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even then, once you get it right and convince code review it is right, the code maintainer will either: hate you, or mess it up and cause bugs later on. — Jeffrey 47 secs ago
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Can you communicate what the issue is, if there is one? Or are you simply asking for a code review? codereview.stackexchange.com Perhaps you can update your question to include a Minimal, Complete, and Reproducible code example and a more formal question. Based on the title it seems you want to do form validation, so including the form's code is a good place to start. — Drew Reese 13 secs ago
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@Peilonrayz I think Philippines
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Questions about coding style are more appropriate for Code Review. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… first. — Barmar 49 secs ago
@Barmar I read that, I was not aware about Code Review, I think it'd be better suited there, can I migrate this question now? How do I do that? — Deep 28 secs ago
Q: Applying OOP to refactor my Windows Forms APP

Pablo Aguirre de SouzaCould you please give me some direction about how I could refactor my code? As I add functionalities to my Budget App the class is getting bigger and I'm sure I could start looking at separating concerns and maybe using some sort of abstraction. I've been studying OOP for a few months now but I'm...

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Q: Python program for healthy schedule

ScienceXDreamPlease review my program and give some tips . I am a beginner. IT is for those people who sit on computer all day and get unhealthy . This will remind them to do eye exercise , physical exercise and to drink water import pygame import time t = time.ctime(time.time()) # noinspection SpellChecking...

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Q: C# Event handler for WPF MVVM

BufferSo I've been learning about MVVM and I had a problem. I often had to start a thread to download or do some longer task in background and when it is done change some properties so the UI updates. The problem is that the UI will update only if I changed it from the main thread. So I often had to cr...

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This could be a question for codereviewCid 50 secs ago
8:17 AM
This is probably more suitable for Code ReviewDaniel_Knights 44 secs ago
Q: Tkinter GUI & Socket I/O with threading.Event() instead of queues

Ulrich PenitzI am currently creating a tkinter GUI for a socket connection to a multichannel analyzer. The GUI has two frames, one with a canvas, where I plot waveform and one where I initialize the settings for the connection (range, offset, delay etc....). Since this is an I/O task & I don't want the GUI to...

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If your code works, this question is off-topic here. However, you can ask this question on codereview.stackexchange.com, but please be sure that your code is working to the best of your knowledge. — Philipp Wilhelm 53 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because requests to review working code rather belong on codereview.stackexchange.comGhostCat 38 secs ago
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@GhostCat Don't use the existence of Code Review as a reason to close a question. From now on evaluate the question and use a reason like; needs focus, primarily opinion-based, etc. In the future please link to the help center and use wording that shows the post may be off-topic when recommending Code Review. Take, "This may be on-topic on Code Review. Please check if it is on-topic and how to post a good question before posting there." — Peilonrayz 57 secs ago
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You should try codereview too. There are many biologists sitting there whom I suggested this package a few months ago.They can help you better if you ask them. — Vishesh Mangla 28 secs ago
Q: Restrict choices for Django admin filter_horizontal interface

djvgThe Django ModelAdmin offers a filter_horizontal (or filter_vertical) interface for many-to-many relations, which allows the user to filter a list of available related objects. My goal is to restrict the set of choices for this interface, dynamically, based on the value of another form field. Thi...

@VisheshMangla This question would be off-topic on Code Review as it does not work as intended. In the future please link to the help center and use wording that shows the post may be off-topic when recommending Code Review. Take, "This may be on-topic on Code Review. Please check if it is on-topic and how to post a good question before posting there." — Peilonrayz 47 secs ago
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Q: Basic Color class for both Delphi and Lazarus

LinuxSecurityFreakIntro If you want to know, then about 10+ years ago, I started a journey on the (best in my country) color picker for WinXP, later Win7. Since now it is hardly compatible with Win10 and HiDPI (work in progress), and in no way compilable in Linux using Lazarus, it would take quite an effort to cre...

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Q: Modern CMake/c++ and vcpkg project setup for large projects

Rick NijhuisI am starting up a project with some people, because there will be developed for and on multiple platforms we chose to use CMake to build our project. Because the project will get quite large we are trying to have a good setup but we lack the experience needed in CMake to make well thought out d...

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possible answer invalidation by Maarten Bodewes on question by kelalaka: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247486/revisions
@Duga Looks fine
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Q: Why SWIFT converted base64 image is smaller than the actual image?

rooz farI'm learning swift at the moment. In my current project, I'm using this library: https://github.com/mikaoj/BSImagePicker The above library allows me to select multiple images from the Gallery. Everything works fine and as they should. Now, I need to convert the selected images into base64 so I ca...

11:34 AM
Q: Elastic search Java

Iwowo ChisomBelow is a json schema I have in elastic search { "fullName": "", "avatar": "", "email": "", "resumeLink": "", "phone": "", "role": "", "noticePeriod": "", "dateOfBirth": "", "gender": "", "maritalStatus": "", "address": "", "location": "", "ind...

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@skiwi Almost, keep practising.
@Mast Soon
@Peilonrayz Opinion?
Q: Tkinter GUI & Socket I/O with threading.Event() instead of queues

Ulrich PenitzI am currently creating a Tkinter GUI for a socket connection to a multichannel analyzer. The GUI has two frames, one with a canvas, where I plot waveform and one where I initialize the settings for the connection (range, offset, delay etc.). Since this is an I/O task & I don't want the GUI to fr...

I'm tempted to say it's reviewable with the caveat that if the answers don't fit his real thing that's his own bloody problem..
12:15 PM
possible answer invalidation by Stormnorm on question by Stormnorm: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/247852/revisions
Okay, presentation is done, I might actually be free from this for now
good lord.
@Mast IMHO MRC. Normally I'd say "there is enough to provide a review" but here I don't think "a review" will cut it. Inline with why MRC is even a thing, I believe it should be closed to help the OP let us help, and to prevent the kerfuffle I can foresee.
Another student was presenting in the same webmeeting as me and noted that he knows someone who waited six months for their grade
Congrats @Vogel612 I hope it goes well :D
the pull-request is still a bit of a mess, though.
12:57 PM
@Peilonrayz Your comment explained it quite well.
2 more VTC.
@Vogel612 Congrats, any plans now?
@Mast Thanks ^^
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Q: std::string::length vs strlen using Google Benchmark

PierreI wrote my first benchmark using Google Benchmark to check what is faster between the use of std::string::length and strlen to compute the length of a std::string. I would like to know what I can improve in my code to use it as a base for future benchmarks. My main concerns are about: the creati...

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@Mast waste the weekend, then check out companies to try get a job at during the masters degree
also finish immatriculating for the masters degree
Captain Obvious hasn't found it yet.
Q: Wrong implementation of EM-GMM in python

MarioI have implemented EM algorithm for GMM using this post GMMs and Maximum Likelihood Optimization Using NumPy unsuccessfully as follows: import numpy as np def PDF(data, means, variances): return 1/(np.sqrt(2 * np.pi * variances) + eps) * np.exp(-1/2 * (np.square(data - means) / (variances + ...

@CaptainObvious Aha, you finally found it.
1:38 PM
Wow, RBA 20 seconds after it was posted here :O
2:02 PM
Q: My first C# project - Simple bird of prey identification console app. Does it need refactoring or complete rewriting?

tatertot12this was my first thing i made on my own without any help. im sure theres a lot of improvement that could be made, i dont feel too confident about this. how can i make it shorter and more efficient? should this entire thing be rewritten in some other way? refactored? keep in mind if i wanted to a...

Q: View model using different datetime component

JeffersonAny advice on how to make this code; cleaner, more effective, just overall better! Program setup object that is coming from the database EF. It then maps the object to a view model and converts datetime to string and different datetime components. //EF Data List<MeetingEvent> Meeting ...

@Peilonrayz 2 down votes 3 VTC, it was well on it's way.
Somewhat experienced SO poster must have posted here by mistake.
@pacmaninbw I was amused by the timing. Click on a well-formed link met with a red page, don't think that happened to me before.
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Ever wonder where all the bad code comes from? :) I use to do code reviews and once I found someone who copied code from the internet it was much easier to show why their code should not be in production. — Guy Coder 32 secs ago
Q: Sheet display in function of date and time on open and save

Patates PiléesHere's a simple one for u guys, The code is called upon workbook_open and BeforeSave, it displays the right sheet in function of date and time (Day vs night shift vs date). The code run trough the sheet and activate it if the date on sheet is the same as the actual date. Since there's 2 sheets wi...

You should think about moving this question to Code review if this is optimisation matters! Overflow is kinda problem/error solving oriented — Patates Pilées 59 secs ago
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I dont have much experience with threading and I'm not sure if there is a common way to do this. What I did in my only code with threading was target=callback and at the end of that callback I had set a IntVar() and I was working with wait_variable() in my other 2 functions. So I didnt needed the after method. Dont know if it helps, but since they closed your Question on Code Review I do not know if there will be another help here. — Atlas435 20 secs ago
@Vogel612 Sounds like a plan.
Didn't you just complete your masters'?
nah, that's bachelors'
@Atlas435 "since they closed your Question on Code Review". The question will be reopend when Ulrich follows the comments. So if they just post the code then they can get what they want. — Peilonrayz 16 secs ago
Ooh, thought you'd already done that...
My bad :-)
The Code Review stack exchange is the place to ask for code reviews. There are several ways this could be greatly simplified. — Dave Newton 25 secs ago
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Happy Friday
I think I'm starting to regret doing anything with LaTeX. I want just the text as plaintext and I'm having to write a pre and post processor that uses regex...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Monking
@Peilonrayz that sounds like something went wrong somewhere in the speccing process
what are you doing?
@Vogel612 Probably, it's pretty basic just chunks of text with little formatting <br> and <p>. I have some pre-written paragraphs that I pick 3 off to be compiled. If pandoc or any other thing supported \if it'd be a breeze because it's so basic
Q: Unity surface shader to blend between adjacent tiles

MiszaI'm experimenting in Unity with a tile-based game with crisp 32x32 tile textures and pixel perfect camera. I did not like the results coming from Unity's default Tilemap approach mainly because due to the crispiness of the textures, the edges between them (biome boundaries, if you will) were too ...

Q: Arithmetic Parser in Kotlin

programmer proI don't really have a problem. But, it's my first time using kotlin for any project, so i want to know if there is any problem in my code or my code can be made cleaner. This is an arithmetic parser made in kotlin. It can evaluate a expression like "(6+4)/(2+3)" to 2.0 This handles operations lik...

It mostly boils down to:

        This is shown
    \entry[0]{Not shown}{%
        This is not shown
3:19 PM
@Simon Well, not every expression, but at least some edge cases and complications. It's definitiely not our job to find bugs in that code by trial and error. — πάντα ῥεῖ 1 min ago
^^ then why are you on Code Review...? %"#¤
I thought something similar until I read the final words: "by trial and error"
Seems like miscommunication.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ No one said that you have to use "trial and error".
A lot of bugs can be found by just reading code.
@πάνταῥεῖ No one said that you have to use trial and error. A lot of bugs can be found by just reviewing code. Which is why we are here, after all. — Simon Forsberg 5 secs ago
If this keeps on going, I'm probably gonna flag a comment or two there... @Vogel612 might want to keep an eye on it
3:24 PM
~SHHHHHLURP aaand all the obsolete comments are vacuumed
Yay ^^
Who knows what brings some of the users here, there's enough users doing odd things.
3:41 PM
@SimonForsberg ~ envisions a modified "it-will-be-fun-they-said" meme
3:51 PM
@Mast yea, something along those lines :D
Don't worry, I know of enough people that never finished their bachelor yet got a decent job. With a masters in CS, especially in Germany, I'm sure you'll be fine.
This ain't Murica.
I'm not really worried either way :)
What's a bachelor?
Q: AXI4-Stream module VHDL code questions

joeI'm trying to understand how to integrate VHDL designs for image processing using axi stream interfaces and VHDL and I came across with [this old post][1] where the author (@Jamal) says that it works fine (he only looked on how to improve it). for simplicity I copy and paste it here but I want to...

4:53 PM
Q: How can I simplify these checkbox onClicks?

John BeasleyI know there is a way to simplify these checkbox onClick functions. I'm just not sure how to make it happen. Upon checking the checkAllProfiles checkbox, all of the profileCheckboxes are checked: $('#checkAllProfiles').on('click', function() { $(".profileCheckbox").prop('checked', $(this).prop...

Q: n executions of a periodic goroutine

geofflittleI'm new to Go and have a use-case for periodically executing an async work-function. I want the interval between work-function executions to be constant (not the time between one finishing and the next starting). I also want this work-function to be executed some number of times. This translat...

Q: Custom JsonConverter for class

William JockuschNote that this is about System.Text.Json, not NewtonSoft. For this example, I have a class I am serializing. Let's assume I can't change it's code. The target class looks like this: // Assume we can't change the definition of this class. public class UndecoratedNumber { /// <summary>No JsonCo...

5:42 PM
Q: Minimal, very simple, implementation of an HTTP server for static content, using only core node.js modules

Jacob Caba Grant PaTo practice the very basics of node back-end, I'm implementing the most basic server possible for static content, using only the core node modules: http fs path With the following server requirements: Can serve any http file inside the public directory. Accepts only GET requests, 404 for anyth...

5:56 PM
@SimonForsberg Very true.
@CaptainObvious wow 3 upvotes for a post that is due to AOC - who are these upvoters???
6:12 PM
@CaptainObvious Closed.
"the author (@Jamal)" Jamal edited the question the author is Marmoz. — Peilonrayz 9 mins ago
@Peilonrayz I didn't understand that until I looked at the post... now I can mentally add a punctuation mark (e.g. comma, semi-colon) after "the question"
Jamal can edit anything. Posts, questions, authors...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ oops yeah. There should defo be a comma there
it is challenging reading children's literature (O.C. to my son) when punctuation is omitted... if I read things out-loud sometimes I feel foolish when I am cognizant my wife can hear me
6:32 PM
Q: Matrix template with a vector buffer

DevinerI need some feedback, please. Goals to practice: templates, std, interfaces, return value, constructors and some idioms. People often suggest to use a library, but it's not the goal of this exercise, so please don't suggest those. My worries about this code correctness of returns by value\refere...

6:56 PM
Q: Extract text file from zip, parse content and post to azure queue storage

Andy SchmittProblem I'm trying to create the most performant code to: Extract a text file from a zip parse its content serialize class post to Azure Queue Storage Scenario 4 times per year I receive 20 zip files. All zip files have just one text file inside of it. Each text file is a fixed width file. Each...

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Usually when code works but you want it to work better, you should ask at Code Review. I've deliberately linked to their help pages on asking questions so you can make sure what you present is suitable before posting. — user4581301 10 secs ago
Code Review was created specifically for this sort of question. You should delete it here and ask it there instead. — Ken White 55 secs ago
@KenWhite Like user4581301 has done, in the future please link to the help center and use wording that shows the post may be off-topic when recommending Code Review. Thank you user4581301! — Peilonrayz 44 secs ago
@Duga Nice!
your indentation is messed up. please check it, and then migrate this question over to Code Review. I don't think this belongs on SO. — Paul H 39 secs ago
@PaulH In the future please link to the help center and use wording that shows the post may be off-topic when recommending Code Review. Take, "This may be on-topic on Code Review. Please check if it is on-topic and how to post a good question before posting there." — Peilonrayz 55 secs ago
7:45 PM
Q: Speed up performance of C++ program

user229175The exercise is as follows: Player A will wite a list a consisting of n numbers. Player B will take a look at the paper. After that the A player will as q number of questions to the player B, in a following way: If I give you the indexes R and L (1<=L<=R<=n) tell me how much is this value (formul...

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9:23 PM
Q: Coordinating objects

matttmI am trying to find the most modular design. I am working on a blockchain project in javascript, where I am using classes to avoid polluting the global namespace by importing objects. There are three main components to this project Blockchain a http-server which serves the api to manipulate the ...

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10:24 PM
I’m voting to close this question because It has been Asker-migrated to Code Review. — user4581301 34 secs ago
11:01 PM
Q: External Data Sources in Java: Code white out

MomoThe code I wrote in Java is meant to read a file that has numbers, and calculate max, min and avg. input file: min:1,2,3,4,5,6 max:1,2,3,4,5,6 avg:1,2,3,4,5,6 I wrote the the code (see below), however for some reason the code in my main turned white. When I undid, everything, it still remained w...

11:26 PM
Q: Trying to implement Dijsktra in Java using priority queue and using hash map for decrease key

coding_pleasuresFull Disclosure - I am doing this exercise to solve this problem on Leetcode - https://leetcode.com/problems/network-delay-time/ I find that this code is not working for certain test cases. I have been trying to debug this for a few hours havent had any luck. Can anyone help the bug in this code....

Q: Reorder Data in Log Files Time/Space Complexity

myTest532 myTest532I solved the "Reorder Data in Log Files" algorithm. What is the time complexity of my sort function? I have a while inside it, does it still O(nlogn)? Also, what would be the space complexity? Problem: You have an array of logs. Each log is a space delimited string of words. For each log, the fi...

11:37 PM
@Mast @Peilonrayz ^^ OP asked about complexity of other code...
Are you open to feedback on this code? If not, the majority of users believe asking what the complexity of code is off-topic - refer to answers to this meta post for more information. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 1 min ago
we shall see how OP replies...
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ FTR I agree with Mast. The previous question seemed dominated by complexity and has produced an answer that has no code review. Don't get me wrong it's a good answer, if all you just want an alternate solution.

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