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12:05 AM
Java/Android Zombie down:
A: How to rewrite my code for adding Buttons to be more time-efficient?

Simon André ForsbergWhen reading your code, the Strategy Pattern alarm goes off in my head. Before that however, I have some other remarks. Indentation. If you are using Eclipse, please select your code and press Ctrl + I to indent your code properly. Please read up on indentation in the Java Coding Conventions Sp...

Q: Handwritten C# MD5 implementation not producing correct hash

omnichromahave been handwriting an MD5 Hash function (for learning) and I've encountered a problem and I'm not completely sure what it is. The problem is in the line that declares temp; for some reason, I'm getting incorrect values for a, b, c and d, but only on case 3. Help? public class MD5 { public...

Off-Topic C# zombie
@SimonAndréForsberg Headshot made ... but you may want to re-edit ... indenting wrong for public class CollectBranchesAction
@SimonAndréForsberg ...... WAKE UP!
12:21 AM
@rolfl I'm awake! I'll fix
SO told the OP that it belongs here, yet the question clearly mentions errors. What?
@Jamal - hey Junior!
@rolfl: Did you call me that because you now have more rep than me? :/
@Jamal Isn't the first time unfortunately...
happens all the time
12:22 AM
@Jamal uh-huh!
Eh, no hard feelings. :-) I'm really not not all that great at C++; I can just fix the "easy" stuff. That alone has gotten me much rep, though.
12:49 AM
@Jamal that and editing :)
Yes, definitely that. :-) And I'm still okay with gaining no rep with direct edits. I just like cleanliness.
cleanliness is next to Jamalness
Jamalized is close to javelized - that's getting clean!
javalized would certainly be an improvement
more OO
12:56 AM
I can make the Weekly Challenge . After 10 days I believe, the tag on Grace Note's post will expire.
@rolfl are you hitting 3K tonight??!!
@retailcoder depends on whether you vote for me ... ;-)
@retailcoder I responded to your comment .... really?
@Jamal The CoD totalled got more upvotes than GraceNote's post today :)
@rolfl TBH I never actually given thought of how I'd be doing that
You know, in the past 37 days I have 3 silver, 33 bronze (almost) 3K, and 6days maxed.
There is no way I can keep that pace.
@rolfl what, are you exhausted?
1:00 AM
Actually, yes.
(like physically/IRL).
Same here...
I have been going on about 4 to 5 hours sleep for the past 2 weeks.
i did the same thing when i first came to CR.... had a huge rally for like 3 weeks
and then very sharply slowed down
CR is very time consuming
That it is.
4-5 hours for 2 weeks? ouch!
1:02 AM
I've had a really bad sleep schedule all semester.
16 weeks, also about 4-5 hours a night.
@rolfl Yes, Please slow down! You're making the rest of us look bad
But seriously, we shouldn't hinder anyone's legitimate rep-gaining. We cannot graduate at our rep levels now.
If you look at my stats, for the past 2 weeks I have answered about 4 questions per day, each of them has scored at least 1 upvote, most only 2 or three, but the occasional one has scored bigger than 5.
I have tried to 'budget' my time to allow me to 'play' with a problem while in the middle of my own cr*p at work.
@rolfl I think I understand the feeling. I also answered about 4 questions per day for a while. Haven't been able to keep up with that pace recently.
i decided the other day to start breaking up my answers more
most answers i see on CR could really be 3-4 answers
the giant wall of text answers anyway :)
1:05 AM
@Jamal Absolutely true. We need all the high-rep people we can get. I think it will take time to get there, but I am sure that we will get there.
In all honesty, I've begun to question the long term viability of CR lately... but perhaps that's just biased by my exhaustion towards the site as of late.
Since I seem to have the lowest programming experience here, I may need to rely on at least staying a pro-tem. Right now, my highest privilege would be for tag synonyms.
it just seems like every answer is the same "tl;dr: SOLID" crap over and over again
and it gets tiresome
I'm starting to feel that way, too. But if we fall, where else is there to go to get code reviewed? Surely not Yahoo! Answers.
1:07 AM
Q: Is it feasible to create a syslog server which writes to a client dataset?

Jerry DodgeI'm creating a simple syslog server in Delphi XE2 using Indy's TIdSyslogServer. I've decided to make it dump into a TClientDataSet and display in a TDBGrid, but I'm skeptical about how well it would handle if the log got quite big, and what I should expect when it grows to millions of records. Th...

that makes the assumption that there should be a place for code reviews
@Corbin I like that assumption
part of the problem to me is that everything really is the same theory. it's just a way to show specific people their specific problems and short comings. i love code review. but... i just worry about it
i just worry that it's not really that useful in terms of just stumbling across it
Well, if it weren't for CR, my code would still look like junk. I'm way too scared to ask questions on SO.
it's more of a parasitic relationship than a world-benefit relationship
and that's what concerns me
idk... i guess i just worry to much
because ive definitely learned tons from CR
1:09 AM
@Corbin to a large extent I agree with you.... reviewing code is time consuming and patience is required. It takes a certain type.
Loki Astari's reviews on random people's code are the only reason my C++ is now just bad and no longer complete shit.
Okay, maybe not junk. Unless this qualifies.
Well, you be the judge.
And compare that to this.
Agreed. He really is great at what he does, and I hope to be as good as him one day.
yeah... i don't know. i'm just in one of my negative moods :). all i know is that i hope CR becomes a full fledged site. otherwise i'm not sure where i'll spend all my free time :). and it does certainly help. it requires a lot of effort on the consumers part for it be helpful though, and for the most part, people are not willing to put out that effort x.x
yeah, Loki amazes me.
everytime he makes a post i get a little excited haha
1:12 AM
I've only gotten a few accepts from under him, but that's probably just because I was first.
(I'd super-ping him, but I feel that it may bother him if it's not important)
@retailcoder: Did that SO "slam" interest you? ;-)
What you have begun to discuss here is interesting, unfortunately bed calls over here, but I do have a few ideas on how to improve quality of Code Review which will make it easier to review questions. Look out for a meta question or two in the next couple of days. (And please remind me if I forget :P)
Good night for now (or good evening for some of you)
Good night!
@Jamal I pinned it for the first sentence :)
i've thought about making a meta post of all of my concerns, but... havent gotten around to it :)
good night!
@SimonAndréForsberg 'night!
1:15 AM
i actually need to go too. see you later everyone.
@Corbin what kinds of results do you get if you google up rock paper scissors lizard spock c#?
I've just done that, and they're at the top!!!
Could be my browser & history messing up search results
1:18 AM
2/3 of the top 3 results are my CR posts from last week's ! - no, wait.. that link has them at the top indeed!
I think the more active we are, the more CR will come up in search results
My question... is #2 to this one:
Q: stuck on do while loop for C++ rock/paper/scissors/lizard/spock game - undeclared identifiers

Summer StormI am stuck on something I know should be really simple to fix but I just can't figure it out I've been Google-ing and gone through my text (Gaddis C++ Intro, Ch. 6) and tried a few things - mostly moving the loop around as I thought I placed it wrong; I've searched through several C++ forums as ...

(secretly wishing upon a star)
Wow naming things is really tough!
- The Duck: 2 votes
- The 2nd Monitor: 2 votes
- The Zombie Hunters' Lounge: 2 votes (+4/-2)
- The Ready Room: -1 votes
1:42 AM
The Duck?
Not my idea. I think it would be a great alias for the Ask a Question page, especially on StackOverflow - check out the Codinghorror blog in the link
Rubber duckies!!! :D
Q: jQuery find number matching range

kursusI have a code that checks the range of a value and set a variable accordingly. if ( 169 <= angle && angle < 191 ) {currentOrientation = "1";} if ( 191 <= angle && angle < 214 ) {currentOrientation = "2";} if ( 214 <= angle && angle < 236 ) {currentOrientation = "3";} if ( 236 <= angle && angle <...

1:58 AM
@retailcoder huh ... I scored [badge:outspoken] ....
@rolfl wut? how?!
It was not my fault
I was not even trying
well congrats!
so this means... the dang badge wiki is confusing!!
goes back and counts own stars
2:00 AM
I guess it is not 10 people for 1 post, it is tn different people for any number of posts?
makes sense
well I'm 1 star behind :/
Awarded 1 time!
Eh, I did earn Archaeologist without knowing...
2:02 AM
the new SE Bar is supposed to be so smart, it shows 4 silver badges, but I have not yet got a notification
I don't even pay attention to dates. I just edit like Dr. House takes Vicodin.
@Jamal ... seriously... I am not sure how it works... noone has starred any of my chats today .... how do I suddenly get the badge
Awarded 14m ago
Okay people. Who starred the monkey?
There goes another one...
@Jamal Well I had to.. I just noticed 1/2 of my recent posts were "lol" - I need to stop that.
2:08 AM
Me, too...
(thought you were going to say "lol")
lo-- nope, not doing it.
Someone took a practice shot:
That answer is fantastic.
2:37 AM
@rolfl guilty - congrats :)
It was you! ? But you have starred before.....
No, check your rep score
You starred the monkey!
Yes, I'll do that later.
When you least expect it...
Actually, your account is trapped in Meta, forever to haunt the good people for eternity.
2:43 AM
You wouldn't do that
I'll tell your mom
Drat. :/
Flash-review - does this make sense?

public class PseudoBrain
private readonly FizzBuzzConverter _converter;
protected PseudoBrain(FizzBuzzConverter converter)
_converter = converter;

public virtual string Think(string lastResult, int value)
var random = new Random();
var ai = random.Next(0, 99);

var result = _converter.Convert(value);

if (ai < 75)
// thinks straight most of the time.
return result;
if (ai < 95) return result;

// could be right, could be wrong. hesitant anyway.
3:09 AM
3K's up .... @Jamal.
Also, I just reviewed my first JavaScript ...
A: Find number matching range

rolflThis function has very slightly different boundaries, but you may find it does better than what you have right now: function degreesToOrientation(degrees){ return 1 + Math.floor(((Math.abs(degrees) + 180 + 11.25) % 360) / 22.5); } one sixteenth of a circle is 22.5 degrees. centering that i...

3:34 AM
Q: PseudoBrain FizzBuzz Thoughts

retailcoderSome recent discussions on this site involved the Fizz-Buzz game - I have never actually implemented this, but for the record this is what I put together: public class FizzBuzzConverter { private readonly int _fizz; private readonly int _buzz; public FizzBuzzConverter(int fizz, int ...

Hail to the king, baby!
You've earned the 'Discussion' badge
Q: PseudoBrain FizzBuzz Thoughts

retailcoderSome recent discussions on this site involved the Fizz-Buzz game - I have never actually implemented this, but for the record this is what I put together: public class FizzBuzzConverter { private readonly int _fizz; private readonly int _buzz; public FizzBuzzConverter(int fizz, int ...

How common is that!\
Wow I'm among the GREAT!!!
downvotes all the discussion answers
3:42 AM
Zombie: "braaaaains!!"
Now I want to play Duke Nukem...
... forever!
Much better than Forever. ;-)
Gotcha now you bastard! We're gonna fry your ass! - [level 2 ends, level 3 starts on an electric chair]
@retailcoder - I missed that stuff earlier, then came in and talked nonsense....
3:47 AM
@rolfl huh? what? uh, you're..welcome?
removes "thanks" and replaces with upvote
I was in a haze learning javascript....
So I missed that you put me over 3K, I thought you were saying that you got me the badge....
And I thought votes were anonymous...
@rolfl oh. and I thought I was slow..
See, here is someone who knows how to write compliments:
Fantastic. I wish I could write clever things like this in seconds. Thanks a lot. — kursus 3 mins ago
and hey, not bad for my first ever Javascript .... (don't look at the edit hoistory)
3:49 AM
lol (darn, again)
I'll take a look at it.
When I was done with that I had to close 22 firefox tabs
Q: If Textbox array exist how to add to listbox

user33072I'm having a slight issue with my program. I'm a first year student and am trying to make a program on flight reservation. if (txtSeat.Text == "1") { btnRowOneSeatOne.BackColor = Color.Red; goodMessage += "You Selected Row One and Seat One"; } So, this basically goes down for all...

@Jamal, got a sec ... if I reject a pending edit in the review queue, can you re-instate it?
@rolfl Area51 stats for CR users are now at 23 users at 3K+ :)
3:55 AM
See... I do these things to make you happy, ... or, was it you who did it to make me happy?
I can approve it automatically.
It was to shock the mon-key, mon-key-ee, mon-key, mon-key-ee.
OK, there's an edit pending, and I am never sure whether to accept, or reject this type of edit...
Can you see it?
A: Pattern for creating a JavaScript plugin

Joseph the DreamerThe usual way to create a plugin is to declare a namespace or use an existing and append to it. Usually done using the module pattern: (function(ns){ //private scoping var privVar = '...'; function priv(){...} //expose a function ns.myFunc = function(){...}; }(this.myLib = this.myLi...

Hm. Not sure about this one.
@rolfl Code being edited by a 1-rep user. Auto-reject.
3:58 AM
But, 1-rep is right I think
Then it makes a good comment,
Probably can't comment
not enough rep
Then I'll convert it.
aw sh!t you're right
I'm always right.
4:00 AM
Go ahead. Make my day.
** No target 'my day'**
Marty McFly?
Duke Nukem
Close enough.
You talkin' to me?
^^ Marty McFly
4:03 AM
He's an a**hole!
@retailcoder how do accepted but no-upvoted answers affect the zombie stats?
It's a question with no upvoted answer.
i.e. the answer is a target :)
heh, someone has to shoot some ammo at my rep at some point ... ;-)
(whistles innocently)
I just scanned the Java unanswered queue, and, the rest look 'hard'/
4:08 AM
...If you know what I mean!
yeah ... ;-)
Wow, okay... back to discussing code review.
I started when there wre more than 100 unanswered Java's, and it's down to less than 80
if it's hard for @rolfl, we've got a problem.
71 in fact.
4:09 AM
And you've answered like 40? (count incoming zombies)
Instead of shooting ammo I have been creating targets.
(how else do you think you hit 3K in a few weeks).
I'd say we should go to SO, steal some COBOL questions (off-topic for here), and post them here anyway.
You guys are begging for things to shoot at ... ;-)
aw crap.
My point is that my hit-rate on creating targes is going to diminish
and i think the same is true for most people.
4:11 AM
Why the heck would you star "lol"? sigh
To get that exaxt effect
^ don't star that
Point is that the zombie hit rate is now hard work, instead of easy pickings.
I guess I may have to start looking at some JavaDeveloper questions at some point too
@rolfl how are JavaDeveloper questions a category of their own?
4:18 AM
With that name you would think .....
well he does ask questions..
but I see lots of questions with 1 answer, about half of 'em are accepted.
He has 48 questions, no answers, no edits.
feels a bit one-sided.
23 upvotes, 1 on a lucky question
@rolfl put that in your Outlook:
ooh I don't like these ones:
Q: Is this correct implementation of an Immutable class in java?

n1234 public final class ImmutableClass { private StringBuffer name; public ImmutableClass(StringBuffer name) { this.name=name; } public StringBuffer getName() { return name; } } Points that I have considered: 1) Make the class final so that it cannot be extende...

Q: Is this correct implementation of an Immutable class in java?

n1234 public final class ImmutableClass { private StringBuffer name; public ImmutableClass(StringBuffer name) { this.name=name; } public StringBuffer getName() { return name; } } Points that I have considered: 1) Make the class final so that it cannot be extende...

4:24 AM
@StackExchange come on!
@Jamal is this not more suitable for Programmers?
Looks like it. Imma edit it first, because I don't anyone there will.
because what?
Let's go with that, yes. Migrate, I will.
4:30 AM
I go that will, migrate with let's yes.
Drunk Yoda?
Tired Yoda.
Gotta get some sleep now
Oh wait, a drunk Yoda would sound normal.
To bed, I go
4:31 AM
Go with smoked-up Yoda then :s
@Jamal - I still have that suggested edit in my queue... you were going to convert to comment ....
Convert he will
I'll see if I can do it directly.
allright, I'm out
4:36 AM
@rolfl: This doesn't possible. It may just have to be rejected, and a custom message can be given.
Done... poor guy
Well, that's just how the system is.
Done and outta here.
Sweet dreams, good luck on the stats (or is that done alread(.
Nope, final next week. I'm scared.
4:59 AM
Q: Generic 'temporary instance' class

CoreyI've been reading about WeakPointer and WeakPointer<T> today, and it looks very useful. Rather than just using it as-is though, I decided to write a wrapper around it that covers a common usage case for me. Code as follows: public class Temporary<T> where T : class { Func<T> generator = nu...

5:38 AM
Q: Doubt in Conditional Statements in Python

ArunI am newbie to Python and programming environment .Now I am studying python via online .I Landed up a small trouble while studying If Statements . The IF statement is currently interpreting while the ELSE statement is written it displays me a syntax error attached Screen Shot will make my problem...

3 hours later…
8:43 AM
Q: Implementation of a double linked list with generics and inheritance

PhilippDisclaimer: The code already was grated - so I don't ask for a homework here -just for a code review. :) For a university course my colleagues and I had to implement a list without using any Arrays or any utilities from java collections. Only interfaces were allowed. We received a small feedbac...

1 hour later…
9:55 AM
Q: Compare col1 sheet1 to col1 sheet and output value in sheet 1 col 6

BassbaseFirst time posting a question, so please correct me if I do anything I'm not supposed to! I have a macro written on a button press to compare 2 columns on 2 sheets and output either the value from sheet 2 col 1 in sheet 1 col 6 OR output "None" in sheet1 col 6 if there isn't a match. My code is...

Q: Caml light and finding the prime factors

JoeI wrote the following caml light code to find prime factors of a number (part of an early Project Euler question) let rec find_factors target check = if (check > (int_of_float (sqrt (float_of_int target)))) then [] else (find_factors target (check+1))@if target mod check == 0 then [ ch...

2 hours later…
11:42 AM
Q: How to optimize Cookie Parsing

blunderboyI have written this code for cookie parsing. Can anyone tell me what optimizations we can do in this or what can we do to make it more consise function parseCookies(cookies) { var cookie, cookieParts, parsedCookies = []; if (!cookies || !cookies.length) { return null; } //...

12:08 PM
Q: Python - ternary operator or if statement?

prasopesWhich of these two alternatives is more readable? token = map.get(token_str) if not token: token = Course(token_str) return token or token = map.get(token_str) token if token else Course(token_str)

Q: Function to count the digits in a number is not working

user3049535I tried to test this function and the first test is OK, but the seconds test failes and I don't know why.... Note: I'm a beginner, so be easy and Please, don't give me complicated answers! import sys def test(did_pass): linenum = linenum = sys._getframe(1).f_lineno # Get the caller's lin...

12:41 PM
Q: Tiny text adventure

Elliott RhysI made a small text adventure, I'm not trying to make it appealing to anyone, but rather just to practise my python skills. I am fairly new to python and this was my next step after making a console calculator & bmi calculator. I would like someone to tell me how this code could be better optimis...

12:52 PM
..... PULL!!!!
1:25 PM
Q: How can I do it smarter?

MamuI must read and extract some values from string. These values are coded like this: k="11,3,1" v="140.3" I have defined the codes and created struct with all field as well as a temp one where I store k and v. In fillFields proc I transfer values from temp struct to the right one (with the vali...

@StackExchange - use Java?
I have been seeing a fair number of rep=101 users answering questions recently... a good thing!
@rolfl indeed!
2:09 PM
@Jamal The Force will be with you.
2:44 PM
Q: How do I refactor lines of Ruby code that run too long due to method chaining or object encapsulation?

Reed G. LawHere are a couple of examples of one-liners that go way beyond 80 characters: scope = DepartmentRepository.includes(:location).by_account(@request.account_id).find(approved_department_ids) departments = ActiveModel::ArraySerializer.new(scope, each_serializer: DepartmentWithLocationSerializer).as...

1 hour later…
3:57 PM
Q: Semantic CSS class names

demrksi always read articles that suggest to not use presentational CSS class names. Currently i'm working on a small website project. The footer on this website looks like this: Although it's pretty simple i'm not exactly sure how to name the class names. At the moment i'm using this grid system htt...

Q: Please help refactor my code

Pierce McGeoughI have a Google Maps Geocoder and I am looking to refactor it. The user enters address details into a form where at the bottom there is the option to show on map. First the map is hidden The user clicks show_map checkbox map-area is shown and map is initialized The codeAddress() function is...

4:09 PM
Q: C++ Permutation algorithm: What is so bad about this code

maduI was asked to write a Permutation algorithm to find the permutations of {a,b,c}. Since this is a famous question to which an answer is readily available online, I wanted to do it a little differently, so that it wont look like I copied off the internet. It was evaluated as OK for the algorithm b...

Q: Does this SQL code handle dates correctly(we are using XML publisher tool)?

Adelthe following code is for an e-Business suite application. We are having issues with the dates, however. Just need someone to please let me know if anything looks awry here. Thanks so much! SELECT hca.account_number invoice_to , rctt.type transaction_type , rct.trx_number do...

4:20 PM
@Jamal - this should be on programmers?
Q: Semantic CSS class names

demrksi always read articles that suggest to not use presentational CSS class names. Currently i'm working on a small website project. The footer on this website looks like this: Although it's pretty simple i'm not exactly sure how to name the class names. At the moment i'm using this grid system htt...

^^ voted to close as unclear what you're asking
@rolfl yeah Programmers would be a fit.. maybe
Q: Determining the Factorial and the Summation of numbers till that Number

Razor1692Guys i just wrote this simple code. I have a problem. I get the factorial for small numbers but if i enter number like 45 or above i get 0 as the factorial. Why is that? Check and let me know what you think of this: import java.util.*; public class Testing1 { public static void main (String arg...

meh.... I want to answer that java one, and close it too... so I will do both.
Q: JavaScript Object.defineProperty

wootscootinboogieI'm curious about Object.defineProperty. It seems awfully verbose for not doing much more than what you can already do in the constructor. What's the point of it? Would it be 'bad code' to not use it? I know you have more control over read/write and enumerability with defineProperty, is that ...

4:38 PM
Well, it seems like things are pretty normal around here...
Or should I say: "Things normal here they are"?
@SimonAndréForsberg "are they here normal things" surely sounds somewhat odd
WWYD? (What Would Yoda Do?)
@SimonAndréForsberg - have a look at this:
A: Determining the Factorial and the Summation of numbers till that Number

rolfl45! is a very large number. Your fact is a long, but long is not large enough to hold the value... 44! = 2673996885588443136 Long.MAX_VALUE = 9223372036854775807 Multiplying 44! by 45 will overflow the long.... which is exactly what you see: 45! = -8797348664486920192 ...

There is a 'mystery'. ......
Which is far from normal.
@rolfl Wow, cool.
I tested a bit with factorials to see where Double.INFINITY was reached, 171 factorial is infinity, apparently.
But I'm using double of course, not long
Although technically, BigInteger should be used for large calculations like this.
OK, figured it out.
4:50 PM
Q: Optimize “layering” in jQuery

Jimmie JohanssonI am building an web application that is going to work in a similar way like photoshop or illustrator regarding layers. Here are my code that is searching the ".case" div for images, and then put these images id's to an array. When that is done we are looping the array to find out if the received...

5:00 PM
Well that turned out to be one of the nicer discoveries of computing trivia....
Can we keep that question now?
5:14 PM
@rolfl I still think it belongs more on SO, but it's still a good answer :)
Of course it does .... (And my vote is on it to close....).....
SO would trash that question though.... likely anyway.
Possibly, but since it's already answered I think they would keep it (and even upvote it)
Q: want to filter data on many criteria?

user2896851Want to filter data on different levels is anything wrong in my code.for layout check this http://jsfiddle.net/Eugenenf/t8HLa/ $rw = mysql_query("select * from opd where `First Name` LIKE '%$FirstName%' OR `Last Name` LIKE '%$LastName%' OR Mobile LIKE '%$Mobile%' OR Address LIKE '%$add%'...

5:41 PM
heh..... I edit the above post, then get:
@rolfl any answer ? — user2896851 54 secs ago
nope... have some patience
6:03 PM
Q: A function that counts the even digits in a number have a bug with the number that doesn't have even numbers

user3049535I think that the title sums it all, but If you didn't get it. I made a function to count the even digits in a number and when I enter a number that doesn't include any even digits. so I need some one to tell me why and how to fix this. and please be simple in the solution because I started learni...

Q: Printing a Binary Tree top-down (column wise)

Rohit JainWe have a binary tree, suppose like this: 8 / \ 6 10 / \ / \ 4 7 9 12 / \ 3 5 We have to print this binary tree in top-down manner - column wise. Note that, 8, 7 & 9 would be considered in same column. So the required output should be: 3 4 6 5 8 7 9 10 12...

7:00 PM
Q: Threading Code Review

user2491179I'm just starting to get along with threads in Java and I need some code review, about interfaces, classes, managing threads, correct writing, secure threads, exposed objects etc. thanks. Horse-Race Implementation: package HorseRace; public interface FinishingLine { public void arrive(Horse h...

1 hour later…
8:14 PM
Q: Why Does My Implementation of Extended Euclidean Algorithm Throw Exceptions?

user2213307This is an implementation of the Extended Euclidean Algorithm: import java.util.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.math.*; import javax.swing.*; public class euclid extends JFrame implements ActionListener { public static JPanel p1 = new JPanel (); public static JTe...

Q: Responsive HTML5/CSS Code Review

ConorPlease review my code based off an responsive Initializr template. It's functional and visually correct, but I know there's better ways to write the code. Let me know if I can layout the HTML5 better and/or best practices I'm not using for CSS selectors because I feel my stylesheet is all over th...

8:32 PM
Q: I am running a query with lots of where clauses. Is there a better way for me to do this?

inimrepusI haven't had much experience with postgresql (none) and I am wondering/hoping that there is a better way for me to do this query. SELECT * FROM member_copy WHERE id = 17579 OR id = 17580 OR id = 17582 ect. There are about 800 where clauses in total so this will take a while and I need to run ...

8:44 PM
Q: Integer Partition using an iterator

200_successI tried implementing Integer Partition (enumerating all possible sets of whole numbers whose sum is a given integer). Looking at @rolfl's answer, I reasoned that with a stack data structure, we shouldn't need to use recursion, since recursion implicitly stores state in the call stack. I also tr...

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Q: Implementation of strstr() in C++

hrnrgvThis is an implementation of strstr() function without using any in built functions. The code yields correct results, but I would like to know if this is a good way of doing it. Any suggestion would be appreciated. char * strstr_mine(char * input, char * find) { char *subBegin; int flag...

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Q: Does my code implement my requirements?

Jabir Al FatahBasically, my program is supposed to be completed when it's able to do: Sort the arrays which the names are starting with “sortMe…”, and measure the running time for sorting each of the arrays separately. Sort should be ascending. Find the minimum in any chosen array (sorted or unsorted) and mea...

Q: Simple PHP Object-Oriented Question about $this

Mitch GlennI'm trying to brush up on some object oriented basics. I wrote this simple script but am confused as to why it works the way it does. class Foo { function run($text = null) { $this->bar = strtolower($text); echo $this->bar; } } $foo = new Foo; $foo->run('THIS IS SOME TEXT IN LOWER ...

@rolfl Some people apparently don't know what patience is.
Nope ... well, it was helpful, at least (the delete was ...) 1 less zombie
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@SimonAndréForsberg: I've commented on the Meta proposal post.
@rolfl: They just want teh answerz. They don't need your stinkin' edits!
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Q: Executing method on a certain interval + offset

JohanI would like to execute a certain method at a given interval. The reason why I can't use a timer + its event handler right away is because I want to add an offset to each tick (100ms in my example below). It seems to be working just as intented. The reason why I'm starting it manually is because...

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Oh... sooo quiet.
How can I come here to rep-whore when I need 2-upvotes to max .... and there's no-one here?

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