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RELOAD! There are 2589 unanswered questions (92.8465% answered)
@RomanVottner why is this not an answer? You'd have my vote for sure... — Vogel612 2 days ago
@Vogel612 Answer has been posted. ^
well that's a silly thing
I don't know if there's a help center article or a meta post telling you when to vote to close how why what when where
and altering the wording of the reason would be pretty darn intrusive
so... word of mouth and my question as education tool...?
Changing the off-topic reasons is still on the to-do list. I should restart the process, hopefully tomorrow.
@Pimgd Not sure if a precedent like that is necessary or even desirable, some things are better left to people's discretion rather than a set of rules
12:07 AM
so if I relabeled my question "is it a good idea to put a comment describing what's broken when I vote to close because of broken code" then ...
I don't actually know how to put this
Depends, you are asking both about a specific question and about a general principle
It's a bit hard to nail down
I would prefer it if others added more comments regarding why they vote to close for broken code. That'd make reviewing easier. But it is not within my rights to force them to do so. But I also cannot make a meta post saying "PSA pls put comments" because, well, that's not a question...?
So I'm left with... starting a discussion on whether it is good, and then just relying on "well, if it is good, then you should do it if you can (because presumably you care or you are a good person or ...)"
IMHO it's more of a specific question thing than a general principle. I'd say, the vast majority of questions fall into the obvious on-topic and off-topic buckets. Only a few, like that one, are kind of in the middle
... yes
you could throw numbers at it, but I'm asking about VTC'd questions (that's like, what, 25%?)
and of those, only one specific reason,
and of those, where the OP says everything is fine.
If you try to make a rule to catch every possible exception... well... we know how good } catch(Exception e) { is... =)
12:13 AM
this all doesn't make my feeling go away that I'd like to see comments on that tiny tiny subset
I agree
(I r gud at picking nits)
12:14 AM
We know now that the particular subset is small, so, we just need to keep this conversation in the back of our mind when we spot them
What other random users will do... well, we have very little control over that
@200_success PUVA
at least, now that there is a meta question, I can still link people to it if the occasion does arrive
For posterity, my personal opinion is that Simon's answer covers basically everything in a few words, in a more general way
Q: VBA Function that returns color RBG code of a referenced cell

Phillip HamiltonHere's my question - I have this function I'm building to return the RBG code of a cell I input. The code "works" but something funny is going on. If I write multiple functions each referencing different cells, then all the functions simultaneously show the last cell I run through the function....

2 mins ago, by Quill
=D Still could use a comment... but that's because it's a users first intro to CR! On a VBA question!
Where them huggers at
Casting close votes.
2:35 - it's bedtime
12:33 AM
@Pimgd It definitely is.
so I am gonna sleep now and oversleep for tomorrow =/
Does this seem too complex for rudimentary documentation?
12:47 AM
depends on what you want to do with this, but... I wouldn't consider this "documentation"
I'd refer to that when I'm explaining a method to the caller of said method
It's basically explaining the structure of a glorified while loop, I hate the syntax for cursors
@Phrancis it's explanation. If that's what you're looking for it should suffice
documentation (or at least what I consider somewhat acceptable documentation) can be seen above
Ideally, the syntax would be something more like FOR(ROW r IN myCursor) DO SOMETHING
Microsoft/ANSI couldn't be bothered to come up with something people can actually remember though
Allocating objects in memory by hand, it's as if we're writing C again X)
@Vogel612 Nice documentation btw
thanks... it's like 2 commits old :D
Eh, probably about as good as it will get... stackoverflow.com/documentation/proposed/changes/62207
1:10 AM
@Phrancis docs does have an actual table syntax
but I can't organize my thoughts enough. I'm so tired it's like I'm drunk ....
@Vogel612 later m8
Q: File Shredder In x86 NASM Assembly

ultraThis is a file shredder utility that runs on Linux, it writes random bytes over the file contents, repeating this 48 times and calling sys_fsync after each pass to make sure data goes to disk. ; Description : A file shredder, it reads a dword from urandom then replaces ; th...

@Vogel612 fixed
1:54 AM
Q: Repository + Asp Identity

pampiIdentity repository pattern with unit of work I follow this pattern and implement the IUserStore and IUserPasswordStore to repository. But I am having problem on CreateAsync which there is no user created and the IdentityResult was null. Please help. :)

2:17 AM
Q: Return a paged DataTable

PopIs there a better way to do it and have it be .Net 2.0 compatible? public static DataTable GetErrorLog(int startRowIndex, int maximumRows, string sortExpression, string logPath) { if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(sortExpression)) { sortExpression = "fileName DESC"; } DataTable e...

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3:19 AM
Oh snap
Manning published this one, didn't even realize it when I bought it.
3:32 AM
So this book needs some improvement.
As far as readability is concerned.
Q: How to display a date on a cardview?

armenI know that I've to use adapter class for displaying data from SQLite, the problem is that It's display dates in Millis, and I want it in format date (dd/MM/yyyy) and then "separately" for custom display (like a daily calendar sheet)

@CaptainObvious uh,wat
This book is actually slightly funny.
> I assume that if a term I use is new to you, then you know how to Google it with a search engine such as DuckDuckGo.
3:42 AM
4:09 AM
Q: Calculating statistics from weighted values

SalmonstrikesI was wondering if this is the best possible design for my situation. I have a class Stage that holds data as two vectors: weights w_ and values x_. I'm interested in calculating certain statistics like the weighted mean / variance etc. So I have a method Stage::ReportStatistic. The Statistic cl...

4:27 AM
Q: Promise Chaining for a Firebase v3 Auth Subsystem - Password Based Users

Ron RoystonFirebase v3 Offers Authentication via 3rd party oAuth providers, facebook, github,google, and twitter. They also offer password pased authentication. Authenticated users have a firebase.User object with 4 key properties - displayName, email, photoURL. A password is required to sign in and to r...

4:39 AM
Q: C++ Polynomial Class

T12I'm new to C++ and I'm having an issue defining the following function. (I declared the function as a friend function inside of my polynomial class.) It's supposed to be able to add a constant and a polynomial, however it is not doing that and I have no idea of how to fix it. Help? Thanks! Poly...

4:57 AM
Q: Image to base32

Jrolesis their a way to convert an image into base32 code i have found one for base64 but not base32 can someone help? i need a way to convert an image into base32 example code -s c 1m4 -c4,-104 -ks 153 -87,-ja -d 12o -104,174 -120 -3r -ai,-7j -9a et -me,-53 -b6 1op -109,103 -8r -n7 1a,11q -j0 -i -5d...

5:25 AM
How do we deal with suggested edits on cleary off topic questions like this ^^
if they're okay edits, accept and then just vote to close
Q: Simplified Implementation of vector in C++

MantrackerI implemented a simplified version of a C++ vector/ArrayList learning from this link. From it, I tried to write an ArrayList class rather than a Vector. In my ArrayList implementation, I didn't add iterators, operator[], emplace and a lot of other stuff because my main focus is to practice the fo...

5:44 AM
Q: Is this an efficient implementation of H.264 image encoding using Media Foundation .NET?

geometrikalWe have some video analysis software written in c# .NET that uses OpenCV via the Emgu.CV wrappers. The video frames come from a GiGEVision camera (not a normal capture device) which are then analysed, graphically annotated, and then encoded to a video file. Previously we have used the OpenCV Vi...

6:15 AM
@CaptainObvious nice first question of a new user
6:30 AM
Q: Continuous variable update within Mainframe

string theoristBasically, I have created a thread which continuously writes a global variable in an infinite loop. Then I have the mainframe which should read and display that variable. The problem is that once the mainframe runs, it only displays the value of the variable which it read at the time of startup,...

@Phrancis hahahaha
oh, why can't I star things in thet past
7:00 AM
If it is to check if the code is optimal it is better that you write on CodeReview — Lorenzo Belfanti 21 secs ago
Q: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.text.Editable android.widget.EditText.getText()'

nagendran## MainActivity ## FloatingActionButton fab; private ListView lvPerson; private static ArrayList<Person> arrayListPerson = new ArrayList<>(); private static PersonDetailsAdapter personDetailsAdapter; final Context context = this; EditText pName, pEmail, pPhone, pAge; ...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it needs to be migrated to code review. — Aphelion 18 secs ago
I am new to Code Review. I have already post same question at codeReview but it's not there right now. — Sharanpreet 17 secs ago
7:51 AM
After receiving a new PC from work I'm wondering how I worked on the old one for nearly 2 years
This old one is so slow Task Manager crashed while I was trying to close processes that weren't being used
This is so relevant it hurts..
8:05 AM
@Phrancis Retracted, you don't want people to know how to use that function?
I can understand that.
Q: Need help to check/test code

SharanpreetI am working on Sass/scss+bootstrap 3 project. It's my first project in sass/scss. I am uploading bit code here so that anyone can just let me know is it right way to code or I need to improve my codding. I will be very thankful. @mixin common{ float: left; width: 100%; } @...

@Mast Mainly I guess I want people to know why not to use it. Perhaps I should make a sub-article about that...
    // NOTE: This call makes the assumption that the other services share the same
    // DbContext as this service (i.e, thread-bound). If they do not strange and unexpected
    // things will happen.
"strange and unexpected things will happen" - the best kind of documentation.
@DanPantry I dunno, "Here be dragons" is definitely up there.
@DanPantry That line break is in a weird place
8:09 AM
@Phrancis Word wrap would occur otherwise
word wrap >= strange line breaks
THat's the width of the editor
I guess it could fit on one line... >.>
Please, please at least add a comma after "if they do not"
Also if you note by the CodeLens, that documentation is my fault
not sure why that extra slash snuck in
8:12 AM
@DanPantry Like reading the wrong memory block. Yea, how else would you describe it? :P
@DanPantry That's much better
@Phrancis I'd support that.
Basically if they don't share the same db context, then if one of the calls to the services fails all the ones preceding it will still succeed
Because they won't be wrapped in the same SQL transaction
= oh dear
Kill it with fire
Yeah, I really don't like it. Relying on the setup of DI to ensure your code actually works as expected seems to at least violate most principles
But it would require a significant rearchitecture in order to fix that
On the other hand, if spun up multiple services with different dbcontexts, that's the behaviour I would expect if I were creating those services manually
8:15 AM
It just feels bad because it's the DI orchestrating the affair, rather than the programmer
@DanPantry 10/10 for "at least violate most principles"
The correct way to fix this is CQRS.
But, as one wise woman once said, "ain't nobody got time for dat"
brb googling cqrs
command query responsibility separation
you'd have command objects that describe the command but don't do anything
the service layer would assemble the command and pass them to an execution layer which would execute them as it saw fit (i.e all in one transaction)
That's my understanding of it anyway
8:20 AM
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Mouseover effects for social network icons
@DanPantry Sounds like a QueryResponsibilityCommandHandlerServiceFactory or something like that
Maybe a FactoryFactory
@Phrancis Needs more Factory
8:37 AM
Better to put this on Code Review if your code is working — RGA 39 secs ago
Fuuny thing happened yesterday. As part of my research into building this back office thing I was looking into current commercial solutions. I was not expecting to find anything that would be suitable for what we want to do. Turns out I was wrong.

We had one in for a demo yesterday, I came in with several sheets full of required capabilities, potential problems and technical questions.

I came out with none. I literally could not find technical fault with it. Anything and everything I'd imagined I'd want to build, they'd already built it, and to at least as good a standard as I'd intended to.
What's the catch?
> Monking @all
It's expensive. Not the most expensive we've ever seen, and it's probably worth it, but still expensive.
@DanPantry It requires his soul?
8:46 AM
@Zak And there's no other catch than it being expensive?
Well, there's your strategic concerns. We'd be building our entire data & processing & processes on a 3rd party platform.
And we could exit from it further down the line (I had lots of questions there) but it would still be painful.
How likely are they to collapse like a popped balloon is the only question to ask there
@DanPantry They've been around for about a decade now
Monking, @200
8:48 AM
Great use of regex on that surname firstname question!
I've gained 500 rep from one documentation article. That feels kinda bad
The parent company made a £3m profit last year, w/ about a 20% profit margin, so they're not about to go anywhere.
And did I mention, it's expensive
Like, running some estimates, 3% of our gross revenue expensive
That's a decent chunk, but compared to other solutions how much is it?
You said that it's not the most expensive you've come across
If you're going to be spending between 2-5% of your budget on this sort of software anyway I'd go for 3% for the feature complete one
You might find this belongs on CodeReivew instead — Draken 17 secs ago
@Duga looks ok
Merge conflicts in Entity Framework files, oh boy
8:55 AM
@Zak You are going to give us the scoop on who that company, at some point?
Please say it's not Microsoft
@DanPantry The most egregious one we've seen charges 4% of Gross Revenue. Most full-suite solutions like this cost about the same as each other. somewhere from £1,000 - £2,000 per user per year.
@Phrancis NDA probably prevents him
Fair enough
@Zak So really, the price isn't that bad?
@DanPantry what NDA? :p
8:56 AM
Compared to other solutions
@Zak lol, I had to sign an NDA just to enter the Riot offices, you're saying you don't have one at all? In finance?
Allow me to refer back to Ron Burgundy
If it's not Microsoft, I'm happy for @Zak. But, if it's not not Microsoft, well, I suppose it could still be OK...
@DanPantry It's actually mostly irrelevant by the time you get to your employment contract. The amount of regulation, compliance & certification we have to work with, an additional NDA doesn't actually cover anything more.
Anywhere, said system is called Intelligent Office from Intelliflo
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because there is codereview.stackexchange.com for "review working code" requests. — GhostCat 59 secs ago
@DanPantry It's low enough that we can give it some serious thought.
I see what they did there, all iO and stuff branding
Not at all like iOS
9:03 AM
@Phrancis To be fair, the company's actually older than the iPhone
I'm probably not actually allowed to talk about this due to my contract ^^
It might actually be faster for me to do my C# work on my mac
which has no c# compiler
and then compile it on my old windows laptop
than to try and do it all on the windows laptop.
Sounded like the guy in the video said "fast licker", turned out I think he meant "far slicker"
British accents
@N3buchadnezzar Thanks. Now I have to link to it so that people here know which answer you are talking about. =)
A: Break a full name into a dictionary of its parts

200_successBy PEP 8, function names should be lower_case_with_underscores. In my opinion, the "get" could (and therefore should) be dropped, since the function isn't really retrieving existing data. The docstring would be clearer and more useful as a doctest. It's hard to keep track of which string cont...

Now on Code Review — user6184786 27 secs ago
@Phrancis correct accents
9:14 AM
Q: Excel VBA used to fetch Access Data, slow

user6184786I am using the following VBA to fetch data from an access database. The query works but there is a lot of information in the database and the response time is very slow, about 30secs. Is there any part of the code that I could optimise or write differently. Sub test() Dim strsql1, tr As String...

@200_success Any recommendations for learning more about regexp expressions, decorators and the slightly more advanced features in Python? Trying to get into the intermediate level.
@N3buchadnezzar Do challenges in which you can abuse regex to the max.
Have you used regexes before?
Nothing beyond the most rudimentary.
@DanPantry meh, for all the good that does :D
9:18 AM
Then you probably just need to find opportunities to try using them more.
Regular expressions are a solution and a problem all of their own
The Mastering Regular Expressions O'Reilly book is very useful for getting a good understanding.
I think regexes are truly awesome, but it can be a bit annoying juggling the different implementation specifics
For example VSCode's regex find/replace uses .NET's version, which has a different capture group syntax to SublimeTexts (python) and JavaScript's
though I suppose my issue is mainly with \1 vs $1 which is nothing to do with regex but the editors themselves..
Python does support explicit regex, which is great
REs are like SQL. You learn the concept, then you also have to learn a bunch of dialects.
Plain old regex is not much fun though
Thankfully there is regexr
The Perl 5 dialect is most featureful. Nearly every other implementation is a subset of Perl's REs.
9:23 AM
It's too bad that anyone writing Perl has a deathwish :\
@Phrancis I used to use that until I found regex101 which I find easier to use
Yes, but Perl RE may be the lasting legacy that Perl contributes to the computing world.
I guess you could say Perl RE is a.. pearl.. of computing
@DanPantry dad joke flag
Python really does have a pretty good RE implementation
Much better than Java, C# and others
@DanPantry Points at the big cup of shame
9:26 AM
Just a note, are you OK with publishing your server connection details on the internet? — Zak 12 mins ago
Haven't had a response so I'm going to leave it.
Why do you say that Python's is better?
@Zak Points to a dead link anyway
@200_success Well, I think verbose RE are nice
I think that may be Python 3.x
possible answer invalidation by Mantracker on question by Mantracker: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/136143/revisions
Raw REs are pretty rough
9:31 AM
Q: Improved ViewModel base class

grmblI've created a general purpose ViewModel base class in what I believe it's purest behaviour. It features property notification, error notification and property value history. Please take a look at it and tell me what can be improved or what you think is missing. For the sake of clarity I've merg...

Anyway, back to N3buchadnezzar's question about decorators and stuff… I dunno. Practice. I actually learned most of my Python by practicing on CR (applying concepts I knew before from elsewhere).
lol! so there was a bug hullabaloo recently about increasing a columns size from varchar(80) to varchar(max). E-mail sent out yesterday that the column size had been increased, to no ill effects. Turns out that the developer just added a zero, so it's varchar(800) instead of varchar(max).
@DanPantry GTFO
That's not how you DB.
And yea, CR is a great place to test whether you're doing it right.
VARCHAR(MAX) is overrated
If you need MAX you probably should read back on data types in SQL
9:36 AM
@Phrancis In the scenario we have, varchar(800) isnt such a bad idea, but varchar(max) would better communicate the intent that "this could be any length"
the field in question is not likely to ever reach 800 characters but it will easily reach 80, unless there is another data type to say "this is a string, but there's no limit on it", varchar(max) seems appropriate
I'm not a DBA though so I am fully open to suggestions
@DanPantry As opposed to VARCHAR(8000)?
The non-DBA part of me is saying that assigning a definite length says that it would be expected to reach that amount
if i made an array in c# that took 5 elements, I'd expect that array to have 5 elements, not 4
Yeah, now you should listen to the DBA part of you :)
MAX types in SQL are stored outside of tables
It's not really something I have control over, BTW, this discussion is entirely out of my hand ^^
Maximum value types, on the other hand, are still stored in tables
Oh, carry on then :)
9:41 AM
No, but I am interested in hearing the difference
Just know that I can't actually change it
@Duga Rolled back.
@DanPantry Well, MAX allocates up to 2^31-1 bytes (2 GB) per column, which is too large for SQL Server to handle as a simple column/field in a row
Q: C# - How to optimize code that reads text files

Nickim a newbie at C# and would like input from more experienced programmers please. I have the following static class that enumerates directories in a folder, then searches each file in the folder (it seems to only work with text files even thought i dont explicitly specify that) for a given string ...

@CaptainObvious ouch
So, it stores a reference to the potentially very large string instead
9:44 AM
Does it always store a pointer, or only when it goes over 8k char?
It's all well and good if you know you may need 2 GB worth of characters, but if you don't, the query optimizer still thinks you do
@DanPantry Always, AFAIK
I'm pretty sure it's tied to the data type, and not the actual data, as to how it is handled
so yeaaaah I overslept
Cool - the more you know. CR is great for learning new stuff.
@Pimgd And the first thing you do is come to 2nd? ^^
no that's way after ofc
Short version, avoid all MAX types unless you know you need them
9:47 AM
but basically
9 hours ago, by Pimgd
so I am gonna sleep now and oversleep for tomorrow =/
@Pimgd You need a regular sleep expression.
lol sleep
merge conflicts on an .edmx file are truly hell.
i literally have no idea what is going on
It may just be worth me checkout out the original version and making the change again.
Thank you dan$ git checkout ORIG_HEAD *.edmx
@DanPantry Another day, another damned XML file
The really annoying thing is that we could just use code-first and thsi wouldn't be a problem :(
and it would also give us database migrations in one fell swoop, something we are also struggling with
9:58 AM
@DanPantry Too easy, no-go. Gotta earn that developer pay.
I think there is something to be said for migrations having to be done in C# and not in SQL
but it's a lot of work, these merge conflicts
Please say you don't mean database migrations
If you wrote migrations using EF code first, they would have to be written in C#
We don't do that
But it would mean a developer would have to write migrations in SQL and then update the C# stuff manually if we didn't use EF code first
Which I suspect is the reason why we are using .edmx files in the first place
@Phrancis Variable sizes in databases always confuse me.
@DanPantry sadface
10:01 AM
@Phrancis What?
seriously if you have any suggestions for db migrations I am all ears. It's a problem I suspect will come up again in my career
@DanPantry I suppose I would expect the database migration code to be... well... SQL
That's what it is now
However we have a.. funky way of handling the migrations
we have a folder (, corresponding to version) that contains all the scripts for that version
the main issue with this is that we can't predict what feature a version is going to be promoted to if it spans multiple sprints
@Mast Variable sizes are a lot like String, you just put stuff in them until they are full. They mostly only use the size they need
and all the migrations are done by hand, and not automated in any way
There are of course commercial tools like Redgate but they are expensive
I get the strong impression they only threw that sub together to demonstrate their slow Databse, but I gave it the proper CR treatment anyway ^^
A: Excel VBA used to fetch Access Data, slow

ZakThere's nothing to optimise here. Your steps are: Open connection Execute about the simplest SQL query possible End There's nothing we can change there that would make any difference. Now, if you want to post a separate question, detailing your Database Structure, your SQL query, and...

10:06 AM
Q: Unnecessary $.each loop?

Jose the hoseThe code below contains an array of objects that I loop over and append to hidden input fields in the DOM. As these inputs have no ID, I first select them by name using $.each and then check the value by looping over the array using another $.each. If there is a match, I then append some HTML to ...

@DanPantry what do you mean by "what feature a version is going to be promoted to"?
@Phrancis Uh, sorry. I meant what version a feature will land in.
As in, server/engine version? Or code base version?
So let's say I'm working on a feature and it spans multiple sprints, well, currently, all scripts for that feature must be placed in a version folder. I don't know when that work wil lbe done, so I don't know what version it will land in.
Code base version
This has bitten us before, where we've missed scripts or executed some scrpits twice because there's no way of knowing - by hand - what scripts have an have not been run.
@Jack: for example why thinking in "bits" may be worth of it, you may want to study this one: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/133840/110284Ped7g 49 secs ago
10:08 AM
This will become an even bigger issue if we ever scale out to have more than one database because then we'll have to keep track of what scripts have been run on either DB
@DanPantry Ah, I think I understand your pain now
@Zak Ah, right. I deleted my comment. Brain inserted a "should" between "you" and "never".
my word. "Refactor This" is awesome. Thank you R#.
@skiwi Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi
10:10 AM
@DanPantry What, no upvote? :p
@zak cough
To be fair, Access is a garbage database
You may as well use Excel as a database
Or move it to Code Review. — 3rdthemagical 56 secs ago
@skiwi Onking
@N3buchadnezzar My mind implicitly parsed that as "oinking" and I got confused for a minute
10:13 AM
Blame @skiwi, he used up all the m&m's.
he's the real slim skiwi
Q: Single-page with HTML , CSS , jQuery after a psd given

Adrian.II'm a young guy who's trying to be a front end developer.I was at a job interview and they gave as a test a psd after which I should make a website with no frameworks other than jQuery and no Saas.They also said that I shouldn't worry about IE or Opera and report back how many hours I worked on t...

@DanPantry That took me way too long to get. lol
@N3buchadnezzar my puns are just on another level
Seen on Freelancer.com: "Looking for an Android expert to make an app. $30 - $250"
10:23 AM
Out of stars already. That's nearly a record for me.
@DanPantry I think they missed a zero or two there ^^
You'd think an expert would only give 1 hour of their time for $30
@DanPantry Gotta be a pretty simple app then
@DanPantry I can pretend to be an expert for an hour for £30.
Like that $10K app that you could purchase but would display nothing more than simple screen stating you were rich or something
@Phrancis So why appoint a size to it in the first place?
Is that for faster memory access?
10:39 AM
Q: The Thirsty Crow

Aditya CherlaProblem Statement There are N pots. Every pot has some water in it. They may be partially filled. So there is a Overflow Number O associated with every pot which tell how many minimum stone pieces are require for that pot to overflow. So if for a pot O-value is 5 it means minimum 5 stone pieces ...

Q: Reading Event Logs and Acting When Specific Event is not Present

BassieI have a small application which is basically a FileSystemWatcher which performs some operations when a file is updated. What I need it to do is query the event logs and check whether a specific event fired. To achieve this I created the EventLogHelper class: class EventLogHelper { priv...

@CaptainObvious that's interesting
hope it doesn't go zombie
This looks pretty cool.
Maybe if I finally sit down to make a basic app I'll play about with it
a AWS lambda backed TodoMVC should be nice and simple
> a AWS lambda backed TodoMVC
@DanPantry this sounds like chinese for me ^_^
TodoMVC is just a simple todo list written with web frameworks
Q: Apriori algorithm in Python 2

Dawny33This takes in a dataset, the minimum support and the minimum confidence values as its options, and returns the association rules. I'm looking for pointers towards better optimization, documentation and code quality. """ Description : A Python implementation of the Apriori Algorithm Usage: ...

It's useful because it contains most things a web framework would want - persistence, ajax, dom manipulation, etc
AWS lambda is just a AWS-hosted endpoint that you put code on. it's a server without configuration
10:50 AM
ohh, got it
it a desktop app ?
that TodoMVC ?
it's meant to be browser based but you could potentially write desktop apps for TodoMVC.
scripts are being emailed across the team because the team can't use bitbucket
and instead of raising this as an issue they're just working around it
> This is not war. This is pest control.

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