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@Phrancis I... love... my... ellipses....
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Q: Haskell code to verify credit number

anru I am new to Haskell, and wrote a script to verify credit number. I did some tests, the script worked, but can it be improved further? isCreditCardNumber :: String -> Bool isCreditCardNumber number = 0 == creditCardReminder ( creditCardDouble ( blowupCreditCardNumber ( reverse number))) blow...

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This really belongs on Software Engineering SE or Code Review SE. — Jared Smith 25 secs ago
@Duga First detected comment with Software Engineering SE.
@SimonForsberg Time to update Duga.
Oh, I see you were already notified.
Uh-oh. Token positions are completely wrong.
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It also consumes finite socket resources every time you make one. See codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/69950/…saarrrr 19 secs ago
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> Assert.AreEqual failed. Expected:<L0C0:L1C4>. Actual:<L0C0:L1C5>.
> Assert.AreEqual failed. Expected:<L2C3>. Actual:<L2C4>.
not quite
1 hour later…
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Q: Performant DB2 queries for aggregation context

George TaskosI need to improve the following DB2 queries, I understand DB2 is slow by nature and that the infrastructure is not the most ideal but here's my scenario. I have to go and grab data from PolicyTransactions table (replacing column names with * for clarity). SELECT * FROM PolicyTransactions WHERE ...

Q: Bank ATM that creates account with balance and accepts user queries in Java

user120938This code outputs an ATM style menu that allows the user to create an account and then perform actions like get balance, withdraw, deposit, etc. The actions are objects in the account class and the menu screen of the atm is in the main method of the management software. I have it so the progr...

2:44 AM
Q: Integer Sum Program

jzbakosThis is a little assignment I am working on. I am a beginner Java programmer and would love some advice on how to improve this code. For more context, here are the assignment details: Create a complete program that has the ability to store and display integer values in an array. The maxim...

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Q: Python: Texas Holdem Poker Game

user120941Beginner Python developer learning to code. Making a texas holdem game for multiple players, so far have finished the flow control for betting / calling sequences, player stack / pot updating, and just now - the part responsible for drawing cards and distributing them. It is this last part that I...

3:24 AM
Q: How to remove Primitive Obsession?

Coder AbsoluteCouple of Model classes are doing the validation using FluentValidator. These model classes are used to Add and Edit the branch data and they are working well but I have no idea how to remove the code smell (duplication). Problem: Notice the duplicate validations being written in BranchEditMo...

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possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by user120941: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144935/revisions
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Q: Check if a string is a permutation of a palindrome

Matthew MoisenI see a couple of these on codereview but I was hoping my way hasn't yet been encountered: def is_palindrome_permutation(strng): cache = set() for char in strng.lower(): if not char.isalpha(): continue if char in cache: cache.remove(char) e...

6:38 AM
Q: Can anyone please checkout my Single Linked List class?

Jøê GrèéñFor some time I have been working on a Singly Linked List class in Python as to understand and master the data structure and now I think the class is finally completed (well most of it) So I am asking if anyone would please review it and tell me what is wrong and what is inefficient and what sho...

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@SimonForsberg I eat like four, but they're all PHP so it feels like a lot more than that.
@JoshuaLamusga What language are you doing it in? Even though it might not be Java you may want to read this answer of mine:
A: Removing elements on a List while iterating through it

Simon ForsbergThere are several ways to do this. Let's look at the alternatives: Iterating over a copy, removing from original This is a simple solution for the underlying problem of your first code: A ConcurrentModificationException is thrown because you iterate through the list and removing from it at the ...

@Mat'sMug Line 2 Column 3 ?
8:20 AM
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Laravel dropdown list without empty values
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you should write this in codereview- > codereview.stackexchange.commybirthname 40 secs ago
10:47 AM
If your code is running without errors, a better place to ask could be Code Review. — Rad Lexus 44 secs ago
Q: How can I refactor this code for LINQ filtering?

DiPixUsing DataTables (Table plug-in for jQuery) with server side processing I had to create filtering for my data with good performance. I did it however in my opinion it's kinda ugly. A especially part of (.Where(...)) where I have to compare manually each property with search variable. Is it possib...

11:15 AM
Q: Simple PacketHandler class

LiamI can recently coded an emulation system and in this project I have a PacketHandler for each player connected to a socket server, and each player receives packets (data) from the client application. Can somneone please let me know if I can improove this code in any way? I will post the code belo...

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@CaptainObvious language barrier? Or just a mess? Hard to tell.
the first one seems to be a usage example
the code under review is the second block ....
could maybe use a small edit ...
12:15 PM
What's been going on the last 3 weeks?
@SimonForsberg I live and breath code, but I don't eat it.
Oct 10 at 16:20, by Simon Forsberg
On Wednesday I will talk at a meetup about Code Review Stack Exchange. What do you think I should say or show? Please ping me!
Oct 12 at 19:45, by Simon Forsberg
The meetup went great! Now about 90 more people know about Code Review!
Q: Instagram Php Library

HaridarshanI've written a small php library to connect with Instagram Application. The repository is on github. Here am adding only main class code. Require code review and thoughts on performance and security issues. namespace Haridarshan\Instagram; use Haridarshan\Instagram\Exceptions\InstagramExceptio...

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If you want to improve working code, you are better off asking at SE Code Reviewπάντα ῥεῖ 51 secs ago
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is probably a better fit to codereview.stackexchange.comSirko 21 secs ago
@Phrancis Protip
If you know the js ahead of time and it is on a file and doesn't change, you can use require('./somefile.json').
Otherwise yeah you're going to want fs.readFileAsync which will give you a file object, which has a stream to the file
@SimonForsberg that's awesome!
Oh. You'll be happy to know that I've finally broken down and decided to learn Java. I've had enough JAVA.
1:04 PM
@RubberDuck Wohoo!
Java isn't that bad. Java 9 modules make excited. My only qualm is that you have to use packages with modules, which feels awkward, but it's still in draft phase so maybe there will be some revisions there.
Totally get though that the committee also has to balance new features with old and not break the entire Java userland
I really like modules
@DanPantry Packages within modules makes perfect sense to me.
Maybe it does - or doesn't - but it feels awkward
eh why?
1:07 PM
idk, it just does. the upside is that classic java code stays exactly the same:
there already is a complete visibility system in place with packages and the standard modifiers
no use in ditching it for a new one with modules
It does feel kinda cumbersome but now that I think about it, it is also a brilliant abstraction!
Because 'old' code doesn't care if it uses modules since the only place modules actually have any 'real' contact with code is in module-info.java - github.com/danpantry/java-9/blob/master/src/…
(also, s/me.devnull/me.danpantry, I was tired)
at any rate that makes all module code (Except the actual module-info.java) compatible with Java 8, which is great
I have no idea what we're talking about. Lol
Java 9 thing
java 9 modules
1:10 PM
@RubberDuck How does Java work with excel?
Idk. Why @pacmaninbw?
@RubberDuck I thought your primary product was extensions to excel?
(potentially) starting holy war: can someone give me a short pro/con of maven vs gradle
@pacmaninbw oh dear
RubberDuck is the name of the excel plugin by @Mat'sMug (and others - @Hosch250 I think?)
Oh! You think I'm just a VBA guy.
1:14 PM
No, I'm pretty sure you must have C# as well.
Last thing I built.
Really cool project.
IoT footwear?
What does it do?
It collects pressure data and sends it to a nerve stimulator.
Science is fun!
Very cool. Did you program it in C?
1:17 PM
@Mast likely vulnerable AF too!
C++ actually. That was fun to learn.
And Matlab. That was not so much fun.
^ starbait
4 mins ago, by Dan Pantry
(potentially) starting holy war: can someone give me a short pro/con of maven vs gradle
I'd be curious to know as well.
@RubberDuck Sounds awesome.
@DanPantry maven is very convention based
it uses xml configuration
gradle works with a groovy DSL
both favor convention over configuration
maven has it's difficulties with external libs and chronically slow build-times
gradle isn't that much better with the buildtimes, but it comes with gradlewrapper which doesn't require any further installation or configuration
in both you can execute factually arbitrary commands, so there's that
Which would you consider easier to pick up and use?
I would assume the answer is Maven because you'd have to learn a DSL (and groovy) otherwise
> My vacuum cleaner crashes if I send certain malformed HTTP requests to the local API endpoint, which isn't a good sign
Well, there's also Ant. IntelliJ will generate one of those for me, so.......
1:23 PM
I would ideally like to not have to rely on an IDE making a build process be uncumbersome
I can't English
Ah, I see @Zak has arrived.
@DanPantry See, this is what happens when you emigrate ^^
Wow, I was saying it was a joke but you did actually arrive on cue
it seems that stars can predict some fortunes
@DanPantry When are you coming to Los Angeles?
@pacmaninbw Date has moved to december time ish.
I was hoping to visit next week and stay until December but work (understandably!) won't pay for that length of time.
The next engineering onboarding isn't until December the 1st, so, I'll be there around that time.
I've been told to bring shorts. In December. I'm British - I don't even own shorts.
The temperature should be cold enough for you to be comfortable.
It was 31 C yesterday.
1:29 PM
> cold enough
> 31 C yesterday
31 C is about the hottest it got this summer in Wales
We experienced a heat wave. Today it's going to be about 22 degrees C.
Okay, that's much better
I guess you don't have a bathing suit either?
I don't really sunbathe, I sunburn
That's what sunblock SPF 30 is for.
Make sure you go to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica while you are here, street performers might be interesting. It's an outdoor shopping mall.
It's less than 2 miles from Riot.
1:36 PM
Will do ^^
> I can cite both Wiktionary (Etymology 2) and the My Little Pony Wikia.

I leave it as an excercise to the reader as to which is the more trustworthy source
Hey @Mat'sMug! Monking
^^ Ditto.
@Mat'sMug monking
1:41 PM
I have a complete lack of motivation to do this kata. A nap is sounding much nicer right about now.
@RubberDuck which martial art? A Kata should wake you right up.
In a relatively short time we've taken a system built to resist destruction by nuclear weapons and made it vulnerable to toasters.
@pacmaninbw Java.
Java is now officially a martial art. And pathfinding.
2:00 PM
@DanPantry the DSL isn't really that hard...
2:16 PM
and since groovy is mostly cooler java ...
2:31 PM
"If you have any advise on how to improve my method of writing I'd be happy to hear it." See codereview.stackexchange.com for that. — Andrew Thompson 15 secs ago
2:55 PM
possible answer invalidation by Jøê Grèéñ on question by Jøê Grèéñ: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144941/revisions
Q: How do i display the sample questions in gui not in console?

Annieimport javax.swing.JFrame; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.awt.event.MouseAdapter; import java.awt.event.MouseEvent; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.Dimension; import java.awt.Font; import java.awt.GridBagConstraints; import java...

Thanks. I'll go ahead and post in Code Review. — Monty 22 secs ago
3:10 PM
Q: How to enhance my JavaScript code?

Nermeen Mattar<body onload="initlization()"> <form> <input type="button" class="button" value="Add Row" onclick="addRow()" /> <input type="button" class="button" value="Delete Row" onclick="deleteRow()" /> <input type="button" class="button" value="Add column" onclick="addColumn()" /> <input type="button" cla...

3:42 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comRichard 38 secs ago
4:10 PM
Q: Deleting files in Node.js with MongoDB

MikeyI have a one-to-many relationship between two entities: courses and files. So, the way I set it up my database is to use two separate collections: courses and files. var CourseSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ name: { type: String, required: true }, code: { type: String, required: true, un...

4:21 PM
Q: Storing database references to files/media

Sebastian OlsenThis is an extension of this question due to it not covering an important role of my setup that I think needs more attention. The files are stored on a different server for separation and convenience. I'm using Django for my REST API, and need to find a convenient, elegant and quick way to stor...

Q: Removing multiple slashes from path

Shivendra MishraI have been trying to write a sample code block to remove multiple backward or forward slashes from a path. E.g. //a//b should be /a/b; on windows c:\a\b\\c should be c:\a\b\c I am assuming that: Code must be platform independent Should work in all cases(or report proper error) It should be re...

4:57 PM
Q: Java coin flip game

Jessie I'm very new to java and am trying to expand on a simple project I did before. So I have this code from a previous coin flip game in java that I built. import java.util.Random; `enter code here`public class Coin { private String sideUp; private int hcount; private int tcount; private static fi...

5:27 PM
is this harsh? "I'd advocate that those comments are written by @CaptainObvious"
In case it is correct, you should post it to codereview.stackexchange.com, otherwise please state what is the problem How to AskGábor Bakos 44 secs ago
@Olzhas a tad ..
not more than "These comments are utterly useless"
@Vogel612, thanks for reply
Q: Use of CSSStyleDeclaration / Pattern

DanielAfter posting some of this code on Stack Overflow I was told to have a look here and get some feedback. I am having fun building a light JavaScript framework and have copied this pattern. It works fine, but I like to have some review on it. The reason that I was directed her is likely the use of...

5:44 PM
hey @ThomasWard
do you know good C++ IDE for Ubuntu? The only thing I've found comfortable is gedit, which is actually a text editor.
Eclipse with the right plugins and configuration. If commercial solutions are on the radar, CLion from JetBrains might work but it's not cheap/free
NetBeans has C/C++ plugins too
though I prefer three terminals, vim, and command line tools
three terminals?
calling emacs
@Vogel612 one for vim, one for compiling, one for running
that said, I don't C/C++ much. Python is my language of choice
5:47 PM
@ThomasWardm it sounds like the people from the old wild west trying to shoot 2 revolvers
everything neatly rolled up into one IDE in PyCharm :P
Welcome, @ShivendraMishra. This is 2nd monitor, the place where you will probably find most of the regulars of this site.
@Olzhas Anyways, to answer your core question, Eclipse C/C++ properly configured, NetBeans C/C++ plugins, CLion if you have money to spare and are doing frequent coding in C/C++
(otherwise 30day free trial)
@Olzhas Thanks.
@ThomasWard, CLion is aware of C++11 and lower, which makes me kinda worried. I believe it's going to be buggy IDE support on later standards
just as IntelliSense is. It argues, but compiler doesn't
5:56 PM
@Olzhas as I said, Eclipse is probably better for that use case
@ThomasWard, yeah, thanks
Python's my language of choice so...
I've written some python, though never written anything serious. In mr. Robot, I've seen them launching python code by pressing enter, which made me think that python is kinda supported by the Linux itself
that's not exactly accurate heh
@ThomasWard, didn't really surprise me ;) I didn't expect a series to be realistic, if they are not pure drama ones
6:02 PM
Why don't you try for yourself?
@Mast, grabbing my laptop
Python is installed by default on many distributions, so python myScript.py followed by whatever arguments you want to pass along works.
@Mast, permission denied :(
Permission errors on Linux mean you're either doing it wrong or haven't understood the system.
You can even simply execute myScript.py if the first line indicates it's a Python script with a hashbang.
6:12 PM
I've just written print 'Hello World!' in test.py and then invoked it from terminal using ./test.py
Yea, you'll need a hashbang if you do that.
Usually #!/usr/bin/env python
Or wherever you got it installed.
doesn't work. Checked the SO question too. I'll dig around
also need to have the right version of python
py3 != py2
@ThomasWard That shouldn't throw permission errors though.
I suspect he didn't turn his script executable. That's sometimes required.
that's probably the case
6:22 PM
chmod +x the_file_name this didn't give anything, even error message is gone
oh, I got it working
@ThomasWard actually it's not even that bad
@Olzhas you can try #!/usr/bin/python
shrugs, and goes back to war against offensive posts on Ask Ubuntu for a short while
and then it's basically ... runnable by executing
@Vogel612, didn't work after changing permissions (chmod -x filename.py)
I have to say, if JetBrains make an IDE for your language it's almost certain to be good
6:30 PM
@Olzhas you need to +x
if you ll it, it should show up in green then
@Vogel612, with +x # is not needed for me
probably file associations ..
@Phrancis 'tis why PyCharm caught my eye. Real good thing for me, I'm a student. I get their entire set of IDEs FREE as a student
for as long as I am a student
fairly affordable for a set of tools though on a yearly basis.
Yeah, and they have open-source licenses too
6:33 PM
Although, even without that, I'd still say they are worth paying for
I think Webstorm is a pretty badass IDE
@Phrancis oh, definitely. I currently use PyCharm and DataGrip like they're the things of godly legend
some people say that CLion puts too much pressure on the machine, though not really surprising
I tried DataGrip back when it was in open beta, I thought it was cool to be able to use the same IDE for multiple DBMS
@Phrancis I find it really useful, I have MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and a few ORacle DBs I need to work with
one IDE with all? Damned useful. Real useful for syntax completetion and alerts too, because it knows all the syntaxes.
Certainly does a better job than the crap IDEs that come bundled with MySQL and Postgres
6:38 PM
I like their "Create table" and "alter table" GUI interfaces more too
excellent design in my opinion
I mostly use MS SQL Server so usually I stick with SSMS
btw what's JAVA? is it javascript?
JAVA is more of a meme here rather than an actual thing
ow ok. By the way, @Phrancis, have you written any serious memory allocators? I'm having an issue choosing the interface
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Simon ForsbergMeme: Java vs. JAVA Originator: Jamal(?) (to be determined) Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor (as usual), but also in various comments scattered across meta. Background: Question with the word JAVA (instead of Java) in the title or body, is often an indication that the poster is a beginner and/...

@Olzhas Sorry, I don't even know what a memory allocator is :\
6:42 PM
@Phrancis, many people say so. I feel like I'm doing rocket science xD
I think the cause is that usually languages abstract away memory things
Most of the time when I write code I feel like I'm doing rocket surgery
I feel so when I'm writing C code. It's like walking on a minefield
Memory allocator sounds like it's pretty low level, isn't it?
@Phrancis, it depends. There is a stack allocator, which draws memory from stack, and facades like affix allocator, which prefixes and/or suffixes with some data. It is used in debugging, for example to detect stack/heap corruption
there are no memory management tools in C++ standard library, so I decided to write one
Ew, manual memory management sounds dreadful
6:46 PM
my stack_allocator currently runs around twice as fast as malloc thingy
malloc is like a default memory allocation way
@Phrancis well, C++ has constructors and destructors, so I can write a last level facade which returns reference counted handles (basically it models sole ownership, no overhead)
C++ is dark side. Though very powerful one.
@Olzhas I know all the words you've used there, though I don't understand what it means when you put them in that order xD
@Phrancis, xD well, handle is like a reference in java. So, it's some form of a garbage collection: when the handle dies, it will tell the allocator from which it came to deallocate the memory
@Olzhas I suppose there's a good reason that C++ is still around and used so much, as clunky as it looks
Maybe they also have cookies?
@Phrancis, it is possible to write compile time binary power. For me it's enough xD
@Gemtastic, it has std::vector<bool>. The failure of all times in programming ever made
6:53 PM
Yes, it does have many STD
Yet, so does PHP and it's still one of the most used languages used on the web :P
they will have even more, because they reserved std[1-9] names
I know what a memory allocator is, but I've never written one, and I'm not real sure how to.
A vector of booleans sounds like a very strange construct
@Phrancis, it's even strange when operator[] doesn't return bool. Surprise
@Hosch250, well, I'd say it's not really exciting experience. But sometimes, like writing affix allocator, it's really fun. Though using them is pleasure
I'm sure.
I wish I could write one instead of doing busywork in school.
I have to prepare and deliver a 4-5 minute presentation by the 31st.
6:57 PM
BRB installing another Node package... lol
@Hosch250, I usually skip lectures, since attendance willingly is not taken ^^
I'm online, so I don't have to attend lectures.
@Phrancis, typing Node package brought me package manager. It seems like situation is really bad
@Olzhas nah, it's npm pretty standard stuff for JavaScript
Was just looking for a handy way to read local JSON file, so I found and installed jsonfile package
are they like C# dlls? All or nothing?
7:04 PM
Not exactly, but it's the same idea
Node environment for JS is kind of an unusual beast compared to more traditional programming languages
I've just found that my avatar depicts undefined behavior: shining sun, but incoming tsunami, lol
I will miss UB when writing Java in school
A Node package in short is a library/dependency that you add to your code to extend functionality without too much overhead (usually)
without too much overhead, sounds kinda disappointing
Most packages are pretty small, unlike Java libraries or C# DLLs
@Olzhas Not necessarily.
The Cascadia subduction zone (also referred to as the Cascadia fault) is a convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California. It is a very long, sloping subduction zone that separates the Explorer, Juan de Fuca, and Gorda plates, on the one hand, and the North American Plate, on the other. The denser oceanic plate is subducting beneath the less dense continental plate offshore of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California. The North American Plate moves in a general southwest direction, overriding the oceanic plate. The Cascadi...
Although we get 16' waves on Superior every year, so that can barely be called a tsunami.
7:21 PM
wow, that's quite ... dangerous ...
@Hosch250 Dang, I had no idea lake Superior was so rough
Yeah, it is pretty dangerous to be out on the lake in the fall.
See the Edmund Fitzgerald.
user image
My new favorite brace style.
Whoops, I just broke my build
I need to use this brace style on assignments ! I really hate my instructor
@Hosch250 lolwat
7:25 PM
It's kind of cute.
@Hosch250 Oh holy....
It's as if it was trying to make Java look like Python...
I've written a compiler bomb on my last assignment. Lost 10%, but it's worth it
it creates ~16GB executable from ~10 bytes of code
Only 10%?
I'd fail you for that.
7:31 PM
yep. There is also additional work to do if one wants to get last 5-10%. Taking into account that whatever I do on programming course is around 100%, I'm fine
Did you hate that teacher slightly?
@skiwi, I hate him a lot :)
+ I've heard that it's not possible to gracefully shutdown the compiler. Compilation takes ~28 mins
The worst I've done is submit a C program with a segfault that I could not debug
Looks like it didn't trigger the segfault when it was reviewed ;-)
(It didn't always occur)
I was also a tad short on time to properly debug it
possible answer invalidation by jzbakos on question by jzbakos: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144934/revisions
@skiwi, I never debug C code. Usually it's not possible (I mean getting any sense of what's happening). I just look at the stacktrace and find the last point when things were going in the right way
7:37 PM
@Duga rolled back
and keep looking upwards, usually it's stack corruption (yes, I like getting out of array boundaries). I was thinking about writing C program that wipes off his non OS hard drive, but couldn't find appropriate WiinAPI interfaces for that
@Olzhas Just trigger the reformat sequence.
@Phrancis shouldn't that go back to rev. 2? Looks like they edited their code twice
Also, are you trying to get kicked out of the university?
You guys are mean
@ThomasWard The other edit was made prior to receiving an answer so that one is OK
7:39 PM
What made you hate this guy so much?
@Hosch250, I'm not really bound to the university. It's not great, it's in the worst city in the world, bad internet, and lots of bad things on top of it.
@Phrancis see, unlike other places, i can't pull up the timeline for the edits/posts :/
@Phrancis thanks for the note though, that explains that one :)
@ThomasWard // TODO get more Code Review rep ;-)
@Hosch250, I don't hate him personally, but I hate them for teaching C on the first semester forcefully.
7:41 PM
// TODO Code anti-laziness feature into self
//    Note that this is superseded by Diamond Mode on Ask Ubuntu,
//    which may prove a hindrance to this functionality being implemented.
sooo many flags, sooooo little time... :P
How many mods on AU?
but only a handful are available at any given time
Damn that's a lot of mods, didn't realize that site was so busy
probably worth noting I have a fervently 'anti spam' mentality, so whenever I see that starting to show up I go on the defensive, ready to squish spam as it arrives.
7:44 PM
also helps fuel the "burn through the flags queue" mentality sometimes... just cleared a good bit of them on AU
@EBrown watches the orbital weapons rain down upon the Spam, decimating it
possible answer invalidation by jzbakos on question by jzbakos: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144934/revisions
@Duga ...
Seriously, I do talk like that when drunk, it's crazy lol
7:45 PM
@Phrancis, that guy is persistent one
@ThomasWard You should ask @DanPantry and @Phrancis about how often I drink.
And how I talk.
You might be surprised how similar we are.
there's been times I show up on chat Not Drunk, and I'm that evil
^ something like that when I just show up all evil-like.
but that's rare :P
usually happens when drunk and I try and avoid the Internet when drunk
too many things that could go wrong :)
C:\Users\Phrancis\WebstormProjects\react-comments>npm install --save fs
react-comments@1.0.0 C:\Users\Phrancis\WebstormProjects\react-comments
`-- fs@0.0.1-security
btw, @Hosch250, if you want to learn C++, you can just email me with the github repo of the project, I'll be happy write review on it (I believe that github has it built in). Though I think it will be a very hard way
7:49 PM
"Oh hey guys, let's build the new Origin interface as a feature-less web-browser."
That doesn't look quite right...
@EBrown You mean EA made it even worse than it already was?
@Phrancis Yes.
That's a scary thought
@Phrancis, they are very talented people in that sense
but I like their free give aways of games. That's the only reason I'm registered there
@Phrancis EA is one of the very few companies I actually hate
7:53 PM
@Kaz I'll one-up that with Microsoft. Which is higher on my list than EA
I should just go play Madden 16, at least that always works.
@ThomasWard I don't actually dislike Microosoft.
@ThomasWard, it was for me too, until they brought their C++ compiler to conformance, at last. They also made C++ version of their runtime. They made me believe that their developers are actually alive and doing something
I still have an ingrown hatred for Microsoft. The privacy leaks in Win10 are the current driver
(I'm an IT security kind of guy - the privacy fails in WIn10 there really irk me)
@ThomasWard, I've seen a video where it's possible to wipeoff password from admin using a flash drive with dedicated software. Then they just logged in and did whatever they wanted to do
7:57 PM
@Olzhas though, that's most systems when you have physical access to the system
except fully encrypted systems/drives which aren't powered on
I can't tell if my problem right now is Logitech or Windows 10...
@ThomasWard, that's great argument against hackers. Just turn off everything :P
@EBrown what's the chance it's both?
7:59 PM
@ThomasWard 9/10
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