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12:31 AM
@snailboat I was trying to figure out that whole whose/which... and I was struggling to find a "whichst" or something like that serves the purpose of whose but is based on "which"... I guess the word I was looking for is "whose".
What does @DamkerngT. mean about the answer going network-wide?
2 hours later…
2:27 AM
@snailboat Thanks for viewing those trees. A little help will be greatly appreciated :-)
3 hours later…
5:49 AM
hi everybody
3 hours later…
8:55 AM
@Catija StackExchange regularly picks questions from various stacks and promotes them network-wide as Hot Network Questions (I don't know how exactly SE picks them). Usually, network questions will get more views, and thus more votes.
9:07 AM
Good afternoon! I just dropped in for a bit.
I'm totally bored at office
How is your day?
Oh, no!
just tell me some of things which are interesting for you right now?
i mean, some kind of popular strange news
I'm browsing new questions on ELL!
9:09 AM
tech stuff
For stuff like tech news, I usually use Engadget.
> Segway is now a Chinese company thanks to Ninebot and Xiaomi
Wow, I just bought a few Xiaomi headphones and one smartphone!
So they used my money to buy Segway!
2 hours later…
11:27 AM
How's it going?
Just like a normal day, huh?
11:34 AM
Yes, but I have a date with Dam! O.O
A chat date.
@JimReynolds I just came back in. Give me a few more minutes.
@DamkerngT. How many?
Take your time. I just got home.
Me too.
This is a conspiracy!
You are welcome to join us, as far as I know, MAR.
It's not that it's a private chat, so much as not a public public chat.
11:39 AM
@Jim I can do it now or about an hour later. It's up to you. What do you think?
Later might be better. I can walk dogs, and they can go poo-poo.
Okay, an hour later then!
11:40 AM
For an hour.
See ya @MARamezani! :-)
What sup, MAR?
Just came back from school.
No more school for two days.
Is it a holiday or normal schedule?
11:43 AM
Normal schedule. For the zillionth time, Fridays are holidays in Iran.
And, on Thursdays schools are exceptionally off.
Well, first time for me.
@JimReynolds Ya know, I know.
Exceptionally off. Occasionally?
I should be writing in my profile pic:
> Fridays are off in Iran!
@JimReynolds When there is school, there's no school on Thursdays.
Some people use holiday like US uses weekend.
I guess UK says holiday for Sat and Sun / normal weekly days off.
11:45 AM
@JimReynolds I = some people
When there is school . . . they's no . . . WHAT?
So, if there is no school, then there is school on Thursdays?
You make no sense, boy.
Mission accomplished.
May I suggest that you consider switching to US English? It's far superior.
Consider if you need to refuel your camel, for example.
Would you rather say the long word petrol, or simply gas?
Why you . . . o.o
12:40 PM
Hullo @Man @Fantasier! And welcome back @Dam.
I'm back!
Oh no!
It's phuunny how a guy in the world thinks this is a technical question:
> why printers suck so much?

Ok, here is the point. We are in 2011, and I just wasted 50 pages because I tried to print a PDF and the printer stops after 5 lines, spits out the paper sheet, and continues on the next paper sheet. Clicking "delete" on the printing queue does not do anything. Occasionally, when I send stuff to print, the printer is "not online", while it clearly is. Deleting the printing queue and then resubmitting magically works.

Now, I am not asking why these things happen and how can I solve them. What I am asking is a technical reason behind the fact that in 2011 printe
When I saw this first,
Q: Where should I ask difficult, technical questions?

Stefano BoriniI ask this because I am really annoyed by the behavior on superuser. I am a guy with questions, and I love technical details. If I have a problem I want not only to solve my problem, but to understand the underlying details on why the problem happens in the first place. I am curious, and my knowl...

I thought oh dang! It's another one of those arrogant people who think others know nothing
Phuunny how things turned out.
12:52 PM
Hi @Man and Fan and all.
Dam, where do you want to go, any idea?
@JimReynolds Disneyland.
Dunno, how about a new room?
Try to be more serious, like me.
Oh. how does it work? is it private?
@JimReynolds I'm exploding from seriousness. Can I stop now?
@DamkerngT. Why?
12:55 PM
The content is always public, but we can choose who can join the chat.
@MARamezani I think Jim may like it private. :-)
@DamkerngT. Aah, the date.
Yes! Envy?
@DamkerngT. I'll have what you're having.
But I think Jim has already mentioned that you can join us on our date. :P
@MARamezani lol
Hi @DamkerngT. @MARamezani @JimReynolds...sorry I was on phone :-)
12:56 PM
Hi Man!
Good evening @Man_From_India!
Good evening...I am raining cats and dog today :D
I'm glad to hear you're raining well! :P
ha ha
@JimReynolds BTW, seriously though, why do you wanna open up a different room?
YOU NO LIKE ME? Sobbing and looking cute
1:00 PM
@MARamezani petting MAR...
Pats oneself
@JimReynolds is the new room for man eaters only :D
@Man_From_India Yes. No Mans allowed.
wiggling cat food in front of MAR...
i am happy to be off his plate :D
1:01 PM
@DamkerngT. Purr
Ha! I don't know. I want to mention a few things to Dam that might just be between us, at least for now.
Imitating Dam's cat so that I get to load that library
@JimReynolds Now I'm feeling too nose-poker.
Jim sounds very serious today :-)
@Man_From_India He feels dative.
1:05 PM
Dative is a concept in chemistry.
ohh i see
Refreshing the site rooms for ELL for 5th time. I have to see their conversation!
@MARamezani lol
@DamkerngT. Is the room created yet?
1:07 PM
Yes @MARamezani i am already in :-)
NOOOOOO! Feels neglected
@MARamezani petting MAR again...
@Man_From_India No you're not. Or maybe you are.... Shivers
yes i m :-) u can check ;-)
@DamkerngT. Thanks! I couldn't reach it. Damn that scratching.
1:10 PM
Scratching, where? :O
U need FE bum that Dam prescribed for u? :D
@Man_From_India The wall. D'oh.
@Man_From_India I finished eating it an hour ago.
Oh I see....that bad effect from Jim has rubbed off badly on me.
Where is he, BTW? So much for going on a date.
(whispering) Follow the cat food...
FE or Jim? :D
ha ha Dam :D
1:13 PM
I have a question.
I am in hurry.
Hi @user62015!
Hullo @user62015!
hi @user62015
When do we use 'told' instead of 'said' in the indirect speech?
1:30 PM
@user62015 She told me (something). He said (what he said)
sorry I was offline :-) (I was kicked out :D)
Everyone was kicked out.
I think all of us were!
Q: Chat is currently down

PowerlordSo, I tried to get into chat today only to get a connection timeout. I figured it might be my connection, but isup.me is also saying that chat.stackexchange.com is down: . (Note: I added a freehand circle because those are mandatory on Meta.)

may I share a link? @user62015 you will find details
@DamkerngT. In a nutshell great :-)
1:31 PM
@user62015 you can grasp many things from this: ell.stackexchange.com/search?q=tell+say
@MARamezani oh that explains why i got a shoe mark on my bum :D
@Man_From_India But they missed. They couldn't kick mine.
@Man_From_India Oh no, not again. :}
1:36 PM
Ah !
hi jim....
@JimReynolds Ah! You Ah! a lot today.
Is that a symptom of getting serious?
@MAR and @Man_From_India Me and Dam are chatting just a little bit about how we want to enjoy each other chatting in here ...
In a private chatroom on a free chatroom website.
@JimReynolds Where?
Do you want to join us for a minute?
1:40 PM
Send me an email, and I can invite you.
I mean, give me an email addy
You don't wanna give an email addy?
@Man_From_India you can go to that link.
1:43 PM
I am 1 there
@JimReynolds Nope. Now go be sad somewhere.
Haha. You got abandoned. And you will hurt for a few days now.
Or years.
Hello @fredley!
1 hour later…
2:50 PM
I rained back...:D
I'm glad to see you rain here!
Me here too.
is the room too wet? ;-)
I think rain is becoming an all-purpose word for us now!
mopping the floor diligently...
2:52 PM
And OED will consider changing the meaning of "rain" in next edition :D
@Man_From_India Aaargh! It's leaking.
@MARamezani Use umbrella :D
@Man_From_India o.0
Or if u got cold already use FE blum :D :D
2:53 PM
Is there an umbrella that protects you down?
FE blum?
@DamkerngT. That delicious delicious thing.
I was thinking of Federation Era!
bye now...see u later :-)
3:00 PM
See you!
3:13 PM
Chemistry is phun!
Hey, I don't understand the badge stats of our profile look!
> 64/100 score
28/20 answers
What do they mean?
@MARamezani We need 20 people more, and two goals!
@DamkerngT. You haven't seen C2160 yet!
Well, I haven't seen it too.
Oh, I thought we were going to play football. Umm... I mean soccer.
@DamkerngT. Phuunny thing is, soccer is فوتبال in Persian, which is derived (no, copied) from Football
It's the same in Thai!
3:19 PM
Now I wonder the reason behind this.
I think it's because the game was introduced to various parts of the world before the era of Hollywood.
Oh, I see. They want us to pump up the number of our answers to get more badges!
So, it's kind of the same cat food, just more obvious.
3:32 PM
Yep. Play around with it a little.
I have a confession to make: my cat is a food addict :P
Aaah. Your cat is cuter than your head bubble thingie.
Hee... (Argh! I was just kidding. Don't bite me, Hagu!)
@MARamezani Head bubble thingie? My avatar?
@DamkerngT. Your head bubble thingie.
Hope this helps
3:41 PM
@DamkerngT. Wait. Your cat can bite a robot with a head bubble thingie?
He sure can!
Q: New profile pages are out - bugs and feedback master list

OdedSome of you may have noticed that we just launched the new profile and activity pages that we have been talking about for a while now on most Stack Exchange sites. Most? Well, yes, the new design is dependent on a SE network-wide update (a new base css framework) that the design team have been w...

In case someone missed the new profile page.
@DamkerngT. Or its feedback request thingie. Good call robot with a head bubble thingie.
Hmm... "Sync the width of rep update boxes" -- Is there the limit of the number of upvoted points for a single answer?
3:50 PM
@DamkerngT. Huh?
I mean, that post suggest the box width should be the same, +5, +10, +55, +100, or whatever. So I wondered.
Oh, actually, the limit of points isn't really relevant. It's about CSS.
It is. I don't get what Unihedro means there.
(I was thinking how we should display a +55555 answer. :-)
I think he meant that the +100 box looks wider than others, and he wished they were all of the same width.
I bookmarked that page. It's a clever way to ask for feedback from users.
Google is your first friend, Wikipedia is the second, and dictionaries and thesaurus's are the third! So, my first internetic friend gives me this: english.stackexchange.com/questions/212060/…MARamezani 4 mins ago
@MARamezani You could've mentioned that SE is your second friend for a question like this! :P
4:02 PM
@DamkerngT. SE is friend 0.
4:27 PM
Hullo Ilan!
how are you?
Fine, thanks. You?
I am struggling with excel
wanted to ask @DamkerngT. about it
Hello, @Ilan!
4:30 PM
I wanted to ask you something basic about excel
Ah, it doesn't have to be me. Anyone here can help to, if they'd like.
@Ilan Well there he is. Ask him before Hagu eats him.
I cannot move the row
the excel ask me "do you want to remove blablabla"
4:31 PM
@Ilan The row's leg is broken.
instead of just inserting the row in between
I open my Asus-Windows once in a year
all time going bananas of it :))
I haven't used Excel for a while. If you aren't unsure if it's safe to move a row, I think you can copy the row (so you have two rows, one old, one new) and delete the old one.
Oh, Dam how dare you not see Jimbie coming in?
I liked it :)
4:33 PM
Maybe he's stalking for prey.
Argh! I was too focused on Excel!
@DamkerngT. you really helped me
My pleasure!
poking at @Jim...
Hmm, even @Catija's been here.
Ping ping ping yeah!
Catija was here yesterday, too. Maybe Catija is busy answering something on the main site.
4:38 PM
@DamkerngT. unbelievable - I get "the command you chose cannot be performed with multiple selections"
I dont like Windows
That's weird.
Can you copy a single cell?
@Ilan Windows doesn't like you too. :P
It told me that.
windows does not like anybody
BTW maybe there's something wrong with your PC - It has Damiticized!
I googled for you message, Microsoft says, its cause is "By design, the error message appears in Microsoft Excel when you use one of the following commands with a nonadjacent cell range."
4:40 PM
@MARamezani What's up?
@DamkerngT. I can copy-paste single one
@Catija Hullo!
I'm "here" but I'm not really... :P
@Catija Answering something?
@DamkerngT. I chose the row, not cells
4:41 PM
@Ilan Was your selected cells is a nonadjacent cell range?
@Ilan That's even more curious!
@MARamezani Nah. Clearly my answers and comments have been annoying people recently, so I'm a bit miffed.
@Catija What? Why?
Pets Catija
@Ilan Does you worksheet has some cells that are larger than other cells? (Like, being merged from two or more cells?)
@Catija Oh, no!
@DamkerngT. yes
@Ilan A-ha!
4:43 PM
@Catija BTW your profile pic reminds me of our traditional clay vases.
but the row I select is ok
nothing merged
the file has header
where the cells was merged
@Ilan Can I suggest something? Screw Excel! :D
@MARamezani Not a big deal, just someone taking the fact that I'm replying to their comments by tagging them as a personal affront. Had Mods delete the convo because clearly it was inappropriate.
Maybe you need to copy/move more than one rows at once. I mean, select as many rows as needed to cover the height of those larger cells.
@Catija Is it about that conversation about APA?
4:44 PM
@MARamezani I'll tell my plush hippo you said that.
@MARamezani thanks!
@Catija I'm dead!
@Ilan Anytime!
@MARamezani no, the question about Chinese printer technology.
A: Why is 'The Chinese have invented the printer' wrong?

Jim ReynoldsWe can say the Chinese have invented printing because the Chinese are still inventing (or still might invent). From Grammar for English Language Teachers (Parrott, 2000). Cambridge. pp. 186-187. Chapter on verb tenses for "the past": "Unfinished periods of time We use the present perfect simp...

@Catija Oh, Jimbie.
Good/bad thing I can't see anything.
Did you argue with Jim?
@MARamezani No, f.e.
4:46 PM
@Catija Were there punches and fists?
@MARamezani No, just implications that I don't know how to speak English and that my personal preference to avoid the phrasing he/she chose mean that I say it's "wrong"... which I've never said, only said that I don't personally use that phrasing.
So things got serious? That's unphuunny and sad to hear.
What's with people recently?
I didn't know what exactly happened, but I think sometimes we forget that there are more than one variants of English.
There are pointless arguments and fights.
@MARamezani more serious than it warrants.
4:51 PM
I guess that an argument might be about what should be used vs. what is possible.
And they happen a lot recently.
@Catija Well, F.E. was a tamed and nice tiger.
What happened to him is beyond me.
@MARamezani Surely, some alien entities must have deployed some kinds of devices before the coming invasion!
Or what happened to you both.
@DamkerngT. I think Jimbie's now laughing as his plans have sorted out well.
Divide and CONQUER! I mean eat!
Yeah It's much easier when we're not united.
@MARamezani he(?) wasn't mean, just seemed to be regularly mis-reading me and I felt we were talking in circles, getting nowhere.
4:53 PM
That was very clever TXMAHD1425176 known as @JimReynolds on Earth!
@Catija Hmm, so are you a he?
@MARamezani I am a she.
Aaah! Another Snailor!
Are most of the people here male?
I'm male.
@DamkerngT. what is your paypal? I'll send you money
4:54 PM
But you can think of me as a cute robot, if you'd like. :-)
@Catija Most regs are, except Snailor.
You solved my problem!
And some other people I can't remember.
@Ilan Hehe! No need to do that. I'm just glad I can help!
@Ilan Quick! Upvote his posts!
4:55 PM
That was great advice
BTW @Catija I myself had a semi-argument today. I was perceived as rude.
Ah. I see. I think SE tends to attract a lot of men.
I'm sorry, we don't write here to immediately solve the problem, a thought you give for something blury as this, can also be helpful. There is absolutely no need to be rude nor to tell me if my answer was helpful or not, votes are for that purpose. — Ndrina Limani 2 hours ago
@Catija It's not that much.
Sigh sigh
@MARamezani Hmmmm... personally, I appreciate when people explain why they downvote... otherwise, how can I fix my answer?
Pets and pats and poots oneself
4:57 PM
Awww, sorry. :(
@MARamezani I think she meant, in general. :-)
@Catija BTW, nothing I said is serious.
Unless I say so.
@Catija I'm pretty sure @MARamezani is serious.
correction: not serious
@DamkerngT. I'm pretty sure you're serious too.
I'm sorry!
4:58 PM
You're robot.
With a head bubble thingie.
palming his face... consulting his cat...
@DamkerngT. I'd better run.
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