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10:09 AM
@Seth dont think they are the same... actually they are not
10:35 AM
agree. ^
2 hours later…
1:02 PM
Where is @AmithKK
1:50 PM
@smartboyhw did you just withdraw?
@jokerdino yes
hm :/
Hm ... Another one bites the dust.
@jokerdino Don't hmm, that was just because I saw @AmithKK applying
2:33 PM
EC claims he was forced out ;p
I wonder who?
@JourneymanGeek That's a good question
Could be shog9
assuming there was anyone
he would have been disqualified for not signing the code of conduct anyway
2:55 PM
I could imagine he's trying the "QQ I was kicked out!!!!" angle now.
Which, obviously, won't fly, but you never know.
help help I am being oppressed!
Oh, a new candidate.
3:30 PM
@smartboyhw what does amith's applying have to do with your withdrawl?
@EliahKagan oh. I was hoping to see your nomination. No probs. You're awesome anyway, and so that dirty diamond shouldn't matter. :)
@Mahesh Heh. Thanks!
@EliahKagan please apply
@Mahesh Actually, I think it is just a kite and not a diamond.
@Mahesh I only want to make sure teenagers do nominate themselves. Anyway @AmithKK even though he is younger than me he has a lot of contributions more than me. No point of fighting against him when the age barrier is removed. Anyway I have always wanted to see @AmithKK and @RolandiXor and @jokerdino to become mod
3:35 PM
@jokerdino oh. A gaint kite to which mods are strapped and let loose in a thunderstorm?
@EvanCarroll I'm happy that you are expelled from the election.....
@smartboyhw Any specific reason you were looking for teen nominations?
@Mahesh To make sure we aren't discrimanated.
Hmm if @AmithKK did become mod I might nominate him for Ubuntu Youth Council (LOL)!
on a sidenote, I will no more be a teen in two months' time. :( sob sob
@Mahesh a quadrilateral with equal adjacent sides is called a kite right?
3:37 PM
@Mahesh mentally or physically?
@smartboyhw hahahah.. no one discriminates teens on SE network I believe.
How could powerpc builds in Ubuntu raring-proposed be so slow!?
@Mahesh I should rather say: Teenagers should have a say
in the Ask Ubuntu and SE community
Well jrg is there.
@Gui Good question, for which I have to rethink and rerethink before arriving at an answer.
@Mahesh lol...
3:38 PM
How old is @jrg?
@smartboyhw @jrg is a 16 year old trapped in the mind of a 70 year old...
points to that starred chat
yesterday, by Luis Alvarado
Now the case of jrg, for the love of god, his 16 acting like 61
@Mahesh 16 is not exactly teenager anymore:P
3:39 PM
I haven't been a teenager for 11 years... :-(
@FEichinger ^ +1
Took a long time to get here too...
@Gui You know what? Someone thinks I am 2, someone thinks I am 14, somebody thinks I am 67! (NO JOKE)
@smartboyhw sixteen is indeed teenager
@FEichinger i think i got it right
@jokerdino We are trying to push the barrier down:P
3:40 PM
Our diamond is a rhombus.
16 then probably 13 (for @AmithKK0
@FEichinger Don't talk about geometry would you?
By the way who turned off the power?
@Gui !?
3:41 PM
it appears like kite to me though
erm, thir**teen**,four**teen**,fif**teen**,six**teen**,seven**teen**,eigh**teen**, nine**teen**
@smartboyhw @jokerdino asked :(
Someone turned off the power this morning and I had to scramble around and shut all the servers off...
nineteen can't be a teenager:P
3:41 PM
ah. found a SE chat bug!!!
@Gui that is unfortunate:P
@smartboyhw i dont think you know what teenager is
then I had to run around and turn them all back on after the power came back on...
@jokerdino A kite would have two pairs of equally-long sides, a rhombus has all four sides equal.
@Mahesh aren't it supposed to be only one star
3:41 PM
My diamond is a rhombus.
@jokerdino I agree:P
@FEichinger A kite can be rhombus.
Probably only @AmithKK does
@smartboyhw two stars== bold
@FEichinger why can't a kite have 4 equal sides?
3:42 PM
@Mahesh You need to space it?
@Gui geometrically, every kite is a rhombus.
@smartboyhw This.
@Gui Aerodynamically :P
@smartboyhw yup that.
3:42 PM
And !?
/me goes to brush teeth
So, the diamond looks like a kite to me and I am not completely wrong. I win ♦
@jokerdino throw a party.
Every rhombus is a kite.
Not every kite is a rhombus.
@FEichinger ah, yes. i meant that.
too much logic made me mad.
And every rhombus is a parallelogram
3:44 PM
But a kite can still be a rhombus.
I'm here to cool off actually
@jokerdino geometrically every square is a rectangle. Not vice versa
A rectangle can be a square.
Go get your basics right
@smartboyhw Some people don't believe in democracy. You are one of those people.
if the conditions meet.
3:45 PM
Our diamond is a rhombus, thus it is also both a kite and a parallelogram.
i am not saying all rectangles are square. but some of them can be
Geometry sucks!
similarly, some kites can be rhombus. and our diamond might be one of them
@Gui /me flags that as offensive
Yes, I'd just like to confirm - btw - that I was forced out.
3:45 PM
@Mahesh lol, great...
No message or anything and I can't even see my previous nomination.
It was done at the highest level.
A true act of corruption.
"It's a diamond." is correct. As is "It's a kite." or "It's a parallelogram." - It's not not a diamond, though.
Perhaps Jeffery took a break from golfing to terrorize another democracy.
There is no diamond geometry though, right?
3:47 PM
There is. A rhombus is also called a diamond.
it seems diamond and rhombus are synonyms
> The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards.
@FEichinger so all the confusion is Hoyles fault?
One could say so, yes.
@EvanCarroll Eh? My living place, Hong Kong, is always fighting for democracy. I am one of them
3:50 PM
Hey @green7
@green7 Why, hello there.
Why Why @FEichinger
What's going on in here?
3:52 PM
@MichaelMrozek Hi. what brought you here?
We're ... talking. Dicussing diamonds, apparently.
The shape or the stone?
Blood diamonds...
The shape.
@jokerdino Noticed the link off the election page
3:53 PM
Oh, and we also discuss the horrific expulsion of our dear and wonderful candidate @EvanCarroll.
What about him?
@FEichinger Nice
@MichaelMrozek Ah right. Welcome.
Yeah what about him?
I have no idea, I was not involved in the discussion, I just saw it pass by while I explained the fidelities of diamonds vs rhombi vs kites vs parallelograms.
3:55 PM
@FEichinger is the math genius here and he was explaining how my basics of geometry is flawed.
ahh I see...
so, i should say, thanks. thanks!
@jokerdino Now I'm the PHP, JS and Maths guy? sadface
That explains most of it.
Too many topics, not enough capacity! Could we wait until SSDs get a bit larger?
3:56 PM
@FEichinger if you are a math genius explain to me what SIN does when it comes to math?
@Gui I just said I was getting out of capacity, and then you ask another question? You're so mean!
cries in a corner
@FEichinger sorry my bad...
But I want to know...
I was kinda torn between "Start a theology discussion about 'sin'." "Cry about too much stuff." and "Actually explain it." ...
Thanks to @jokerdino for the testimonial :P
4:02 PM
@AmithKK Add oil
@AmithKK (:
@smartboyhw ?
@AmithKK In Hong Kong style Chinese, "don't give up!"
@smartboyhw Toot Toot :P
@AmithKK lol
4:22 PM
I find it funny how many people who you never see around here pop in for the election...
@Seth not sure who but ok o.O
Rory and Micheal Mrozek for starters
Ah, they probably are visiting for the election.
I have seen them both on other parts of the SE chat world.
And Manishearth
He too.
all of them are mods :)
4:25 PM
@jokerdino that's the point ;)
@Gui ahem.
your point involved the mods? i theorize they were linked from the teacher's lounge.
could have been.. shrug
just interesting.
actually, i think i brought Manish over from SU chat room.
@jrg ahem ahem. :P
btw, LO 4 landed in repos?
4:32 PM
soon-ish in Raring
i'll consider virtualizing raring
but, this is getting off-topicish.
@AmithKK hm, you want to vote me out of Ask Ubuntu? o.O
Yes, vote him out!
@jokerdino XD lol
4:34 PM
@jokerdino Fixed
Thanks :))
@jrg since when is Ubuntu OT on AU?
@Mahesh this is mod election chat room. :)
Good Night
4:42 PM
@Mahesh the topic of this chatroom is moderator elections.
Its amazing to see so many teens active on SE.
it's amazing to have so many teens without lives.
@Mahesh haha, thanks for the flattering comment. :)
well, I spoke my heart out. :P
@jrg :O
4:49 PM
@Mahesh well, i am a fan of you :)
you and your works.
I'm flattered.
*starred that8 :P
stupid shift key
I talk to my friends here about you, @jrg and @AmithKK. I'm a fan of you guys.
and I mention you around my family.
You are almost my household name
Add to that list @EliahKagan and our jorge
4:53 PM
honestly, who isn't a fan of @jrg?
yup that.
starred for the truth
I would definitely talk about my past with communities in an extended chat session. I just don't feel comfortable listing anything here, without an explanation as to what kept me there, why I started there, and - what's probably most important to some - why I left
@FEichinger ^
@Seth Me
regarding that comment of yours, will you provide a brief explanation of your past experiences with other communities now?
5:06 PM
FWIW, I hope I get an Ask Ubuntu Tee this time around.
the Stack Exchange one isn't that cool.
@jokerdino how do you not have an AU shirt yet?
I don't know. I never got one.
@MarcoCeppi mean :P
I only got SE shirt for the last year's nomination.
Ha, "You didn't make the cut, but here's a shirt from stackexchange"
5:10 PM
yeah that one :P
also, i posted about the election on the planet and G+ page. just so you didn't notice. :)
no stone unturned.
@jokerdino I have both, they are both boring and white...
OH wait no that is a Super User shirt, nevermind...
5:25 PM
@Gui Ah, I think I heard that one from you. It was a mistake, wasn't it?
@Mahesh I could, actually. Although "brief" is probably gonna fall flat on that. It's a decade of memories that I'm trying to boil down there.
@jokerdino no the mistake was that I got two AU shirts...
I actually earned the SU shirt...
5:52 PM
I'm tempted to nominate myself for that shirt. :P but who knows, I may even get elected and I sure dont want that at this point of time. Too much work, too little time.
the T shirt is just too good :P
YAY!! Our network is being upgraded. Though I hate these downtimes during the infrastructure replacement.
@Mahesh :)
If one more person says I'm a household name, I'm going to hunt you down and make sure you don't have a household. ;) (joking, but seriously. Get a life guys.)
and I very much hate the upcoming 4 day network blackout. Though I'll smuggle myself into a department lab then..
@jrg what can we do but admire you? you are awesome.
(and no, I'm not joking)
My sister usually sits beside me and read all the chat log.
5:55 PM
@jokerdino is Awesome! (Sorry @jokerdino's sister)
Hey, I say nice things about you :)
(And she's napping now. ;))
hello @jokerdino's sister!
oh. I was planning to talk mean of you.
*not sure if that ^ makes sense. :/
well, she never lets me talk about her when she is around.
@jokerdino next time she's watching, type "dolphins"
and we'll know
5:57 PM
i just hope you guys don't joke around when she is around.
don't worry, we'll be discrete
I think she knows most of you here.
wait, who typed dolphins over there.
@jokerdino lol.
5:59 PM
@Mahesh I have over 1k words about that typed up now x.x
I try to post it all at once, cause it's really a long story ...
And, for the most part, the story of my life, for good or bad.
oh. cool...
I like reading stories.
so much more after I joined listserve.
You know, it is usually tough explaining the inside jokes and internet memes and all that stuff to my sister. when i giggle over a nice retort and then explain, she'll give me that face.
oh, that face.
it's painful.
@jrg i think your sister does that to you too.
I must've known that. prolly thats the reason I dont explain things to my sister.Not that she asks..
she's just too happy when I'm around to care for anything.
6:03 PM
@jokerdino and you know that how?
@Mahesh i remember once your sister hijacked your account.
@jrg every brother knows it lol
okay. Dont blame me later if you love this
@jokerdino heh. OK, yeah, true. :-)
@jokerdino erm, didn't I tell you guys right then that I myself allowed her to chat?
she was surprised to see a lot of pings on alerting me.. and all of them were desktop-notified.
@Mahesh but what's the fun in saying exactly what happened?
6:05 PM
@jrg do you still have her locked away from the internetz?
@jokerdino nope.
she has her own laptop, with ubuntu on it, remember?
and root access. I remember now
uh, yeah.
I nominate myself because I fell in love with teh diamond/kite/rhombus/parallelogram/polygon :P
6:07 PM
well, screw this.
@FEichinger multiline formatting doesn't work.
@jrg I know, I was hoping for the links to work. ^^'
As I said, I'll run election 4 for sure, but not this time.
6:07 PM
links are formatting.
but yeah. :(
@Mahesh all the best :)
I know they are. Hope never dies, though.
So, then, this is gonna be 12 lines of chat. Wheeeeeeeeee.
:) thanks..
A little over ten years ago, I "discovered" the Internet. That was still the era of animated gif website backgrounds and LSD-contrasts in websites, mind you.
It started with a relatively large German online tabletop community. I was pretty young at that time, but I kinda missed an opportunity to get fellow kids together, both forums and the so-called Meta-Game were lacking in regards to children. So, at first, I contacted staff via forum messages, suggesting to, maybe get something like that up, to give a little corner specifically to kids.
All the people in US: buy more stuff from target.com so I can get the latest android phone as gift from my sister
(she works on the database backend of target.com through outsourcing)
uhm, TMI?
6:09 PM
A few months later, we had our annual tabletop con in Munich, where they had a booth. Since I kinda hadn't heard anything from then in a while, I thought I'd talk to one of the Admins I recognized by handle.
I live right next to a target. So, I probably won't be doing that.
Turns out, the day before, they had set up a forum, and given me mod privileges. For the next four to five years, I was actively playing, talking, keeping track of new people, helping others on the tutoring system, and trying to set up a "town" for kids within the game.
That was when it turned sour. It began with us not finding enough people who would be responsible and serious enough - seeing how we wanted to keep it as controlled, yet with as few intervention from adults as possible - to get it running. Then I had technical problems preventing me from getting into the actual game. Years of inactivity went by, until some people started a new attempt.
@MarcoCeppi oh :/
Said new attempt actually involved me. I was asked, if I wanted to take on a role, since I had come back to the in-game activity shortly before that. Then there was the community-elected person in charge of "accepting" new towns, who required us to get a dedicated team of adults to prevent abuse - which was fully reasonable.
At that time child abductions and the such were growing in Germany. I didn't accept the decision to put them in charge of the town, though, rather than being supportive. So, I stepped out, making my point quite harshly, while the others proceeded to creating it, with a replacement person out of the "godparent" (as they called themselves) crowd.
A few weeks later, the whole town went to hell when the godparents decided to take all leading positions, and - obviously - the kids kinda didn't like it. Some heated discussions and defamations, and I ended up leaving for good, my moderator position being taken by one of the godparents.
Next, there was a niche game with great potential. This game was first launched in 2005. It had, since then, been shut down, and relaunched a while after. I joined a few months after the open beta of the relaunch had ended. The game itself had potential, but it suffered from a low population and a very very steep learning curve. It was - at that time - nearly entirely player-driven, as opposed to being a classic MMO.
Hm, what's going on @FEichinger?
6:10 PM
Well, this player-driven aspect also included elaborate politics, which resulted in the in-game military staging a coup d'état, removing the government and causing general mayhem for a month. That was the best time that game had seen in years.
I blame @Mahesh.
Staff didn't like it, though. Everyone who got involved, got punished for it, yet the result was accepted - the government was removed, we had anarchy. Well, with no government, the game turned stale. There was hardly any "real" conflict, and noone really cared anymore. People left. Many people left. The lowest population this game had ever seen. It was in that state for an entire year, also because no patches were rolled out.
It looks like your autobiography.
Then, the publisher took over development, while the original developer worked on different projects and subsequently joined the new Infernum publishing company, alongside many Frogster veterans. During this time, I got involved with the community a lot.
6:11 PM
I began advancing within the community, made a name, and provided insight on various development topics. Nexeon, a few months later, started a VIP program. A way to get leading community members - including myself - involved in the development process, by using them as free Quality Assurance. We were given patch notes to discuss and evaluate, and had some of the upcoming plans to discuss.
@FEichinger so you're saying that you burnt your hand.
A few weeks before that started, suspicious punishments happened. Whenever anyone discussed the still very low population, or criticized patches, got suspended or banned. Staff abused their privileges in-game, placed themselves in charge of factions with godmode characters, the community started to rebel.
Among them, a user that had very much renown in the community, for both great suggestions, great leadership and a long history, way longer than mine. Well, he got permabanned from the forums by staff. It took him three days to get the ban lifted through the pretty reasonable forum admin. Once he was back, he put a post up, yet again criticizing Nexeon and announcing he would leave for good. He did.
oh man, you burnt your hand, hard.
As did I, when exactly the same happened to me, a week after. I don't recall exactly what it was that got me banned, but as far as I remember, I complained about how the recent patches pretty much negated a full suggestion of mine that had gained much community acclaim. I left for good and I haven't come back to this day.
In recent times, I have been involved with a large Star Trek gaming group, a bit on the forums of the Escapist, and a couple of people here and there, nothing I'm majorly involved, though.
So, those were the gaming parts ... As for programming, I'm a Web Developer, and I have, for the most part, built stuff on my own. I didn't collaborate with people much, because it usually took more time introducing them to the system, than building what they'd need to build on my own. Crowdsourcing and Open Source on the other hand is something I support, but don't feel like doing for such projects, which, essentially were intended commercially. So, I kept to myself, tinkered with it.
Yet, I do get involved. Or, at least I'm more or less trying to. I'm pretty active on Codecademy now, trying to get people into it and using it as a brain-refresher and teaching tool every now and then. And I'm slowly growing into it, participating in meta groups and sometimes answering questions on course-Q&A.
I wouldn't say that I've gotten the hang of it there yet, since I came back to it just a few weeks ago, but it's a site I always loved for its idea, it just lacked in execution the first time I was around (a year or two ago, I think) - and offered no way of helping to improve it.
The End. :P
Everyone who commented in-between, the answers to your stuff are in the edit history.
Whoo. Lots of reading.
6:15 PM
@jokerdino Why blame me when we have @Sathya?
Town hall started early I guess
@MarcoCeppi Heheh.
@Mahesh Well, partly.
@FEichinger What you can do is bookmark this and insert it in to your post if you want
I just figured this would get too large for town hall anyway.
@MarcoCeppi Planning to do so, yes.
6:16 PM

FEichinger's story.

8 mins ago, 5 minutes total – 35 messages, 5 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 3 secs ago by Marco Ceppi

I am still reading it. Half way there.
@jokerdino My name and your spammy ad for target permanently embedded in there.
and your interruptions, ofcourse.
Well, no one would know I am the secret marketing VP for target.
target, that name brings to my mind an old story.
of how target figured out a girl was pregnant before her father knew it.
ah, i am not yet done with the current one.
@Mahesh O_0
6:21 PM
google that. I'm not joking.
hm, quite scary.
I hit the forbes article
ah, how can I forget, you are a better googler..
Soo, I think I'm gonna grab some food now.
6:23 PM
wanna take up a google a day challenge?
@jokerdino ^
that used to be fun. :)
used to be ?
oh yeah, i remember target article.
and then i started using ubuntu and AU ;P
AU is the best game I played ever.
6:24 PM
The second best game for me would be Solitaire and closely followed by Mine sweeper.
For me, its a bit difficult to choose a second best game.
Whee, read them in full.
You burnt your hand.
and had no ace to play.
I'll be back soon-ish.
that was bad, i must say
6:28 PM
switching networks
i feel like writing poems now.
The comments in between are surprisingly awesome.
Nice! :-)
@FEichinger well, sorry for the interruptions in your story.
Anyone heard about the one second film?
@jokerdino Oh, absolutely no problem. The chat isn't exactly the best format for stuff like this after all.
6:37 PM
hm nights.
4 hours later…
10:40 PM
I think Evan Caroll is back.
He'll have to sign the code of conduct.

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