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Thanks it works .. why can this problem not be done recursively? I found this link but honestly dont understand it codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/102232/…Zoya 59 secs ago
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Welcome to Stack Overflow. This kind of question is generally not on-topic on Stack Overflow and should instead be asked on codereview.stackexchange.combad_coder 1 min ago
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Q: How do i flip a vertical list to a horizontal list?

Unbowed EpicureCreate a function that flips a horizontal list into a vertical list, and a vertical list into a horizontal list. In other words, take a 1 X 𝑛 list (1 row and n columns) and flip it into a 𝑛 X 1 list (n rows and 1 column) and vice versa. # Take a horizontal list and flip it vertical. f...

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Hello, here in StackOverflow, we avoid giving answers that are based on opinion (hence answers like "this is best practice" is unacceptable unless it's a standard by the framework). if you need a review of your code and perhaps suggestions on improving it, posting on Code Review. — WiGeeky 33 secs ago
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Hi @Berriel, you are right: you can find it hereP. Navarro 37 secs ago
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Q: Asp.Net overall design pattern integrating REST, dependency injection, and Hosted Services (See full project at Github)

RightmireMI'm new to C#, and want to conform as much as possible to good design patterns. This code is the beginning of a Microservice, running as Asp.Net. It is based on a Microsoft tutorial doing similar work. It has three functional components currently: Converts a CSV file to JSON, for return via REST...

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10:28 AM
Monking everyone. Long time no see. My company’s getting acquired in the next week or 2 so we’ve been just a little busy.
ohh, interesting
I thought that was usually your business: Acquiring companies for profit.
am I misremembering?
Oh we’re still doing that. Being on 2 different ends of 2 different acquisitions at the same time is certainly an experience.
And I tell you. Acquiring companies is fun. You get to do audits and ask lots of pointed questions. Being on the receiving end? Not so much.
"We're going to acquire you." "Reverse uno card, no WE are gonna acquire you!"
Anyway. I was just popping in to ask if anyone knows any UK Python Devs who might be interested in a new job.
We have a lot of funding now and a lot of data that needs wrangling.
nobody I know. You gonna be voting in our little election?
10:40 AM
Of course :)
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If this code works, please head over to Code Review to ask. — Andy Turner 1 min ago
Try this link. — Medi 34 secs ago
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Q: Counting the number of unique IP addresses in a very large file. Follow-Up #1

chptr-oneIt's a follow-up question. A previous version of this code has been posted on Code Review about 2 weeks ago. What was done after the last review In fact, the entire application is rewritten from scratch. Here is current version with tests and JavaDoc. I tried to split the application into small c...

1:15 PM
17 tabs tabs away from hitting 1000 tabs!
(at work)
@Kaz @Peilonrayz You?
1:45 PM
@Mast Possibly, I'd want to know more about the job however, @Kaz.
@IInspectable You're right. But GET_DEVICE_CHANGE_LPARAM vs GET_DEVICE_CHANGE_WPARAM issue is showing that there are clearly some issues with code review at times when it was introduced... — DJm00n 47 secs ago
Wouldn't this be more suitable on Code Review? — Uwe Keim 34 secs ago
@UweKeim (1) I didn't know "Code Review" existed, but as I don't know how to proceed, I still think I am in the correct place. And (2) I am only using Console.WriteLine while in development. And (3) The try/catch that I am using to get the data from the API is taken directly from Microsoft's Blazor tutorial. — Brian 31 secs ago
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We've made it to our current scale (~50 employees) without any in-house code. Mainly on the back of efficient designs, good use of 3rd party systems, and Excel being very powerful these days provided your data is below a certain size.

That isn't going to cut it for the next phase of our growth. So we're looking for someone to come in and build out internal data pipelines, reconciliations, and generally automate all of our business intelligence.

We want to hire someone who knows what they're doing, and give them the autonomy to build it *right*.
2:25 PM
@Kaz Sounds interesting, however I've not played with message queues or data warehousing the way you're probably looking for.
@skiwi what are the specs on that machine?
Q: C++ class to create and evaluate Chebyshev approximations of arbitrary functions

EdwardI recently needed to create a function to approximate a complex trigonometric function on an embedded system without a floating point unit and without a fast trigonometric library. So I pulled out my ancient copy of "Numerical Recipes in C, Second Edition" by Press, Teukolsky, Vettterling and Fl...

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Greetings, Programs.
3:14 PM
Ben Popper on April 19, 2021
April Fool’s may be over, but once we set up a system to react every time someone typed Command+C, we realized there was also an opportunity to learn about how people use our site. Here’s what we found.
@Malachi Pretty good specs
@CaptainObvious @Edward is educating us again with a question!
@skiwi We are the Borg, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
3:28 PM
@Donald.McLean Welcome oh mighty user.
hey, at least that resistor won't burn out, right?
Q: Better way to keep a list of items from a Http Request?

BigAl1992I have a simple web api where each request "item" is stored in a list and thus a list is built without creating a new list per request. I have achieved this via dependency injection , but I want to know if there is a better way to do it? [ApiController] [Route("[controller]")] public class MyCont...

@Mast LOL
@Vogel612 What are the down sides?
@Vogel612 The wires might.
3:38 PM
That's why all wires should have a proper breaker to limit the current.
Current to high? Trip, don't burn.
"How can I improve upon this?" is a very broad and opinionated question. Not great for SO. If you have working code already, perhaps codereview.stackexchange.com is a better fit. — jaco0646 1 min ago
well, to be fair, wires are just ... resistors that primarily function to cover distance and connect components and are underrepresented in resistance calculations
Isn't that mostly because their resistance is negligible compared to the other components of the system?
Similar to how all of the spacecraft launches that humans have made have yet to have any meaningful impact on the mass of the planet.
Resistors used to be long, thin wires coiled into a nice package.
Wires are usually seen as inverse resistors, but, sure, take enough of it and the resistance will start counting.
Don't coil them too much or you'll have parasitic impedance.
@Donald.McLean Yes, in most cases. Unless you want to turn your wires into antennae.
4:04 PM
@Feeds Keysniffers.
Anyone know why @ThomasWard is withdrawn from the election?
@pacmaninbw I observed yesterday comments on his nomination about his review queue activity on CR - perhaps that played a significant factor
Yeah, that was me. Might be related, but all speculation.
4:24 PM
Q: A Snake Game in C

dareesomeI made a snake game in c, it runs pretty well, everything is working, I think, I'm just wondering if there are any bugs I'm not aware of or if there is anything I can do better. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <conio.h> #include <windows.h> #include <math.h> #include <time.h> int...

Q: List sub-folders and its ID in the given path in Google Drive with Google App Script

JimmyHuI am trying to create a doc file which contains the list of folders in a given folder path. The Main function is the entry point. // This function performs the operation of creating the file of the list of folders in the specific folder. // Usage: Set the ListDocName, the ListDocFullPath, and the...

If the code works and you're looking for advice on improving it, Code Review is the appropriate place. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… first. — Barmar 14 secs ago
First, thanks for this very quick answers and explanations. You're right, there was no big issue in my subject. Nevertheless, I did it to provide an example to others "non pyyaml experts". I have done the code with what i found and there was not so much examples and documentation. In the same time, i was wondering if it was the straight way. I assume that you would have proposed other ways if it was worth (even if it is not a code review area) — padec 52 secs ago
4:54 PM
@pacmaninbw I'm not allowed to change my mind about running?
last i checked this was a 'free election' and I have a right to withdraw my name from consideration :P
@Mast unrelated. just decided to withdraw. now give me back my bottle of lambic.
i need to reach the perfect alcoholization to code :p
Apple uses automated schnapps IVs.
@ThomasWard Don't have any Lambic, but I can try to push a crate of Hertog Jan through the monitor.
@Mast hehe shnapps IVs... interesting
@ThomasWard @rolfl brought it up. I was just asking.
I finally figured out a way to load datasheets from PDF into Excel, so I don't need any alcohol today.
5:06 PM
possible answer invalidation by Linny on question by dareesome: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/259730/revisions
@Duga Fine
5:48 PM
@Mast That explains why my team was so effective in my first database class. We went and shared one pitcher of beer before programming.
3 of the 4 of us got an A in that class.
The 4th ended up testing software rather than writing it.
6:07 PM
@Peilonrayz It’s not that kind of scale and we don’t need anything real-time. Right now the whole thing runs adequately on flat file inputs, spreadsheet formulas, and monthly reconciliations. We’d just like to make it a little more robust and automated than that ^^
6:18 PM
Maybe this can help you. — Redu 49 secs ago
@amkleist you should remove your solution from your question and post it as an answer. Also, "any thoughts on my solution" is too broad. Stack Overflow is for specific questions about your code. For general code-review, codereview.stackexchange.com may be a better place, but remember to check their on-topic guidelines first — Pranav Hosangadi 17 secs ago
6:58 PM
This question seems more inline with Code Review. Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. Stackoverflow is more on-topic for questions about problems and algorithms. — lorem ipsum 6 secs ago
7:23 PM
Q: iOS: Combine and Clean Architecture

RicardoI’m learning a lot of from Combine thanks to an amazing book in raywenderlich. Currently i’m writing an app and following the clean MVVM architecture. Then I have the following layers: Domain(UseCases and RepositoryProtocols) Data(RepositoryImplementations) Presentation(ViewController and ViewMo...

You already have that part correct. <form action='/create' method="post" accept-charset="UTF-8"> Your error is the token which the post below will help solve. That being said I am not certain why you would want to "do it manually in HTML" as this is not a general practice when developing in rails and honestly would likely be frowned upon by code reviewers. — engineersmnky 51 secs ago
This type of question belongs on CodeReview StackExchange, it will likely be closed here, because there is no specific problem to solve. Could you please ask it on CRSE, and post a link here, so that the traffic is redirected to CodeReview SE? — Andrey Tyukin 39 secs ago
7:41 PM
I don't think it's worth evaluating a contrived example. My suggestion is to ask a new question where you lay out the points of the Adapter pattern alongside the actual implementation for comparison. Then you have a question about analyzing and improving working code, which may be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. — jaco0646 53 secs ago
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8:56 PM
Q: Syntax for TypeScript Arrow Functions With Generics

Jose AI don't know if this is done properly or not, but I posted an answer in StackOverflow back in Sept. 2020 about implementing generics in TypeScript. I got downvoted 3 times, and I was wondering if the following piece of code was problematic: This is how I defined an async generic function expressi...

My rebase definitely happened i.e. I did each git rebase --continue until it said I had successfully rebased it. Then I did a git commit, and git push origin HEAD (as Bitbucket demanded). Then I reloaded the Bitbucket code review page which still says "This pull request can't be merged." — wudude 38 secs ago
Would someone knowledgeable about licenses please address the OP's questions
@Mast @Vogel612 **
Looks handled?
9:25 PM
Seems like it's taken care of.
If not, I can write something up in the morning. I'm sure I've written a meta post on it before...
I'm no license expert, but the comments seem close enough.
Does the open source SE still exist? They used to have questions like this.
does exist
10:29 PM
I would try posting code review here. — TEEBQNE 43 secs ago
10:45 PM
Stack Overflow is for questions about malfunctioning code. Since this appears to be working code, this is a great fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Greg Burghardt 54 secs ago
11:05 PM
Q: How to Optimize this Unity Mesh Generation Job?

Seth McCannI'm making a terrain-deformation system in Unity that utilizes the common marching-cubes algorithm. So far I've gotten the system working, employed Unity's job system and burst compiler, and managed to cut down performance from ~100ms per job to ~25ms. That's great, and I'm getting around 20 FPS ...

11:29 PM
Q: Deleting a line with a string query from text file

Ajumoko Ibrahim TemitopeI have a txt file where I save details from my app. I want to scan the text file and delete any line that contains a matching string. e.g if my text file is "f6243231-a800-4eb3-8a66-e2b49569385e,1234567890,Current,0" "aa06482c-b45a-4ee1-a084-4177191a28dd,1234567892,Current,0" I want a functio...

Q: Scala 3 Typeclass derivation using low-level mechanisms: The `Eq`-example

Andrey TyukinI've been playing around with this example from the Scala 3 documentation, and I noticed that certain things duplicate functionality already present in the standard API; In particular, the summonAll (which was working for Eq[_] only) seemed to be a combination of Tuple.Map[Tup, F] type construct...

11:54 PM
The folks over on Code Review might have some input to this, but check their help before you post there. — Tangentially Perpendicular 19 secs ago

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