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12:00 AM
@amon I did read the blog post, and the comments, and another blog entry linked to in one of the comments. And I agree with the comments that say the contrast is nonsense.
12:12 AM
@retailcoder: I've never heard about that. Then again, I haven't read the whole blog.
Don't get me wrong, I love the new features, they're awesome. It's just the contrast that doesn't feel right at all.
Q: Idiomatic input parsing in clojure

obmargI've been playing around with Clojure for a while now, and one of the tasks I occasionally find awkward is parsing input. For example, I took part in the facebook hacker cup recently, where part of the challenge was to read input like this: 5 4 ..## ..## .... .... 4 ..## ..## #... .... 4 #### #...

@retailcoder: Can't disagree there. I would think there'd be a difference with beta sites.
12:58 AM
I'm not sure I like how the chat is a little more hidden in the new top bar ... I'm sure I'll get used to it though. Found my way here didn't I!
Yeah, the additional click sucks, but we may get used to it.
I think they should make it more size responsive. Flatten it out when the user has a large screen. Or spans it across multiple screens.
I think I'm going to circumvent the two-click chatroom access with a new browser bookmark: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/code-review-general-room
1:16 AM
@retailcoder yes ... but that would be too smart.
@JamesKhoury true, I should be more dumb than that. (switches to dumb mode)
(feels dumb, switches back to regular mode)
That's neat, he has a rightie guitar strung left-handed.
@rolfl that's exactly how I learned my first couple chords :)
(lefties are more expensive)
You would think he could afford it?
The knut is often designed to have the low and high E strings of different lengths (slightly).
You would think that reversing thrm would make it impossible to tune....
but, that's probably more to suit his voice.
It takes a really good ear to tell - for a Nirvana song it doesn't matter really
1:30 AM
yeah, he could probably tune it to his electric razor harmonics and still sound 'normal'.
you play guitar? I mean, I assume so at this point. But what do you play?
Steel string acoustic... not very good
Yamaha FG410 I bought 20 years ago as a student
I made some beer money busking in South Africa.
Leftie, well, that explains a bit...
I broke an Ibanez Roadstar RG Series bought in '99; still "playable" but by the 12th fret the strings are like 4mm away from the fretboard.
I also broke a B.C. Rich Warlock bought in 2004; not playable anymore, dead notes all over.
So I play steel string acoustic
a Norman
all 3 are lefties :)
I went from Metallica, AC/DC, and even Avenged Sevenfold, to ...Pachelbel :)
^^ this kid is the most amazing guitarist I've seen on YouTube
2:03 AM
*Actually measured, more like 8mm off
(and this conversation is totally off-topic)
2:15 AM
Yeah, been fighting with my cat.
He's good....
You do know that you can adjust the 'action' of most guitars by tightening/loosening the tension bar in the neck?
Hmm.. you probably already the expression "banana neck"?
I'm no luthist (guitar-maker/fine-tuner, not sure of the translation), but one told me it was unsalvageable, I believed him on the spot..
Well OK then....
2:57 AM
@rolfl review this:
A: What's the joke in the Stack Overflow 404 page code?

Mark RushakoffWant a step-by-step through it? I'm the original author of the polyglot. The easy versions are Python, Perl, and Ruby: the only code executed is print(202*2);exit(); because they all treat # as a line-comment. Obviously, the code prints "404" and exits the program. The C code is fairly ...

Q: Help me review this PHP cryptography implementation for a web-based file server

user3068322I'm not a dedicated cryptographer, so I'm looking for someone to look over these functions I wrote and let me know if there are any implementation errors leading to security vulnerabilities or just anything I should improve. Any other comments about improving performance, etc. would be great too...

3:17 AM
@retailcoder Sorry, I can't review that ... you can only put 5 tags on each post, and I see [tag=perl] [tag=python] [tag=php] [tag=c] [tag=c++] [tag=ruby] [tag=brainf*ck][tag=befunge] ......
and anyway, I don't know python that well..... ;-)
I saw that page more than once, but never bothered actually reading the gibberish on it. It's pure genius!
Yeah, there are some good ones ... I really like this one (perl-only):
If you have aperl-processor handy, copy/paste that to a file, (or hit the download link), and then type perl 99bottles.txt
wut, that's a regex????
There... I made an ideone:
out of this world!
3:24 AM
Some people have a lot of time on their hands.
it's just.. unreal.
well now I understand the punchline in this comic:
Yeah, that's a funny one .... but concerning ... I have seen some perl hacks go wrong really fast!
Oooo .... it gets pinned? Cool.
I had to :)
Yesterday was a 'bum' day.. I answered 7 questions and did not max out rep..... and today, I have only 10!
Felt like areally slow day.
scored 90 yesterday (/today in your timezone), 2 answers
1 today (/tomorrow in our timezone)
no, add -1 day to the above...
I hate UTC
3:42 AM
@rolfl: Have you looked at my latest question (I'll link it here if you haven't)? It looks like you're trying to delve into C++ reviews now. ;-)
no, Dec.3 was... ah figure it out yourself, my brain is idle: codereview.stackexchange.com/users/23788/…
@Jamal check out that pinned ideone, it's ..unreal
How is that not magic?!? (seriously, I don't understand how that works)
The race to 10 stars: who will win?
It's like in that comic ^^^^
it's a little, little bit unfair no?
@retailcoder: Knowing rolfl... anything's possible.
(that does sound like I'm assuming I'll get 3 more stars before the ideone url link gets 8 more huh?)
3:49 AM
If you even consider sock puppets, I'll have to zap them all. ;-)
@Jamal I have never programmed a C++ anything....
But, I can read it pretty well,
... well enough to see problems that I recognize from 'general' knowledge of what works, and what doesn't.
@all I'm going to bed, my brain has been sending various signals for some time now, I need to sleep! See y'all tomorrow :)
Good enough. I only know a little Java because it looks quite like C++.
@retailcoder: I still have stats homework, and I'm already. I'm so scared, considering it's due tomorrow.
3 hours later…
6:46 AM
goodnight all...too many beers not enough sleep...lol
1 hour later…
7:52 AM
Q: How can i make this code shorter and easier for everyone to read?

Jarolin VargasOther people will be looking at this jquery code and i'm not an expert with jQuery so im asking. How can i make this jQuery code shorter, more efficient, and easier to read? /* HEADER NAVIGATION */ /* navigation tabs click highlight */ $(".header-main-tabs").click(function() { $(".header-main...

Q: C# with Oracle ODP.NET. CommandText alternatives

MikroDelIs there any alternatives to write oracleCommand.CommandText as a text? This is my code: using (var oracleConnection = new OracleConnection(ConnectionString)) { using (var oracleCommand = oracleConnection.CreateCommand()) { oracleConnectio...

8:59 AM
Q: Python - Quadratic equation solver improvements?

samrapFirst of all, I would like to say that I am fairly new to Python and programming. I started learning Python back in September and I know that I have a ton of room for improvement, which is why I am posting my code here I have a program I am writing that calculates Algebra 2 functions and equatio...

9:32 AM
Q: Retinal blood vessel extraction

haloweeni am working on retinal blood vessel extraction in matlab.. I have applied fuzzy c means segmentation code.this code is to segment the vessels from the retinal image. but this gives me partial output that is all my vessels are not being extracted? can somebody help to modify this code please... ...

9:52 AM
Q: Is this a good user control layout for WPF?

hiding.apeBelow is a code snippet of how I have been laying out my WPF control XAML. I do it mainly because I get intellisense in the editor and I can change the implementation of the viewmodel and push the layout into a resource file. However, I am not sure whether you gurus have a better insight into wh...

1 hour later…
11:04 AM
Q: Separating presentation/BLL/DAL

JimsanI'm new to ASP.Net and up until now my code has worked but has been a mish mash all over the place with no real structure. I'm trying to teach myself how to keep the presentation/BLL/DAL separate so I have built a simple page to try and work with. Page has 3 text boxes: clock number, first name...

11:31 AM
Q: long code and explanition - using matrix from a file

user3054027I need your help here. It's kinds long, sorry, but this is how is coding, not that east, right? and... Sorry for my broken English, hope you could understand and help me. So, to the code part! Let's say there is a text file containing a matrix of data, where each row and each column has a name....

11:48 AM
Q: Is my question off-topic?

MikroDelThis is the question. In comments I received the information that it is off-topic and also someone has downvoted it without any explanation. As for me I have shown code thats works fine and want to review it. Please give your feedback.

12:20 PM
Q: Search through server folders and display files that exist

user1329580I have a folder called uploads in this folder is a folder for the year the file was uploaded(2013,2014,2015 etc...), inside the year folder are usernames(rick, dan, edward etc...), inside the usernames folder are folders 1-12 for the month that the file was uploaded. I want to search through the...

1:12 PM
Time for another day.
1:27 PM
It seems that i dont know your definition of efficiency (which i think is the same for all people in English world). Another thing is when you see that code as a "EXPERIENCED PROGRAMMER" you should know what it is.But as i see you have never worked with this function.. If you wanna help me.. i appreciate it. If not.. please do not write for things that you dont know. Thank you. btw the string is ""dʒadʒi eʃte ɲeri".. it is in Albanian. — user3038403 2 hours ago
Woah, I'm an experienced programmer - flattered. Comment flagged.
@Donald.McLean yeah, tell me about it!
Hi @Jamal
@retailcoder: Zapped it. :-)
Thanks! FWIW I put the Albanian string in the question's code.
I took my first programming class in 1976. I started working full time as a developer in 1988.
On another note, a user has addressed one of his questions on Meta. Anyone may go in and assist so that the main site question can be unlocked.
Q: Is my question off-topic?

MikroDelC# with Oracle ODP.NET. CommandText alternatives I was told in the comments that it is off-topic, and someone has also downvoted it without any explanation. I have shown code that works fine and want it reviewed. Please give your feedback.

1:47 PM
^^^ answered :)
I have added a link to the Meta question as well (apparently mods can still comment in a locked post), just in case this isn't resolved before the 1-hour lock time.
@Jamal I retagged the meta post with
@Donald.McLean what happened in-between?
Well, in 1976 I was still in Junior High School. In 1981 I joined the US Army and worked in a technical job that was not programming. In 1988 I moved to a programming job that was related to the field I had been trained in.
2:00 PM
So you learned with COBOL, Pascal and the likes?
..and then came back 8 years later into C?
@retailcoder not sure if I should flag that as offensive .....
@rolfl "If you wanna help me.. i appreciate it. If not.. please do not write for things that you dont know. Thank you." - this guy needs a shrink.
Q: How I can write this code shorter?

user3054027How I can write this code shorter? . class Table: def __init__(self,path,sep): try: f = open(path, "r") read_file = f.read() f.close() except: print "EROR" return split_file = read_file.split["\n"] ...

@retailcoder Fortran 4 on punched cards. And when I came back I used Pascal, then a bunch of 4GL database app languages, then C++, then Java, and now Scala.
@Donald.McLean How did you debug punched cards? With tape? (and Aspirin)
2:11 PM
Well, when you got your printout back the next day, you looked over the printout, tried to figure out what when wrong, typed up the new cards and then put them in the box for the teacher to take over to the computing center. Student programs were only run on Wednesday and Saturday.
Right. Even typewriters didn't have a [Delete] key :)
@retailcoder punch-cards have delete, it was a special tape you could stick over the errant hole.
Easier to just type a new card.
That's why the Aspirin (Tylenol?)
What I probably needed was Vodka, but since I was only 14, I just had to live with it.
2:15 PM
I can only imagine what obfuscated punch-card code looked like!
@retailcoder Well, FORTRAN wasn't exactly a verbose language at that time. By modern standards, pretty much all software was obfuscated in those days. Every byte counted.
Remember - computer memory was measured in k bytes in those days.
So BASIC 2.0 on my Commodore-64 was like a little revolution with its whole 20 keywords?
64K was a lot of memory back then!
I don't go back far enough to punch-cards.... I have decoded ticker-tape on occasion, and I have programmed on COBOL grid sheets ... similar to:
I have also changed the disk pack in a winchester drive ... (with ear-protection).
Those drives were really, really noisy.
Think of a machine about the size of a top-load washing machine.... and a disk-pack stacked 10 disks o so deep that you load in from the top.
2:25 PM
And all that for not even 1MB?
Q: Node.js-based CMS

streetlightI'm trying to get a good code review on an open-source CMS created with entirely javascript called 'goblin'. Here is the code: https://github.com/maned/goblin It uses Node.js, CouchDB, Cradle and Express to do most of it's work. However, there are definitely areas I can improve on, and I'd love...

^^ link-only post
From Wiki: Access time was 25 millisecond and data transferred at 885 kB/s. Three versions of the removable IBM 3348 Data Module were sold, one with 35 megabyte capacity, another with 70 megabytes, the third also had 70 megabytes, but with 500 kilobytes under separate fixed heads for faster access
Wow that must have been a freakin' fortune!
I remember the disks being called Winchester, but I remember the machine looked more like:
Those were the times.... when, to get fast access to your data, you had a separate fixed head on the drive..... a whopping 500KB
2:31 PM
It does look like a washing machine :)
@Donald.McLean ever heard of the story of Mel?
When memory (or is that storage) was a drum and not a disk!
2:42 PM
@rolfl No, but it doesn't surprise me. I could never write like that.
every single instruction was followed by a GO TO! Put that in Pascal's pipe and smoke it.
3:32 PM
I think I'll code that FizzBuzz program in x86 anyway, even if it isn't this weekend's challenge. :-)
3:51 PM
Q: Find the Prime Number Coding in java .Check and Tell me How can i make this Short?

user3070800I wrote this code in Java without using any methods, just by using simple for loop and if statements. What this does is, when we input a number it checks whether it's a prime or not. If it's a prime, then it prints "It's a prime". And if it's not a prime number, it says "It's not a prime" and pri...

4:46 PM
Q: Identifying specific players with the kinect?

jefferyI have some code below that takes different detected users recognized by the Kinect and assigns them a specific random id range based on the player they are. I use this to grab the x,y coordinates of their left or right hand. I was trying to have the Kinect get at least 6 peoples coordinates with...

5:00 PM
Q: Efficient fizzbuzz

PuccaI wrote the following java program for the Fizz Buzz problem.How can I improve it or make it more efficient? public class FizzBuzz { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("--------Fizz Buzz program-------------"); for(int num=1;num<=100;num++) { ...

^^^ lol (just @ fizz buzz, didn't actually look at the question)
Q: Integration Testing - C# - VS2012 - Please Review

user3066171Old code: [TestMethod] public void SRSTransactiondataCleanTest() { using (SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection(@"Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=CorporateDWTest;Integrated Security=SSPI;")) { StringBuilder str = n...

5:17 PM
Q: I failed FizzBuzz, would you hire me?

ja_programmerI'm a developer with a CS degree and have work experience doing development in a number of languages for almost 3 years. Today I had an interview, overall it went quite well, I prepared for most of the questions and felt ready for anything. At the end of the interview, they gave me ONE program...

If I code that in x86, maybe I can get an easy job? ;-)
I seriously cannot wait to give that a shot. I'm gonna start writing the code now.
@retailcoder - did you just comment 'meh' on an answer?
@rolfl yup :)
Oh wait, I've found out that I've screwed-up my make utility. So much for that, then.
5:28 PM
"meh" is much too mild for that ... pile of .... stuff.
@retailcoder: That answer is even more "meh" considering FizzBuzz primarily revolves around logic, not performance.
@Jamal oh so true!
@Jamal I'm stealing that comment as a response to the answerer :)
I really wish I hadn't removed MinGW from my computer. Now I can't figure out exactly which one I've downloaded from my previous assembly class. sigh
6:11 PM
@Jamal If you want to use unixy tools on Windows, I've found that a virtual machine with Linux usually works better than mingw or cygwin. For one, apt-get is awesome.
I could look into that. Whatever is nice for using make.
6:26 PM
Downvoting a CW post doesn't hit you with a -1? Shoot, gotta find another bad answer!
1 hour later…
7:34 PM
Q: Integer Partition

user2369284The aim is to partition an integer. class partition { public static void main(String[] ar) { part(66); } public static void part(int n) { part(n,1,""); } public static void part(int n, int st, String prefix) { if(n == 0) { ...

Q: Rock Paper Scissors with Python - Validation

user3071716I've been making a RPS game and it works perfectly, but when I try add validation in (shown between hashes) it crumbles. WHAT ARE I DOING RONG???? from random import randint from sys import exit computer = randint(1,3) r = "r" p = "p" s = "s" print ("The computer has...

8:34 PM
Q: RSA calculating e in C#

user33053I would like the have a second opinion on my code i've written to calculate e e is a integer that you wherefore the following counts gcd(φ(n),e) = 1 with 1 < e < φ(n) public int calce() { do { e = priemgen.newKey(1, euler); } while (GCD(euler, e) != 1); return e; } p...

Deleted posts can hold gems: WHAT ARE I DOING RONG????
8:58 PM
^^ uh, spelling my friend. Spelling.
@retailcoder Ding!
@SimonAndréForsberg well hello there! thought I was alone here!
did you get a ping from my response to your comment on the WEC meta-post?
(was a phone post, I abbreviated to @sim)
Yep, I got that one
Are we really going to go with Fizz-Buzz-Banana?
I'd prefer evaluating a Poker hand, seems like a little bit more intricate logic.
@retailcoder Perhaps we should create a "Weekly Challenge Proposals" meta-question where people can suggest challenges? The answer with the most upvotes each week gets chosen as the weekly challenge (answers for already finished challenges can be disregarded in choosing the next challenge)
9:06 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I like. Make sure you tag with :)
@SimonAndréForsberg you're doing it? I can't post every good meta-idea, it'll look suspicious :)
@retailcoder working on it
(cracks whip) ...can't wait to upvote :)
Q: Proposals for Weekly Challenge topics

Simon André ForsbergTo decide which subjects we should cover in the Code Review Weekend Challenges I am creating this meta-question. Propose one challenge per answer. The answer with the most up-votes each week gets chosen as the weekend challenge. (Answers containing already finished challenges is disregarded in c...

@retailcoder Done!
@SimonAndréForsberg already upvoted :)
Now it's just about adding answers to that one
9:20 PM
@sim I think we should have one per challenge, so an idea that was posted for challenge #2 can be resubmitted for challenge #3. What do you think?
@retailcoder One question per challenge? I think that would fill up the entire meta with a whole lot of questions :P
Might want to ask @Jamal about that
and the others
@SimonAndréForsberg if this goes on for several weeks maybe, but I don't think 5-6 of such questions will hurt meta..
Q: Proposals for Weekly Challenge topics

Simon André ForsbergTo decide which subjects we should cover in the Code Review Weekend Challenges I am creating this meta-question. Propose one challenge per answer. The answer with the most up-votes each week gets chosen as the weekend challenge. (Answers containing already finished challenges is disregarded in c...

maybe not
I just don't see much point in posting one question per challenge, since it's the same question :P
Q: How to rewrite my code for adding Buttons to be more time-efficient?

DravicI'm still new to Android development, had a long break due to school and whatnot since I last touched Android. However I did learn a few more things and now I wanted to try making some Text-Adventure project for Android again. The game will be combination of Text Adventure (navigate through butt...

9:32 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg posted 2 "answers"
@retailcoder Upvoted one of them
The poker one perhaps for another week :)
@SimonAndréForsberg saw that. Dammit I can't vote!!
lol, true that :P
Yikes, I'd really like to answer that Android zombie. But I'm too hungry right now. Gotta eat first and then we'll see.
10:08 PM
Q: Review Batch-File FizzBuzz

Daniel CookI've never done a FizzBuzz before, so I decided I would. Please let me know what I could have done better. Run via a .bat file in windows. @echo off set loopStart=1 set loopEnd=100 set /a i=%loopStart% - 1 :LoopStart if %i% == %loopEnd% goto :LoopEnd set /a i=%i% + 1 set /a fiz...

10:28 PM
Q: Deeper abstracting of code into functions

Ivan DurstI created a quiz using the module pattern. My code is as follows: ; (function ($) { "use strict"; var s, QuizDefaults = { modalOverlay: $(".modal-overlay"), modalWrap: $(".js-modal-container"), timer: null, // setInterval var for timer totalSecond...

Q: review my code please

user33060<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/> <title>Car Rental C...

10:53 PM
Rest In Peace, Nelson Mandela.
Wow, didn't know he died.
Seems to have been announced by the current president of South Africa about one hour ago. So it's very recent
11:21 PM
Q: Is this correct usage of Repository + Unit of Work + Service Pattern

WojciechKoI have project where I need to use C# and Entity Framework. After my question here, I have decided to use Unit of Work and Repository patterns. This is the first time when I'm using this. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing this right or I have to redesign something? BTW: why do I have to set stu...


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