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@Hosch250 Yes I have?
58 mins ago, by Phrancis
Q: Spring configuration without XML is this reality?

Marc-AndreWe're doing a website for Cardshifter, and now I've converted the plain html files and css into a Spring MVC web application. Here is the typical configuration classes that I used in most of the project I work with. package com.cardshifter.io.web.config; import org.springframework.context.anno...

@SimonAndréForsberg Is that something I should answer or just read?
@Gemtastic I doubt you're able to answer it. But if you can, feel free.
@SimonAndréForsberg Well, I kinda doubt it too, but my Spring project with Java config is kinda done
12:05 AM
in TCG Creation, 1 hour ago, by Phrancis
@Duga is going to sleep well tonight after all this work.
6 mins ago, by Duga
[Good night, CRitters!\‌​] 1 closed issue.
Thank you janos and @vnp, this is my first code review post, should I resubmit my code, or update this question by appending the newest version here? How does further revision take place? — Cole Lawrence 27 mins ago
^^^ I get this asked a lot lately (I responded)
@janos answer less and you will get asked it less ;)
I'll never catch up to your rep...
@janos I kinda asked that in this chat before I posted my first and only :P
12:21 AM
@Gemtastic You can't post a follow-up question to a question you haven't asked yet.
Involved with what @Hosch250? Rubberduck?
@RubberDuck Yup
@CrappyExperienceBye I wish you changed your username back to Loki, at least here on CR
@janos I second that ^^
Yeah @Mehrad I'm sure there's something you could help with of you wanted. If not Rubberduck, there are lots of other projects around here. =)
12:35 AM
Q: Efficient C++: storing large amount of iterations (of multiple variables) in a single object

PhozSomeone on stackoverflow suggested I should post this here. I am writing a simulation program in C++ which must be able to iterate over multiple variables over multiple classes (according by user input). The basic design of the device is as following: Class Device{ double A, B; vector<L...

@janos I third that ^^
Well the project is currently at a crossroad, with tons of merge conflicts ahead.. perhaps @Mehrad can help implementing some code inspections after the LexicalTokens branch is merged into Master?
We'll need a backup plan for the comments and everything that needs them, if the ANTLR grammar can't be tweaked to support them
victim or perpetrator....
@janos Person of Interest?
was looking at the blue flags poppin' up
trying to decide
12:54 AM
@Mat'sMug there's a backup plan (for the todo markers at least) buried in the commit history.
@RubberDuck I was looking into Oxyplot project and it sounds really interesting however, I want to do something with friends.
@Mat'sMug can you let me when it happened and I will hop in
@Mehrad Sure
In the meantime, you might find something in the enhancement requests to help you get familiar with the code base @Mehrad. I sure wouldn't complain about an extra hand.
Looks like the milestones are all waiting on Mug & I to finish bigger pieces unfortunately.
1:13 AM
@Mat'sMug @RubberDuck pretty sure you'll like what I am going to say.Which(say => "I never worked on a group project which needs pulling and pushing)
this is the instructions from another project oxyplot.org/documentation/contributions
should I do the similar thing If I want to hop in?
@Mehrad probably
@Mat'sMug I know you mentioned how before but I ask again
if I want to run it and compile it for the first time, if it was you, would you clone the project straight to the VS or use the Git client or just download it
Yes. Please. Those are pretty great branching instructions actually. I might steal that...
:D it's well written. I am just saying
Fork it. Then use VS to clone.
1:19 AM
@RubberDuck I need to merge LexicalTokens asap.. it's too big of a breaking change, I'd have to reimplement all code inspections, todo items, unit testing and all UIs that use a SyntaxTreeNode before I could merge it without breaking any functionality....
But you'll also need the MS Office PIAs to get it to compile. One sec.
I will tame that MS Office... let me find him
@Mehrad You'll also need to register Rubberduck into your registry to be able to run/debug it
@Mat'sMug do you need help? I can clone that branch and pitch in this week.
(Still not home quite yet... It's been a long week)
1:22 AM
@RubberDuck actually... yeah.
Okay. I'll clone that branch as soon as I get home.
Cool! I only built the project, haven't dared running it yet (and see how badly it's broken)
Okay. @Mat'sMug can you add an issue with a list of things that need to be checked? Use the - [ ] syntax for checkboxes please. It'll take a little coordination not to step on each other.
Goodnight @SimonAndréForsberg!
Q: What makes more sense for an implementation of a stage/scene setup?

MrZalibI have the setup for a game using a stage/scene model. Stage will handle a collection of scenes that can be changed from one scene to the other. The scene will handle what is displayed. What's inside my stage object: scenes: [], currentScene: {}, enterScene: function(scene) { var index = 0...

1:38 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Gute nacht!
@RubberDuck ugh. Stupid phone... I had it all done, and then clicked somewhere and lost the unposted issue :(
1:57 AM
Ok. #159 opened
2:13 AM
Thanks @Mat'sMug. I'll jump in ASAP.
3:12 AM
Q: Displaying Current date a time using JavaScript and HTML time tag

andrewniteI am creating a simple support ticket system. I thought It would be a nice little feature to show the current date and time. Since I want to show the current time I thought JavaScript would be best versus using PHP. I have looked at different questions posted by other user about the topic and cr...

3:41 AM
Q: Guess My Number Game in Java

Hassan AlthafBasically, what this program does is that this generates a random number, and asks the user to guess it with multiple chances. So, if the user is close, it says that the user is close, and if the user is not close, then it says that the user is too high/low and if the user guesses it right, it co...

Q: Guess My Number Game in Java

Hassan AlthafBasically, what this program does is that this generates a random number, and asks the user to guess it with multiple chances. So, if the user is close, it says that the user is close, and if the user is not close, then it says that the user is too high/low and if the user guesses it right, it co...

4:10 AM
@RubberDuck still around?
couldn't find anything in your readme about this
3 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
@Mehrad You'll also need to register Rubberduck into your registry to be able to run/debug it
You can comment on it if you're around @Mat'sMug
@Mehrad verify that you have these keys in your registry
I'll get into it
if you can build the project, most keys register automatically
atm trying to add office.interop stuff
The Core was missing
fun fun fun :)
4:14 AM
and not chasing interop.Access
@Mat'sMug can I leave this on anycpu or should bring it down to 86
leave it
Warning 3 Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library "Microsoft.Office.Core". Verify that (1) the COM component is registered correctly and (2) your target platform is the same as the bitness of the COM component. For example, if the COM component is 32-bit, your target platform must not be 64-bit. RubberduckTests
haven't had a chance to research it though
I think the PIA's referenced in the project are 32-bit. Do you have Office x64?
4:18 AM
This it the office lappy so I need to check
it seems it's 86 . It's the new 2013
not tested with 2013 though
but should work
yep checked. 100% sure 32-BIT
Q: Accidentally ended up binding an event handler inside another event handler. How can this be rewritten so there is only one event handler?

DesiI wrote this block of code below and accidentally ended up binding an event handler inside another event handler. I'm new to JavaScript and don't really have the "mind of a programmer" yet so I'm not exactly sure how to rewrite this so that there is only one event handler. I'd like the content to...

Q: Generic GUI background task runner

fgeHere is the culprit; headers omitted for brevity, and also, see notes afterwards: /** * A GUI-neutral background task executor * * <p>A very common scenario when programming with GUI toolkits is the need to * perform operations in the background without blocking the "UI thread" (this * woul...

4:22 AM
I remember @Hosch250 said it does
setting up should go relatively smoothly then
hahah.. not yet
woah, unit tests seem to still work!
do you need interop.access and interop.publisher?
Q: Area Calculator in Java

Hassan AlthafThis is a simple Area Calculator coded in Java. What this does is that it prompts the user to select a shape, and asks for the details needed to calculate the area of that specific shape. Main.java: package com.AreaCalculator; import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static v...

4:30 AM
@Mehrad nope, not for now. but the idea is to get unit tests to work in every Office app that lets you write VBA code, so ..yes :)
and I assume the office libraries you use are 12.0 rather than 14 and 15.
You do use access
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access;

namespace Rubberduck
    public class AccessApp : HostApplicationBase<Application>
I don't, but @RubberDuck does
do you know how to add interop.access?
I have this dll
should be it
4:34 AM
nope. that's Access.DAO
yes you were right
I have Access PIA under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Visual Studio Tools for Office\PIA\Office14\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.dll" ...and that's weird.
I don't for some reason
and I know what's the reason
cuz I don't have Access
I don't have Access either
I have Excel PIA under "C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel\‌​e9429c\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll"
I'd say if you send me the dll I can add it straight as a reference
4:36 AM
did you not download the PIA's from the link Ducky gave you earlier?
I did
and installed
they should be ready to add as references then
references>Coms>no interop.access
deep down I believe Microsoft called these assemblies PIA not because they're Primary Interop Assemblies.... but because they're a Pain In the A...
it's not a COM reference, PIA's are managed code that interfaces with COM.
never worked with them, but the pain always freshens up when anything Microsoft is involved
I did some coding for IE and it takes 3 times more time to work in comparison to FF and Chrome and when it works it's buggy
I donno. If references>COM>microsoft.office.interop.access is what I am looking for, it's definitely not there
4:41 AM
it's not going to be under references>COM
look under references>extensions
that can be it
you should find them there - these assemblies should be installed in your GAC
Q: Java: "Alien" distinguisher

quidproquoI am practicing some simple Java coding problems in an attempt to learn while doing them. I would like to know if my code is redundant/is there an easier way to accomplish the same thing? Question: Which Alien? "A person who witnessed the appearance of the alien has come forward to describe the...

and I don't see if I don't have the dll how they can be here ready to be added
can you locate the dll's you installed?
4:50 AM
if I know their names
reading about PIA to see where on earth its missing
according to this
they shouldn've been installed and the dll should've been somewhere in my computer by now
is there a proper installation for this PIA like next next next
cuz mine just shows up for a second with a progress bar fills up and disapears
uninstalled and installed it again and definitely doesn't have more than that into it.
3 files in the folder, a word file, txt file and the MSI called o2010pia
did you have VS opened when you installed the PIA's?
if so, try restarting VS so that it re-caches the GAC assemblies...
or aren't the DLL's under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Visual Studio Tools for Office\PIA?
that's where I looked. I user "Everything" and searched for PIA. there isn't such directory
I am suspecting PIA isn't installing right or something
could be
5:02 AM
I'll uninstall restart and give it another go
or maybe I'm confusing things up... that directory might be leftovers from my old VS2010 Pro install...
but no matter what the microsoft.office.interop.access.dll should exist somewhere
isn't that right?
5:16 AM
Need to go do groceries. however restart didn't do any good.
@Mat'sMug just in case I am looking into the wrong direction.
1) Should I have Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.dll in my pc installed somewhere?
2)In references > Assemblies > extensions > what name I should be exactly looking for?
@Mehrad yes
If non of these work, I might try removing the test unit totally since that's the one which uses the Access and try to at least compile the application
@Mehrad Microsoft.Office.Interop.[OfficeApp]
thanks. I need to go get some stuff sorted. I'll try again after I'll be back. Cheers
@janos Can only change your name once a month.
5:23 AM
@Mehrad that will work for you, locally; it's better get those interop assemblies to work.
ah, @crap! ...seriously, I think it could be a reasonable case for a mod-rename, if you asked for it ;)
6:20 AM
Q: Laravel Eloquent source code: an application of __call magic method

尤川豪I'm reviewing Laravel source code, and find this one is pretty difficult to understand for me //\Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder.php public function first($columns = array('*')) { return $this->take(1)->get($columns)->first(); } After some tries, finally I found it's equal to //\Illu...

6:46 AM
Q: Websocket server example

Lord Loh.I am trying to build a websocket server to run on the Raspberry Pi. The websocket server has to push periodic realtime update to a browser. Here is a sample code that I am plannig to use. The example code here sends the current time instead of sensor data. Most of the code is built form an examp...

1 hour later…
7:49 AM
@Mat'sMug mods can do that?
@CrappyExperienceBye so.... around the 10th I guess. Can't wait!
Narutos are creeping up guys... It seems not many voters these days (I'm getting very low scores too)
A: Start of Login and Address book GUI in Java

LandeiLogin and Address Book GUI Please follow the Java code conventions, e.g. no snake_case Hungarian notation is a bad idea (especially for GUI elements) Try to reduce the number of instance variables. E.g. there should be no reason to have a JLabel as instance variable, it can be local Implementin...

1 hour later…
9:25 AM
@CrappyExperienceBye Whatever we can do to make your experience less crappy sooner, let us know.
10:13 AM
5 hours ago, by Crappy Experience Bye
@janos Can only change your name once a month.
I guess he wants his old name back (at least here), but can't do so yet
As I said, whatever we can do to make things less crappy sooner…
but we won't touch anything unless we get a request.
nice :)
then I guess @janos got his answer: Mods can do that.
Better not tell @Mat'sMug this...
10:38 AM
monking @Simon
hey @janos
22 mins ago, by 200_success
but we won't touch anything unless we get a request.
^^^ @CrappyExperienceBye that's your cue mate ;-)
I certainly hope your experience is the opposite of crappy here on CR
here on CR these kind of things are the norm, you know:
@Unbreakable : as Loki raises more important points than my review, I recommend to accept this answer instead of mine — janos Jan 3 at 7:37
11:29 AM
@rolfl Looks more like a llama than an ass.
12:05 PM
Q: C# Console Emulator

Ashley SmithHi I have made a C# emulator... and wondered what you think I could improve on it? It is large so I have put it here for you guys to take a look and review it? This is a community released source so I dont mind releasing the whole source, as long as it helps me improve my code. Plus it can't be ...

12:27 PM
Q: Storing JSON NSdictioanry to Core Data

ImranI m inserting values in core data but values are not inserting. Core Data Model Name - chats.xcdatamodelId My Entity Name - Chat My Attribute - onlineUsers - Type String My JSON Response Data - { ResponseCode = 0; ResponseMessage = "Data Fetched."; userslist = ( ...

Q: Parsing log files of HearthStone: The log reading API

skiwiI'm still working on a parser that can parse log entries from a game called HearthStone, the overall idea is that it will read the log file live when the game is running, parses the log file and show interesting and useful data in real time. For the question the focus is on the API I have create...

^ How big of a bounty do I need to put on it for an answer?
@skiwi 350 and we'll talk ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg Ouch.. that's quite a sum!
That's like 8% of all my rep :p
Q: Finding bad Narutos

janosWhile looking for Naruto posts (= overlooked accepted answers well worthy of upvotes), I noticed some odd false positives, selfie answers, where the user who asked the question accepted his own answer under suspicious circumstances. I'd call suspicious circumstance the case when other answers ex...

12:46 PM
there you go @skiwi
now you and @Simon can talk ;-)
I knew I should have said 500 !
haha, too late
TTML (time to make lunch)
very nice of you, @janos!
I'll see what I can do about it later
@janos Thanks for flagging. I've bookmarked your query.
@janos What... that's unexpected!
I guess there's only one way to thank you for that?
> I want to build software to save the planet.
@janos ^ Hit me up if you need help with that ;)
Saving the world sounds like a cool occupation
12:57 PM
@skiwi s/think/thank/
@SimonAndréForsberg Thinks! Just had 10 seconds left to edit it
Thanks for your earlier commentary on how bitpacking in pascal doesn't deal with integers and only boolean arrays, it made me fix my code @Simon
@Unihedro at least that's how I think it is. I am not an official source on that matter :)
@Unihedro While you are here, you know anything about Stack Exchange limitations on how often you can request pages and stuff? We had a little idea about a bot searching SO for comments including Code Review. (primarily to educate users who don't know what CR is)
@SimonAndréForsberg Eh, look into the API documentation. While the chat doesn't have an API, the main site does, and has clear guides.
Though, 1 req / sec is reasonably slow, so that's my matrix of safe line.
@Unihedro Good thinking!
1:11 PM
If you do insist on using web requests over the API, the requests counts are stricter - Pham doesn't use the API, and one of us who hosts it occasionally gets to the "suspicious request" page.
(We watch the /realtime page, load every page and scrap the HTML, so.)
for comments it is a bit more difficult than your Pham bot, as comments can be added at any time
You can also run a SEDE instead.
@Unihedro SEDE is updated once a week though. I'd like to find comments faster than that.
How on earth am I supposed to do anything with this!?? api.stackexchange.com/2.2/comments/…
the comment API doesn't actually retrieve the actual comment text, well that's useful!
1:27 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Hehe.
I wonder if that is per day or how often it is... it doesn't say.
"quota_max":300,"quota_remaining":292 for me
probably because you haven't used it as much as I have these past few minutes
if it is per day, I can do one request every 4.8 minutes.
i.e. every 4 minutes and 48 seconds.
1:30 PM
Here's the rule for throttling: api.stackexchange.com/docs/throttle
Uh, is it me, or.....
@Mat'sMug I'm not a good close voter and not human by your standards. I hardly ever leave a message when I vote to close. If askers don't click links, don't spend a little bit more of their time to understand what this site is about I don't see why I should spend my valuable time by leaving a comment that has a great chance of being ignored, just as the rest of the help provided in their face. — rene 6 hours ago
@Mat'sMug I agree with rene - while it's true that constructive comments can be made to further enhance the process so that OPs can learn, frequent CV'ers like rene, who maintains the SO Close Vote Reviewers' project, couldnt possibly leave 50 comments each day to justify closing posts.
I'll speak by experience - Once a poster sees that you've closed their posts, they can now no longer get a question - instead of trying to redeem, they step into a stage of rage or apathy - by engaging with them in this stage, you're effectively asking to be flamed, hated or even trigger your own duty call trouble (inb4 xkcd).
"moderator nazi", ETC.
1:46 PM
I consider SO a separate thing. No other SE has a CV backlog of 100K posts.
It's down to ~10k now, thanks to rene.
Wow, that's impressive!
And I do leave comments once in a while (1 comment per 600 close votes), and only on posts where OP shows an incentive of learning.
Good close-voters also leave a constructive comment explaining why their post may be put on hold, and what OP can do about it; OP gets a notification for all comments on their post. I like the idea of seeing close vote counts on your own Q when you're a low-rep user, but only as a complement to the close-voters' comments. — Mat's Mug 19 hours ago
Good thinking, but I disagree. ^
BTW, Computer Science has a even more friendlier culture than CR when it comes to closing - they barely close anything
That's not being friendly, that's collecting dirt on your own turf.
@Unihedro actually, I think that was mostly due to other reasons... the SE devs changed something somewhere to count less questions there.
1:49 PM
@Mat'sMug Off topic? Fine, we'll get a consensus with the asker first, then we'd close. Asking for a book? Just answer, we're all learning. POB? Narrow it down with them, and then figure out the best answer that helps future readers.
^ CS.SE policy
Primarily opinion based
So, why bother with tincancomments then?
The tincan comments are cool, because it's two clicks.
manually writing a polite comment takes waaay longer than two clicks
1:56 PM
I wonder if that rene user knows/uses tin-can comments
dw they know.
dw == data warehouse in my mind ;)
don't worry ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg Knows yes, uses no.
2:00 PM
that was I thought ^^
If it's something that can be addressed with two clicks by rene, then it's something that can be addressed with two clicks by the asker - the close banner has two links linking to relevant articles in the help center!
@Unihedro that's not the point.
@SimonAndréForsberg It's kinda my point on why rene (and I) doesn't use tincan comments.
the point is that by adding an actual comment, you make the site friendlier, and I believe it causes more users to read and understand the reason for why their question is off-topic.
if you address it with two clicks, then the user can read the information with 0 clicks.
... Where the original close reasons do not suffice?
2:04 PM
as a complement on them
in an ideal world, the close reasons themselves should suffice.
many users are not ideal though
but as said, we don't have a backlog on CR.
On SO, I use auto-comments much less than I do here.
Anyway, my stance: If it's something that can be addressed with those specific two seconds, it's two seconds too many. If it's something else that's more specific and useful for the reader, it would take more than definite expectable messages. SO (and a few parts of SE) is a large city, not a small village - we can't make the world happier, the most of change we can bring is far lighter than that.
Q: HTML5/CSS live Validation w/jQuery

darcherI've been working on a live form validation project, initially I intended on finding a way to solely use CSS for said validation but it quickly became apparent I would require some jQuery to get it to function properly. That said, I'd like another set of eyes on my jQuery to see if anyone has imp...

Of course, this doesn't apply to CR, where you have more time to deal with things.
The problem is that downvotes and close votes pile up and while no one leaves a comment, OP doesn't have a clue and calls the site "hostile".
@SimonAndréForsberg That is good to know. That keeps the hope alive that in the future SO can become the better place on the internet that it wants to be. — rene 6 mins ago
2:09 PM
Ohhhh. .... not sure I should say "Monking!".... there's a hot debate going on ;-)
no not really..
@rolfl There's always room for a good old "Monking!"
2:10 PM
Let's face it: we're a crazy bunch.
quite obviously so ;)
The whole "You don't have to be but it helps" thing, right
2:19 PM
Q: count substrings in a faster way(fast algorithm needed)

CPlusProgrammeri'm looking for algorithm to make my code faster and better for big strings those are the characters i need "I, E, A, O, U, Y" my code: #include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main() { string s; while (cin>>s) { long double sum=0.0; for (int i = 0; i < ...

2:30 PM
Yaay, on my question
2:45 PM
OCD achievement reached!
1, 10, 60, it looks so nice!
I'm sorry, but "1" is not a multiple of 5.
Eh, that number combination is even worse.
cries in a corner
@Unihedro But you have a palindrome!
@Mat'sMug But "232111" is not really a palindrome.
3:00 PM
But 232 and 111 are :)
Q: Count chars, words and lines

qedAny suggestions are welcome. package je3.io; import java.io.*; import java.nio.charset.Charset; /** * Created by IDEA on 30/01/15. */ public class CountCharsWordsLines { public static long[] count(String filename) throws IOException { long[] counts = new long[3]; try(Inpu...

Q: java multithreading template RejectedExecutionException error and performance benchmarking

sidI am trying to benchmark different ways of multithreading a simple java application that transforms each element of an iterator into another. Which of the below ways (java 8 parallel streams, regular multi-threading with lambda operator) is the most efficient? Based on the below output, it seem...

Q: Get list of the executables in the current directory

YoshThis is what I've done; import Control.Applicative import Control.Monad import qualified System.Directory as SD main = do files <- SD.getDirectoryContents =<< SD.getCurrentDirectory exes <- filterM (liftA SD.executable <$> SD.getPermissions) files print exes This works fine, but I ...

3:53 PM
OK @Fred-ii- You meant this: function SignUp() { if(!empty($_POST['user'])) { $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userName = '$_POST[user]' AND password = '$_POST[pass]'") or die(mysql_error()); And remaining signup code } else { echo "SORRY...YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED USER..."; } } } I did it but still same white screen for already existing username — Waleed Ahmed 37 secs ago
^^ great readable comment
1 hour later…
5:10 PM
Q: Calculator - C++ Operator Overloading

learnerI am new to object-oriented concepts. Following is my attempt for creating a basic calculator. Please review it for improvements. Also, how do I make it more intuitive? I want to display: +,-,*,/ as options and use switch() on them. #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; ...

5:51 PM
Q: How code i change this code to be async ?

NescauI am trying to upgrade all my codes in my app, make them async, but i'm little confuse with this one. m.pre('save', function(next) { this.personName = this.personName.toLowerCase(); next(); }); m.save(function (error, data) { if (error) { res.send(error); } else { ...

6:11 PM
Q: Creating an API filter with comment.body_markdown but without comment.body

Simon André ForsbergI have used the filter editor on https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/comments to create a filter for fetching comments. From the default settings, removed all badge_count and shallow_user, and for comment removed all but body_markdown, comment_id and post_id, so that it becomes: This gave me th...

Q: Using list of tasks to obtain and cache data

AlexandrI develop Windows Phone App with Prism framework (MVVM). I use data caching. To get data I use proxy service. Proxy service creates two tasks: the first task is receiving data from a web service and update data in local database (SqLite). the second task is receiving data from the local data...

6:44 PM
Q: How to properly code a mathematical quizz in PHP

Jerem. Bartman.I'm currently working on a kind of PHP Quizz about mathematical calcul. This is the way. We show a mathematical calcul, and users need to put his answer. Actually, i got this. echo '<div class="table-title">Super Quizz</div>'; echo '<div class="row text-center quizz">'; function addition($x,...

@Phrancis Already upvoted.
I bumped Dan Lyons.
Kleinfreund is next.
Hey @Hosch250 I got a little tip, I made a small edit on your answer to that C++ question I just linked. Usually if you're quoting the OP's code in your answer, just for clarity for others, we like to "quote" the code block
OK, thanks.
@skiwi I'm having java.time problems, you around?
7:23 PM
Please change the title of your question to represent the question you are asking. Your current title makes it appear that you are looking for advice on choosing a server to support webSocket on Pi, but that isn't the case at all. Instead, you're looking for specific Python code advice. — jfriend00 1 hour ago
Incorrect. The previous title was better.
@jfriend00 As we all want to make our code more efficient or improve it in one way or another, it is better to write a title that summarizes what the code does, not what is wanted out of a review. For examples of good titles, check out Best of Code Review 2014 - Best Question Title Category You may also want to read How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions. — Simon André Forsberg 1 min ago
"What is a good way to code" is totally unnecessary in a title, as the whole purpose of this site is to write good code. — Simon André Forsberg 12 secs ago
@SimonAndréForsberg I am, now
@skiwi but now I have solved it. thanks anyway.
@SimonAndréForsberg What was the issue?
@skiwi something about unsupported temporal units on my Instants
7:36 PM
Ah... those ones are rather interesting
The API is not that easy
yeah, I had no problems with the API last time I used it but this time was a bit more challenging
@Unihedro Uh oh, you're right!
@jfriend00 Please join us in The 2nd Monitor chat and discuss titles with us. — Simon André Forsberg 9 secs ago
@Jamal ^^
7:54 PM
As best I can tell, this question is not specific to either the Raspberry Pi or to webSockets, but it's actually about the design of threaded networking in Python. And, though I wrote and run a Raspberry Pi server that handles webSockets, I do indeed know nothing about this actual question because the question really has little specifically to do with either of those subjects, thus why I thought a title that actually attracts people who know about what is being asked would be more useful to all. Signing off now. — jfriend00 7 mins ago
Q: Basic complex number class

yalonerAs part of my C++ training, I wanted to create a basic complex number class for basic complex number calculations. The class should have the following: constructor (non explicit, for implicit conversions) << and >> operators to stream with cout and cin ==, != operators to compare complex number...

8:16 PM
Q: Why is my API quota not resetting after UTC reset?

jmort253According to How API Keys Work, the default daily API limit -- which is per site, per day -- is 300. I started with 300, as expected, but over a period of days, I've noticed that the remaining quota has now been whittled down to about 70 something: { "items": [ { "user_id":0000,"di...

8:54 PM
Q: Workout tracker

LegatoAround June of last year, I made my very first GUI 'app.' Wish I knew of this amazing site then, I thought for posterity's sake it would be great to get it reviewed. It's a simple I/O window just to keep track of the quantity of X exercise that was done, and if I used these two other workout app...

Thanks @Hosch250
No problem.
When you use a list, you always have to put <!-- language: lang-(PrettifyCode) --> after it for the code to display correctly.
Like Java is lang-java, and C# is lang-cs, and C++ is lang-cpp, and HTML is lang-html...
Or just <!--- ---> to not change syntax-highlighting.
And actually, you only need <!-- --> - an HTML comment.
9:11 PM
Q: Refactor methodologies

wootscootinboogieI've got a rather long function that will take the size of a triangle print it with stars and give the user the option of whether or not they want stars printed inside the triangle, and the orientation (point up or down). I was hoping for some general refactoring methodologies I could apply. Ev...

@CaptainObvious Okay, it's time to blacklist this tag.
Q: Updating the coordinates of items possessed by a moving person

prestokeysA Person has coordinates and an Item has coordinates as well, and hence both are derived from Entity, which has the coordinates data member. If a person holding an item moves, the coordinates of the item must change to whatever the person's new coordinates are. And if he drops the item, this is...

@CaptainObvious What!? No using namespace std; ?!
Hey @NiallC.
Now there's a dog in here? The Zoo just keeps expanding.
9:30 PM
NiallC is a regular lurker....
yes, but the dog is not.
At least I have never seen the dog before.
Normally in there in the faded out area.
Niall I remember.
This seems to be an extremely quiet day, chat-wise.
9:35 PM
THat was a lame Ha Ha...
I have been delinquent with things, family and work have been keepming me away from stack monkey
Also, mod efforts here have been more time consuming, for some reason.
Between the lot of them (kids probably the most unusual time reuirements), it's just been a low priority
yeah, I can understand that
Hi @Jerem.Bartman., nice of you to accept my answer! In the meantime, I noticed chumkiu's answer, and it's much better than mine, so I suggest to accept that one instead! — janos 56 secs ago
I don't blame you.
9:38 PM
hope OP will listen
you both seem to deserve an upvote though ;)
thanks for that ;-)
Incoming question.
Runway cleared for landing, @CaptainObvious.
Q: Walk a directory tree recursively

qedAny suggestions are welcome. package je3.io; import java.io.File; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; /** * Created by IDEA on 31/01/15. */ public class WalkDir { private List<File> recursiveList = new ArrayList<File>(); public void walkDir(String pathname) { ...

Q: simple Dish washer C++ code

user64183I have a project in embedded systems and i have to write the code in C, and make it simple too. This is my first time .. and it's only a simulation of how it should work. I'll be glad to see your comments on it ! #include<iostream.h> #include<stdio.h> void manualMode(); void defaultMode(); in...

9:50 PM
C++ != C. Which is it? — Hosch250 21 secs ago
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