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4:00 PM
And here I am, frustrated for 15 minutes and wondering why my generics doesn't work, and then I see that it didn't extend the class it should
4:03 PM
4:06 PM
jo napot
are we nuts?
I guess you're just bored :)
All the good ones are gone... So hey @Janos.
4:07 PM
I'm coding, how can I be bored?
I stand corrected ^
> You've earned the "Good Question" badge (Question score of 25 or more) for "Down with FizzBuzz... LOL"
I was actually contemplating all last week about posting a fizzbuzz in lolcode
translate: 안녕하세요
@Mat'sMug - the lolcode question got me thinking (some more), and it appears that clearly you do not need to be an expert, or even familiar with a language in order to review it. Is this something that can be leveraged in some way?
4:16 PM
@rolfl we could try to get monkeys to review code. Oh wait, it's already happening
waht do u meanz?
just that, can we encourage more people to review languages they are not familiar with?
People are 'boxed' in to their corners.... why?
that question and its answers should be the ultimate proof!
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

PhrancisMeme: hello / hi / hey there Originator: Bored Code Reviewers Cultural height: The 2nd Monitor Background: Core Reviewers like to greet each other in chat, and most of the time it's just a casual "Hello" then "Hi @someone". But on days of high activity, some unusual things can happen... Or....

4:20 PM
@rolfl I think if there was some way that general programming principles for similar programming languages could be put together in one place... for example Java, C#, C++... it would allow people who know less about one and more about the other to venture into unknown territory
Or JavaScript, PHP... etc.
Reviewing some other languages is hard ()
@Phrancis Thing is, they're actually pretty damn different when you get into a lot of the details
there are a lot of "No Action Necessary" going on here...... codereview.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/history
4:27 PM
the other day I reviewed C# code by accident, because it looked like Java
But there has to be some unifying principles at least that apply to multiple languages, right?
can we suggest a review of a reviewer?
Q: Does this code avoid SQL injection?

TomI have the following PHP code but I'm unsure, based on the many things I've read, whether or not this is actually safe from an SQL injection attack. $mysqli = new mysqli("address.address.address", "username", "password", "database"); /* check connection */ if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { prin...

@Malachi votes and comments
or... you mean the review queues?
Hey @All
Anyone ever seen anything like this?
4:32 PM
Q: Can we suggest a review of a reviewer? or an evaluation of a person using the review queue heavily?

MalachiOn this review, the user selected No Action Needed @rolfl edited this question after the review was done where the user Normally I wouldn't say anything but this user is going through a lot of reviews today, and a good portion of them are No Action Needed and from that post it was obvious that...

Hey @CodeX
Hello @Phrancis :)
@CodeX wtf?
Windows Vista Home..
Q: Teaching a programming class - is my example game well written?

TimoI'll soon begin teaching a beginners' programming class. It's voluntary, so I thought I'd make it interesting by teaching Python programming and then introduce the kids to Pygame, so that they can make their own games. To try out Pygame (I've never used it before) and to see exactly how easy it i...

4:34 PM
> You've earned the "Convention" badge (10 posts with score of 2 on meta).
3 x 8192 resolution...
Doesn't look like example code to me, maybe this line lead to confusion?
$mysqli = new mysqli("address.address.address", "username", "password", "database");
4:37 PM
@Phrancis He gets the variable to bind after?
Thats wrong
Seems ok according to RTFM... :
/* create a prepared statement */
if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT District FROM City WHERE Name=?")) {
    /* bind parameters for markers */
    $stmt->bind_param("s", $city);
    /* execute query */
    /* bind result variables */
    /* fetch value */
Q: Can we suggest a review of a reviewer? or an evaluation of a person using the review queue heavily?

MalachiOn this review, the user selected No Action Needed @rolfl edited this question after the review was done where the user Here you can see the amount of times this user has used the No Action Needed button to get credit for a review, I haven't looked at all of these, but it looks rather fishy to...

@CaptainObvious cool teacher who asks for code review first
Although the bind_result and execute are in reverse order in the manual, not sure if that would make much diff
Q: Property Naming for NumberOfTeams

mateocI have a DTO object (LeagueParameters) with different parameters (properties) that dictates how a League should be created. One of these properties is for the number of teams to be created. I have thought of many names for this property but I am not 100% satisfied with this name. I am not sure if...

4:41 PM
@Phrancis Ill answer
Go for it
@Donald.McLean IKR, I have never seen a message like it!
@Phrancis I answered but im a bit drunk.. :/
@CodeX it looks good, I'll fix your grammatical errors ;)
@Phrancis Thanks lol
4:51 PM
> Not sure if this is appropriate. I think it's funny though and may attract some attention.
Well we don't really need more attention on that question.
and it makes a "PLZ REVIEW MAH CODEZ" title... rejecting
4:54 PM
> Titles akin to "Please review my code" shouldn't be encouraged, sorry - would have been nice *for this post though, but given the current exposure...*
@Mat'sMug Not a fan of it.
^^ agreed
@Mat'sMug That code reads like a book... I like it
@CodeX I'll take whatever hard cider you have on tap.
@CodeX Humm are you sure you are reading books ? :P ;)
4:56 PM
@Donald.McLean Haha, its beer day..
@CodeX I'll second that.
@Marc-Andre I only read books when drunk..
@CodeX Sorry, but I don't like beer.
@Donald.McLean A nice scrumpy coming up!
RepZ just went to 621!
I think I'll get me a good IPA tonight, haven't had one in a while
4:58 PM
I have to go, your distracting me from alcohol consumption..
Have fun all, enjoy your weekend!
@CodeX Not familiar with that brand. I'll have to see if I can find some.
@Mat'sMug I would also reject that
beer lovers might be interested in this kickstarter.com/projects/1965699311/…
@CodeX have you seen what reads like?
( is much funnier though)
A: Who represents Wil Wheaton in "Big Bang Theory"?

CalvinI generally take characters on shows to be a different instance of the same person, that is, the name doesn't matter, but in the context of the show the actor is that same actor but in the context of the parallel universe developed for the show. Let's use object orientated because that is freaki...

5:08 PM
i am uncertain if i should be voting to close this question, it seems like it might be off topic for CR: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/61424/…
hi @cimmanon!
@Malachi I edited your meta question a bit, I hope you don't mind.
Hello @cimmanon
@cimmanon so... much... teexxxtttt!!!!
yeah, it is a lot of text ><
If you've never felt a strong urge to smash Eclipse, you ain't been using it enough -- twitter.com/janosgyerik/status/505373856878841858
5:14 PM
Use it a lot, never been there ^^^
We need a hashtag on twitter... How about #codereview ? or #2ndmonitor ?
I used #CodeReview earlier.
@cimmanon it seems like a bit of a grey area... some code obviously can be reviewed, but design concerns seem off-topic...
#codereview for the more serious things and #2ndmonitor for... the rest :)
5:15 PM
^^^ that.
yeah, thats what i thought
@cimmanon if it comes up in the close queue, I'm skipping it. ..
In case you missed it :) :
LOLCODE makes it's debut on Code Review - Down with FizzBuzz… LOL http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/61416/31503?stw=2
@Phrancis Design concerns are not officially off-topic. They're not exactly officially entirely on-topic either though. Although perhaps I shouldn't say anything, I haven't read the question
5:17 PM
1408 views now
@rolfl I see no hashtag
Posted wrong link.....
@Mat'sMug Share some views!!
haha funny
@MsRebeccaBlack - Join us for #FridayReviewChat in The 2nd Monitor (#CodeReview): http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/the-2nd-monitor - nice folk there!
5:18 PM
@rolfl that would fit better as #2ndmonitor :)
Q: Can I make these loops more efficient?

user759I wanted to write a function to generate only unpronounceable words. I realised afterwards that the same thing could probably be achieved by just taking out the vowels. Regardless, I feel that there is probably a better way to iterate through the syllable checking. function unpronouncable(length...

Q: Compare / Join two object collections LINQ

thatkindofmattI have two csv files that I am needing to compare and merge together. There is a 'big' list with many records and columns of data and a 'small' list of the desired records and some additional data. The ultimate goal is to output the records on the small list joined with the data in the big list. ...

Q: How to decouple tests from implementation and increase their resilience?

Caster TroyI have read on numerous occasions that tests should not be coupled to implementation details - this makes perfect sense. Now I am having some trouble decoupling my tests from implementation details and am kindly asking for some help. The relative portion of the repository that I am testing loo...

woah @CaptainObvious you should warn us before doing that!
#savecharacters #youonlyget160ofthem
WOT (wall of text).
@NeilFein currently they are active on Stack Overflow, Super User, Programmers and Server Fault. — Rory Mar 29 '13 at 12:34
@Phrancis I can do it:
@SimonAndréForsberg isn't it 140?
@Mat'sMug #correct #160fortheprofileijustfilledout
I must blame #2ndmonitor to drag me to return to twitter !
5:24 PM
Thanks @Monkey
And @SimonAndréForsberg :)
too many good questions tonight
Is Code Review SE really tweeting about a meta question ? I was sure that it was the type of questions to be tweeted...
@Marc-Andre which one?
What's the point of voting on "questions"? http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/q/2386?atw=1
5:31 PM
And I click on Twitch instead of twitter and I'm at work...
I think @StackCodeReview just beat all of us in the number of followers...
maybe even all of us combined
^^ and that's a good thing!
We need MsRebeccaBlack in here! Maybe she can beat @StackCodeReview
Hmmmm, random SO rep today.
5:41 PM
Every time I come across a static ToString method on an object instead of an Object.ToString override, I die a little inside :|
Have never used Twitter.
I have, but never tweeted
@Donald - I joined in 2012, posted once.... then posted twice again today.
@DanLyons Here's where that quote about two "things in this universe are infinite" quote would be appropriate.
I think my ebay profile is better though....
joined in 2003, never used it,...
5:52 PM
@Phrancis I don't mind a good trimming around the ears
^^ or do we want that?
Why does stack overflow have fizzbuzz questions?
I wonder how could be implemented in ...
Good god...... how can you not get fizzbuzz to work?
Q: does ordering matter in if else statements for fizz buzz?

tingytongI Just did the fizz buzz test, but i did it differently that the answer below. I put the first "if " statement (i.e., i%3===0 && i%5===0) as my last "else if" statement instead and for some reason it didn't work. My logic is the same however. Does anyone know why it doesn't work? Does it really m...

5:54 PM
You'd be surprised at the things interviewees cannot do :P
@RubberDuck Never underestimate overestimate SO users!
@SimonAndréForsberg wtf @CaptainObvious?
@Mat'sMug Challenge Accepted! (when I have time) remind me later
Are there really 10 more languages where someone on CR has not made a FizzBuzz in??
IDK, but then after that we can potentially close all the new ones as dupes :)
1496 1498 1499 1502 views..
I wonder how many visitors browse the site further, and how many don't have a CR account and are creating one today...
6:03 PM
10%, 90%, 1%
If I had to guess.
@Phrancis Travesty. Someone should fix that.
(Not really)
Thanks for setting me straight @Doorknob meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/238765/2
Maybe I can make one in ...
LOL sigh
hey, I still have stars.
I ran out of stars at 10:30 this morning...
6:09 PM
I star my ass off but I've never run out yet
@rolfl oh, I'm out..
Huh, I am close to a popular question badge (my first) on codereview.stackexchange.com/q/61248/31503
^^ "stolen" question!
too bad Santa can't come twice ;)
I'm not expecting votes (already @max today).
6:11 PM
that was a ho-ho-ho-napalm for me, who knows when
@rolfl not so good timing to post that now ;)
But, it has 962 967 views.
and there is a badge at 1000 ;-)
I'm at +185 for the day!
so impatient, you are
(+130 out of )
I'm still waiting for 4 generous souls to stumble on my popular question.
6:13 PM
Hmm, I'm at +133 for today... expected to be higher.
which one, I'm a generous soul
I'm writing answers for posting tomorrow
So, I'm a little jealous of that shiny silver badge Mug got today.
what silver did he get?
6:13 PM
@janos and with that star I am out of ammo
+25 on a question => [badge:good-question]
What is it, good questin?
That's the one.
@Malachi ... that means that you already have tried to apply another one...
@SimonAndréForsberg I was going to keep the star curtain going
How many stars do we have per day?
6:15 PM
@RubberDuck oh yes that's quite precious
@SimonAndréForsberg the Star Curtain I am talking about -> chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/conversation/star-curtain
@janos Yeah. I'm gonna be waiting for a while I think.
@Malachi I tried to stretch the curtain as far as I could
Thanks @Santa. 3 more.
6:18 PM
@janos LOL Nice!
Socratic badge, that would be quite something
Q: Android persistent cookie support using Volley and HttpUrlConnection

Santiago AceñolazaI need to add support for persistent cookies on an Android app that I'm building for Authentication/Authorization. This app uses Volley for making HTTP requests and it's minSdkVersion is set to 9. Therefore Volley uses HttpUrlConnection internally and so what I had to do is create a new java.net....

I am so far away from socratic I think it will make people sick if I try to get it.
Hell, I am not yet half-way to Inquisitive.
JavaDeveloper did make Pimgd sick :)
Not just Pimgd
6:21 PM
@rolfl Imagine if I try to get it (with the usual length of my questions...)
^^^ I'll send a request to the SE Devs to upgrade the hardware.
Tenacious and Unsung Hero are pretty much unreachable on this site, which is a good thing
@rolfl Just don't tell them to increase the 30K limit, I think I need that limit.
those were my first silver and gold on SO
@janos I just hope we can exterminate the Tumbleweed badge as well
6:23 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg wow, that does happen around here?
@Mat'sMug I'll star it for you! (And me)
@SimonAndréForsberg yeah I was looking at that, surprised...
/away dinner time
6:27 PM
@janos Ditto: stackoverflow.com/users/1305253/rolfl?tab=badges - and Tumbleweed was my second bronze.
Here's one potential tumbleweed:
Q: Neighbours from point connections

JohnI am working with a mesh of points (in 3d, although I doubt it makes a difference). The mesh is given as list of lists, each list containing the three vertices of a triangle in said mesh: for example: 0 2 6 0 12 15 2 66 10234 I want to find the neighbours of each point, i.e. to have an array ...

tumbleweed zombie
And I've been wanting to review this for a while
Q: How do I interrupt a ServerSocket#accept() and shut down a multi-threaded socket server?

WojtekI have got here a work-in-progress piece of code here that does multi threaded communication via sockets. I am using a poison pill to shut it down. It is a local port number. Is there a better way to shut it down gracefully? import java.io.IOException; import java.io.OutputStream; import java.ne...

(I just upvoted it now)
Oh, never saw that one.....
@rolfl Feel free to review it :)
6:32 PM
Not today.
Also feel free to improve my SEDE query
@SimonAndréForsberg any idea why the CR link only shows up as a url on FB?
@Mat'sMug What CR link?
on my wall
What's FB .... ? ;-)?
6:36 PM
Twitter's big brother ;)
@Mat'sMug Because you didn't wait for it to load the URL info before you posted it? Try again
.. I'll try from my desktop tonight
Yay! +200!
(not capped yet though)
@RubberDuck RSA
6:39 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg, you should post your query for review, then we would let it become a Tumbleweed
anybody has experience using a Stack Overflow clone?
nope. why would anyone use that?
I'd like one at work
for internal Q & A
@janos - @Simon is using one now.
6:44 PM
oh nice
Q: Will my workplace benefit from a stack exchange clone on the intranet?

janosI am thinking of proposing to setup a stack exchange clone at our company intranet. The idea is to have a place where anybody can ask a question about anything work related, especially about our IT systems, in-house software, internal processes and whatnot. However, I am concerned that the syste...

What is "personal" about that productivity?
(q) => q.MoveTo(WorkPlace.SE)
6:46 PM
@Phrancis Seen the 'Tags' column on Posts table?
@rolfl I vaguely remember that site used to have a different name, maybe
something that made more sense
back when I posted there, ages ago
If you format it as Tags as [Tags] it formats it nicely too.
@rolfl actually, I had not. Good advice
@janos I find that the biggest problem about using it is that NO ONE IS VOTING ON IT! (i.e. a bit the same problem as CR has)
> (i.e. a bit the same problem as CR has had)
6:47 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg how big is your audience?
@janos around 5 people :)
15 if you exclude @Simon ;-)
how long have you been using it?
6:49 PM
Why so surprised?
about a month. it works well. there is a small issue with spam users continously registring though
^^ not a problem in a workplace.
I setup a different one, OSQA: osqa.net
there's definitely a good demand, I just have to make sure to select the best possible tool
wow, question2answer has only 32 commits so far
by contrast, osqa no commits this year
6:55 PM
Q: A tuple unpacking macro that approximates python elegance

NobodyMotivation Although I love coding in C++, I sometimes yearn for the syntactic sugar of python. C++11 has somewhat eased the pain by such beautiful analogies like this: # python for i in [1, 5, 7]: // C++11 for(auto i: {1, 5, 7}) Unfortunately, C++ puts an end to this as soon as you want to d...

@janos Would like one too, but didn't find anything near the quality of Stack Exchange
@Marc-Andre yeah it's far from it, I miss a lot of things, but it's good enough, and much better than nothing
@janos which one are you using ?
but I'll try to find better
something actively developed would be better
And I guess it's hard to find. Atlassian a Q&A platform but I guess you want something open-source or "free".
7:11 PM
@Marc-Andre Atlassian has something?
we're already considering JIRA + Confluence
so if they have something similar, that can be interesting
yeah, lookin'...
"Confluence Questions"
thanks @Marc-Andre, I think we have a winner
I've always been a fan of Atlassian products, and got often rejected for budgetary reasons
but this time it might actually work
Nice! Glad for you! I will wait to see if you find good/usefull before proposing it at my work!
We hacked one together on google apps. It's not very good, but does ok for our couple hundred users.
Sure ain't pretty though.
@Marc-Andre at my work, after a brief run, OSQA got shot down in favor of SharePoint (!?!??! yes), which then didn't work out, and now many people want it back
7:18 PM
Ugh. Business people love their Micro$oft...
@RubberDuck yeah, but apparently there's a limit
@janos Yeah well I'm an avid Stack Exchange and we have a lot of trouble to communicate our expertise. I think it would help to have a "bank" of domain knowledge.
it ain't over yet, but it does look like that an SE clone can beat down the SharePoint lovers
I'm out all. Going for a ride. Bbl when I run our upgrades.
@Marc-Andre Totally. Ping me after a few weeks and I can tell you if I could sell the idea
enjoy the ride!
7:21 PM
@janos Good thanks a lot!
thank you, for telling me about CQ (Confluence Questions)!
and thanks @SimonAndréForsberg for question2answers. CQ might be a bit steep, so I might very well have to evaluate cheaper alternatives
Q: Loading gif form on a Windows console app using threads

JWileyI have a main form which does processing for an extended period of time. Normally, progress bars are used to show either the loading status or simply show the program is still running/hasn't freezed. For this form, I wanted to give it a more snazzy look by reusing a common loading gif found on ...

Q: Python cleanup request

Vimal KarsanI was doing this exercise from http://cscircles.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/15c/, I made a solution work but can't help feel it could have been done in fewer lines, i'm quite new to python so i'm not too sure of the little shortcuts, any tips on making my code more efficient would be much appreciated - her...

7:41 PM
@TopinFrassi was that just a paste error with tabs?
I'm reluctant to approve edits that touch OP's code, consider a comment instead - indentation is review material :)
8:01 PM
@Jamal, I saw that tag and wasn't sure it was right for the question.. thank you
@Haney do votes count as feedback? — Mat's Mug 6 secs ago
what is up with this? is it really a code review? codereview.stackexchange.com/q/44047/18427 tempted to flag this......
@janos - nice answer:
A: Handling large images efficiently (to avoid OutOfMemoryError)

janosThis looks like a bug: while ((halfHeight / inSampleSize) > dstWidth && (halfWidth / inSampleSize) > dstWidth) { You probably meant this way: while ((halfHeight / inSampleSize) > dstHeight && (halfWidth / inSampleSize) > dstWidth) { In onDestroy you call bitmap1.recycle(...

@Malachi Don't flag it
I am thinking Community Wiki
8:07 PM
@rolfl please save upvotes for tomorrow....
it seems like a better fit for programmers, it's about a concept or argument about Magic Numbers, and not about a review of real code.
no offense @janos
@Malachi none taken
@Malachi I don't consider it off-topic for CR
In fact, I think it is an excellent CR question.
Simple, but oh yet so common problem
I understand it's a tough call. I was surprised it got so many votes, probably because it's a common "problem"
the downvotes are not surprising
8:16 PM
@janos talk about views!
good candidate for a Famous Question
Hmm, MS Access comes pre-loaded with some quite nice sample applications. I should learn this stuff
@janos it's now linked to the sole CR question (1740 views now), it probably gained a couple more views today :)
@Mat'sMug how come it's linked?
@janos I think no one really had thought about it before and then realized "Oh, why haven't I thought of that before?"
8:23 PM
@janos blame the duck:
Just making sure you weren't suggesting this. codereview.stackexchange.com/q/44047/41243RubberDuck 5 hours ago
> 100 should be a constant with a name that describes its meaning. Something like FIZZBUZZLIMIT or MAXFIZZBUZZNUMBR.
@Mat'sMug a-ha!
yay, halfway to [badge:favorite-question]!
except in fizzbuzz HUNDRED would be a terrible name for the upper limit
lol yeah
it should be a super user question, and this answer would get upvoted! codereview.stackexchange.com/a/55895/18427 LOL
8:27 PM
yeah, I upvoted that one
it's really about SONAR bugging you about that number and that answer gives you the solution
in the end, I gave it a name, because it can be useful to find the occurrences where we use it, and git grep HUNDRED gives more useful results than git grep 100
> Found 100 instances of 100
@Mat'sMug in part. It's not some hard and fast arbitrary secret formula or rule I'm hiding. I just don't want to advocate turning it on if only 5 of you want it. If it seems nobody has anything really bad to say about it, and a bunch of you are for it, then we'll probably flip the switch here once released. — Haney ♦ 2 mins ago
1776 views => [badge:independent-question]
9:12 PM
@Mat'sMug What'd I do?
Oh. That. Totally my fault.
1847 views.. I think I might get to 2.5K within 24 48 (let's be conservative) hours!
I think it will
Q: Stack-based mini-stack, is there anything that can be improved

JohanI've created a MiniStack to assist in removing recursion from routines using a manual stack. Obviously if the stack is an object it lives on the heap and its creation and destruction takes a significant amount of time. Therefore any heap based option is out for loops that create and destroy the T...

no CR Reputation today.....whoa! I hate Reports!
bah, TTGH
9:24 PM
cya Mug
@Mat'sMug latah
omg, the starred article linked by @Yuushi is amazing
Isn't it?
Nice Answer Badge! Thanks Santa Bomber
9:34 PM
aight, TTGTB
see ya all tomorrow

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