from $\mathcal{G}$ to $\mathcal{H}$ is a manifold $P$ together with two maps $a_L:P\rightarrow \mathcal{G}_0,a_R:P\rightarrow \mathcal{H}_0$ such that there is a left action of $\mathcal{G}$ on $P$ with resp...

@MartinSleziak It was not just for my account...
@MartinSleziak playing hide and seek?? I just did not care to say more than that... nothing to do with hide and seek :)
@MartinSleziak I don’t know the answer... it is not written explicitly anywhere.. is it not possible to use tikz?
In the post I linked.
In MathJax you can use AMScd.
tikzcd is not a part of MathJax syntax.
IIRC neither is xypic.
ok. so, you can not use tikzcd code where as if you know xypic you can run it in presheaf site, save that picture and post here.. that is it right?
Meaning that if you want such diagram, you have to create it elsewhere and include the picture in the post. (Exactly as you did in your post.)
@PraphullaKoushik I would not be surprised if there were a similar website for tikzcd.
6:47 AM
ok ok....
But what you describe is exactly the same for xypic and tikzcd.
@MartinSleziak do you know any such webiste for tikzcd
In both cases - you created the diagram elsewhere and you have included the picture in the post.
The one I linked before seems to be mostly for drawing by hand, but you can look into it whether it offers more possibilities: tikzcd.yichuanshen.de
@MartinSleziak that is really good :) :)
Just trying google google.com/search?q=online+tikzcd returns this website which seems rather simplistic to me: patrickmassot.github.io/tikzcdedit
Ok, I'll have to go. Sorry if I was too harsh.
7:07 AM
Ok. Thank you :)

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