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8:00 PM
Tumbleweed candidate; zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views: libconfini (shared library)
@Olzhas everything inside Faraday cages, each with their own independent power supply inside the cage, no wireless, no internet, portable drives die after each use and disintegrate, etc.
@ThomasWard, digital Fort Knox
Welp, time to git reset --hard
@Olzhas inside a secure server room with secure access controls, yeah. Pretty much. :)
Just don't allow anyone access. Problem solved.
8:08 PM
I hate this mouse
Get a cat.
@Mast Doesn't come with USB support.
#define _LIBCONFINI_EXPAND_SETTINGS_MACRO_AS_(______)                          /*-*\

    ______(     BITS      NAME                        DEFAULT VALUE            )/--/
    ______(     8,        delimiter_symbol,           '='                      )/*-/
    ______(     2,        semicolon,                  INI_PARSE_COMMENT        )   \
Q: Very Simple Stack in C

c_studentI'm starting to learn C and thought it would be a good idea to try and implement some data structures. I started with a very simple stack and would like to hear some opinions. Not sure yet how this site works, I hope my code is not too basic? At least it seems to work as intended. Stack.c ...

8:20 PM
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Laravel generate category list from product results
Code review item: you don't need so many Scanner objects. You could just use a single instance and share it among all your methods since all of them are reading from System.in. — D.B. 25 secs ago
@Phrancis Is that a Sumarai on to the right?
@RoboSanta Nice answer
8:38 PM
Definitely a cat with USB support.
Now, I understand why this fs package has broken my build...
LOL true, it is a bit redundant. Thanks for the code review. — Linuxn00b 38 secs ago
I guess I would have expected npm to warn that the package had nothing usable in it
9:08 PM
@Mast Get a rat.
Rats will kill mice.
Oh, and Microsoft carries them.
I had this "mouse" for a while, and my younger siblings called it a "rat" because it was so much bigger than my other mouse:
I find that light blue stripe kind of tacky, but looks like a cool mouse otherwise
Q: Trying to find Max and Min using a loop

user120982I am brand new to this website and I am currently pulling my hair out because of this program. First things first, this is javascript! Second, I have put multiple hours into this so I am not just being lazy. Here's the Problem: Before your boss allows adjustable thermostats in the office suite,...

9:37 PM
@CaptainObvious broken
Suppose I want to keep some data in a list on a page like this one (as in, the posts in this chat room, for example) that I need to poll periodically for updates, as well as add items to, would it be simplest to just keep the data in objects in a regular array/list? Or use temp storage like a cookie?
@Mast Including yourself, then. To be truly secure.
10:14 PM
@Phrancis That's a button.
It is a touch-sensitive button that supports swipe-up, swipe-down, and click.
And it isn't so bright in real life.
Ohh, makes sense
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11:31 PM
Code review item: your variable names are too short to be meaningful to anyone else who reads this. Names like la, lb, lc, a, etc. make your code very hard to understand. — D.B. 12 secs ago
In case anyone is interested in Arduino, that^ looks pretty badass
Wow, I haven't heard the song in that video for years.
Is that Skrillex?
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