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Q: Find minimum number of rooms required

Koray TugayProblem statement is as follows Given an array of time intervals (start, end) for classroom lectures (possibly overlapping), find the minimum number of rooms required. For example, given [(30, 75), (0, 50), (60, 150)], you should return 2. This is supposed to be an easy challenge but i...

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Q: LeetCode #1120 Maximum Average Subtree (Python)

user107870This code snippet shows 2 common patterns I see a lot in Python that I don't really like: Arbitrarily-named, narrowly-scoped recursive function Inappropriate data type (in this case, an array ans to store 1 float) used purely for its mutability and scope, to store side-effects from some other s...

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Q: VBA loop optimization

Ed LandauHi folks: I posted a SO (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57541246/optimizing-vba-function-loop) and was told to ask here. I am starting to think that rather than relay on excel as my data repository, I should create a separate class that holds a variant array that I can then query must fast...

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possible answer invalidation by 太極者無極而生 on question by 太極者無極而生: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226340/revisions
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Q: Interactive folder files organizer (Alpha-numeric and type) for macOS / Linux in Python

emadboctorA simple interactive Python script for organizing messy folders on the computer, supports macOS and linux but not windows. The mini-program has the following features: Creation of Alpha-numeric (A-Z / 0-9) folders according to available set of letters present in the folder given in the path and...

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Please follow this link i hope it will help you out codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/178312/…Engineering Projects 1 min ago
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Q: An imitation of reading a C Struct from binary file in python 2.7

LRDPRDXPreliminary I need to read a binary file constructed by writing a Struct to it with Python. So I decided to write a simple wrapper using struct module. Code import struct class structure: def __init__ ( self, little_endian = True ): self._little_endian = little_endian se...

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@RubberDuck On Code Review we need slashes I think.
@RubberDuck \$y = 2x\$
Q: A persistent file system operations queue using sqlite and JSON text fields

hoelkI want to implement a persistent queue for file system operations (copy, delete, move) that needs to be process and thread safe. The module will be used by a daemon (called qcp) which can accept Tasks from multiple clients. It must also be possible to process several queued elements in parallel. ...

Your question is hard to answer, because it doesn’t really contain one. Does your code work and your looking for general input on how to improve it? Then take it to Codereview. If something is not working as expected, e.g. you get a compiler error, please post it. If your code does compile but not work as expected, please describe expected in- and output. — idmean 26 secs ago
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As far as I know, the only way to ensure that is by being very careful when writing the code and doing multiple code reviews. — Jesper Juhl 36 secs ago
Q: Simple Connect Four Game With GUI added

D-StudiosI am trying to improve my coding skills in Java by taking existing code, studying it, and adding on to it. In this code example, I took code from Connect Four game in Java and edited it. The most major edit I created for the game was that I created a GUI for this game. From looking at the code, a...

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Q: I need css solution with slider

Kingsley Obinna AguofiaMy script has a slider controller and all that but when i upload images from admin, it turns blur and doesn't fit in to slider space. This is my homeblade.php but I don't think the problem is from there @foreach($slider as $s) <div class="single-header slider header-bg" style="backgr...

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Q: I need to add a menu item into following script

Rad SupportBasically this script generates right click menu on the website and I need to add one more item to it. The item I want to add, would only be visible, when right click is performed on a file. UL starts and then I believe it will be variable s, responsible for feeding data, but I have no idea how ...

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Q: Print user inputted information about a song

snow_razerThis program take user inputted information about a song and adds it to a dictionary before printing the raw dictionary. This program works well the first time but it breaks down the second time and shows a TypeError. song_info = song_info(artist, song, released) TypeError: 'dict' object is not ...

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"I'd like to print on screen the exact value of the numbers instead of the scientific notation." --> To print the exact value of a double, sample codechux 21 secs ago
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Have a look at CallByName to invole a method using a string Passing a property as an argument for userform controls. I don't know if your desigm is recommened, but you should ask at codereview.stackexchange.comComputerVersteher 46 secs ago
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Q: Not able to find the test cases where my code will not give the right answer

Suraj SharmaRecently I was solving problem on SPOJ: Problem Link: SUM GCD I need to calculate the value of the following equation: $$\sum_{i=1}^{n-1} \sum_{j=i+1}^n gcd(a[i],a[j])\; \text{where } 1\leq n\leq100$$ Wrote the following code using brute-force approach as the constraints are small enough to pass...

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Q: Import this function to another class in python

Miriam ListThe code is about an autonomous driving Rc car. In the first code I have created a function that imports a haar cascade for detecting a stop sign. The second code is the code that I run and test if the car can detect the stop sign and once doing so it should stop Problem: I having trouble import...

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Q: How to write a generic function to insert elements into the map container?

John Paul CoderI am inserting elements into the map container. For this I am using the same statements multiple times in the below function. Is there any way I can write a generic function for this? So that even at the later point of time, when required, I can insert new elements. bool EMRMgr::GetParams() ...

Q: Is my code is too overcomplicated?

ezikIncoming data is an object: let data = [ { name: "A", calendars: { "1_A@group.calendar.google.com": { busy: ["2019-08-19T14:30:00.000Z"], free: [ { start: "2019-08-19T08:00:00.000Z", end: "2019-08-19T09:30:00.000Z" } ...

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Q: Min Heap Priority Queue

Rahul WadhwaniThis was a part of one an assignment I found online and tried to solve it myself. The objective was to implement a Priority Queue using Min Heap and use Array as the underlying data structure to store the data. public class ArrayHeapMinPQ<T> { private PriorityNode<T>[] items; private in...

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Q: Combining the text from selected TextFields into 1 TextView - Conditionally

user206852ViewController2 (source) Has several TextFields, each with their own switches. ViewController1 (destination) Has one TextView waiting for data to be sent to it from ViewController2 (source) But i need only the text from the TextFields that have their "switches" turned on. I can get it working i...


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