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Q: parse a simple config file in C

SedmaisterThis program should read a file formatted strictly like this below: $ cat sample bingo=2 bingo2=939 bingo3=text The left and right side of = are consecutively parameter name and its respective value. This program is fed an input search token, and if found, parse_param_file() will fill the in...

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While these are perfectly valid comment it doesn't answer the question and this is not Code Review. — user202729 44 secs ago
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Q: The conditional operator is not allowing the program to terminate

R. RavenI just learnt about conditional operators and was doing an introductory exercise stating: Write a program to use a conditional operator to find the elements in a vector<int> that have odd value and double the value of each such element. Here's the code that I wrote: int main() { v...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for a code review (and this thus too broad / opinion based). It could probably be adjusted to be on topic for the code review stackexchange. — Quentin 55 secs ago
Q: Fast Food Order Simulator

RobotManI have been trying learn OOP lately, and have made a simple program that simulates some sort of drive thru experience using a 9 digit keypad to add, delete, and pay for items ordered from the menu. Everything works as intended, as far as I can tell. I feel like some of my classes may be doing to...

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...your question also sounds like you are seeking code review because there is no actual problem to solve. How to Ask. Good luck — MickyD 28 secs ago
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@Neut: Again some comments on your request. But for the next question you should rise a new one :-) You add more and more topics which are not longer related the beginning. This makes it difficult to find the information's from other users. So feel free to add new questions... maybe you will already find the answers :-) BTW: For code reviews we have also a board here! — Klaus 55 secs ago
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@skiwi Shiny.
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Q: React - pomodoro clock

SaraI'm looking for some feedback on a pomodoro clock that I recently wrote with React. I'm pretty new to React and coding in general. I followed a couple of online courses, but I'm mostly self-taught. My academic background and my actual job have nothing to do with programming, so I really don't kn...

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Q: JavaScript Function that Pops Up "Open File" Dialog

davidjsSo, I have a text file to download. Right now these files are getting downloaded as text and displayed in a browser window, which is awkward and very inconvenient. Because you have to manually copy the text and paste it into a file... Much better would be to have a JavaScript function that give...

If your code works(this is crucial), it may be a better candidate for codereview. Not quite sure though — Ayxan 40 secs ago
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Q: C++ Least cost swapping 2

Jan DyczI've made a solution for a problem which involves changing order of objects having some mass, so it costs a mass of an object A and a mass of an object B to make a swap. The full description of the problem and the original source code is at Least cost swapping in C++ Please, review my code. #i...

codereview.stackexchange.com is more appropriate for asking about improvements to working code. — chepner 24 secs ago
If you can tell us more about what this code is supposed to accomplish, then yes, we can handle this on Code Review. Make sure you read their help center to avoid any surprises. — Mast 36 secs ago
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Q: LeetCode #37: Sudoku as Exact Cover Problem solved using Dancing Links

dfhwzeIntroduction I provide a regular 9x9 Sudoku solver, reducing the puzzle to an Exact Cover Problem. The algorithm used is Knuth's Algorithm X as implemented using Dancing Links (DLX). As I found no such solving technique on Code Review written in C#, I took up the challenge to have a go at it. ...

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Q: how to use a for loop instead of the if

Andy KI have this current code that bugs me a bit. It is functioning the way I'm expecting, with the if. However, it is not pythonic to me. The multiple if in the code below , are supposed to update a property_id field on a database when reading the csv files, properties.csv. if property_id in the f...

Q: C# to C++ (dependency injection, passing parameters)

tyreeni'm realtive new to c++ and trying to understand some conversion from c# to c++. I have struggle to understand when to use pass a parameter as reference/pointer/smart pointer or what to return. I read that it is best practice to use the smart pointers as much as you can instead of returning a poi...

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Q: Further optimization of a Radix2 Fast Fourier Transform implemented in C++

tjwrona1992 Note: If you don't know much about Fourier transform algorithms, a simple review of whether I am doing anything inefficient with C++ in general would be appreciated. I've been working on implementing an efficient Radix2 Fast Fourier Transform in C++ and I seem to have hit a roadblock. I have...

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Q: Web application with user privileges and role feature

sfarzosoI'm building a web application with CodeIgniter which manage the following roles: Super Administrator Administrator Operator Customer Each role have a default list of privileges, eg: role_id | privilege | enabled 1 add_operator true 1 add_customer true ...

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Q: Print user inputted information about a song

snow_razerThis program take user inputted information about a song and adds it to a dictionary before printing the dictionary. This program works though I was wondering how could I improve it? def song_info(artist_name, song_title, release_date = None): # We give no value to 'release_date'. 'None' ...

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Q: Asp.net web API Nlog implementation with UnhandledExceptionHandler

FakeI have an asp.net web api. I would like to log errors into a file. So I decided to use NLog. I already have UnhandledExceptionHandler so I added NLog as follows. I removed all the try/catch in order to log from a single point, just inside the handler. Would you please have a look at my code? Is...

Q: Rotate List by K places

MANOJ VARMAI am trying to solve the question at :https://leetcode.com/problems/rotate-list/ Question: Given a linked list, rotate the list to the right by k places, where k is non-negative. Example 1: Input: 1->2->3->4->5->NULL, k = 2 Output: 4->5->1->2->3->NULL Explanation: rotate 1 steps to the ri...

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Q: Compute the square root of a positive integer using binary search

太極者無極而生The requirement is to find the square root of a positive integer using binary search and the math property that square root of a number n is between 0 and n/2, and the required answer is "floored", meaning mySqrt(8) is to return 2. Please comment on the efficiency, and if possible, the loop inva...

possible answer invalidation by 太極者無極而生 on question by 太極者無極而生: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226340/revisions
It’s awfully lonely in here. Just a couple of bots.
8:43 PM
And lurkers.
@Duga Fine, for now.
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Hey @Mast. How are things around here?
@RubberDuck Good enough, you?
Good enough.
Hey @Mast isn’t an in-line formula just $x=y$?
Can’t seem to get single $s to render inline.
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Q: C++ For Euler Problem 3

TMHHere's my solution for Euler Problem 3: The prime factors of 13195 are 5, 7, 13 and 29. What is the largest prime factor of the number 600851475143 ? I'm using the Euler problems to learn some basics of C++. Are there any C++ "conventions" I'm missing, or any languages features I could...

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Q: Compare two sheet by Cell Content

Miriam ListThis code is a result of a lot of help from this community. What does it do? It compares two excel sheets cell by cell and copies the differences into another excel file. I’m trying to modify the Code so it does the following: It goes to “Name” and then searches for that name is the other file...

possible answer invalidation by 太極者無極而生 on question by 太極者無極而生: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226340/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by 太極者無極而生 on question by 太極者無極而生: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226340/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by 太極者無極而生 on question by 太極者無極而生: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226340/revisions
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Q: Solving Kruskal algorithm using Python

JassicaThis is the problem from uva online judge. Visit https://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&page=show_problem&problem=975 In an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show, little Richie connects the freckles on his Dad’s back to form a picture of the Liberty Bell. Alas, ...

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Q: I need to modify this code to produce the desire output

Erick SanchezI need to modify the function to return a new array of names of the people who are 16 or older. function getNamesOfLegalDrivers(people) { return people .filter(function(person) { return person.age >= 16; }) .map(function(person) { return person.name; }); } /* Do not modify code below this li...

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Flagged the question as opinion-based; There isn't a bug you are trying to solve. You should ask this on CodeReview: codereview.stackexchange.comRMo 40 secs ago
Would this question be more appropriate on codereview.stackexchange.com? — Kin just now

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