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10:01 PM
@LokiAstari *vain
Hi, @LokiAstari!
We've got a really tough C++ zombie with a +100 bounty. Everyone else is scared to touch it.
Q: Recursive shared_mutex implementation

Emily L.I found myself in need of a Readers-Writer mutex. With C++17 TR2 support not yet available in our compiler, I set out to implement std::shared_mutex so that we have an easy upgrade path to the STL implementation once we get C++17 support, rather than rolling my own API. I put all classes intend...

@Hosch250 not surprised that's some serious shit. OK. I'll have a look.
once it works, don't hesitate to post a working code to codereview.stackexchange.com and request for help. Seeking for a better performance is on-topic here too. And you may find me there as well :) — Jean-François Fabre 43 secs ago
@skiwi JS and PHP, Compile?
Q: Change Remote Url Dynamically jquery validation

Abu AyyubI want to change remote url dynamically, when i fill the input, work normally, but when i click "load.php" button, its still load the "check.php". help me. this is my code <script type="text/javascript" src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" ...

10:15 PM
I think you are looking for a review. So codereview.stackexchange.com is the proper place to ask this type of questions. — Dan Costinel 34 secs ago
10:30 PM
Q: Python 3: Get nth prime number. EFFICIENTLY sieve or eratosthenes

user3331024I am tasked with being able to find nth prime number. Ive tried to implement something like sieve of eratosthene in increments of 200. the code works. and returns nth prime number. However when asking for the 1000th prime number I already notice a significant lag on my box. This code needs to b...

Q: LaTeX resume, in classic style, templated to avoid publishing my private info

Aaron HallI began creating and refining my resume in LaTeX a long time ago. I recently modified it such that I would feel comfortable putting it out there for others to use as a template, if they wish. It has the unfortunate quality that when I begin modifying it, I have to tweak the white-space quite a l...

10:46 PM
This might be more on-topic on the Code Review Stack Exchange. I don't really see anything clearly answerable here - are you just looking for opinions of other ways to do the same thing? The biggest comment I would make is that dest %in% c("ALB", "BUF", "ROC", "SYR") is more generalizable and concise than dest == "ALB" | dest == "BUF" | .... — Gregor 1 min ago
Does anyone know how a Combobox/Dropdownlist is called where it's actually all the cells listed below each other and where only one is selectable?
@CaptainObvious uh... We review LaTeX? Isn't there a site for that already?
For code review, there exists codereview.stackexchange.comQaswed 42 secs ago
@skiwi radio group?
@janos Hmm, that one comes close, but I mean one where it's actually stylized as cells
10:55 PM
fancy radio group?
In C# WPF it's called ListBox apparently
But radio group got me into the right direction :D Thanks
wow. never heard of such
I don't think the question is off-topic or bad in any way but I don't know of LaTeX is actually reviewable...
^^ It kind of works
A combobox doesn't really convey the percentage increase between items, but this takes too much space (even for alpha version), yay
maybe putting Mulligan x cards on top of the big ListBox and changing the layout orientation will work
11:13 PM
@Phrancis What's it about?
Q: Simplify DataFrame operations in Python

mynameismevinI am working on learning how to do frequency analysis of Server Fault question tags to see if there is any useful data that I can glean from them. I'm storing the raw data in Bitbucket for global access, so this code will use the same dataset I am using, it's about 30Mb. import pandas as pd deb...

I've been reviewing a question for 2 hours now and only now do I realize I lack the knowledge to improve it far enough to no longer hit TLE.
Turns out the one writing the challenge made the constraints so narrow you need a specific trick to solve it and I'm unfamiliar with the magic he pulls.
@Phrancis Yes, there is.
@Mast Well, at least you know more now, I hope
I know now I should keep away from such questions.
@CaptainObvious @janos I'm not flagging it for migration since it's not exactly off-topic for this site (which is the first rule to flag for migration), but shouldn't it be migrated anyway? Do you happen to know our policy on such questions?
@Mast My first thought was that latex is code, so we can review. My second thought is, I don't know, isn't it just text content and formatting style? But then, isn't HTML the same? Looked through the "code" and had no idea what I could say. So I just left a comment for OP.
anyway, TTGTB
11:25 PM
possible answer invalidation by Tobi on question by Tobi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/150980/revisions
11:39 PM
@Hosch250 Found one issue and one bug.
5 month old zombie down.
@skiwi I learned I can finish it anyway and leave the final part for the OP to implement. At least he now knows why it isn't working as fast as he wants.
Up you got @Mast

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