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12:01 AM
RELOAD! There are 7517 unanswered questions (89.4724% answered)
12:29 AM
@pacmaninbw from what i can tell in the chat logs here it was your message that pinged me about it
soooooooo blames pacmaninbw
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1:51 AM
2 hours later…
3:31 AM
@ThomasWard (Whistles trying to look innocent).
I would think that you were sleeping now.
Nowadays I rise early and go to bed early. It's 5:30 here..
Used to be the other way around, if I slept at all.
That was a bit of a running joke for a while, me being here 24h
I try to stay up until 10PM wake up normally between 4 and 5.
In my 30s I was up until 1AM.
Welcome to Stack Overflow. This kind of question is generally not on-topic on Stack Overflow and should instead be asked on codereview.stackexchange.combad_coder 57 secs ago
@bad_coder Did you close the question ? I have made the question more focussed to only a singular problem. I don't need my code reviewed. Please re-open it. — nerdyGuy 33 secs ago
3:57 AM
Q: setting start scripts to start app on heroku

GianlucaI have a React / node app that I took over and that I am trying to push to heroku. I use the following commands to start my app locally: cd react-web sudo npm run postinstall export REACT_APP_CUSTOMER_ENVIRONMENT=testenv npm start so, this starts the app. Now for heroku, in my root directory pac...

4:09 AM
@CaptainObvious broken
5:08 AM
Q: The test exercise is based around building a graph of people, and their relationships with each other

Raushan KumarExercise 1 Please implement code and data structures that read the files src/test/java/resources/people.csv src/test/java/resources/relationships.csv and use them to build an in-memory data structure that represents the people in the file and their relationships with each other. Exercise 2 - Vali...

Q: Basic java text-based management game

CATboardBETAIn a few hours I threw together this little text-based java game. Pretty much you're managing a forest and have to try and keep it together while keeping enough of a profit to move forward. package com.company; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.concurrent.Thread...

5:19 AM
Core Review is the place to ask such a question, I think. — M.Innat 50 secs ago
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6:32 AM
oh thanks for telling me. not sure why I didn't realize in the name of this site that it is for reviewing code haha! my bad! — Gianluca 2 hours ago
That's nice.
@CaptainObvious Either @pacmaninbw or @Heslacher has forgotten to VTC after leaving a comment, it seems.
7:06 AM
I'm BabaYaga!
7:17 AM
Q: Is this a good approach to stop a function when an error occurs and return appropriate response?

Gowtham BhatI am writing an API function using DRF where I want the API execution to stop if it fails in any of the steps and return an appropriate response. So I created a custom exception which takes an error code, and an error message like below. class CustomException(Exception): def __init__(self, status...

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8:43 AM
If you have working code and you're looking for improvements, you should consider to post your question on codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Mike Scotty 15 secs ago
9:27 AM
This question might be more suited for codereview.stackexchange.com — Sid 50 secs ago
@BooleanWick Welcome to The 2nd Monitor.
Q: Facing error in OOPS program

Abhiclass Stack: def init(self): self.items=[] def is_empty(self): return self.items==[] def push(self,item): self.items.append(item) def pop(self): self.items.pop() def peek(self,i): return self.items[len(self.items)-i-1] def size(self): return len(self.items) stack = Stack() for c in "yes...

@CaptainObvious Oops indeed.
@Sid, Thanks I didn't know about codereview — geonz7 19 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because questions about how to improve code that works correctly belong on Code Review. — BSMP just now
10:10 AM
So you can choose any number of candidates now? Cool!
10:27 AM
This would be more appropriate for the Code Review site. Please read codereview.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic first and then consider posting this question there. — mkrieger1 1 min ago
You need to give a criteria for "best"/"good". Otherwise, code review questions of working, complete code should be posted at codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Lundin 1 min ago
However, "doesn't work sometimes", makes it off-topic for Code Review. If you want to ask a question about why it doesn't work, please edit your question here and be more specific. — mkrieger1 59 secs ago
in 2021 Code Review Moderator Election, 13 hours ago, by Catija
@Vogel612 Yup :D Three was a bit narrow.
10:50 AM
Q: How to add speech marks inside a printf statement in C

David777I am trying to write a C program that will create lines of code on the console window when the program is ran. I can then copy this code and use it to initialise RAM in my VHDL project code. I have attached images below to show what I am trying to do. The image of the C code and console show me t...

11:10 AM
@Mast It was me, I wanted feedback from the user about if it was working or not, even though I knew it wasn't.
11:23 AM
Q: Approach for self registering class

ThDrI want to share a approach for self-registering C++ classes. I'm interested especially on your opionions about the solution to overcome the static initialization order fiasco. So I make s_testMap std::optional so that it will be initialized in the bss section which is zeroed out before calling th...

def get_tables(filename):
    output = _get_tables(filename, flavor = 'stream', pages = 'all')
    if not output:
        output = _get_tables(filename, flavor = 'lattice', pages = 'all')
        if output:
            return output
    print(filename, 'failed')
What could possibly go wrong...
@Mast Are you asking Murphy how he is applying his law?
I'm parsing hostile PDF pages through dataframes to Excel.
It's a miracle if this thing is going to work without major hiccups.
Murphy had no idea there were people as insane as me.
> "You really shouldn't do..."
> - "Hold my beer."
11:45 AM
Q: Censoring emails in Java

Jack_RussellI'm working on a simple method that would censor emails (GPDR stuff) so they won't show the full name of a user, with 1st character, optional dot, 1st character after the dot and whatever is left after the @ to be left uncensored. So, the intent is like this: Email to be censored: name.lastname@e...

11:58 AM
Looks like there is a troll trying to start a war in the election chat room.
12:09 PM
@Mast Hostile PDFs are the worst.
@pacmaninbw During the entire election so far, a couple of people have left less than constructive remarks. It's the nature of these things.
12:21 PM
In my opinion you have wrong test name, your test is checking if getAccountType returns response, not if it has been called. You can post your question here codereview.stackexchange.com and i guess there will be people that will provide you with adequate feedback — Християн Христов just now
12:44 PM
This might be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comSid 37 secs ago
1:15 PM
Q: Unit Test case for services method in angular

Sparsh VermaI want to write the test case for Service class. My Service Class dynamic-form.service.ts import { HttpClient, HttpBackend } from '@angular/common/http'; import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; import { Router } from '@angular/router'; @Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' }) export class Dynam...

@Duga the first comment on that question got me laughing ;-)
@pacmaninbw smacks pacmaninbw with the nasty-as-heck rubber-foam pool noodle with fungus, mold, moss, and bacteria all over it from the unmaintained hottub on his neighbor's property
1:58 PM
now now Children!
lol jk
@pacmaninbw I wouldn't be surprised if they were serious...
Especially considering the mess that is RMS returning to the FSF
@Vogel612 is another diamond's presence required, or do you alll have it under control there?
happy to loan my chat-wide moderation diamond to the chat room :P
(done it before xD)
@ThomasWard Just Yuck!
@Malachi xD We're just having fun xD
granted, chaotic fun, but still :P
@ThomasWard I know, I figured putting it in Italics fit the mood... LOL
2:06 PM
I just said something in that Election chat... maybe I should have waited a minute or two
@Malachi Your statement is simply factual.
I intentionally avoided using one of those names earlier in that chat room.
@Malachi well now there's a second diamond involved. I tend to be more forceful with the "Drop the discussion it's not relevant" warnings obviously
but it's meant well :P
(and makes a point of "don't bring this up again here" with the diamond edgedness to it)
@brug You need to get your rep up so that you can at least VTC.
2:21 PM
I know.
I really really do.
I need to start being active on the main site again.
Yes. No matter who wins the election we need you in the review queues as well as answering questions.
Kids keeping you busy?
@Malachi @Vogel612 Hope you don't mind some... 'gentle'... killing of a topic before it is even discussed in the elections room ;)
@ThomasWard I believe Malachi has a diamond as well, so there are now 3 in the room.
@pacmaninbw Kids and school.
@pacmaninbw both of them do. But I am technically an 'impartial moderator' as my diamond doesn't come from CR ;)
2:26 PM
BUT I am a user on CR so i have a vested interest in keeping an eye on the election
and, keeping things civil is a good thing ;)
Yes you do and absolutely
@ThomasWard "gentle"?
@brug FWIW some people just pick weird hills to die on.
What he said!!! ^^
@Vogel612 verbal "Yeah it's not a relevant discussion consider that discussion point 'dead on arrival' in here." about it
2:27 PM
@Vogel612 agreed
the less-than-obvious way of saying "Don't bring it up in here, it's a brushfire waiting to happen" type notes ;)
It is all a bit awkward. I'd also rather not bring it up.
welcome to my world!
let's not bring it up in here either
hands everyone a gold star
2:28 PM
I see sparks
UNRELATED, I have a large program rewrite I maaaaaaaay submit to CR xD
problem is it's large XD
well, you know we have more space for stuff like that than most other SE sites, sooooo ....
looks at lines of code and sees 3000 ... bleh
except it's 3000 main lines and 1000 supporting lines in several other classes. I hate rewriting listserv systems xD
I have to get back to work. ping me if you need me
first coffee
@Malachi second here :)
go back to work :)
2:30 PM
@ThomasWard Everything can be evil, depends on the spin.
so @ThomasWard does your code correctly handle email addresses like that: 🥚🐤@farm.com
in VBA Rubberducking, Apr 15 at 15:54, by Vogel612
honestly even ;a horrible address, really;@[::1] is a valid email address
@Vogel612 Just picking myself off the floor after laughing so hard.
@Vogel612 yeah we have address validation
@ThomasWard Speaking as the person who broke the previous character limit, trust me, CR can handle it ^^
2:35 PM
@Kaz I've had to break up questions to fit.
@Kaz what makes my rewrite a bit of a headache is everything is redis-queued! XD
workers do work, chaos ensues, glory to the Empire!
probably needs more coffee, goes to find cup #3
Just finished cup #3. That's it for the day.
I just had "cup" 2
Q: Which pattern from below options is more appropriate

WATPattern 1 : abstract class Account { int id; String password; void resetPassword() {} } abstract class Person extends Account { String name; } Pattern 2 : class Account { int id; String password; void resetPassword() {} } abstract class P...

I quit coffee a week ago :)
It's been alright so far.
2:37 PM
ohhh, so you should be done with the headachy part of withdrawal by now
the proverbial Ballmer Peak for me is coffee / caffeine consumption xD
not booze :P
BCC - Blood Caffeine Content.
@Kaz Still drinking breakfast tea?
@ThomasWard Never noticed coffee improving creativity, just waking people up.
caffeine and stimulants in people who have ADHD or certain disorders on the autism spectrum have been shown to have positive effects on control and focus.
so :P
been self-medicating with coffee for years
still have insane concentration powers :P
Always thought I might be a little autistic, I completely lose track of time when I'm coding.
nah that's called 'being in the zone'
everyone gets that way
2:45 PM
Love being in the zone.
@ThomasWard just use Regex for it, it will turn out okay
@Kaz I quit pop on Valentine's Day
@pacmaninbw Never liked Tea ^^
@pacmaninbw can't be productive and/or creative if you aren't awake
@Malachi You can't code in your sleep while dreaming?
I do.
2:51 PM
Also -- voted
@pacmaninbw code usually doesn't work for me though
I'm familiar with Monica. Never heard of Stallman and googling isn't bringing anything up. Could anyone fill me in on what that's about?
in 2021 Code Review Moderator Election, 42 mins ago, by Thomas Ward
As an impartial moderator (as in, I am not a CR moderator, but a moderator on another site in the SE network), and Code Review user myself, I don't think 'pro-Monica' or 'anti-Stallman' are issues that need to be brought up in this moderation election chat room regarding their worthiness for a moderator position.
@Kaz rms, or also Richard M. Stallman is one of the initiators of the GNU project
@Kaz Try "Richard Matthew Stallman"
And what's the SE connection?
3:01 PM
none of relevance here
@Kaz That's the question
as i said in the other room
the entire discussion is a polarizing brushfire waiting to happen
so it's best to quash those discussions sooner than later.
you can get the idea by a simple Google. It doesn't really have anything to do with SE in general
Some people make the "software ~ software" link
Because trolls
it has nothing to do with SE though so :P
@Kaz There was a bit of an Epstein PR disaster.
3:02 PM
@Mast and that's really just the tip of the iceberg.
@ThomasWard Yea, elections attract negativity.
@Mast and i didn't even let the discussion brew - quashed before it began xD
@ThomasWard I don't disagree, I'm just saying that the link some people make is boiling it down to "software" and saying "that's enough to troll here"
and that's why us diamonds exist
quash the trolls early :P
I think this question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comsvarog 32 secs ago
3:03 PM
@ThomasWard can't I have a last chance to use my hammer? ;)
the line after the one you linked to is the "I'm not bringing this up again, if I have to the hammer falls
@ThomasWard You have the hammer. If it needs using, use it.
@Vogel612 replaces your hammer with the rocket launcher pods on an Apache helicopter have fun!
Going out in style.
3:05 PM
not sure whether "Blaze of Glory" or "Ritt der Walküren" is more appropriate now.
Thanks, now Wagner won't leave me alone for the rest of the day.
@Vogel612 Finger guns
Anyway, y'all have fun, I have work to do that involves AWS and YAML so pray for me
Oh and Terraform
@DerKommissar Thoughts and prayers.
3:06 PM
Because things can't be simple
@DerKommissar We didn't even have to remind you :-)
I happened to click the link to the main site for once this month
3:19 PM
@DerKommissar Are you still using JetBrains software? I quit because it was related to SolarWinds.
Yeah, the only software you have to worry about there is one of the source control items, can't remember which
TeamCity -- the CI/CD platform
If you aren't using that you're in the clear
@pacmaninbw Would that be related to the class action lawsuit earlier this year?
Not aware of the class action lawsuit.
3:36 PM
@RMunroe Movie about Howard Hughes' flying boat starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which my friend likes to quote because of its profane exclamation [✓] [ ]
Questions about improving otherwise working code are a betterd fit on Code Review. — jmoerdyk 11 secs ago
3:58 PM
Q: running a task on UI every x seconds

ansh sachdevaI often come around a requirement where we have to perform a repetitive task on the user's screen (for eg, updating a counter like flash sale/ live class timer, autoscrolling the banner, etc) . I have written this small file which performs a basic task of pressing a button every 2 seconds for a t...

4:10 PM
4:52 PM
Q: dispatch event listener problem after click

نورMy code is working fine... but I want to remove below those lines code from my example code (JS Code)... if I remove those code a tag not working (a tag do not open link or href not working)... Is it a good approach to done it by wring those code ( any problem will occur for ajax request etc ) ? &...

Q: Asking for player name and age using OOP

CCrydaI have a text adventure game and I need to use OOP so I've chosen to use it when getting the player's name and age. I need to keep the OOP; but was wondering if there are any ways to clean up the code or simplify it while still getting the overall output. class Player: def __init__(self): ...

Q: Given a list of numbers and a number, return whether any two numbers from the list add up to

VitmzFor example, given [10, 15, 3, 7] and a number k of 17, return True since 10 + 7 is 17. How can I improve the below solution? from itertools import combinations def add_up_to(numbers, k): c_k_2 = list(combinations(numbers, 2)) return any([True for pair in c_k_2 if sum(pair) == k])

@pacmaninbw Apparently there was a bit of neglected security.
Why did you turn away from SW software if not for that?
5:53 PM
If the code works and you're looking for advice on improving it, Code Review is the appropriate place. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… first. — Barmar 40 secs ago
Q: A simple encryption scheme 2.0

tinstaaflThis is a follow up to my previous post. I've used a BCrypt library to create a key from the passed in password. I then separated out the salt from the hash. The encryption is done using the salt concatenated to the hash, but only the hash is returned to the user. The salt is prepended to the ...

Woooo work fires!
6:14 PM
@DerKommissar Not sure if good or bad 🤔
Usually bad
But I fixed them all
Because I'm a beast
6:42 PM
7:25 PM
Q: fast reciprocal (1/x)

Alex AngelI was seeing alot of machine learning applications calculate fitness via 1.0 / x. Division in computers is slow so I came up with a version that is about ~36% fast on my architecture (-march=x86-64). #include <cmath> //std::exp2, std::log #include <numbers> //std::numbers::log2e #include <std...

7:40 PM
Monking, haven't seen you in a while @Zeta
All good?
7:57 PM
I’m voting to close this question because this belongs on Code Review. — tadman 19 secs ago
8:26 PM
O wow they've made voting even easier these days?
8:53 PM
Q: User implementation of memcpy, where to optimize further?

jkoskelaAs a practice in optimization I'm trying to get my memcpy re-creation as close in speed to the libc one as I can. I have used the following techniques to optimize my memcpy: Casting the data to as big a datatype as possible for copying. Unrolling the main loop 8 times. For data <= 8 bytes I bypa...

possible answer invalidation by muaz on question by muaz: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/259694/revisions
possible answer invalidation by muaz on question by muaz: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/259694/revisions
@Duga rolled back
9:09 PM
Q: "Find out how review queues work" pop-up even after 1k reviews

IEatBagelsI don't participate as often as I used to on this site. But I still have about 1k reviews on my account. So I was sort of surprised when I saw this pop-up today: My questions are: Is this a bug? Is this a new feature that everyone sees? But more importantly, have I done something wrong during r...

9:23 PM
Q: React.js How to make a global win counter?

Roman ZlotinI'm making my first card game with React.js and I'm stuck at one point. How can I display the total win count? For example, if in this game the computer scored 10 points and won, and in the next 15 more points the global counter should show 25. App.js import React from "react"; import './App.css'...

9:33 PM
I think your question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comkhuynh 22 secs ago
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
If you have working code and are looking for a review you might try codereview.stackexchange.comRetired Ninja 19 secs ago

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