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RELOAD! There are 2584 unanswered questions (92.8538% answered)
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possible answer invalidation by Sam Blitz on question by Sam Blitz: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/136009/revisions
@Duga yes it does invalidate the answer, I can't rollback as I don't have enough rep
12:33 AM
This would be much better suited to CodeReviewRobbie Averill 21 secs ago
12:49 AM
I wanted to mention something about this question real quick, but I don't think it's large enough for an answer meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/6917/…
There's quite a few blogs that sell religion in coding, i.e., "NEVER do X, "ALWAYS do Y" without all that much justification, I think one of the really good things about personalized answers in CR is that you can post something that you suspect might be a code smell and find out if it's really justified to go against what might or might not be an established standard
1:03 AM
also I'm kind of interested in the history of code design patterns, and how code varies between languages, so it's kinda fun for me to look at how somebody did it and what people thought about it; though I'm not one of the top answerers I have found quite a few interesting things.
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This is not a code review service. And this code has many problems. You are wide open to SQL injection. — Ed Cottrell ♦ 16 secs ago
Maybe better move to Code Review. — s952163 20 secs ago
@s952163 No, Code Review is not an appropriate place for this question. Code Review very specifically only allows code that is already working. So it is a "how to improve" site, not a "is this working" site. — kaylum 56 secs ago
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! As far as I understand from the way you describe what your code does, it does what it's supposed to do and you just want to make it faster. Such questions are likely to be a better fit for our sister site Code Review. — dorukayhan 32 secs ago
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Just finished the C# 4 section. The next chapter (async/await) is 55 pages long.
3:07 AM
Seems like a code review question, since you aren't having issues with your code (presumptive thinking). May be an answer on jsperf as well. — Mark C. just now
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Q: Is 2nd Monitor too strict with which conversations are deemed okay?

QuillQuite a while ago, an incident occurred in The 2nd Monitor where some users continued a loud conversation whilst 'site business' (a user asking about site scope) was happening. When they were told to pause their conversation, or at least slow it down, they didn't take much notice. The moderator ...

Good question.
My personal take is I (almost) won't talk in the Nth Monitor, except for a few limited interesting topics, or to spam it with comics links.
My main reason is that conversations there are not productive enough to be worth it.
I do agree that we need to keep the 2nd Monitor pretty much clean, too.
4:08 AM
Q: Please reopen this question on templates vs. non-templates in C++

QuuxplusoneUsing templates and function overloads to set DOM attributes This question was quickly marked "on hold", which means new answers cannot be posted (not even by me, who's already posted one incomplete answer).

4:27 AM
@Mast yep. It was in HNQ :P
Q: Trying to populate select with time of interval 30 mins

Mr_GreenI am trying to populate the HTML's select tag with time starting from 12: 00 AM to 12: 00 PM with Interval as 30 mins. As shown below: <select> <option value="00:00">12:00 AM</option> <option value="00:30">12:30 AM</option> <option value="01:00">01:00 AM</option> <option val...

4:48 AM
Q: Card combination finder in F#

asibahiI have been adding and tinkering a bit with the code from my Baloot tally finder. I updated the code a bit and factored a new things, but for this post I am trying different stuff: to detect whether the cards in your hand have a "project" or not. Baloot has some peculiar names for these projects...

4:59 AM
Q: Simple Python script to sort and make json data unique

CodingoI'm retrieving e-mails from a collection of a few hundred *.json files using the following: import os, json ordersDirectory = "C:\dev\orderArchive" eMails = [] numEmails = 0 # json objects stored in multiple files, itterate over all of them to collect the relevant datapoint for filename in os....

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Q: Simple cache to avoid database read

GlideMy goal is to use as a Map as a simple cache in a threadsafe manner i to avoid reading from the database. I'm solely interested in the correctness of my code below to achieve the goal so please disregard any business logic or suggestion to use framework X. public class Foo { private stati...

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Lady @ 1:33am: "Are you home now?"
Me @ 1:33am: "Well I was 300ft from home at 1:24...:P"
Lady @ 1:35am: "I'M JUST TRYING TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE SAFE, SMART ASS <emojis galore>"
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haha @EBrown
Q: Optimize Javascript Form Validation Code

LukasSimply out of curiosity, I wanted someone else to check this code snippet and maybe have a Pro tip to improve or shorten it. Thanks! :-) P.S. I'm a UI / UX Designer trying to sharpen my JS skills. var formContainer = $('.contact-form-container'); var formError = $('.form-error'); var tosLabel =...

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Monking @all
@JeroenVannevel I disagree. He should throw exceptions in the DB layer, but not as a general response to validating.
Something failing validation when you call a Validate method is not exceptional, it's an expected result.
That's why I said in my answer that you should throw near the DB layer, but not in the validation layer, and the OP is compressing the two into the same layer which makes things confusing.
I agree with you about throwing Exceptions as Validation errors. The CountryManager is just a sample but in reality I do have Managers. =) They are named as CountryAddManager, CountryEditManager, CountryDeleteManager and they do only just one thing. For an example, *AddManager accepts the incoming request, does cleansing, validations, and do other things, then delegates to the respective Class for Data Persistence, and also does logging, etc. In reality, is it really managing quite number of things. Just to be clear, it exposes only one Public Method, that's it. Am using fluent validation. — Coder Absolute 2 hours ago
And this is why you don't post fricking concept code
@CoderAbsolute FYI, this is generally why you should post real code and not "samples". Because reviewers will base their entire review off of the assumptions in the code you've given. What you've just said there more or less invalidates my answer because you didn't post a real excerpt from your code. — Dan Pantry 15 secs ago
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Monking all
@pieterWitvoet That is what doc strings, and possibly other external design documents are for. Often I find that people's supposedly descriptive names don't capture things like business intent and the like. — Kevin 7 hours ago
"it's okay not to use descriptive names, you can use Item1/Item2, that's what an external design document is for"
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@syb0rg @200_success Same here. Looked like a mess and there was not enough context to see why he did what he did.
wohoo.. Room Owners can now TimeOut rooms
Monking @200_success
There is now a Meta question on it:
Q: Please reopen this question on templates vs. non-templates in C++

QuuxplusoneUsing templates and function overloads to set DOM attributes This question was quickly marked "on hold", which means new answers cannot be posted (not even by me, who's already posted one incomplete answer).

I'm staying off of that one. I don't understand the question...
Which is why it was closed.
It's potentially a good question though, so if it gets cleaned-up I'll definitely vote to re-open.
But as it currently stands, it's vague and broad.
7:11 AM
Monking @Gemtastic
What's reviewin'?
Plus one: love the use of the comma operator. Sadly though the current crop of code reviewers who learnt C++ in the gutter may not allow it. — Bathsheba 43 secs ago
@Gemtastic [java] -[android] score:3 closed:no answers:0
@Vogel612 so... you wouldn't recommend the course of action that you recommend? I propose simply reopening it for answers, at which point each individual contributor can decide whether to post an answer or not, independently. Basically, can you explain to me why you're apparently refusing to allow anyone else to post on this question, yet not just outright deleting it? — Quuxplusone 9 mins ago
^^ doesn't seem to quite get how the system works yet.
@Gemtastic you could shoot at those, too
or you start hunting JS zombies.
they've been on the loose for a while now
7:26 AM
@Vogel612 Apparently not :O
I'm at work so no hunting atm
7:57 AM
@Mat'sMug So This just got me a "popular question" badge. I was re-reading your review and the part on VBA's IIF() Function. Either I completely missed that at the time or I've since forgotten, but I had no idea VBA had that function.
Reading This. Great Line:
> (BTW – if there is an SEC filing about your deployment something may have gone terribly wrong)
Q: Check fragment for exclude show same fragment again

nekanekaI use this code to check fragment before show it. What you say about? int backStackEntryCount = getFragmentManager().getBackStackEntryCount(); if (backStackEntryCount > 0){ String newFragmentTag = fragment.getClass().getSimpleName()+"|"+fragment.getArguments(); String now...

Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Matching dataframe rows for finding trade match
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Web app to consume rest services and display charts accordingly
8:21 AM
@DanPantry I did mention in the question that this is a sample code, maybe the sentence was misleading. — Coder Absolute 1 hour ago
Hmmm, sample code question went HNQ? :S
It even says in the question "this is a code sample" :(
8:38 AM
Q: Testing if array is heap

kidinme12This method tests an array of integers satisfies to see if its a max binary heap. This means each node is greater than or equal to it's children each node has at most 2 children the leaf nodes are filled from left to right This is for heaps that do not use element 0. See here. /*returns true...

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@CaptainObvious VTC'd broken by @200_success no reason given, reopen?
Maybe I have to post it on meta
if you're going to VTC broken add a comment why
It seems that your code currently works, and you are looking to improve it. Generally these questions are too opinionated for this site, but you might find better luck at CodeReview.SE. Remember to read their requirements as they are a bit more strict than this site. — FrankerZ 28 secs ago
voting to reopen.
Possible that the VTC was for the "code not yet written" part of the close reason. but that also doesn't seem to fit the question at all.
Which is why you put a comment
I get that it could have been edited in the 5 minute grace period
@Pimgd That would be most likely explanation. Seeing as it was more or less insta-closed upon posting.
9:00 AM
welp then we can reopen it
still, all that said, there have been (I don't have examples on hand) cases recently where questions were closed as broken without explanation. Which makes me vote to leave them open, adding a comment that, if no explanation is given, I'll vote to leave open.
@Vogel612 added such a comment today; it was very nice and helped with reviewing =)
This review
if this works properly, you are probably better posting this on codereview.stackexchange.comPete 24 secs ago
9:18 AM
And please note: in a certain sense, this is working code; so maybe codereview.stackexchange.com would have been a better place for this request. We help with problems here, we don't do code review. On the other hand, Eran pointed out quite some problems with your code; so I guess ... fair enough. — GhostCat 52 secs ago
Q: Feedback on PHP script that combines data from two csv files to produce two new files

John O'SullivanI've spent some time looking at various posts on StackOverflow regarding PHP CSV file manipulation and have devised a script that combines data from two CSV files to create two new files. The aim of the task was to combine voucher numbers from one file to the customer data in another, along with...

Heading for Matlab-bronze and Established user, one vote at a time =)
ooooh metaaaa (soon)
where "soon" is anytime between now and a whole hour because feeds are slow
9:38 AM
Q: Should votes to close a question as containing broken code be paired with a comment?

PimgdFirst off; I'm not looking to enforce this via systems; just as a community guideline. First, as an example, here's a review that may pop up in the review queue for Close Votes. It's close voted as "broken code". Take a moment to consider why or how it is broken. I'm not going to give you any co...

Nice, took only 6 minutes after I was getting tired of waiting and decided to post in chat
so too-long + 6
10:11 AM
Q: Sequence generator with custom step size, start value and operation

VincentI have created a little generator class to generate number sequences.The intended purpose of this class is to be used with generate_n to populate containers. I would like to know whether there is something which i can do to improve performance or usability or to make the code more generic. It sho...

Did someone notice something different on GitHub? I'm getting subscribed to tons of forks of UnrealEngine and I don't really know why
Only started happening since yesterday late
Apparently I'm not alone: forums.unrealengine.com/…
10:31 AM
The amount of times i've been able to say "I told you so" recently is staggering
Aaaah! Why is Microsoft Edge pinned on my task bar
I want to see it out of here
I've just updated the post as I now have a question. Thanks for pointing out the 'codereview' forum. — John O'Sullivan 39 secs ago
11:05 AM
Q: Partial anagram generator in VBA Excel

Anastasiya-Romanova 秀I'm trying to make a VBA code to arrange k-element subset of an n-set into some sequence. In other word, I'm trying to list all of k-permutations of n member set. For example, let's try to list all of 2-permutations of set {A,B,C} where each characters are located in the cells of Range("A1:C1"). ...

this should be asked at codereview.stackexchange.comfubo just now
If your code is working, you should ask on SE.codereview instead — Mathias R. Jessen 40 secs ago
Belong on another site in the Stack Exchange network - codereview.stackexchange.com — Gilad Green 11 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by jillian on question by jillian: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/135998/revisions
11:25 AM
@forsvarir Are you or have you edit the code for codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/136054/…. If not I will.
@pacmaninbw yo
@N3buchadnezzar Monking
Monking ^^
How is it going?
Still working on my morning coffee. It's 4:30AM here. Ask me in a few hours.
How are you doing?
11:45 AM
fine, tired after traveling for almost 40 hours. A good night sleep really helped. Just chilling on the couch for now
@pacmaninbw Why are you awake that early?
@N3buchadnezzar I'm always awake this early. Unfortunately I've been up since about 3:15 this morning. Have some stuff on my mind and can't get back to sleep.
@pacmaninbw Got dragged away, thanks for making the edit.
@forsvarir OK. Wanted you to get the credit if you wanted it. I did the edit when you didn't respond.
Q: Javascript - shortening form id and input id

user112562I would like to make my script more efficient and while looking at my script which is fairly large I realize thatnT.dS[v] is repeated quite often. I've tried do redefine it in a couple of ways, but none have worked, so I was wondering if any of you would know a way. I need the shortening to be ...

Q: Randomly re-partition 1Dimensional List to 2Dimensional

LenaI wrote a solution Please look at the my approach is correct? There is a better solution? List<Tuple<object, object, object>> OneDimensionalLists = new List<Tuple<object, object, object>>(); List<Tuple<object, object, object>[]> TwoDimensionalLists = new List<Tuple<object, object, object>[]>(); ...

12:07 PM
@Duga twitch
Q: Testing if array is heap

kidinme12This method tests an array of integers satisfies to see if its a max binary heap. This means each node is greater than or equal to it's children each node has at most 2 children the leaf nodes are filled from left to right This is for heaps that do not use element 0. See here. /*returns true...

needs one more reopen vote
@Duga This question still hasn't been rolled back. The answer specifically mentions this variable that was removed. #NotEnoughRepToRollback
to which revision?
12:22 PM
I put it at 200's
The npgauss variable being removed in the third was mentioned
@syb0rg his most recent change with dim was also mentioned :P
Uhhh, not sure this is an answer @konjin... codereview.stackexchange.com/a/136060/27623
Kinda is I suppose
Question is off-topic anyways - code in question doesn't work
VTC stub code, "some other functions"
@syb0rg Not really sure if it is either, codereview.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-answer - Last line is be polite and civil. That answer calls the OP out saying he did it way wrong, which is fine, but it has be addressed delicately
12:31 PM
Sure seems like an answer
maybe not a good one...?
@Pimgd Yeah I'd agree with that
Do I need to go fetch the apple picture again
@Pimgd I mean answers are grey, there's no way to say yes or no in every situation. But if you want to look at it from a black-and-white perspective, he failed on the last line of the How to Answer - you're talking to a human being
Yep, gotta fetch them apples
I know the apples bud, thus the grey
rotten apples are still apples
12:34 PM
Feel free to downvote it if you don't like it but don't flag it NAA
it's why I haven't downvoted the question or flagged it as NAA
if anything, I'd probably flag as rude/abusive
... answer?
I'd say low quality... maybe
If that
A downvote and comment would be better
@syb0rg I mean does that comment work or is that not cordial enough?
I'd suggest trying to rework your answer to be a little more constructive and cordial. Right now your answer really doesn't do much other than call the OP out and say "do it right". — Trojan404 42 secs ago
Regardless of the answer though, the question should be onhold as off-topic
So theoretically, that answer should have never happened
12:39 PM
@Trojan404 Seems okay to me, we'll see what the response is
Did anyone try to flag the question for moderator action on broken code?
@pacmaninbw Yes I already have, which is why I say the answer shouldn't even be there :P - can't really give a review if the code doesn't work
@Trojan404 Absolutely true. Should we make the first commenter aware that she should flag things like this?
Nobody should be doing better right now, though. codereview.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-answer. The code is broken, based on the help center there should be no answers being provided. — Trojan404 1 min ago
@pacmaninbw already done
12:48 PM
I'm having the most peculiar linking issues...
@syb0rg Again?
It's behavior I only get on Windows, so a similar issue to last time
Basically, I'm trying to link a static library to another static library, but it "forgets" it was linked
:31319535 Well it certainly is an interesting debug exercise
@Trojan404 There's a meta about that.
The one about being a nice reviewer?
> Please don't feel discouraged by this. We do not by any means discourage "harsh" reviews. In fact, we encourage them, if that's what's needed to improve the code. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that an asker's feelings will always align with those of everyone else.
A: Question removed after a harsh review

JamalIt appears the OP deleted the question, not other members of the community. No, we don't delete questions unless they prove to be more harm than good (or absolutely harmful), which is certainly not the case since the question received two upvotes. Since no comments were left by the OP, no one c...

12:55 PM
oh that
but it didn't happen yet did it
@Trojan404 did you ... read the changes?
Yes. He proposed a formatting change to make it more readable
... okay
it was accepted before the page loaded for me, that's why I'm asking
I'm a quick reader
Not to mention right now all I'm doing is installing and updating software on my new laptop so can't really do much else (i.e. bored)
12:59 PM
The linker problem is similar to this: stackoverflow.com/q/34305863/1937270
But I'm not using VS in my case
Q: Simon Memory Game - Python 3.5

MrJHBauerI have recently started to learn Python and I have decided to apply what I have learnt so far to creating a Simon Memory Game clone. I am now look for help in improving the code. Any help in improving this code would be greatly appreciated and criticism is welcome. import tkinter from random im...

Arghhhh - MikeBrant made some excellent suggestions in his answer for my question but I don't want to make those changes till I decide what I'm doing with my database lolololol
Linking, always fun.
Matt Sherman on July 27, 2016
We believe (and developers tell us) that job seekers should be empowered with as much information as possible when looking for a job – especially salary. So we ran an experiment on Stack Overflow Jobs to see if the evidence would support it.
@StackExchange Can haz $90k?
poor euro dev making less than a third of that, would love to get boosted
1:06 PM
No, but you can try to apply for this job :)
$64k to drink beer for "research"
I'm not qualified to drink beer because I hate beer
but seriously, I used this "calculator" of theirs and it says $90k
... hmmmmh
I bet if I worked at stack they wouldn't let me play around in chat most of the day though
@StackExchange makes no sense for anything other than the US
Don't know why they're suggesting a location for London when it's entirely US-specific
Yeah =D
Unless I'm supposed to be making 100k$ as a 0-year experience dev here
then I'm grossly underpaid
I don't think you could pull €80,000 as junior dev here in the Netherlands
if you can...
well =D
1:12 PM
@JeroenVannevel Makes no sense in the US either - Senior in college no experience other than internships -- $115k
80.000€ that's serious senior dev stuff
Lemme know if you know someone willing to pay €80.000/year for a junior dev because I will write ColdFusion for that cash
and ColdFusion is total asssss
@CaptainObvious Some simple stuff: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/136065/27623
4a + 6 = 6.16666667 kinds of asssss
> if statements don't need brackets
Did you mean parentheses?
1:16 PM
@Mast Edited, thanks
......... VS Addin: "Please repair Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, then install this product again." VS: "Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 is already installed with no errors found."
@Trojan404 Removed and re-install. Do so during the night, because it takes forever.
IK.... I was doing it yesterday but I can't do it during the night because it's my work computer and I'm installing to do work lol
@syb0rg Are you thinking of expanding your review on the Simon Says game?
@N3buchadnezzar Yeah, a tiny bit
1:23 PM
Good =) I just felt it was a tad short. There are bigger flaws in that question than what you pointed out.
Even though it is always fun to point out the low hanging fruits such as pep 8 ^^
Actually you are asking for a code review ... not sure if this belongs here. Anyway: not sure what you mean with "Object lock" ... you see, you are actually locking on an object, in this case the cache. And for the second part, you have multiple threads accessing a hashmap; so why do you think that would work if you do not care about the multi-threading part?! — GhostCat 57 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Monking!
@Mat'sMug monking! - did you test out the SE Calculator? :P
1:30 PM
Everybody will work at stack for millions of dollahs
let me guess - you're like 175k?
money money money moneyyyy
@N3buchadnezzar Mentioned some more PEP8 stuff, let's see if I can actually tackle some code now
@Mat'sMug Monking!
Where's this SE calculator?
@Trojan404 Why is the calculator not based on reputation on SE? :p
According to that a college graduate that is fairly skilled is being paid more than $100k
@Trojan404 You're most likely doing it wrong
See for yourself, I went to the "More Info" and selected based on my skill - stackoverflow.com/company/salary/calculator?p=1&e=0&s=3
Thanks you @Trojan404
1:34 PM
... 3?
Where are you getting 3 from
What the more info told me to put in
I'm personally not even at 1 yet, imho
I put 0 for everything
Even that is more than you'll get paid typically
Q: ASP.net MVC Controller that relies on a WCF Service - Error handling

CiwanInside one of the Controllers of my MVC application, I have the following. public ActionResult Search() { SearchViewModel viewmodel; try { viewmodel = SetupSearchViewModel(); } catch (Exception) { // redirect to a friendly error page } return View(viewmodel); } The Se...

1:36 PM
Skill 0: years of experience 25
I mean even with a 2, it's still 102k
I get -0.32 if it I fill out the calculator
The thing pulling me up is the Self-Motivated and Security
200k isn't achievable
Unless you live in Cali and have 25 years xp with a 5 skill - lol
1:38 PM
Well, for where I live
Should've stated that caveat
@Trojan404 what have you set them at?
@Pimgd Self-motivated is A+++ and Security is A+
everything else is B boardline A
depending on the Bs and As, its a 1 or 2 depending on when I go through it
... I don't quite believe that A+++
I rate myself a A+ for optimization/performance, and I'm starting to think that is high
I spend about 3 hours a day just researching trends :P
1:39 PM
> A+++ Widely recognized level of amazingness. Does and teaches. When people think of this skill, they think of you (or would if they knew you). This will be rare, even on our amazing team.
Like, I do code review in my spare time
on a near-daily basis
and I have trouble putting down A+
@Trojan404 reading a blogpost and researching trends is not the same
I don't think it'd be honest to put down A+ even although I put in this effort
you're most likely severely overestimating yourself there
@Pimgd Me or Trojan?
1:41 PM
The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately. Their research also suggests corollaries: highly skilled individuals may underestimate their relative competence and may erroneously assume that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others. Dunning and Kruger have postulated that the...
@syb0rg prob both - but definitely me. prob best to take what you think you might be and push it down a level
Like, even the most amazing devs I have known probably don't get much better than 2.5?
Prob was highballing it - but optimism about what you can do can be good, just know your limits :P
@Mat'sMug yaaay I'm not going insane
1:45 PM
@Mast Could you try compiling PortAudio2 on a Windows computer for me? github.com/syb0rg/PortAudio2
Why can I not put in -2 into the calculator?
@N3buchadnezzar Cause it's a beta :)
I mean I even fail building a simple monopoly game
stackoverflow.com/company/salary/calculator?p=1&e=1&s=0 - prob more realistic with the 1 representing a collective of 5 internships/co-ops over 4 years
are we underpaid if we make less than the base $86K?
1:47 PM
according to SO yes
Q: A GUI application for pip : Targeted at beginners in Python not familiar with command line

Upendra KumarI needed feedback and review for my tkinter based pip GUI application in order to improve it further. I would like to know what people may expect to have in a pip GUI application. We have made a preliminary version of GUI for PIP. This project is intended to provide a GUI version for pip ( targe...

Q: Get host ip address behind load balancer or without lb

BWADescription Aplication type: WEB API .NET Framework: 4.5 MVC: 5 I need caller host ip in my custom action filter and then in action. On some envoroments we have configured load balancer which stores caller ip in header "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR". I nedd my code works with LB or without. CODE F...

@Mat'sMug Well, it does assume you are working at SO... a pretty prestigious software dev company
@Mat'sMug Really deppends. SO tends to pay above average.
Because they can really cherry pick who they hire.
apply for remote internship for half the pay =D
possible answer invalidation by tonysdg on question by tonysdg: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/136026/revisions
1:50 PM
Hello @microbuster
@syb0rg how are you
@Mat'sMug I also noticed that. Classic case of "what is normal in your experience is not normal for most of the rest of the world"
Does anyone here have enough experience with following my project that they think they could take a look at my whiteboard database design I posted on dba.se to see if I missed anything that should be in my design? dba.stackexchange.com/questions/144953/…
@microbuster Could be better, could be worse
Could be Friday, could be Monday
@syb0rg wont you ask me??
1:52 PM
@syb0rg or somewhere right in between? ;-)
It should could always be Friday
@microbuster I was getting to that ;)
@syb0rg so ask
@microbuster How are you?
@N3buchadnezzar It's always Friday somewhen in the spacetime continuum
1:53 PM
@Trojan404 Table Users, first field... USR_UserId ... yeahhh, line.getLinesLineHeight()
@microbuster Be polite.
@N3buchadnezzar ok sorry
@Pimgd I used a table prefix to reduce the need for AS join statements when I use FK
@syb0rg fine till the death, for i was born
@Trojan404 ON USR autocomplete says lolno
I don't quite see why you'd prefix all the fields.
1:55 PM
just a table prefix is all - from my experience it's usually suggested
just makes things cleaner
I'd hate that
I like my Customers table named Customers
The projects table is worse
PRJ_Project + the actual field name
@Mat'sMug it would be, he's talking about all the fields in Customers would start with something like CST_
yeah, well, no. don't do that.
1:57 PM
it's perfectly redundant
Hm, I think I'm getting to the bottom of my linking issue...
Can we put B for database now? =P
@Pimgd other than cleaning up the naming convention though, can you see anything else standing out?
public class User
    public int UserId { get; set; }
    public string UserFirstName { get; set; }
    public string UserLastName { get; set; }
    public Date UserDateOfBirth { get; set; }
1:59 PM
mostly naming things
@Mat'sMug ahhhh

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