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If you have working code to improve, your question is probably better placed at SE Code Review. Otherwise improve it please, and show your actual code here. — πάντα ῥεῖ 13 secs ago
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Oh dear, the internet is dead.
I'm trying to figure out how to correctly dispose of things in Ninject.
It doesn't seem to be working sigh.
I can't tell whether anything works until it does work, if you get what I mean, and Ninject components and everything they reference are living and living and living.
From what I've been seeing, I need the register/resolve/release pattern.
Ninject is, apparently, supposed to handle that...
12:59 AM
Q: Find the kth largest element in an array

Max FlanderIs this idomatic scala code? val kthHighest = (l:List[Int], k:Int) => (l.scanLeft(SortedSet[Int]()) {(x,y) => (x + y).takeRight(k) }).tail.head // scala> kthHighest(List(1,3,2,4), 2) // res203: Int = 3

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Q: 20+ functions for generating different waveforms

endolithI added a guard clause to the functions in scipy.signal.windows, but the way they are currently written means the same 11 lines are now repeated in every function. Each function has a unique core and a unique docstring, then some common guards and preconditioning around it: if int(M) != M or M <...

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Q: Counting the number of lines in a file

Joseph FarahI'm easing back into C after several months of using Python and Matlab. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to improve my code's efficiency and readability? #include <stdio.h> #define MAX_ARG 2 int count( char FNAME[] ); int main( int argc, char *argv[]) { if( argc > MAX_ARG ) { ...

Q: Encoding and decoding in Haskell -- 99 Problems exercise 13, 14

Jack BrandtI've been working on these solutions to the Haskell 99 questions, encoding and decoding series for a while now, so I figured I ought to present them to see how I screwed up the implementation. Problems: Encoding: Write a function which encodes a series of characters using run-length encodi...

If you have working code, ask such at SE Code Review please. — πάντα ῥεῖ 7 secs ago
Q: Focus-handling JavaScript

Jack WilsdonSo I have written some ES2015 JavaScript that adds a class to a root element when one of it's immediate children is focused. Here is the markup for the code to be run on: <div id="my-root-element"> <input type="text"> <button type="submit> </div> And the JS itself: const rootElement ...

Q: Sum of all paths between all pairs of nodes in a tree

FelipeI'm trying to solve a competitive programming problem. It basically gives a undirected graph (tree-like: no multiple paths between two nodes...) and asks for the sum of all possible paths between any pair of nodes in the graph (each path must be counted only once, in other words, if you have al...

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Q: 3Sum implementation

RedI have recently started to work through the problems on Leetcode, for the sake of bettering my own skills as well as preparing for interviews. I was faced with the 3Sum problem which is: Given an array S of n integers, are there elements a, b, c in S such that a + b + c = 0? Find all unique ...

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Q: Angular Promise trying Wrapper

Vladimir GamalianSometimes I need to repeat an execution of rejected promises several times, for example, to fetch some data over internet. There is a wrapper, which accepts Promise and tryCount: function tryPromise(f, tryCount) { return f().then(null, function(v) { tryCount--; if (tryCount > 0) { ...

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possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by Jack Brandt: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/135912/revisions
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5 hours ago, by Duga
RELOAD! There are 2584 unanswered questions (92.8459% answered)
Sub 92.75 :3
I wonder when we reach sub 93 :3
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Q: My pandas parellelization is not working, please advise

trinadh guptaI have written the below code to parallelize my pandas script, but it seems to be not working, can you advise what went wrong. To give an idea My code is taking data from the data frame grouped by "sessionid" mentioned in the data below , and performs a function to return a one line data frame as...

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@zyabin101 We were there not long ago.
If Synergy wouldn't such a PoS I'd show you.
And I only now did notice... o_o
@zyabin101 This is Zombie Rate (which is 100 - [Duga Rate]).
Monking @all
Monking @Zak.
@Zak Monking @partofall
5:55 AM
@zyabin101 Our highest question answer rate, since I started collecting in 10 April, has been 93.68%.
And that was on 12 April 2016.
@EBrown Hmm, how could I make graphs like this... :3;
I'm working on a website where people can graph this stuff on their own.
Right now I have to manually write each graph.
Q: Managing a programmatically accessible stack trace

Mat's MugVBA has a call stack... but there's no programmatic way to tap into it, which means in order to get a stack trace for a runtime error, one has to manage it manually. Here's some example code that demonstrates a custom CallStack class in action: Option Explicit Private Const ModuleName As Strin...

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Q: Request for Feedback - simple React Calculator - Child/Parent component communication

R ClavenDoes anyone have any critique of these ~180 lines of React? https://github.com/rpanos/react-tutorial/tree/master/public Specifically: https://github.com/rpanos/react-tutorial/blob/master/public/scripts/calculator.js My real concern is how I am letting the parent component tell the child compon...

super excited for this
TypeScript is starting to really come together, all it needs now is extensibility
Also, this is really awesome
6:52 AM
Q: Need to check whether these code is logical in python

Rohan DwivediI have run the code and its error free, as this is partial code which only defines one class of the many more to come, there is no output involved yet, therefore I am looking for testing whether the way i have used classes is logically correct without having to wait to complete the whole program ...

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I can see that there's no mention of Q_FLAG from this page, so I added one. — Mitch 41 secs ago
So we moved desks today, and I have one of those under-desk plug racks
unfortunately there's been 3 unit tests but 0 integration tests on them as all of my plugs fit in them perfectly, but the magsafe plug is so large it wont fit under my desk
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Since this is working code, you should post your question on CodeReview rather than StackOverflow. — Aaron 10 secs ago
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Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Getting JSON data from an HTTP response using conditional binding
Q: Stack implementation with shared_ptr C++11

Klemens#ifndef _TOP_HPP #define _TOP_HPP #include<memory> #include<iostream> #include<cstring> template <typename T> class Stack{ private: struct Node{ std::shared_ptr<Node> prev; T value; }; int size; st...

Convention question: When referring to folder/filenames, which is more standard (where [] denotes the contents of a string variable):
[Root Dir] & "\" & [folder1] & "\" & [folder2] & "\" & [filename]
[Root Dir\] & [folder1\] & [folder2\] & [filename]
[Root Dir] & [\folder1] & [\folder2] & [\filename]
8:35 AM
no. 2 imo
trailing slash makes it clear it's a folder
and nobody prepends slashes to a folder
Cool. #2 is what I've generally been using so far.
+1 definitely append trailing slash
the exception to this is in REST urls, where you don't have folders, you have "resources"
possible answer invalidation by forsvarir on question by Klemens: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/135931/revisions
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Q: Could i have done this any other way? CSS/HTML

Robini've created some full-width divs containing images and text to exposure products. It did take a lot of trial and error (i do not have any kind of education). However, it feels a bit clumsy and i'm starting to wonder if i could have done it any other way that might been easier or even better. T...

That's weird, every time I see I get reputation I feel happy, but when it turns out to be from StackOverflow documentation I feel sad
Q: Using enum to reduce page object method

TarunI had written following page object class which represents user profile page. The profile contains department, teams, email and login labels and corresponding values. Initially I wrote a page object class as - public class MyProfilePage extends PageObject{ public MyProfilePage() throws Except...

9:36 AM
Q: Selection sort algorithm examination

Rahul ShivsharanI had an algorithm test. I was asked Selection sort algorithm to program. I coded it in javascript and shown to examiner. But he was not satisfied, he said its too complicated. I think I have written correctly. this is the code below, function selectionSort(inputArray){ var swapElementIn...

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Another point for predictable, one-way binding..
> Why is contactDropDown defaulting values to “primary”? it’s definitely changing it, we can see that with the current code sample:

{{ ::$ctrl.dataItem.Contact }}
{{ $ctrl.dataItem.Contact }}

The first section is a one-time binding and will correctly show the contact ID, but the second one is a normal two way binding and shows the value being changed to default
A problem I'm working to fix atm
Q: Automation script for creating NuGet packages

t3chb0tI've been creating some NuGet packages recenly and to automate the process I created the following script that: reads the package id from the script name reads the package version from the nuspec file can rebuild the solution, create a package and upload it by specifying the jklparameters where...

Q: VBA - Cycles through a table to find the cheapest bearing that passes

RobinI have written several VBA macros to run on an excel spreadsheet. Inputs are entered into a table and then the macro is run; it cycles through a table of Bearings (in price ascending order) and selects the first one to pass all the criteria. At the moment there are about 1700 rows in the table an...

I wish (but I don't know if I want) there was front-end development which didn't have a super-speedy execution flow
Angular immediately does all the things. I can't say "stop, I gotta load this thing first before you can display these elements"
or maybe I can but it's a lot of work
React does that as well
the result is having to handle initialization everywhere?
The trick is to make your UI layer synchronous
Asynchrony in UI really causes headaches
9:49 AM
yes but... I need to call my rest api for data
Yes, but you can still have a synchronous UI in that case
Use a container component that 'wraps around' another component that handles all of your REST
I think this question needs to be asked on another community on stack exchange. http://codereview.stackexchange.com/VatsalSura just now
Have the presentational component be dumb and just call callbacks/receive information
That's what we end up doing like all the time
and it's annoying as hell
<UserListContainer> // Calls the API
  <UserList isLoading=false users={users} />
or something like that
9:51 AM
add in certain issues with flow, and you have to sometimes wait a single digest cycle before you actually have the stuff you need
and you're back at null checks again
yes, the digest cycle is bunk
so much angular.isDefined
it's so rubbish
angular component kinda help with that with their lifecycle hooks
then again, I don't know what a "slower-execution-flow" system would look like
i.e, you know that $onInit will always have access to bindings
9:51 AM
I can imagine a really slow one
I think having container components handle asynchrony and orchestrate child ones is the best solution
where you have to manually initialize your children
but that'd be even worse
because boilerplaaaate everywheeere
const LoginForm = ({ onSubmit }) => ...
const LoginSection = ({ isLoading, onSubmit }) => <LoginForm onSubmit={onSubmit} isLoading={isLoading} />

class LoginRoute extends Component {
  render() {
    return <LoginPage isLoading={this.state.isLoading} onSubmit={(credentials) => this.handleSubmit(credentials)} />
This is how I'd handle asynchrony
just use dumb components and have it all handled in one place
If you need re-usable "smart" components (like an auto-complete) then you do the same thing, you just use the smart component and treat it like a black box
also yes the above is react but it works with angular components
anyway, there's some open source game (forgot what it was but I think I'll stumble upon it again) that was planning to use react-redux so I guess I'll take a look at its source if I see it again
see if that's any better than angular
react-redux is pretty cool
it does force you to take a more disciplined approach to state, though
and you really don't want to use it without normalizr or some heavy normalisation of your data
10:02 AM
Q: Printing staircase revisited

CodeYogiWhat can be more elegant ways to solve the given problem. # ## ### #### Code: function StairCase(n) { for (var i = 1; i <= n; i++) { var row = i; for(var j = 1; j <= n - row; j++) { process.stdout.write(' '); } for(var j = 1; j <= row;...

Q: Elegant Pattern to return Errors as well as result by a method, C#

Coder AbsoluteMy Create, Update & Delete methods should return a success and errors list depending up on the result. I want to avoid the out parameters in the method. Therefore I came up with an implementation of ResultModel class which gets returned with the above mentioned methods. Question: Is my implement...

Ugliness is not a very useful quality metric. Post your existing code on codereview if you want some pointers for improving its structure — Steve 57 secs ago
Throwing exception from page object constructor is an exceptional flow, when control is not on right page/page leads to 404 etc a method relying on instance og page object can get it as - new MyProfilePage(MyProfilePage.ProfileAttribute.DEPARTMENT) why getAttributeValue can be deleted. How else would I get text content of attribute webelement? — Tarun 5 mins ago
instance construction throws exception, 100% guaranteed.
instance method is not used in constructor and is not overriding another method
thus it can be deleted without issue
... the only case I can think of after a minute or so is if you have a subclass whose constructor DOES use the instance method
10:37 AM
Q: Combine neighboring parts of an array based on a condition

downrep_nationI have written this code which takes a one dimensional array like for example {"abc","ade","sss","fgw","asd","lka","o"} and turns it into an array of arrays based on if a condition is met if the condition is containing "a" for example the output will be {{"abc","ade"},{"sss"},{"fgw"},{"asd","...

Q: Proper Stack Implementation

jimjanessI want to know if this stack is implemented properly. Previously I was told a Linked List contains an inner class that represents a node and the outta class that represents the structure. Does that same idea apply to stacks and linked list? I am assuming not because they are so simple. Here is my...

11:22 AM
Apparently the average Dutchman is 6ft tall. @JeroenVannevel
That makes them the tallest population, on average, in the world.
I know, it's disgusting
Wait. You're not Dtuch are you?
You're Belgian
@Mast is Dutch, now I remember. And @skiwi.
the fuck
how dare you
Q: C# Class Design - 3-Axis Coordinate System for a Chinese Checkers Board

AssimilaterAbout a year ago, my brother and I came up with this cool idea for how to solve the problem of determining if any given "cell" on a Chinese Checkers board was adjacent to the cell in question. Recently we started digging our teeth back into the idea and how we could work on variations of the gam...

Q: How to structure code: Using pandas.io.pytables.TableIterator for several iterations?

FooBarI'm writing method that takes a pandas iterator and then computes something based on that. The problem is that some of these computations require iterating twice over the data. For example the normalized variance needs to first iterate over the data to compute the mean, and then iterate again to...

11:43 AM
If your code works, ask for optimization/advice on codereview.stackexchange.comIdos 13 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Tarun on question by Tarun: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/135934/revisions
@DanPantry Redux is a lifestyle
Q: Domain Models with Entity Framework

KlekyJimmy Bogard gave a brilliant demonstration on how to refactor your code into a wicked domain model. The gist of this was to delegate responsibility for business logic exactly on what it relates too. So, for example, adding a task to a job would mean it's the job model that would perform the add...

On a side note, I deployed some servers yesterday :3
SQL Server is great, but Redis is amazing
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There is probably no objectively better way to do this highly unintuitive thing you're doing, other than removing the need for doing it in the first place. Even so, "is there a better way" kind of questions for working code are more material for Code Review. — Jeroen Mostert 37 secs ago
FourOhFour: - Access attempt on variable at path: /robots.txt
FourOhFour: - Access attempt on variable at path: /hndUnblock.cgi
FourOhFour: - Access attempt on variable at path: /cgi/common.cgi
FourOhFour: - Access attempt on variable at path: /stssys.htm
I wonder whether I should be concerned that I'm getting these requests
possible answer invalidation by Tarun on question by Tarun: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/135934/revisions
apparently two of those are old zero days
12:18 PM
it's already been reviewed
about 10 seconds ago by me :)
Since this is working code, it's an excellent candidate for CodeReview.SE. — FreeMan 15 secs ago
12:37 PM
Q: Performance of Stored procedure and php application

kellymandemI have a branch table in my database with the following data branch_id branch_name active district_id 1 Naboa Road 1 76 2 Main Street 1 35 3 Bukoto 1 43 4 Najeera 1 110 and i have created this view to query it CREATE...

Would code review be the right place to review the structure and design of my database? I checked dba.stackexchange.com and I'm not positive if it's on-topic there
This question is more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.comKlitos Kyriacou 5 secs ago
nm - I found the place for it
FourOhFour: - Access attempt on variable at path: /administrator/index.php
12:54 PM
ahhhh I have twitchy eyebrows
how do I make it stop
Use hairspray?
it's the muscle that's twitching
Do something relaxing.
Roll it out with a toothpick
How badly do declined flags count against me?
12:58 PM
@Mast You should be able to get an idea if you can build Khronos now by just looking at the shield on the repo: github.com/syb0rg/Khronos
@syb0rg build failing
Well... we can't now?
Yep, pretty much lol
Then you are not in the right place. Go to CodeReviewFirstStep 40 secs ago
You can, you just have to fiddle with it
Install some things like autogen
And possibly other things
@syb0rg should I try testing it on CentOS again?
12:59 PM
@pacmaninbw Doubt it will work, you can give it a shot if you want
Later since I'm on OS X right now, but I will.
@zyabin101 The main reason it fails is due to the claim that CMake will handle all of the dependencies for you... it doesn't handle a few small ones right now (like the autotools)
I could mess with the Travis build to get a succeeding build, but then that wouldn't line up with my claims
@syb0rg Can you somehow put the dependency for autotools into your side, and do what needs to be done?
@pacmaninbw What needs to be done?
The issues for the next release?
@syb0rg I thought you were talking about the build in CMake, not sure what needs to be done.
Do you have documentation for the build yet?
Never mind.
1:06 PM
@pacmaninbw For Unix systems, yes
Yeah, I saw it when I cloned the directory..
I think I may be able to push a few commits soon for a portable 64 bit Windows build
Just doing one last test build... it's going well
1:28 PM
Q: Wich is the better solution for jquery click?

lolka_bolkaI am here at my workplace, and we have a very passionate debate with my colleague about $().click() method vs onclick. I will show you 2 piece of codes, one is mine, on is his. The main problem is to target an element. I think, mine is more simple: <div> <form method="post"> <butto...

@CaptainObvious Not sure if that's a code review, more of a settle a dispute
Ugh, been traveling for close to 27 hours now. Still another 8 - 9 hours before I am home.. sudo kill pls
Q: Mocking config data in JavaScript unit tests

joecritchI'd really like someone to sanity check my approach for unit testing my summarise() function and mocking its dependencies. Background Each option has a set of values, which come from the app state Options also each have a config, which are defined in configs.js (potentially a large list, with ...

I didn't downvote it, but it sounds like you have a working solution and you just want to figure out how to make it faster. This being the case, this question would be more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.comHack-R 51 secs ago
@Hack-R Disagree: code review isn’t (primarily) for improving performance, it’s for improving code quality. The question, as is, is perfectly suited for Stack Overflow: there’s a technical problem needs solving. — Konrad Rudolph 17 secs ago
@Hack-R Code Review is best thought of as General advice on improving code. Stack Overflow is for "Specific programming questions". In cases where somebody has a sufficiently-scoped specific performance query, like here, SO is absolutely the appropriate place for it. — Zak 47 secs ago
1:50 PM
Q: If this powershell time loop could be tricked?

mrplumeI'm working on a time loop : $TimeStart = Get-Date $TimeEnd = $timeStart.AddSeconds(30) write-host "Time out at " : $TimeEnd Do { $TimeNow = Get-Date if ($TimeNow -ge $TimeEnd) { write-host "Time out !" } else { ...

Q: replacing loops in auto.arima for multiple sample of data in R to reduce processing time

EnthusiastI have a workbook with data sampled. i have multiple samples based on date range. one sample starts from january, where other can start from february and so on. I need to build forecasting function using auto.arima for 15 samples of data. instead of writing auto.arima 15 times, i tried using a lo...

2:23 PM
This is much better. I have questions about your implementation but I'm afraid I would be taking this question into a different direction, so you may want to consider posting your code to codereview.stackexchange.com for more comments, or posting your code into a different question. In any case I hope someone can give you what you are looking for in this specific question. — Ian R. O'Brien 20 secs ago
@Pimgd Personally I agree that 4 spaces are better than 2 spaces, but if there is a coding standard that says 2 spaces what then? (drupal.org and one place that I have worked).
Then you'll have to deal with that
There are various ways of dealing with it
... just about any conflict resolution strategy will do
@pacmaninbw Use zero spaces untill they start crying. Then go back to 4
such as throwing a tantrum, running away, accepting it, bargaining, hostility, trying to convince others of your point of view, you name it
I set the tab key to 4 spaces in all the IDEs I use.
2:30 PM
I suggest accepting it if possible... after learning the reason why
I use 4 spaces <- rebel
you mean rebel
I accept whatever the documented coding standard is, can't fight city hall.
Says who?
Greetings, Programs.
2:34 PM
Greetings, user.
One of the things I like about Scala is that it uses two space indentation as its standard for source code.
... and what ever method you use to deal with the situation, well, if it causes a problem for someone else (like the rest of the company) then they'll have to deal with that problem
monking, humans
again, the list of options mentioned earlier applies, but more interesting highlights this time around are firing the troublemaker or giving them crappy tasks to do
So yeahhhhh pick your battles
@Dex'ter Monking
2:37 PM
if you can live with 2 spaces instead of 4 and they seem to have a reason for it (and thus not easily gonna back down) then you just have to accept it
(But yes, my answer did have an undertone of ohbtw-standard-indentation-is-4-spaces-kthx)
Hopefully the reason is not that it would be easier to see their 19 nested loops :p
this made my day haha
@Dex'ter ^^ I used that in one of my answers.
yep, I know. I took it from there
@N3buchadnezzar nice answer though
k, thx ^^
2:43 PM
reading papers on human intelligence; when you stumble across snark like...
> Intelligence is an almost unalloyed good when we look at correlations in the real-world for income, longevity, happiness, contributions to science or medicine, criminality, favoring of free speech etc16. Why is it, then, that we can find quotes like “the rule that human beings seem to follow is to engage the brain only when all else fails - and usually not even then”
@N3buchadnezzar The 19 nested loops is what I'm always worried about.
@pacmaninbw that's nothing. You have to see how it's like to see another 19 nested if-else blocks in those 19 loops
Had to update the answer to fix some indentation errors. However I do not like the style of that answer
It sounds a bit harsh and is basically "Here is what you are doing. It is wrong. Try this instead"
The style is ok
The OPs question wasn't to be neglected. So you did a nice job treating the subject like you did
2:49 PM
It would have been 10 times longer if I explained why I wrote my code the way I did. I also left out nagging the poster for writing "Awmahawd this code rocks" when it really does not :p
in The Whiteboard, 14 hours ago, by Hosch250
Has anyone ever used Ninject before?
@Hosch250 I thought Mat'sMug had used Ninject?
@pacmaninbw Can you use tabs and just set tab length to 2 spaces? If not, then you'll just have to live with the standard and/or campaign to get it changed.
@Zak Yes, that's the obvious answer, the problem is reading the code in the first place when you hate it.
@pacmaninbw You mean the code was written with double-spaces? Well then, it's up to you whether you want to go through and change the whole thing.
@Zak But how are the 19-nested loops supposed to fit on screen if he changes indentation to 4 spaces?
3:01 PM
@N3buchadnezzar He's got 19 nested loops. That's a problem in and of itself. :P
Work just gave me a bottle of Champagne and a nice little speech about the impact I've been having recently :)
@Zak that's nice. Work just gave me more apps to do, and the same salary :(
@Dex'ter Hey same!
I also want champane during work hours
I finished my first project in half the allotted time for me... barely got a "good job" and was handed the next project to work on
Asked for a raise based on my performance with the first project among other things, was denied
My motivation has somewhat plummeted since
3:04 PM
@syb0rg Don't you know when you do a good job all you get it more s*** to work on.
This code seems to be OK. You look like you are asking for a code review (going to ignore the implied request to write your code for you), in which case you are better off posing on codereview.stackexchange.com. — Mad Physicist 29 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comMad Physicist 47 secs ago
@Zak Nice!
@syb0rg Leave. Then see how productivity plummets. Then they can come crawling if they want you ^^
@syb0rg This is when you apply to somewhere that will actually appreciate your impact.
@syb0rg While it may not be said, your performance and work is getting noticed. They may not offer you a raise or say it right away, but if you just put the time in and do the work, you will get noticed. Whether they give you a raise later, a bonus, or a nice bottle of Champagne, something SHOULD come up eventually.
3:06 PM
It's a summer internship so I'm not too pissed about it, but definitely looking for the next opportunity
@Zak Maybe they thought they hired a machine without need for raises, food or care :p
@Trojan404 I was told I would be reevaluated next summer
@syb0rg Ah, internships are different. As a general rule, the reward you get for being an awesome intern is a job offer. And/or a great reference. And/or a referral etc.
@Zak I'm too young for that lol
Too much school left
@syb0rg Persuade them to hire you part-time. Or as a contractor.
3:08 PM
@syb0rg Usually how it is. With internships your pay is your pay. It rarely changes until the next opportunity.
@syb0rg Zak is correct. My summer internship lasted 15 years, part time the first year.
Well this is bizarre.
Someone is using my email address as the return address on a bunch of spam.
Just got 9 response emails from in a 45 minute period that are from mail systems telling me that the message was undeliverable.
@syb0rg Best way to put it, internships are not about the money. It's a nice bonus, but your job is learning and gaining experience. Therefore, expect enough pay to pay bills and save a bit, but you won't be McDucking swimming in money.
@Trojan404 Tell that to my bank account when tuition rears its head :P
I did not know about codereview, that is good to know. — Shuki 21 secs ago
3:12 PM
@syb0rg Tution? Here school and uni is free
@syb0rg What country are you in?
@syb0rg Unfortunately, that's how it is in the world right now... Tuition is a bitch when you have to pay for it, but over time your hard work will be noticed and you'll start getting paid more
Ah, yeah. Tuition is expensive here.
3:13 PM
@EBrown Probably just random. Someone, somewhere, somewhen, filled out a form with the name Emma Fletcher and my mobile number. I get about 2-3 calls a week trying to sell "Emma" various things. Mostly ambulance chasing.
@syb0rg What's great about an internship is having experience on your resume when you graduate. Also when I graduated and got my full time offer, it was the third highest in my graduating class.
@Zak Mine are people sending spam from my email address.
@EBrown Time to nuke that email
@syb0rg It's my business email, from my personal domain name.
That's what bugs me about it.
3:14 PM
Q: Phishing Project Refactoring to Use a User Object

Trojan404Continuing on my quest to make sure that my application is developed strong, securely, and efficiently, I've updated my code as suggested in the previous question. To start, I've implemented a User_test class (to be renamed once it is full implemented and designed). I have not yet added value ve...

They've been sending spam from their servers, with my email address.
@syb0rg Welcome to the world! My sister is a sophomore in college at Purdue getting paid $28 with a housing stipend. I'm getting paid $18 and I'm graduating in a year. It ain't fair but you deal with it.
Granted, it's easy to tell it's not me sending it.
My SPF records are all in order.
But still, not cool.
@Trojan404 18$ lol?
@N3buchadnezzar USD
3:16 PM
However salary must always be seen in relation with taxes and living expenses
My rent takes about 80% of my income so :p
@N3buchadnezzar Make about $1000 every 2 weeks. If I was living on my own, I'd be screwed but I live with my parents right now
@N3buchadnezzar where on earth are you living?
@syb0rg The way to make money from an internship is by converting it into a job offer. Either with the company you're interning with, or by leveraging the job experience and/or references and referrals into an offer somewhere else.
my rent takes up 1/4, with council tax that's 1/3
@DanPantry Norway
3:18 PM
@syb0rg You can also replace "job offer" with "contracting gig".
"Will write LOLCODE for food"
If you're going to be in school/Uni for a while, that would probably be more feasible.
@CaptainObvious that's a good looking question there :P
Just asksed my first question on programmers ^^
I just need to find a line of work where I get paid for solving the rubiks cube.
Do you get a badge for getting an answer with -10 votes accepted?
@DanPantry Last time I checked, yea.
@N3buchadnezzar No, you do get a badge for getting a good answer on a negative scoring question though.
A: Account-creation program

sulaimaanmiskinhello ivont to play minecraft so i m creating an account thanks for help

@Mast Did you see the mad libs python question?
well, let's hope for a better answer
3:34 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Nope.
@Dex'ter Of-course you should be using OO in Python!
@Mast yep you should. But my question was: when
When in doubt, do it.
3:37 PM
@pacmaninbw Goed all-right until you start writing Ruby. Ruby wants 2.
*scratches head
hot potato
@Mast this app it's not like the usual: "Oh, I have an account, there must me a bank, a customer and so on. Let's create classes for each of them"
so it didn't come naturally
3:38 PM
@Dex'ter Yes. Do it.
Just do it.
Stop complaining and write OO Python.
It ain't C.
Use classes already...
well, at least you can't write OO in C
@Dex'ter Wrong
not with that attitude you can't
You just have to implement all OO stuff yourself
@syb0rg So basically build C++
3:39 PM
yea, well create structures instead of objects
@N3buchadnezzar exactly
@N3buchadnezzar In a way, yes
Q: Get directory permissions for all directories in tree

Michael Brandon MorrisI have made a program that given a directory, will get the permissions for that directory and all sub-directories. The output is stored in a string that can be easily written to .csv. Each permissions entry is given its own line. The path is displayed first, with each directory level split into s...

I am coming for you @Mast, one vote at a time.
@syb0rg I thought you had the x64 Win version working?
3:56 PM
@Mast Yep, just whittling out a few build bugs
I can get a build, but it required a bit of hacking downloaded dependency build stuff
So I'm working on making that process more automated
That would be great, yea.
I still have a x32 Win device as well. Let me know when you want to test it.
@Mast Just so happens I'm working on solving some PortAudio linking issues, maybe this will also fix that Ubuntu problem stuff you were having yesterday
Also added some libtool dependency stuff, still need to work out some kinks: github.com/syb0rg/Khronos/commits/master
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