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REFRESH! There are 7940 unanswered questions (89.2549 answered)
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If you decide to post your code on Code Review, feel free to post a link to your post here, because I am sure that I will have quite a few ideas about how your code could be improved, after studying it so much in the past few days. :-) — Andreas Wenzel 15 secs ago
12:33 AM
I’m voting to close this question because code review is off-topic — Zoe ♦ 18 secs ago
@Rabbid76 The question is off-topic for Code Review. "could someone explain how to do that". — Peilonrayz just now
@Peilonrayz What does your code look like?
@Fmbalbuena I have been busy today.
yesterday, by Peilonrayz
I have things I need to do tomorrow so yeah Sunday.
Entire day = gone
oh sorry i forgot that
ok so you can do that
without reviewing
12:53 AM
@Duga deceze 2.0?
newly elected moderator. She's still "voting to close" :D
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2:23 AM
Consider posting to code review SE as well. — atultw 42 secs ago
2:42 AM
@AndreasWenzel, I added the code review link. — logsInMyEyes69 27 secs ago
3:05 AM
Q: Multi-Threaded Web Server Serving Html, Images, etc

logsInMyEyes69I have a web server that can send websites, images, mp3 and other things and I was wondering how I could improve the code and make the server more efficient. //this is where you enter the default file directories char *defaultDir1 = "/Users/rowan/Desktop/webServer(Mac)/website/displaySite/"; char...

3:41 AM
@logsInMyEyes69: After looking at your code on CodeReview, I think you may have misunderstood one of my previous comments. I stated that explicit_bzero will prevent the the zeroing from being optimized out. You are however only calling bzero. Note that the link that I posted points to documentation of both functions. However, this is only important if you want to prevent the zeroing from being optimized out for data security reasons. — Andreas Wenzel 29 secs ago
3:58 AM
I am not sure if it is appropriate to put the link to the Code Review question into the actual question, because it is not part of the question. I think a comment would be more appropriate. — Andreas Wenzel just now
4:20 AM
Q: Improving the Conway's Game Of Life Code With Functions In Python

Flamez 2.0This query is a part of Conway’s game of life. Currently, this program takes about 70 lines of code in Python to return the functionality of the game, which can be simplified to fewer lines of code and it ends when a keyboard interrupt occurs. I eventually want to eliminate the keyboard interrupt...

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5:30 AM
Honestly, it looks like a decent solution. You could also use the keydown event and use preventDefault() if the input is invalid (see .key for specifics); this will simply prevent the input from changing if you would like. If you wanted advice on how to improve working code, you could also check out Code Review Stack Exchange. — phentnil 47 secs ago
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9:01 AM
@Rabbid76 Code Review is helpful for pointing out the flaws in existing code. If you already know the flaw and are simply looking for information on how to implement it, it's not a request for review. That's a specific question. — Mast 54 secs ago
@Mast So Code Review is not for Code Review. — Rabbid76 50 secs ago
@Rabbid76 There's a helpful guide here. Do note that both Peilonrayz and me have years of experience on the site and experience with bad recommendations. Nothing personal, but we prefer if people not very familiar with the site simply don't mention it. — Mast 19 secs ago
9:21 AM
Cody got involved and summarized it ^
Please note that this question would not be appropriate for Code Review. That site is for pointing out flaws in existing code. If you already know the flaw and are simply looking for information on how to implement it, it's not a request for review. I know the name can be confusing, but there's a helpful guide here. As a moderator on Code Review, I'm sensitive to bad advice to move questions there. Nothing personal, but we prefer if people not very familiar with the site simply don't mention it. — Mast 11 mins ago
10:12 AM
Q: Query DynamoDB and get a response

newbie342I am very much new to AWS Services and NodeJS. I would like to query a DynamoDB with username and if it exists return a boolean (true/false). I do not want to hard code the username anywhere in my Lambda code. Below is my code which currently returns all the contents of DDB: var AWS = require('aw...

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Moking + 1 hour.
Hi @Fmbalbuena
@Mast Hi i'm new at Code Review. i only posted 1 question and i don't post answers.
@Fmbalbuena Ah yes, the NLRNIS question.
@Mast no, python question but interpreting NLRNIS.
Yes, it's not clear to me what prompted you to write that language.
12:04 PM
I want to do is esolangs.org/wiki/NLRNIS
Why was it created?
@Mast because i like it.
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If this is working code that you think could be improved, see Code Review. — jonrsharpe 1 min ago
2:57 PM
@Peilonrayz Are you ok?
@Fmbalbuena He's probably fine and very busy.
@Mast ok may.be so
3:23 PM
This question is likely a better fit for the Code Review site, as the current solution is functional. — S3DEV 44 secs ago
3:39 PM
Q: Can you refactor this method of 120 lines with 2 if's, 3 for's and another if and to much else's into something dry? (Java)

BamboomyI actually don't know whether it's possible, here it is: private KingLine getNearest(ArrayList<KingLine> possibleResults) { Place kingPlace = possibleResults.get(0).getKing().getCurrentPlace(); if (kingPlace.x < x) { if (kingPlace.y < y) { for (int i = kingPlace.x; i <

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5:21 PM
possible answer invalidation by Flamez 2.0 on question by Flamez 2.0: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270461/revisions
I'm afraid this is not really the place for that kind of advice :) (check out code review for that sort of thing). The only thing that glares at me from your code is that trying to only use functions with intent(in) arguments rather than subroutines with intent(inout) arguments will make your code easier to read and debug. — veryreverie 38 secs ago
5:43 PM
@Duga I don't see any AI.
6:06 PM
possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by Flamez 2.0: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270461/revisions
6:40 PM
Here, I have implemented a function which re attaches the listener according to corresponding events. Just check it once please. — Sourav Kannantha B 43 secs ago
7:01 PM
Q: Implementing a persistent Firestore event listener with Kotlin flows

Sourav Kannantha BI was writing a social media sample application for Android in Kotlin. One of the requirements in the project is a screen which show the profile of his friend to a user. This profile screen should also update itself dynamically if that friend updates his profile when the user is viewing his profi...

If this code works, but you need help improving it, it's better suited for the Code Review StackExchangerchome 28 secs ago
7:26 PM
Q: Student report card management Python program

Random PersonThe program is designed to take data from a MySQL database, using mysql-connector-python, and print it as a table in Python using the texttable module. The program also plots charts based on the data from MySQL database using the matplotlib library. For those who don’t have any data in MySQL, the...

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8:36 PM
possible answer invalidation by phentnil on question by user2140740: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269822/revisions
9:06 PM
Q: Mysterious ArgumentOutOfRangeException between array and List implementation

ColinSo I built a method containing three for loops which essentially tried to match items in list a) with items in list b). It worked fine, but to try and improve it for reasons which are not (I think) germane here, I tried to incorporate an array list () into the comparison so as to remove the entri...

Q: Quicksort Invariant and steps to determine correcteness

MPCI am having trouble with applying to 3 steps needed to proof correctness, most likely because I did not formally study CS or Mathematics and am still learning about loop and class invariants. The three steps: Initialization Maintenance Termination My understanding of the invariant is that, at t...

9:32 PM
Q: Create a histogram using JSON data in Python

user17534067I have data in JSON format. {"ts":1393631983,"visitor_uuid":"ade7e1f63bc83c66","visitor_source":"external","visitor_device":"browser","visitor_useragent":"Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.16","visitor_ip":"b5af0ba608ab307c","visitor_country":"BR","visitor_referrer":"53c643c1...

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10:47 PM
Q: Path of a Particle in a Magnetic Bottle

DilaI have completed my project which simulates the path of a particle trapped in a device known as a magnetic mirror. I would like your thoughts and improvements on my implementation. Here is the code: from numba import jit import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Plot attribute setti...

11:31 PM
I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on Code Reviewpilchard 27 secs ago

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