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10:00 PM
Jun 24 at 14:42, by rolfl
So, for the past number of months (since late march), I have been waiting and waiting for an election so that I could use that as a logical break-point to step down....
@SimonAndréForsberg that link with the stars kinda proves that stars != quotes :p
I should use the search function a bit more often..
oeh, blue name.. Fancy!
anyway, a quote bot won't work here since it would create to much overhead :)
Congrats to @Jamal @200_success @SimonAndréForsberg and @Mat'sMug. Live long and prosper.
Thanks @RubberDuck!
@gnat: Maybe not "chatty" but in the sense that it asks a question about being a programmer rather than about a piece of code. If that's not on-topic for Programmers.SE then frak knows what that site's for — Lightness Races in Orbit 29 mins ago
Lulz. [insert joke about programmer's scope here]
@RubberDuck I hate that user with all my strength.
10:12 PM
Lightness is one of the earliest SO users around
Lightness? I don't care for her either to be honest, but that was funny.
And he can be a little stubborn ...
A little?
Anyone still have votes? Just pimping...
Come on! That user is a huge pile of [beep out]!!!
@Phrancis I would love ot vote on that, but t-sql isn't my language. I can't vote something without being sure about it
10:14 PM
All good. You could click the link to my SEDE query and find out for yourself ;)
@IsmaelMiguel you should let go of that frustration..
Wait, is pimping a legit thing to do in this channel?
you won't change them
@o11c yes, don't overdo it though :D
mostly used for Zombies or "announced" questions
@Vogel612 Why do you think that I just ignore everything that said user says?
I don't..
and I think that's part of the problem..
10:16 PM
k, I'll not do it until/unless I tackle that nasty Variant question then
oh you're in the vba "stack" then?
This site seems to be weak on the advanced C++ side.
@o11c SirPython has a bot to pimp questions and answers. Currently, the bot isn't working. The idea is that a user goes there, subscribes to a few tags and then you are free to pimp a few questions and answers. The users subscribed to the tags in the question would be notified.
Loki hasn't been that active lately.
And I know nothing about C++ :/
10:18 PM
"lately" meaning ... ~3 or so months
He's been busy...
3 answers from loki in the past week
@Vogel612 The question I'm talking about is https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/43230/clone-of-boost-variant
It's a great problem but really mind-warping.
hmm. I saw konjin on the Constituent pages, but I think I haven't seen him answer lately..
@o11c c++ itself is already mindwarping for a pointer-whimp like me
add in the actually powerful, but often abused generics
10:22 PM
@RubberDuck TS, if anyone has any left.
(I'm already completely lost by here btw.)
@Vogel612 It's not that bad...
and then add in pointer arithmetics and version issues everyone seems to magically know their way around as well as portability and compiler considerations ...
and then I'm completely lost in a forest of pointy braces, colons, ampersands and asterisks.
@o11c And it's Boost. I never liked Boost, although it can be very powerful.
forget reviewing, grasping would be a start...
10:24 PM
@Vogel612 Version issues? With C++?
No, it's a clone of a common data structure, that happens to have an implementation in Boost.
I've also implemented one myself, so I know I'm qualified (as much as anyone can be).
the whole compiler version thing, and the differences betweens standards and standard numbering
@o11c If you feel qualified, feel free to write an answer as well.
If you don't use MSVC, then the only time compiler versions make a difference is for new standards.
If you *do* use MSVC, you don't even have a full implementation of old standards.
@Vogel612 Forget standards and always use the latest compiler. Problem solved.
C++ is AFAIK backwards compatible.
10:26 PM
@Mast the real world doesn't work that way (and doesn't need to).
^^ that.
@Mast Not quite, but close.
with java I'd just plug in javac and every javac can compile the version it's on as well as every version below
The biggest thing I do for compiler version testing is run travis with a huge matrix
Q: Display new Post with AJAX in WordPress

DanielI am Submitting new Posts with a Front End Form, using: http://malsup.github.com/jquery.form.js Default WP jQuery (wp_enqueue_script("jquery");) below code to submit form (new post) jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery("[id^=cred_form_1614]").ajaxForm(function() { alert("Thank you for ...

10:26 PM
Why not? It usually doesn't, but in this case it comes close enough to apply in most cases IMHO.
but also I ask myself "why versions do I need"?
e.g. I had to support GCC 4.6 for a while for a certain distro, then a newer release of the distro happened so I could raise my minimum requirement to a different distro.
GCC 4.7 is a pretty nice target, even if it's not quite complete for C++11 stuff.
clang sucks as a target since the version numbers are all screwy and there aren't many point releases.
I've never written C++14 yet. One of the reasons is I still use Windows for C++ development and my MSVC '13 Ultimate is doing relatively good. No need for change yet.
Although I hear C++14 has some very nifty features, like lambda.
Which would solve one of my current problems in a heartbeat. (And probably create 3 new ones, like every solution does).
The only C++14 feature I've played with is template string literals, and even that I can implement in an ifdef'd manner so I can still support C++11 (albeit with less checking).
Who needs checking anyway, data should be valid.
10:42 PM
TTGTB, 'niters
So, the election is over; will privileges change tomorrow?
To address how you can review your own code: you read a lot of good code, and you constantly compare how it is better than your own. What constitutes good code? You'll know it when you see it, after having read a lot of other code. Do read books about design patterns. Do not learn from books like How to learn PHP in 48 Hours. Post your code to Code Review and learn from others. (Don't worry about asking others; the whole point of that site is reviewing code!) Then you start writing reviews of other users' code, and see what feedback you get in comments and votes. — 200_success 31 secs ago
So, basically, you say that you don't want your code reviewed, but this is actually a Code Review question in disguise. — 200_success 54 secs ago
10:58 PM
Speaking of C++, I'll need to be learning it soon...
I keep getting these sideways looks from one of our lead devs. He wants to poach me I think.
Q: Answering a JavaScript question with jQuery

SirPythonSay someone writes a question about some JavaScript code that does not use jQuery. Then, someone comes along to write a review. In their review, the first thing they write is that the OP should use jQuery. Maybe they include a specific reason, or maybe they just say it will help overall. Then, ...

Looks like you need some jQuery...
@Quill codereview.stackexchange.com/q/96932/36366 You said you thought this was off-topic. You left no comment, made no close vote... and didn't make very much of a convincing case in here either.
@RubberDuck Remember: rule of 5 when you have to, rule of 0 when you can, never call functions in pairs.
11:15 PM
3 answers in 4 minutes, we have a hot meta. =;)-
And I killed chat...
I'm still here.
11:32 PM
Aaaah! So many chatrooms opened!!
@nhgrif eek!
@nhgrif ewww
Ignore the if/else blocks, it's quadruple nested closures.
query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock {
    // do stuff
    query.getObjectInBackgroundWithId("\(currentCourse)") {
        // do stuff
        votes!.saveInBackgroundWithBlock {
            // do stuff
            query.getObjectInBackgroundWithId("\(userId)") {
                // do stuff
                votes!.saveInBackgroundWithBlock {
                    // do stuff
@nhgrif *pukes*
11:38 PM
@nhgrif ............. but.... why?
Because people who use Parse.com are idiots.
And it's made worse by the fact that Parse can't just use delegation. And that's probably because it's a singleton.
Hey @bazola
@nhgrif Hmm. I take it Parse.com is a tool abused by beginners used to make awful apps?
Parse.com is some tool that lets you host a database and sort of automatically builds an API endpoint for you
Oh. Okay.
You could write this in a fraction of the code, by consolidating some of your very similar lines. We can give you suggestions about how to do this on codereview.stackexchange.com, although these suggestions would be out of scope for StackOverflow. Don't worry - you're doing great and we were there too. — La-comadreja 52 secs ago
11:48 PM
@Duga Nice, would like to see more like that one!

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