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1:01 PM
I'm here to share an Academia joke:
Q: Is it OK to accept that your name be included in the authors list of a paper you have done next to nothing about?

user74315Is it ethically OK to accept that your name be included as an author of a paper you have done almost nothing about when all the parties agree on the matter and there is mutual consent?

@TheRaidersofLasVegas proof that they have a mic?
Also I'm not dropping $300
Dammit 0celot.
That's a nice joke.
@TheDarkSide I'm going to flag you
1:03 PM
You really had to ruin my joke?
Thought I should share before it gets deleted.
Don't even joke about flags, ok?
FWIW I'm a part of the deletion squad.
Call it the "f-word."
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Are you the same guy who had the Mod-6 joke moment with Balarka Sen?
1:07 PM
[Philosophy bomb]
@TheDarkSide no
Ahh. Alright.
::runs to the bomb shelter::
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Why would you lie about that?
He/she is?
I thought so.
1:10 PM
Skullpatrol is a well recognized troll around these parts of the chat.SE
and I thought we were pals
So, you mean "The Raiders ... " = "User whatever (of Mod 6 fame)" = "Skullpatrol" ?
I just thought she has senior moments
This sentence is a lie @ACuriousMind
@ACuriousMind I think that Balarka's comment is out of line
1:12 PM
Lighten up pa
I am defending your honor
the what joke?
@0celo7 The evidence checks out, but I was about to comment that maybe you shouldn't call other users "trolls" @BalarkaSen
Congratulations @0celo7 on fatherhood.
1:13 PM
@TheDarkSide Thanks
the baby is surprisingly quiet
The baby faded out.
What kind of father are you?
at least it won't become a lubberkin
@ACuriousMind Meh, just ask anyone in the math chat. The room owner, for example.
True that there are particular examples of trolls which are more harmful than others in the math chat...
@BalarkaSen I'm not concerned with whether what you said is true - the point is that it's not nice
@ACuriousMind some amazing cognitive dissonance right there
@ACuriousMind whats a good headset for online games?
1:16 PM
@0celo7 thanks.
@ACuriousMind That's as nice as I can be with a user who continually disrupts the chat activity with non-sequiturs.
Consider yourself on ignore.
@0celo7 What dissonance? It can perfectly well be true that someone is <expletive>, but that doesn't mean one should call them that.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas wtf?
oh well, whatever
1:18 PM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas There is literally no need to tell anyone that you are ignoring them, and I am getting fed up with your non-sequiturs (and, for instance, your lie and refusal to explain it). Consider yourself on a short leash.
@ACuriousMind ...headset?
@0celo7 Not an audiophile, I just bought the cheapest one I came across :P
@ACuriousMind does it have a mic?
Granted, it's broken now, but it served me well for ~ 4 years
@0celo7 Yeah, the mic is the only thing that still works :D
1:20 PM
@ACuriousMind I used to use the regular old apple headphones you get with the phones
someone stole them
wouldn't work on my new computer anyway, probably
I think I need a USB mic or two cords or something
not sure how PC mics work
can you tell me?
ok these are all $200+
@0celo7 You can have USB headsets, but I think it's still more common to have them with two audio jacks (at the end of one cord).
@ACuriousMind Ok so there are two jacks, I won't need a splitter or anything?
I don't think so
You should look where the audio jacks on your PC case are, though - if they are only at an inconvenient spot in the back, that might be annoying in the long run
@ACuriousMind I am using the audio jack on my monitor right now, and I'm pretty sure the audio quality is suffering.
My case is pretty far from me, I'd likely have to get extensions
@ACuriousMind and other mods, not commenting on the moderation situation above, but I would just like to add a word of appreciation for the enormous effort you put in moderating, especially chat. Of course, all this free service comes at a time cost.
1:27 PM
I have additional output and mic jacks on my USB keyboard, pretty handy
But of course, being willing to own up is worthy of appreciation.
In case anyone wonders about the context,
it is was the state of chat moderation in another SE chat, that makes me really appreciative of the hbar situation.
@ACuriousMind what kind of bougie keyboard do you have :o
@0celo7 Logitech G110
The famous EE chat.
@ACuriousMind it's like $40...
1:28 PM
Where mods are a part of the problem.
I really wish the math chat was moderated like this.
Like EE?
or Physics?
:: Agrees ::
Ok, ok, I surrender.
1:30 PM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas My comments are not about you.
They are about me in EE chat.
@0celo7 :: Sigh ::
@ACuriousMind I think this is just USB audio
I know, I've been there.
@TheDarkSide what
1:31 PM
@0celo7 I think our brains are entangled.
@TheDarkSide I, uh, appreciate your appreciation - but if you have problems with another chat you should probably raise the issue either on their meta or via a mod flag
@TheDarkSide That's the weirdest pickup line I've ever heard ;)
I was referring to the urge to post at the same time.
Besides 0celot is a father of one. No way.
If you both are entangled, I am going to perform a projective measurement to disentangle you two : )
@ACuriousMind Gonna stop by best buy and see if they have these
Why is this a lie?
26 mins ago, by The Dark Side
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Are you the same guy who had the Mod-6 joke moment with Balarka Sen?
Q: About fermionic particles and bosonic particles in RQFT, ST

Jay LeeIn relativistic quantum field theory, we can observe that the Dirac equation is a square root of Klein-Gordon equation. But, we can get the Dirac equation by defining Dirac spinor as $(1/2,0)\oplus(0,1/2)$ representation of $\mathrm{Spin}(3,1)$ like Klein-Gordon equation and Maxwell action (Weinb...

Too broad?
Wow, no joke
World of difference pluggin in to the case vs. the monitor
@Qmechanic What is relativistic QFT?
Do you have ear buds?
Isn't QFT relativistic by itself?
1:37 PM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas no, they were stolen
@ACuriousMind I have tasted, given up and simply accepted the popular perception that EE chat is a rude place. It is their famous (:: sigh ::) room culture!
@TheDarkSide What chat? (link)
I never had an issue with them
@0celo7 just go get some cheap ones. $15
@Mostafa EE chatroom. Room 15
1:39 PM
@Qmechanic and probably too hard to answer. All his question there are tied to why the maths of QFT work, and I don't think anyone will have a satisfactory answer to that
@0celo7 Sounds good to me
@0celo7 That's self explanatory. :P
lol @0celo7 is there :)
@TheDarkSide What the hell is that supposed to mean
:: whistles ::
:: whistles ::
1:40 PM
@ACuriousMind why are you questioning about this?
@TheDarkSide Doesn't exactly look like a very active chatroom...
@Mostafa Again, that's self explanatory.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas make a meta post
That never works.
So, it turns out the Neumann problem on a manifold is much harder than one would expect
the usual partition of unity nonsense doesn't seem to work
1:44 PM
is this a PDE thing again
@TheRaidersofLasVegas for the record, there's an easy way to prove it one way or another - pull up the incident in the transcript.
@BalarkaSen of course
Not again.
heheh, is this the entanglement thing again @TheDarkSide?
1:44 PM
@heather Exactly.
@BalarkaSen $Lu=f$ with $\nu u=0$ on $\partial M$
@heather thanks for the idea.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas not a problem.
Problem is, $\nu u=0$ is not preserved when you multiply $u$ by a partition of unity function
1:45 PM
I couldn't find it with a quick search in the transcript - just 0celo asking about modular arithmetic.
I don't think the mod 6 incident is a serious issue. It's a stupid prank someone made to fulfill a joke
I have no idea what you people are talking about?
Was I banned at the time?
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Because you lied to another user without evident reason. I don't like deception, and I will not have it in this chat room. If you for some reason wanted to keep secret which accounts you use, then you have already failed since everyone always asks some variant of "are you skillpatrol?" after you've said some things, so it's plain as can be.
Is he also @user129412 ?
1:48 PM
34 mins ago, by ACuriousMind
@0celo7 The evidence checks out, but I was about to comment that maybe you shouldn't call other users "trolls" @BalarkaSen
What evidence?
drop it
Like it's hot.
I got the transcript,
Jul 2 at 14:33, by heather
1. a month $\neq$ 6 months.
^ Started here.
@BalarkaSen Does every compact manifold with nonempty boundary have a collar neighborhood?
@0celo7 Yes.
1:50 PM
Alright. Maybe it would be better to do the regularity theory in the interior, then on the collar.
@TheDarkSide heh, I was so focused on my conversation with Fawad I didn't even remember the joke =)
Glue two copies of the manifold along the boundary and use tubular neighborhood theorem.
That might be overkill.
@heather Haha. I'll correct myself. That was a Mod 5 joke !!
@BalarkaSen Perhaps, but it works.
wait, so the joke was the flagging?
1:51 PM
BTW the transcript is really enjoyable.
@heather YES.
I'm having trouble constructing the right partition of unity
@0celo7 can we see pics of ur baby?
I need one that is constant "in the direction of the boundary"
okay...well, the transcript can't show that, so.
So that its normal derivative vanishes there
1:52 PM
I assume @ACuriousMind knows what he's talking about =P
Jul 2 at 14:46, by PearsonArtPhoto
Bah. Don't flag things that don't need fixing, and leave us poor mods alone.
@TheDarkSide i meant which user did it.
^ Evidence.
@Yashas yes
@heather I see. Right.
1:53 PM
@0celo7 Are you gonna post your PC? :P
Jul 2 at 14:33, by heather
2. it appears from that comment they didn't try to undo the ban by working with the system.
Well, those early questions of mine are so unfixable that there is no hope of improving it
@ACuriousMind It was a tossup between that and a PDE book :D
which is why it stems this meta post
@ACuriousMind nah, he's gonna post his GR books.
1:54 PM
@heather what, all of them?
Q: How to fix unfixable questions?

SecretFor my experience with the stack exchange network, this issue is quite unique to physics stack exchange (probably because my physics intuition is still not as good despite the undergrad courses I have taken in my uni result in errors and overlooking things): Right now I am seeing the warning ban...

Since then, my question asking ability improved
Jul 2 at 14:55, by user685272
9 mins ago, by user685272
@PearsonArtPhoto this is all my fault, sorry
@0celo7 they're all siblings
but at the same time, my focus shifted more to chemistry and pure maths thus resulting in not many physics questions to ask
(and not to mention my physics still suck thus it will take at least a year of serious textbook reading to be able to come up with a consistent stream of questions)
This is the reason I am not very active on the main even though I am no longer question banned
This chat is getting increasingly analytical about a fairly silly event.
1:56 PM
So you ban me for being a liar?
But it's fun to read
what happened?
I dont want to read the transcript
22 hours ago, by Secret
(And as you have noticed, I tend to analyse myself alot, because frankly, I cannot say I really understood what I am doing, even though I think I know what I am doing)
@BalarkaSen Not really. Just sharing a fun moment.
1:57 PM
I lied.
@BalarkaSen Fairly typical for a bunch of physicists and mathematicians, I'd say :P
@TheRaidersofLasVegas notice you're not banned.
you're warned.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Take it easy, bloke.
Jul 2 at 14:34, by ACuriousMind
@Fawad That's not true, the proportion of users affected by the automated question bans is really tiny, and most users learn what kind of questions we don't like before they get an extended automated ban like you. It's not because you are a "new learner", it's because you continued to post questions that showed no effort at all after being told that you should take care to do so.
This reminded me...
1:58 PM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas for how long/when?
He kicked me.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas No, you were kicked from the room because you kept replying with provocations and non-sequiturs. That's not a ban.
kicks are different from bans too.
in Mathematics, 2 days ago, by Secret
In the past, I have encountered/saw people like koolman in h bar and periodic table, ramajaran in maths chat and periodic table, Mary star in some occassions, and at least 2 other users who tend to just dump the problem and wait for the people to solve for them. Ramajaran is particularly worse (he is much better now) he used to mass ping people, Balarka knows what it is like
I forgot to add Fawad into this list, and he is pretty much the only one who still act like that till this day
1:59 PM
5 min
@TheRaidersofLasVegas, look, just hold on a moment.
they're even matching ;_;
I don't even know who Ramajaran is
1:59 PM
Feb 5 at 19:32, by AccidentalFourierTransform
user image
@0celo7 "On the future stability of the universe" sounds pretty ominous
before you say anything, take a deep breath. it's fine. @TheRaidersofLasVegas
@AccidentalFourierTransform an animation/picture for every occasion.
@ACuriousMind the conclusion is that we're fucked
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Don't fret over it. Even internet troubles can last longer than that.
2:00 PM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas ? no need. deep breath. the point of the kick is to give you time to calm down.
@0celo7 I don't think I needed GR to tell me that :P
@BalarkaSen Ramanujan?
@BalarkaSen cameo by Lee in the background
2:02 PM
@0celo7 Haha
@AccidentalFourierTransform damn, wonder if @dmckee 's kid can do that
@AccidentalFourierTransform I don't know what to say to that
32 mins ago, by The Raiders of Las Vegas
Ok, ok, I surrender.
No hard feelings
2:03 PM
@BalarkaSen Maybe I should develop a theory for Sobolev extensions on manfolds
The Neumann problem needs new technology I fear
sounds terrifying
you unhinged analyst
in Mathematics, Oct 20 '16 at 13:02, by Balarka Sen
@Ramanujan Please don't ping random people to answer your questions.
The Dirichlet problem is straightforward, multiplying by a partition of unity doesn't change $u=0$ on $\partial M$
@BalarkaSen Ramanujan died at 32. Why lots of very intelligent people have died too early? :(
@Mostafa Funny you said that. Maryam Mirzakhani died today.
2:05 PM
There's not a lot of work on Neumann problems...people just seem to think it's true.
There might be $\psi$dbo methods
@BalarkaSen Yeah. Today was the first time in years that I cried for someone's death. She was a really nice and very humble person
@0celo7 huh, do you really become a father of a human baby?
@BalarkaSen Oh, I didn't hear about that! :(
@Mostafa You studied ECE, right?
@Yashas My PC identifies as a human baby.
2:06 PM
@Yashas No, that's dmckee. 0celo7 just gave birth to technology and math.
She was the 1st woman ever (and the first Iranian ever) to recieve a Fields Medal (in 2014), and passed away today at age 40 :(
Oh dear Lord.
OMG that explains it...
Fawad = Ramanujan
@ACuriousMind Oh, I turned off motion blur in TW3. Infinitely better now.
@Mostafa Did you know her?
2:08 PM
Oh :(
Are you still mad at me? @ACuriousMind
Short leash and all...
@ACuriousMind Yeah, it's kind of a bad news.
Btw, this unrelated one is really nice. Now with hindsight, I suspect they all come together to celebrate Emilo's PhD graduation
Oct 11 '16 at 15:54, by user116211
@JohnRennie Prediction becomes true; all mods come together; sign of something ;P
2:09 PM
I don't know any of her mathematical work, but I have heard good things about her.
in Mathematics, 1 hour ago, by The Raiders of Las Vegas
Only the good die young.
and the rest of us are wicked and left for suffering
@BalarkaSen I am not the unhinged one
Having said that, sometimes the dark side of me is getting impatient about the end of the world, why is it still coming so slowly
2:12 PM
@BalarkaSen This is 1,000 pages in, as well
Not sure if I have to read everything up to then
@0celo7 Awful
Probably not
@Secret The Dark Side of you?
@BalarkaSen I agree. Maybe I should be a number theorist?
2:13 PM
Oct 31 '15 at 5:03, by Secret
Being an agnostic helps me to open to all possible worldviews.
This is how I learn a bit about Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Muslim etc.

However because of my inherently straw nihilistic dark personality, hence easy to get addicted to dangerous concepts, I don't think I am ready to learn about satanism yet, for fear of destroying my future
My dark side want to end the world once and for all for selfish reasons
@0celo7 Well, there's analytic number theory that might be good for you.
The reason why I sound pretty normal otherwise is because there's one thing that stood between my sanity and my dark side: My future
It's still pages of insane estimations
@BalarkaSen For real, this is absolutely unreadable.
As long my future lives, I will not be consumed by the dark side
2:15 PM
You keep improving existing estimations by a logloglogloglog(n) factor
I have no idea how they keep motivated about those things
that doesn't sound too exciting
You know what an analytic number theorist says when he's drowning?
it does frustrate me that people say this is obvious, but it really isn't
Answer: Log. Loglog. Logloglog.
2:17 PM
@0celo7 I can never read symbolic calculations, so if an Analyst Extraordinare like you cannot read it, I must say...
Need to check whether infinitely nested logs converges to anything
@BalarkaSen Nah, it's not the calculations per se
just the notation is impossible
I see
I need to read the rest of the book, but it's around 1,500 pages
2:18 PM
A non sequitur (English: ; Classical Latin: [noːn ˈsɛkᶣɪtʊr] "it does not follow") is a conversational and literary device, often used for comedic purposes. It is something said that, because of its apparent lack of meaning relative to what preceded it, seems absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing. This use of the term is distinct from the non sequitur in logic, where it is a fallacy. == Etymology == Literally, the expression is Latin for "it does not follow." It comes from the words "non" meaning not, and the deponent verb sequor, sequi, secutus sum meaning 'to follow', thus producing...
this is making my head hurt
$\log^{(n)}(x)<0$ for sufficiently large $n$
And this is all on complex vector bundles, I just want real functions
So we are not allowed to use literary devices in this room?
$ln (ln (ln (ln (ln x))))$ gives me a graph that is < 0 everywhere, so perhaps it does not converge to anything under infinite nesting
2:21 PM
I remained strong and didn't buy any energy drink at the shop
it's gonna be a hard week
get covfefe
@skullpatrol You know that that's not what people mean when they complain about your non-sequiturs. They mean that what you say either has little relation to what's being said or is singularly unhelpful. Stop trolling now.
@ACuriousMind can we just stop with the drama
@0celo7 I would very much prefer that, but apparently he's unwilling to drop it without being forced to.
2:24 PM
@skullpatrol quite so
Unlike Erdos I don't got no amphetamines
I feel your pain pal.
@Slereah Get some
unfortunately I don't think you can just buy them at the shop these days
Be strong @Slereah
maybe someone should tell Benzian that you can edit posts
2:26 PM
@AccidentalFourierTransform Why don't you do it yourself? You don't need to be a mod to help new users ;P
what? are mods supposed to help users? I have never seen that happen
@AccidentalFourierTransform I ran right into that one, didn't I? :P
gtg now
Thanks for your support.
Seriously @ACuriousMind say the word and I will not come back to this room.
Darth Raider.
We play the skins in week 3 @0celo7
Get ready to meet da beast
@BalarkaSen Apparently one uses geodesic flow to create the collar
it sets up a nice coordinate system by default
@skullpatrol Oops. You probably meant "beast" !!
Damn auto spell @TheDarkSide
2:48 PM
weird and random question. Can we have geodesics that spiral towards some point?
In navigation, a rhumb line, rhumb, or loxodrome is an arc crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle, that is, a path with constant bearing as measured relative to true or magnetic north. == Introduction == The effect of following a rhumb line course on the surface of a globe was first discussed by the Portuguese mathematician Pedro Nunes in 1537, in his Treatise in Defense of the Marine Chart, with further mathematical development by Thomas Harriot in the 1590s. A rhumb line can be contrasted with a great circle, which is the path of shortest distance between two points on the surface...
something like this except the line is a geodesic
Not sure if smoothness is required at the limit point for a geodesic to be well defined
Well, the metric would have to be crazy, but I don't see why not.
What happened to your philosophical bomb? @Secret
I see, interesting, hmm, I wonder if it will behave kinda like a black hole except it is bidirectional...
(probably investigate it later...)
@skullpatrol Well, obviously no one responded to it, not very surprising as balarka is not in philosophy mood today
not to mention I only said one word, instead of a question
The reason why they are called bombs is that people tend to find them interesting when they saw it and then moments later a discussion will explode based on that topic
2:54 PM
So I can come out of the bomb shelter?
Most of my posts have this property. In some sense, I am more interested in how people react to a topic and then generating nice insights in the process
As a result, they are not necessary need to be responded to
Why I like nice insights, because I like to mix ideas
and yes, no bombs to worry
postmodernism is my jam man
Can't tell if you're serious or not

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