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1:32 PM
Q: Why does MathOverflow keep logging me out?

bofI'm getting tired of logging in to MathOverflow ten times a day. The other Stack Exchange sites I use keep me logged in, and so did MathOverflow until recently. What is different about MathOverflow? Is there anything I can do about it?

I found this post which on Meta Stack Exchange.
Q: Active login not recognized on Super User

ZavaelWhile on other Stack Exchange sites like Game Development and Code Review they recognize if I am logged in to Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange and after refresh request from page I am logged in there too. This autologin feature does not happen on Super User. Even if I go to the login page, it do...

The accepted answer explicitly mentions:
> stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, and other Q&A sites with their own domains will still use the old flow.
However, the post is from 2015 so I am not sure whether the information is up to date.
If it is, it would at least expect why MO is independent from the rest of the network as far as (auto)login is concerned. But it still does not explain why the OP has problem that their browser forgets their login.
This post is also from 2015:
Q: Why do Stack Exchange sites seem to always forget my login?

sorinIt seems that all Stack Exchange sites do seem to be affected by a UX killing behaviour: it seems that every day you have to login again on each of them; they never remember your login. For someone that is visiting these sites daily and a contributing a LOT, this is extremely annoying. Is this ...


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