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Q: SDL2 fixed framerate without VSync

MarcinMy attempt at a fixed framerate using SDL2 without using VSync. Just using SDL_Delay left the fps a bit slower or faster due to the fact SDL_Delay only works with milliseconds. So the solution I came up with is after using SDL_Delay the remainder of the "extra" time is elapsed through a loop. The...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for help improving working code, and it is more suitable for Code Review instead, which was created for that specific purpose. — Ken White 23 secs ago
Q: Parsing large text files - Masking all bank numbers

Jacob CI had a friend ask me to write this up for her as she discovered her logs were saving private bank information in plain text. This is used to parse a few hundred gigs of text files. I've never worked with python for anything other then pet projects so i'd like to send my friend a nice piece of co...

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Q: Top-down vs bottom-up recursion bug

Abhishek BhatiaI was working on https://leetcode.com/problems/coin-change/, I wrote recursion both top-down and bottom-up. Spent a considerable amount of time trying to see why the top-down version doesn't work. But I couldn't figure it out any ideas? # recursion: top-down class Solution: def coinChang...

Q: Finding a perfect square smaller than an input number (Swift)

FlipperCanoe163This code runs slowly, even with numbers smaller than 1,000,000. Can someone help me optimize this thing? // Finds the highest perfect square below a certain input (int) let target: Int = 758865 // Swap this out for testing other numbers var smlSqr = [Int]() let findLimit = Int(Double(target).s...

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Q: Printing an 2D Array after Passing it to a Function as a Pointer

BrysonSo, if I have an array like this: int** arrayInt = new int*[3]; How would I initialize it to: { 1, 2, 3 } { 4, 5, 6 } { 7, 8, 9 } After that, how would I print the contents by passing it to a function like: void printArray(double* arrayInt, int row, int col); Thanks!

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Q: Code should go through a lot of variants and calculate

Bia MadaThis code should go through a lot of variants, and calculate how long there is no particular exists variant. Unfortunately, for a large number of variants and draws, it works a little hard. Do you think it could be improved to make it faster? Private Sub BttRemize_Click(sender As Object, e As Ev...

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Q: one-thread blocking approach for socket tcp multi-client server

a.kmy use-case (an home task to practice abstraction, exception handling, unitests) is regarding a message-queue with small-fixed-size client requests from stdin of such: [ENQ] data (insert json data to queue) [DEQ] (get latest in queue) [STATUS] (status of queue) [STOP] ...

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Q: #A program for fun to see how red, blue and purple appears at resolution

Progrmming is funI do some art analog and digital. This time i did some color test digitally. To work on my programming skill so that its shareable im asking for help to get some code review. Hows the readability? Is it easy to follow line of thought? Suggestion as to how to improve? Greetings Johan #A program...

@Alex Hmm ... std::string_view is trivial to implement. Search Code Review and use one. Anyway, why don’t you upgrade to a modern compiler? Is it because GSG requires outdated C++? — L. F. 50 secs ago
9:26 AM
Seems like a question for Code Review more than Stack Overflow. — John Coleman 23 secs ago
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Q: I needed very basic collision code C++ Freeglut

HelpNeededEmergenclyHi guys i needed very basic collision code. Im developing a game engine but i cant share my source code. Thanks for all answers. :) Please help about it beacuse i dont know algrebra (im pre algrera) so just give the code. i tried this if(tra_x = 1) 1like thing

Q: Creating a basic structure in tkinter

BarbI am making a basic program just for a local machine so I do not need to create anything fancy but I am finding that my code is going to become quite lengthy. Any tips on how to improve it so I am not repeating code? I have additional code to add in respect to client data etc but I am primarily c...

Q: A fractal picture - John Zells graphics.py

Progrmming is funThis code generates a fractal picture. Im experimenting with using long (?) variable names to see if it can do without comments? Im a slow reader and loose track alot and thought why read twice (variable names and comments)? Does this code makes sense to you? Would it be better off with comments...

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Q: Sorting Numbers Resulted In TLE (Time Limit Exceeded)

Elvan SelvanoI'm doing a question on online judge and it resulted in TLE. Some approach I've done that I think speed up the program (need confirmation): Changing language from C++ to C. (does it give significant boost?) When calculating the sum, I use while instead of for loop. (which one is more effective?...

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Q: What about this simple way to Http GET some data? Suggestions for optimizations/code style?

SquirrelkillerThis is within a base class of a library, where several other classes inherit this one. This seems like the simplest way of just getting some data, for now without timeout/errorhandling. This is supposed to get some data that will most ofthe time be converted to a small JSONObject. Do you thin...

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Q: Algorithm that generates orthogonal vectors: C++ implementation

NelverRecently I asked the similar question, but the algorithm was implemented in Python. Now I've tried to implement the same algorithm, but in C++ (I'm very new to it): #include<iostream> #include<cstdlib> #include<ctime> #include<cmath> #include <tgmath.h> using namespace std; const int MAXRANGE...

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Q: Coding a Word Search Program in Python

Monsi1st problem coordinate 'compiler': I am practically a newbie in python, and I was tasked to create a word search program in python. As of now I can find the coordinates of a certain character given a board, but it finds ALL instances of the characters. A I would really appreciate some help! 2nd...

Q: Transitive Graph

Alberto CapitaniWhat follows is a small but useful set of functions on transitive graphs and graphs that must be conformed to transitivity. Natural language is rich in transitive relationships expressed in a synthetic way, such as "they live in the same city", "they are friends". These two examples are binary tr...

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Q: Extension method to remove duplicate characters from a string (Unicode-compliant)

dfhwzeMotivation I came across an interesting question on SO: determine-if-string-has-all-unique-characters and thought about providing an extension method to enable duplicate removal given some kind of normalization. Description The goals: Remove any duplicate characters (keep the first...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because better fitted at codereviewstovfl 47 secs ago
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Firstly, have you looked into off the shelf solutions for this yet? You probably shouldn't be writing this yourself if you want it to be secure. Here are some links [you] might find useful. Also take a look at this: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/219400/…Dan 12 secs ago
Q: University homework in C: Help needed

Erik HosszúMy task is in C (not C++): There is an animal that has fallen into a hole. It climbs 10 inches with every step but slips and falls back 10%. On the next step it will climb 20 inches, so 10 inches more at every turn, but falls back 10% of the total height climbed at every step. My func...

Q: Finding matching secrets in different structs but with the same schema

E235I am using the go-client library to execute code on my Kubernetes cluster. My code works and running but I have duplicated code. I am searching for mounted secrets inside the workload. In my example we have two workloads: daemonset and deployments. They are inside a map workloads *map[string]int...

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@dfhwze are you working on an answer to codereview.stackexchange.com/review/close/122814 ? (if not, I might put one together once I've eaten something sensible)
@VisualMelon be my guest and bon appetit :)
OK. I don't think there is all that much to be said on that question, and cooking will take a while, so don't hold off on my account just yet ;)
(if you are looking for something to answer)
@VisualMelon the thing is.. I'm about to have dinner as well =D And I've answered enough for a at least the next couple of hours :p
I can't seem to delete my comment on that question now... am I missing something?
I get "The item is no longer reviewable"
never seen this message before
2:52 PM
@VisualMelon @dfhwz It might be something new from stack exchange.
I get "This item is no longer reviewable" also. Has this appeared in the last 10 minutes?
@pacmaninbw Yes the last few minutes. Is there a meta post about it in the master site?
Haven't checked.
Oh, it's presumably because we are looking at it in the review queue, and @dfhwze removed the VTC which put it there.
I can delete it if I look at it 'normally'.
@VisualMelon ah you linked to the queue, not question o_O
2:55 PM
Sorry, didn't even realised I'd done that.
have a star ;-)
Have another star
Oh, what an honour.
exactly, it's not that we have an infinite amount to give away .. or hold on :p anyway dinnah time
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to CodeReview, not StackOverflow. — Fureeish 47 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Travis Wells on question by Travis Wells: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/229287/revisions
Oh, no. Those stars will just highlight my awful spelling and inability to proof-read.
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Where can I find the guidelines for this code review forum? Like what to post and what not to post, etc... I know it's probably simple to find but I just am not finding it.
Just slap /help on the end of any SE site and you'll get to the relevant help-center.
Excellent. Thank you.
With the lack of direct questions and specific questions with your code, you might need to look into asking the Code Review community instead of StackOverflow. Try breaking your questions down and only providing snippets of the code in question. You can provide the full code for context at the bottom of your post, as you already have done. — Oxymoron 29 secs ago
4:57 PM
Please define better. If you code works and you wonder whether it can be improved, it belongs to [CodeReview](codereview.stackoxchange.com), not StackOverflow. — Fureeish 50 secs ago
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I see, maybe post it in CodeReview also — Barb 37 secs ago
Q: Leetcode-Longest substring without repeating characters in C++

ExcelsiorI have seen many implementations of this question, however I couldn't find any implementation using set. I face problem in strings which contain special characters such as " ", "abc;abcbb" which should give result 1, 4 respectively. I get answer as 0 and 3. Here is my code: int lengthOfLonges...

@dfhwze might be of interest re your latest question: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.text.stringruneenumerator?view=netcore-3.0
I won't pretend I'm happy about the choice of name... I though Go would just taunt me from the side-lines, not infect the BCL
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Q: Simple JS OOP - Clicking the box to fetch and display object content

user8758206I'm relatively new to OOP with JS and want to find out: If my code can be improved somehow, and key question Identify how and where I can typically use OOP more in my job (as I can usually just use arrays and don't need objects) I have built a basic demo that just stores some animal data as o...

@VisualMelon that's an interesting link. I'd have to investigate it, thanks!
Perhaps it does appear I am reinventing the wheel, if this thing can do what I expect it to do.
@dfhwze Don't programmers always reinvent the wheel?
How was dinner? I haven't had breakfast yet and it is time for lunch.
possible answer invalidation by Jacob C on question by Jacob C: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/229439/revisions
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Q: String whitespaces

Dmitry NoginHere is a shortest possible syntax for replacing whitespaces with null and throwing an exception where it is not allowed: public class Name { string _first; public string First { get => _first; set => _first = (Optional)value; } string _middle; public str...

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You might find better help on the Code Review Stack Exchange. — natn2323 14 secs ago
10:52 PM
Because I'm a professional. Your regex solution sure is an interesting exercise, BUT: 1. Professionals don't have 4 hours to give to examine nor debug miles long regex expressions. Especially on weekends. 2. The OP will certainly not be able to debug it nor explain to his teacher what that regex expression works, in the foreseable future? In fact, I would strongly advise the OP not to present your regex if he wants to avoid a failing grade. 3. I'm sure the code I've proposed is more efficient, will work on any device, and will pass any code review. — Michaël Roy 58 secs ago
11:25 PM
Please post the relevant code you are referencing. If there is no error, this question belongs on CodeReview instead. — MyNameIsCaleb 51 secs ago

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