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I have posted it on the site. Can you please review now ? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/229409/…Satish Chandra 41 secs ago
Q: Can someone help in checking the file parsing logic in c++?

Satish ChandraI have a file in the following format : Startpoint: reg_4A Endpoint: reg_49A slack (VIOLATED) -0.157 Startpoint: reg_12A Endpoint: reg_14A slack (VIOLATED) -0.12 I need to parse the above values and store it in the class data members after creating two objects of the class. Code: int mai...

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2:03 AM
Q: Code to find character count in strings

Anurag SaksenaI need to create a code that will take a string as input and create a dictionary containg character count and list of characters with that character count. For eg. If input string is: 'aabbcdeee' Then output should be: {1:['c','d'],2:['a','b'],3:['e']} If input string is: 'banana' ...

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3:04 AM
Q: how do I delete a row in pandas data frame with time series data

Yibei HeI have the following code: dataframe = pd.DataFrame(columns=ticker_list) for i in ticker_list: dataframe[i] = yf.download(i, start, end)["Adj Close"].pct_change() print(dataframe.head()) The following data frame looks like this: MMM ABT ABBV ... ZBH ...

The question should be asked here: codereview.stackexchange.comdyukha 34 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Travis Wells on question by Travis Wells: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/229287/revisions
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There is a great stack exchange site for code review question like this: codereview.stackexchange.com try there you will find people that love this kind of questions. — Giulio Caccin 51 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Elbasel on question by Elbasel: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/229381/revisions
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Q: Finding connected components of a graph

Eugene YarmashI have a graph represented using a dict of sets, e.g. graph = { 0: {1, 2, 3}, # neighbors of node "0" 1: {0, 2}, 2: {0, 1}, 3: {0, 4, 5}, 4: {3, 5}, 5: {3, 4, 7}, 6: {8}, 7: {5}, 8: {9, 6}, 9: {8} } I use the following code to find connected components ...

10:15 AM
@leonsegal You're getting into Code Review territory. I'm just trying to help him get it working, not beautiful. — Barmar just now
10:50 AM
Q: Pyomo: Simple inequality constraint takes unreasonable time to build

NorbsI encounter a problem when coding an integer linear program in pyomo. The model I want to implement is supposed to find the optimal schedule for a set of tasks. Specifically, we want to schedule employees' trainings for a number of periods ahead. One key constraint to consider is that there is ...

11:10 AM
Q: Refactoring the structure, wiring and flow of the Go project

BentCoderWhile structuring and coding, I've followed some "best" practises either from the official docs, widely followed resources and some others. Given that the app below works, I have a feeling that it could be improved hence reason I am asking questions below. My aim is to make it more of a Go-like a...

11:30 AM
Q: Hangman Game (YAHG)

JamesI’m in the process of learning C++ and this was an assignment for a class. It is a simple hangman game. The instructor gives no feedback, only a pass/fail remark. While this works, I would like to know where I can improve. Thank you very much in advance for your help. /**************************...

Also, this question might be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comMateen Ulhaq 59 secs ago
12:10 PM
Q: I Have a Functioning Health Test App, It Returns a Score Based on the Answers Given: How Good/Bad is My Code?

user209939Here is my parent component: App.vue. I was wondering what improvements I could make to the code here. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post. Or if I'm doing this wrong. <template> <div id="app"> <div id="nav"> <!--once the testData array has received its first element, the...

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@SimonForsberg You've created , but it has no wiki and no usage guidance.
How does it differ from ?
1:19 PM
@dfhwze Does this meet your criteria now codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/229424/…
2:18 PM
@pacmaninbw looks perfectly on-topic now
the VTC is not mine though
2:41 PM
@dfhwze I do wish the first VTC would leave a comment.
3:34 PM
In that case, you're just asking an opinion-based question? That other question solves the technical problem, if you're just looking for someone to validate what your code reviews demand, then that's just an opinion, and not really a question for StackOverflow. — jakerella 32 secs ago
use random and set a threshold for number of enemies. This is really one for code review. — Michael G. 17 secs ago
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5:50 PM
Q: What do we do with out-of-sync questions?

ReinderienThis - PyTorch Vectorized Implementation for Thresholding and Computing Jaccard Index - is now in somewhat of a bad state. The OP did significant rewrites of their question, and then received an answer. Not realizing the sequence of events, I rolled the question back to before the rewrite. So now...

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7:54 PM
Q: Improving PHP MVC code for personal website

usulmuaddibGithub for project: https://github.com/wrpd/portfolio I have a very general understanding of MVC but haven't ever implemented it. In an effort to improve my understanding and get back into a little bit of web development I started watching and reading some tutorials and started to implement a ba...

8:32 PM
It sounds like this question should be moved to code review. — quamrana 39 secs ago
8:56 PM
@Mast Answers can be anything related to answers. Answer length etc. I just thought it could be useful, then I realized that I'm not gonna put in the required work. I seriously believe that meta questions needs to be better tagged. Keep it if you want it, otherwise wipe it.
9:35 PM
Q: Neural network from scratch in Python

Borna AhmadzadeSo after watching week 5 of the machine learning course on Coursera by Andrew Ng, I decided to write a simple neural net from scratch using Python. Here's my code: import numpy as np import csv global e global epsilon global a global lam global itr e = 2.718281828 epsilon = 0.12 a = 1 lam = 1 it...

Q: Int(x/y)*y what is this?

HelamI am working with some drawing code on a screen of size x and need to calculate the width of the background that will go behind y equal width squares on the screen. For example, if the screen is 101 pixels wide, and I want to draw 10 equal width squares across it, I need to calculate the value 1...

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11:31 PM
Q: May I ask about repo usability/general feedback?

jan.sendeI have written a library. It compiles. It has basic unit tests. - One could say it works. However, I would like to improve the usability of the API and get general feedback. Am I allowed to open a question about the library in codereview? I was not sure, being that I do not really have a concret...


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