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12:20 AM
@BrandonEnright not all questions have to be conceptual theoretical physics. Questions about experimental designs are explicitly on topic. (But you have to do your research first - e.g. if a Google search or the experiment's official web page leads you straight to the answer, don't ask here.)
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2:34 AM
@ChrisWhite 'Course, the accelerator doesn't detect anything much beyond beam currents, beam positions and radiation fields at various points. ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb detect lots of stuff.
3:07 AM
I wanted to generalize the Moment of inertia of a triangular plate(sides $a,b.c$) about axis from mid point of a side and perpendicular to plane of triangle. Can I ask it as a question?(Would it be on-topic?)
1 hour later…
4:11 AM
@007 that depends, have you ever heard of the parallel axis theorem?
If you understand what that is and you're still having trouble, it should be fine to ask.
3 hours later…
7:09 AM
@DavidZaslavsky Yes i know parallel axis theorem ,but still the sides are all different. So, I can't do it. Thanx, I'll ask.
7:39 AM
A: Work done by Static friction

Manishearth In the following diagram, is work done by static friction 0 ?, since the point of application is also moving with speed v w.r.t. ground here and is only stationary w.r.t. the block on which sphere is rolling w.r.t. ground here. Static friction itself is 0. The formula $f_s=\mu N$ defines the...

Is this wrong?
(I've forgotten a lot about rolling :S)
8:33 AM
I found a good question for Physics & Astrology.
Q: Fire, Air, Water, Earth

user813801Aristotle considered the earth to be composed of the elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Should this system be totally disregarded or does it offer some advantage over modern science's system?

I have a question but im not sure if it 'fits' anyone willing to help me clarify?
I might try.
Where is it?
When anti-matter collides with its matter counter part they anihilate, what happens when anti-matter collides with matter that Isn't its counter part? e.g anti-hydrogen and manganese for example
8:37 AM
I give up. :)
Lol fair enough, not so much looking for the answer from here, just if it on topic for the site
I can't help. Sorry.
@Gugg Thanks anyway! :)
@Gugg ah never mind, i think i found my answer here
Q: Matter-antimatter annihilation

Art HaysWhat happens if different size atoms meet? We've just created anti-helium, I think. What if one atom of anti-helium collided with one atom of iron. Would some of the iron be left over as a new element?

@ManishEarth I agree but this argument never seems to work! Ive been fighting this case for a while on WP too
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9:52 AM
@ManishEarth Please review my question about friction. It isn't actually about homework.
It is an ambiguity arising in static friction formulas .
Q: Comparing Static Frictions

nonagonIn this figure , which of the static frictional forces will be more ? My aim isn't to solve this particular problem but to learn how is static friction distributed . Since each of the rough-surfaces are perfectly capable of providing the $1N$ horizontal frictional force but why don't they ? This...

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11:41 AM
I have one of those earthen pots (in a fancy modern edition) as asked about here: physics.stackexchange.com/q/64716/17609. Who can tell me what the white stuff on its shoulder is?
12:39 PM
@nonagon done. remember, it's not the context of the problem, it's the type of problem that matters. The HW policy applies for non-HW questions as well
1:32 PM
@Gugg I'd guess it's salt effluorescence - if water (/vapour) is slowly penetrating through the earthenware, it could carry salts with it. Or, if it's been cold and damp, it could be mould.
Lick it and see if it's salty or mouldy.
1:44 PM
@EnergyNumbers Ok, two hypotheses. What does mould taste like? :)
2:33 PM
@Gugg cheese
@Gugg it's probably calcium or lime.
I think @BrandonEnright is correct -- We have an earthen pot at home (keeps the water cool), and it gets a lime deposit on the surface at times
3:47 PM
@BrandonEnright Supposing it's lime indeed: Was that already in the (tap)water, or in the material of the pot, or was there some reaction?
4:14 PM
@Gugg the real question is why is the collected wisdom of Feynman being used to display a salty/moldy pot?
4:47 PM
Feynman experimented with pot.
Although, perhaps, did not lick it.

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