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12:03 AM
RELOAD, and, +194 yesterday .... :( and :)
@rolfl I feel guilty right now for not upvoting your answer in time :(
@rolfl I should totally downvote you now.
Oh wait, I can't downvote.
What would I do on bad days if SO didn't have such a massive amount of things to downvote?
A lot.
@SimonAndréForsberg ^ Same middle name.
@hichris123 We must be related.
12:08 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Hmmm... I'm wondering now if that account is a sock of yours. ;)
he has a double name though, not a middle name :)
$10 he's from Qc
Perhaps it's @Marc-Andre ?
not green enough
OK, so Kermit is out then...
12:10 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because SO is for professional and enthusiast programmers who are expected to demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem at hand, including attempted solutions of their own. — David Zemens 11 hours ago
Looks like some people miss the old close reasons.
@RubberDuck Shall I scream discuss nicely with him?
oh wow
I don't know about the Visual basic, can you please fix this one for me — user3247629 13 hours ago
Yay, my first close vote on SO!
@Mat'sMug Wait, you have 3k rep on SO? downvotes
Actually you're going to regret this, as I'm going to poke you to close questions. ;)
@Mat'sMug I'm afraid it won't be your last...
12:16 AM
@hichris, no. I miss the old close reasons too.
@hichris123 - cough cough.
@rolfl slowly backs away
Q: Android "Search" Activity and corresponding XML

user3968848Below is an Android Activity and corresponding XML layout. The function of the class is to search an SQLite database to show results to the user. Can I get a review of the code quality? This is my first Android app so feedback would be greatly appreciated as I do not know standard Android/Java ...

Hmmm @Santa must be looking at rofl's one away query.
12:18 AM
that question could do with more answers @hichris123 ;-)
@rolfl Putting it on my to-do list. Right now, I'm going to get back to reading for my homework.
'cause I've already procrastinated enough. :P
@hichris123 VTC'd
@hichris123 on hold
@rolfl :)
CR has a new trusted user!
congrats @JeroenVannevel!
@hichris123 seems funny/interesting that even though you like to hang here, you have zero activity on CR ;) you should try your hand at it, much more fun than SO
@Phrancis hope you don't mind the edit:
> Meme: @CaptainObvious (the bot formerly known as @StackExchange)
I find it offensive @Mat'sMug
12:26 AM
hi @Yuushi!
@Phrancis Agreed!
hi @Mat'sMug
@Phrancis I will, I will!
I promise.
But I'm doing my World History reading right now. :P
Smart thinking
Okay, back to work.
12:31 AM
..and a new 2K user too:
As of last SEDE update...

20K: 7/3=233% | 10K: 17/10=170% | 3K: 60/80=75% | 2K: 87/120=72.5%
AvgAvidUserRep: 654.97
SiteRep: 1,813,109 (62.64% to avid users)

20K: 0/3=0% | 10K: 12/10=120% | 3K: 68/80=85% | 2K: 119/120=99.17%
AvgAvidUserRep: 904.7
SiteRep: 1,538,653 (70.91% to avid users)
12:47 AM
@Mat'sMug Have you seen how easy it is to earn reputation on PCG?
1 answer, 600+ votes? isn't there a part of luck?
I like the not-so-subliminal hint:
> Personally, the more questions someone has asked (without also reviewing), the less I tend to up-vote their questions.
Personally, I've never really understood the purpose of PCG ...
Guess it beats downvoting posts on SO if you're really bored
@Phrancis I guess that's it!
I guess if you want to win every Code Golf question, just write your answer in
12:55 AM
12:56 AM
This kind of answer is just ridiculous IMO:
A: BrainF***edBotsForBattling - A Brainf*** Tournament

Sean DDon't Understand I don't know what's going on, so I've chose some good looking lines from other programs (>)*9 nine noses ( open bracket >--> a fish (>+>-) I'm watching you >+ headless man ) close that bracket I'm confident of success

And an attempt at being humorous.
It's an offense against true brainfuck programmers!
... if there really can be such a thing
Anyways, TTGTB here
+60 today already, thanks to all the santas!
Bye Simon!
1:04 AM
You're welcome
@Simon I'll be convinced that has a place on CR when someone reviews that.
I am truly impressed with it though.
> "Call of Duty: we're on a mission" was titled as such because it was a call.. of duty.. to members of the site that cared about CR and wanted to embark on that mission. Making the parallel with the game was the one single right thing to do, and further gamified the site, and guess what? It worked.
> This isn't about CoD, it's about making CR fun and successful. No offense was ever intended.
Won't stay long! But it's not me ;)
But pretty sure he's from Qc too :p
@rolfl posted+removed, the vacuum cleaner only updated after I posted it :/
@Marc-Andre hey there
Night everyone!
Just pass to say this
1:10 AM
Almost done with work.
So many Canadians
No star for lol
^^ take that
1:18 AM
^^ lol
in Discussion between rolfl and sampablokuper, 3 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
As the author of the "Call of Duty" post, I have to mention, that the title "Call of Duty: we're on a mission" was chosen primarily because it was a call... of.. duty, following-up on our first site review by a Community Manager - you'd know that if you read the whole context of the thing. It just so happened that a parallel was easy to make with the game, turning questions into zombies. The early "memes" were all CoD-inspired ("headshot", "killcam", "napalm strike", etc.).
^^ wow that's good
1:22 AM
@rolfl looks like @Mat'sMug needs help... ;)
1:24 AM
@hichris123 how?
@Mat'sMug It only works on chat.mSE.
1:26 AM
Hold on a second...
in Blame testing!, 14 secs ago, by hichris123
Hi people, any knowers of Lua here?
If so, might you help me with this question?
You should be thankful I'm not trying to break your room. badp did that once... we had to get balpha to fix it.
puts on steel-toed shoe
Oh wait, I can't kick other mods...
1:30 AM
^^ that. we went looking for the same menu!
@Jamal Oh, you asked for it.
Bring It
...uh, my Internet crapped-out for a second.
1:31 AM
@Jamal lies.
@Kroltan hi! welcome to The 2nd Monitor! ..it's ... not always like this :)
(I know no Lua)
This is what happened when badp decided to play with things:
in Charcoal HQ, Apr 19 at 0:19, by badp
The situation where this room seems stuck on MSO short of a low level database change
Q: Optimizing Javascript Canvas heightmap drawing

Danie ClawsonI am working on random terrain generation, in Javascript. I want to be able to render color-coded height maps from the data, using Canvas. Currently I have a working function: this.makeGraphicHeightMap = function() { var drawStart = new Date(), canvas = document.createElement("canvas"), ...

1:43 AM
2:03 AM
Q: Better way to read Xml attribute values to compare them with given values?

would_like_to_be_anonThis is my Sample code which reads generated Xml and compares attribute value with given input value. The attribute to compare will be in the following formats: Pty[I=4]@ID Rsp@RespTyp Node[OptionalChildCondition]@Attribute (to compare) based on that I need to get down to the attribut...

@CaptainObvious off-topic
whoops, meant the next question (f#) to come through
Q: Save file from web api request

user1206480Any one want to take a stab at this code and convert it to F#. I tried but ran into issues trying to translate some of the LINQ and async functionality. Basically this code will grab a file in the request from a web api action and then save it to the server. It's probably not as efficient as it...

Q: c++ Implmentation of inheritable pImpl idiom and MVC pattern

hailstoneI am trying to write an object "template" that use pImpl and MVC pattern to encapsulate everything not specific to the object. The following is how I tried to attempt it. I am sure that the code smells (if not stinks) but can't tell what's wrong with the design. So I would like to know what bett...

1 hour later…
3:36 AM
Q: Python code for detecting a single item moved in a list

Doug T.I need to write a function that takes an original list of unique values and a resulting list ie [0,1,2,3] [0,3,1,2] and detect that only a single element was moved then report exactly what was moved where. If the resulting list is not the result of moving exactly one item from source to desti...

Q: Better paradigms for posting JSON from a table?

Kai HendryI am building a table based interface where users can update the rows by pressing a button. Perhaps there is better way of doing this, without pressing a button, i.e. post on textarea change. My requirement is that it's the LEAST amount of Javascript possible, without being cryptic. For example,...

Soooo, I start college tomorrow.
I'm not sure how that is going to affect my presence on this site though.
I'd be really bummed if I was so busy that I couldn't be considered a "regular" anymore.
Dang it, I always seem to miss the @Pops talks.
Anyways, bright and early for me tomorrow as I move in.
Hopefully I shall return!
Hi there, @syb0rg!
Congratulations on your impending matriculation!
@Pops How does the mouth feel?
3:50 AM
You will, and you will still be one of the regulars, just drop by once in a while
Pretty much all better. Lidocaine is weird. It's almost completely effective for hours, and then over five minutes it wears off. No gradual tapering off at all.
(That is probably not news to anyone but me.)
^^ did not know that either
Pops, it is the alternative (without the licodaine) that concerns me more.
Oh, yeah, I'm not playing that game.
So, by that measure, licodaine is great!
@syb0rg - all the best in the morning.
3:57 AM
I would like to also give a thank-you shout-out to the topical anesthetic that went on my gums before the lidocaine was injected.
Well, I should probably get to bed. Bye!
(or pull an all nighter starting it off by watching Godzilla)
@rolfl Thanks!
I went under full general when my wisdoms were removed.
I was grateful.... but my jaw still clicks.
@syb0rg yeah sleep :p
Well don't ping him then!
Crap. lol
too used to having the ping sound off
I've had the displeasure of being prescribed hydrocodone on Monday... I hate this crap. When you're awake you feel sluggish... and when you try to sleep, you keep waking up every hour because of weird dreams. Bleh.
1 more day on it to go...
4:05 AM
breath easy .... literally.
@rolfl Same...although I had 6 wisdom teeth
@Yuushi Meh, that's nothing: bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-28437829
@rolfl The Dr who operated on me said he'd taken out 13 wisdom teeth before, but yeah, that's...disturbing
Dr. who, or Dr. Who?
Meh, it's bed time for me.
I didn't know the sonic screwdriver could extract teeth. ;P
4:56 AM
shrewd insight by new user:
A: Simple JavaScript Backbone.Js tool to highlight multiple search terms

Ihab KhattabOne quick note (I'm so sorry I have no chance to read the full code) please be careful when using reference values (i.e object and arrays) in defaults, let me show you one example of how this could be turned into an unexpected behavior: A = Backbone.Model.extend({defaults:{arr: ['a', 'b']}}) a =...

please encourage him with votes!
5:46 AM
thank you Santas!
Which, of course Evik, is a good and common recommendation whenever posting code: it focuses the reader on the issue at hand. It seems to me the likes of @Jamal and 200_success don't spend a lot of time demonstrating code or asking or offering help with these things. Now... can one of you please reopen the blimin' question (I don't have sufficient points on this site to vote to reopen I'm afraid). And moderator guys... perhaps spend less time finding ways to to assert your meagre authority (which impresses no-one), instead focusing on helping people like the rest of us are trying to do. — Adam Cameron 4 mins ago
6:05 AM
Q: Need help to optimise my C# code

Alan MontefioreI have a section of my code that seems to take a while during processing. Basically rawArray contains ~1.5 million rows and tempArray has around 1000 rows. I can see why it's slow as for each of the 1.5 million rows it has to loop through the tempArray and look for a match. Any hints for optimisi...

6:26 AM
Q: Private static class methods in c++. Does they make sense?

undefined heroIs there any sense of creating private static class methods in cpp? Isnt it nicer to put it as static function in .cpp definition file of a class? Are there any template trics wich can get use of them? Short example private static method header file class Foo { public: Foo(int one, int tw...

6:36 AM
A: Python code for detecting a single item moved in a list

mleyfmanOk, finally after some testing, I have an answer that works for all the given tests. The basic idea is to iterate through the values to find a difference, determine if it is a forward move or a backwards move, and then find where the move came from. 1 step at a time: To find a difference, we ...

Anyone have any suggestions to improve that?
Q: BouncyCastle Rijndael 256 Implementation

schnawel007I modified the implementation form this website Here is my code: package de.xxx.yyy.main; import static org.junit.Assert.*; import org.bouncycastle.crypto.BlockCipher; import org.bouncycastle.crypto.BufferedBlockCipher; import org.bouncycastle.crypto.DataLengthException; import org.bouncycas...

6:59 AM
ahahaha +22 on my first english question
@mleyfman i'll try to have a close look at your answer later tonight but i love this part "Moving backwards is the same thing as moving forwards in reverse"
@mjolka I have already found a mild bug, which prevents the code from detecting multiple moves, and am in the process of fixing...
He didn't test this, actually
@mleyfman i didn't understand your comment "Don't you still need to iterate through to find where the edit distance begins to find out the move indices?"
Well, I am sort of confused by what that code produces
It seems to just produce the distance between the edits
yep, that's what it does. it's not a solution, just the foundation for a solution
7:05 AM
> You've earned the "Generalist" badge (Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags).
Ok, so you would then iterate through again to find the beginning of the move in order to find the complete move sequence. That makes sense
right, "You can use the distance matrix computed by the following code to reconstruct the edit sequence"
@Vogel612 And monkey thought it would still be unlikely with all the meta tags gone. :-)
i think i was wrong about s = 2 though, i think it should be 3... or 4? anyway it's entirely possible there's a more efficient solution, just thought OP should know about edit distance as the problems seem very much related
@Jamal with the voting here, that's (if done right) 30 - 120 answers overall
depending on how much you are pimping ;)
7:09 AM
TTQW, night all :)
is it just me or is this not a review??
A: Python code for detecting a single item moved in a list

JnBrymnHere's my take. Nothing fancy. a=[10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19] b=[10,11,12,13,15,14,16,17,18,19] ##### def first_different_at(a,b): for i in range(min(len(a),len(b))): if a[i] != b[i]: return i return -1 def findMove(original,result): if len(original) != len(r...

Is it a full code rewrite?
Does it lack explanation?
Sounds like an incomplete review
Yeah... at least my answer explains a bit more.
@Pimgd problem is, all the others are a full rewrite, too..
but they are all "good answers" imo
7:36 AM
Chrome updated and now everything looks DIFFERENT
Q: How to disable DirectWrite in Google Chrome 37?

MichaelToday Google Chrome 37 got final and well... the fonts looking ugly. It looks unsharp like on most .NET programs. Is there a way to disable DirectWrite and get back to Chrome <= 36 font rendering? EDIT: To show you what I mean, I took two screenshots of this website: DirectWrite On: ...

7:57 AM
lol different is nice..
		JButton exitGameButton = new JButton("Exit") {
				addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
					public void actionPerformed(final ActionEvent e) {
						// Processing already happens in worker thread, no need
						// for invokeLater
										new WindowEvent(
												(SwingUtilities						.windowForComponent((Component) e.getSource())),
8:27 AM
Q: begin vs rbegin: how to avoid duplication?

user327843Can the display function be re-writtend to aoid duplication of the for_each loop? #include <iostream> #include <set> #include <algorithm> struct Widget { int id; Widget(int i) : id(i){} }; namespace std { template<> struct less<Widget *> { public: bool operator ()(W...

9:24 AM
@Vogel612 Ugh...
Morning my king.
Can't you... turn down the tab size, or is formatting messed up here?
@skiwi a bit of both.
it's a double brace initialized JButton on the third level of indentation
but it's not really working as planned..
because swing is not in the mood to repaint my MyFrame extends JFrame when I tell it to.
9:41 AM
Q: JavaScript function for taking Json data and formatting in to HTML table

Josh KirkpatrickHi i have written a Javascript function that takes JSON encoded data and then with conditionals formats that data in to a table. I asked this question not so long ago but that was just a snippet of this Better way to code these deeply nested / multiple if/else statements this is the full thing...

Q: Unusual comparision of object and string

anatoliiGI have pretty unusual situation (please, don't ask why) where I need to compare object which might be a string or double to string which might be a string or a double.ToString() . I've come up with something which really don't like. So please feel free to criticize it and suggest better solution:...

Q: Python Code Correction

Houssam7111def f(x): x = x + 1 print 'x =', x return x x = 3 z = f(x) print 'z =', z print 'x =', x Hi. I'm a noob at programming and started to learn in Python. A problem I keep encountering is an error message stating "Expected an indented block" specifically at line 2. It keeps highlighting the ini...

10:08 AM
Q: Open and closed doors riddle

AnirudhRiddle Description: N number of doors are closed , In first pass i open all of them , in 2nd pass i toggle every 2nd door , in 3rd pass i toggle every 3rd door , i continue it till Nth pass .. find all the doors that will remain open after N passes. public static void printDoorsOpened(int p...

Simon ;-)
Q: Open and closed doors riddle

AnirudhRiddle Description: N number of doors are closed , In first pass i open all of them , in 2nd pass i toggle every 2nd door , in 3rd pass i toggle every 3rd door , i continue it till Nth pass .. find all the doors that will remain open after N passes. public static void printDoorsOpened(int p...

> Please feel free to review it based on Best Practices, Style and any other efficient solution but please refrain from solely Style Based reviews.
@Mat'sMug thanks!
@rolfl Monkey
Monking @rolfl and @JeroenVannevel
10:13 AM
Monking @all.
@rolfl Honestly, I understand the OP. I feel that sometimes we focus a bit too much on simple style reviews around here.
What is gong on here...? I'm 100% sure I wrote some code, but I can nowhere find it back anymore.
And it's even under version control/github
@rolfl Are you writing up an answer for that?
@Simon that's true. There's a lot of style based reviews, but a lot of times they deserve it and other times there's just not much else to mention.
10:16 AM
Ah, no wonder I cannot find it back if I'm looking for the wrong file
@RubberDuck And I think that in those cases where there are not much else to mention, we should mention why we think the code is awesome
I'm an idiot
Bah, I think I'll write an answer either way @rolfl
We don't do nearly enough of that @Simon. I need to remember that myself.
In general, people reviewing code will focus on those issues that are most broken in your code. If the style makes the function of the code hard to review, the style will be the focus of the review. If everything is perfect in your code, and the the only perceived issue is with your style, then again it will most likely be the target of the review. It is a good thing that your style is not completely horrible here, but nor is your code perfect. — rolfl ♦ 9 secs ago
10:22 AM
Q: Python MySQLdb not refreshing database information

JustinI'm currently codiing a simple IRC moderator/utility bot. I plan to have a web interface that will easily update command data and whether or not the command is enable using a MySQL database to store most of the information. It is able to connect to the database and retrieve the data correctly. Ho...

> Sorry, I had a brain fart when I migrated.
People flag that on chat?
What a waste of my 3 seconds
Those seconds add up.
Incoming meta. I've got some wedding stuff to do. See you all later.
10:42 AM
Q: Should we spend a little more effort telling people what they've done right?

RubberDuckCode Reviews tend to be a bit of a negative thing. We spend a lot of time pointing out problems in other people's code (and rightfully so). However, a good code review also points out what was done well. Should we put more effort into telling people what they've done right too? What are the benef...

@RubberDuck "some wedding stuff"?
Q: Large arrays make runtime very slow

NajSo I have the following code that takes the input of two arrays, and apply some queries to match elements from DBpediaClassesArray with elements from YagoClassesArray, then it returns the number of elements that are similar in the two ArrayLists. Here is the code I use: public static void g...

@Jamal please grab a shot of these comments before killing 'em, looks like we got Episode II going on ;)
A: Open and closed doors riddle

PimgdIt's a factor detector! N = 12 Doors #1 through #12 Pass 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pass 2: 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 Pass 3: 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 Pass 4: 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 Pass 5: 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 Pass 6: 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 Pass 7: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 ...

Is that kind of answer correct?
Nuking the code with a simpler algorithm?
10:57 AM
Q: Is it a good practice to have static final field DUMMY in interfaces used as listeners?

Leonid SemyonovSorry for my English. Often I have to write classes implementing listener interfaces with empty methods bodies. For example: MyOnClickListener .java public interface MyOnClickListener { void onClick(); } and MyDummyOnClickListener .java public class MyDummyOnClickListener implements ...

@Mat'sMug Episode II ?
Remind me, what was Episode I ?
Or not.. was well handled anyway
E1 was "a new hope" ;)
@Mat'sMug wasn't E1 “a new disappointment”?
11:02 AM
Ah you made a mistake earlier
Q: How to best set default values?

Evik JamesI recently got into a discussion about the best way to set a couple of default values. I created two sample blocks that would have the same results. The "isDefined" function is specifically for ColdFusion, but another condition would work just as well. I use BLOCK ONE. I tend to set defaults an...

@Mat'sMug - what's the episode II ?
@amon actually... some phantom menace
@Pimgd Your answer looks like it's correct, but I don't see any proof that it will always be related to square roots
.... c-c-c-oldfusion?!
11:03 AM
flag it for mod attention if necessary.
Q: Post Mortems - Episode I: A new hope

Vogel612Prologue: A long long time ago (Apr. 17th, 16:00), in a galaxy far away, there was a stranger, seeking enlightenment. He came across a miraculous star named CodeReview in the deepest depths of the internet. He (maybe) read the rules of the planet, and then unboarded from his ...

The proof is simple?
^^ That was episode 1
@Pimgd Perhaps I'm just stupid
Not just yet. Is meta clear enough about "just changing the names"?
Any number divided by factors x*y is also by y*x
thus unless x and y are the same
it will be even amount
now lunch
I am late for lunch
11:08 AM
@Pimgd that is one smart conclusion!
and that was lunch
Yeah but I feel my answer needs some polishing
Q: Good IO library design

nablexA while ago I designed an IO library that tries to bridge the gap between sync & async I/O. The initial impetus was that I wanted to design some utilities that could work both with async and sync I/O and any type of content (bytes, chars,...). However the nio design of Buffer/Channel falls a bit...

Q: chekbox in asp.net mvc

flavyI want to develop a web application in asp.net mvc. I begin to do only question with check box without a database and i have some problems when users thick a box. i use @if but it doesn't work. Can you help me please. thank you

11:33 AM
@CaptainObvious I bet that question title toggles a red light in @rolfl's head
Not a chance ;-)
Amber, red lights are for other things.
A: Should we spend a little more effort telling people what they've done right?

nhgrifWhen someone asks about a very specific part of their code, I think one of three options are appropriate: Don't address it at all because you're not sure about that specific part. Address it and tell them how it could be better (because it needs work). Address it and relieve their concerns by t...

going to work.
A question about something ugly I'm doing...
Say I have this:
				throttlingThreadExecutor.submit(() -> {
And ThrottlingThreadExecutor extends ThreadPoolExecutor
    protected void beforeExecute(final Thread thread, final Runnable runnable) {
		System.out.println("burstAmount = " + burstAmount);
Will it do what I want it to do?
As in the beforeExecute, I want to have the update of throttlingThreadExecutor.startBurst(messages.size());
I might be better off just rewriting this bunch of code though...
aaand rewrote a bit of my answer so it's clearer
now we wait for it to go to hot questions
My english question went awesome, two silver badges =D
Q: In the word "Scent", is the S or the C silent?

PimgdSo I saw a post on a funny pictures site... "In the word "Scent", is the S or the C silent?" And I thought I could ask about it here. In particular, how does the pronunciation of "scent" differ from "cent" and "sent"? Small audio references would help me in particular.

12:10 PM
Q: using if else statements correctly

ApjuhI have the following code, but i'm looking for a way to make the code read easier. public void synchronizePageAndExcecuteVerifyNode() throws Exception { String nameTestcase = this.getClass().getSimpleName(); WriteTo.testgoal(nameTestcase, TestgoalState.nvt, ""); Boolean testDataGene...

Q: SQL Server 2012, monthly change query

colin.kaneNew to SQL and working on monthly change calculation. This is working for me but does not feel like the best syntax. Do you think this is fine or any suggestions. SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (CONVERT(varchar, effectivedate, 102)) ASC) Rn, CONVERT(varchar, effectivedate,...

> Dear Jeroen,

> I am looking for a C++/ Cobol analyst for a permanent position.
Anyone? Noooooo oooneeee?
Run run run run
No COBOL for me here thanks
@JeroenVannevel You're interested in it?
Funnily enough, I don't trust JAVA programmers, and I don't trust Cobol either.... it is COBOL, damnit!
@skiwi I'm not planning on using COBOL voluntarily
12:22 PM
You really need to watch out for people who use cobol and JAVA like that in the same sentence.
Oh wait.
Funnily enough I despise JAVA over Java more than cobol over COBOL
Q: chekbox in asp.net mvc

flavyI want to develop a web application in asp.net mvc. I begin to do only question with check box without a database and i have some problems when users thick a box. i use @if but it doesn't work. Can you help me please. thank you

a PICTURE of code
That's a new one
It's common on SO
Greetings, Programs.
Greetings, @Donald.McLean
12:28 PM
@rolfl Did you see this question on SciFi:
Q: Are the Battlestar Galactica deities Lords of Kobol references to a programming language?

CaterpillarIn the Battlestar Galactica universe, in both 1978 and 2004 instances, Kobol is the birthplace of humanity - from which the twelve (13?) colonies originally departed. One of the humanity's larger religions in the twelve colonies is a polytheistic faith worshipping 'the Twelve Lords of Kobol', a d...

Q: Java Query String Parser

Tapas BoseI have written a Query String Parser to Parse a given query string. Is there any enhancement I can do? /** * Class QueryStringParser is used to parse Query String and to get value(s) of * the given parameter key. * * @author TapasB */ public class QueryStringParser { private static cla...

I actually did use COBOL briefly. In some ways, COBOL gets a bad rap. The language itself is no worse than FORTRAN or Pascal, but some of the standard practices that have been adopted by COBOL programmers are enough to make one gag.
@Donald.McLean One question: Why?!
@skiwi Imagine writing Java, but having a five word minimum for all variable and procedure names. It's sort of like that.
@Donald.McLean You mean characters?
And I was actually more intrigued as to why you were using COBOL
12:34 PM
@skiwi No, I mean a five WORD minimum.
I'm afraid I'm not that used to that terminology... explain
What's a word exactly there?
By word, I mean English words. You know, like 'know' and 'hello'.
Q: How can I create an address book without using tables in javascript?/

BelleI am supposed to be creating an address book in javascript without using tables, and no sql either. Its alright if the contacts disappears on reloading or refreshing the page.

@Donald.McLean How can COBOL know how many words you are using for a variable/procedure?
COBOL programmers just use really verbose labels for things, not because the language requires it, but because that's just what they do.
12:37 PM
now I get it
And else you get fired?
But to answer the other question: I was working on a legacy system that had a handful of COBOL library functions and there was a problem with one of them, so I had to fix it.
@skiwi I doubt you would get fired. Your boss would just make you change it.
@Donald.McLean int i;
@skiwi Bad programmer. No cookie.
But okay... fixing an issue in a COBOL library function may be just acceptable for your dignity.
Hello @All
12:44 PM
@skiwi I was working at a consulting firm. We didn't care about dignity as long as we got paid.
Good morning, @CodeX. How are things in your little corner of reality?
@Donald.McLean Good morning, things are relaxed and just rosey, thanks
@Donald.McLean How is it over there?
Do PHP error log files usually reside within the root?
@CodeX It's another day of writing The Code. Trying to help make the Hubble ever more successful.
@Donald.McLean WOW! That's amazing
@Donald.McLean Never have i felt so insignificant...
@Donald.McLean Is working on Hubble and @rolfl is working on Watson... we are all insignificant compared to them.
Tomcat, hotswapping and deploy/undeploy is fun
12:57 PM
hotwapping? That's a new one
@SimonAndréForsberg Hey, I'm working on an OCR server! Even though proprietary and not of a real big company. Will still get to process over 20K invoices per month.
@CodeX Let's not go that far. It's just a job that I happen to be lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time for. Yes, it's cooler than many jobs, but every job I've ever worked on meant something to somebody.
@skiwi Now I feel insignificant...
Q: jQuery cycle content of static HTML page

Andrew P.I am making a simple jQuery code that changes the content of a static HTML page when a button (previous/next aka left/right) are pressed. The page is static, so the content that must be cycled (images setted as background, descriptions and a link) are saved in an array. Images must be shown two a...

@SimonAndréForsberg Don't feel sad! We have a whole game to work on!
12:59 PM
@Donald.McLean I have written 290 Code Review answers. That's 290 things that's hopefully has meant something to somebody.

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