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2:00 PM
(in the mouse over text, that is)
@TheDarkSide As I recall, ?? marks questionable or surprising moves in chess notation
@ACuriousMind Blunder perhaps. But if a conversation ends at 1/2 - 1/2, it isn't a blunder?
Also, nice profile pic @ACuriousMind. Almost got scared !!
@TheDarkSide A draw doesn't strike me as a blunder as such, but you are correct that ?? is apparently indeed notation for a blunder.
2:03 PM
@ACuriousMind Exactly. Particularly, in human conversations, where 1-0 or 0-1 would leave a sour taste in the mouth of the loser.
@KyleKanos Hi Kyle. I thought you had retired from the site. Money man :)
@KyleKanos Hello
@ACuriousMind Morning
@TheDarkSide I don't do nearly as much as I used to.
@ACuriousMind Remember the group from earlier?
(for this site, I mean)
@0celo7 Hi
Just came across this. Is @DanielSank okay?
2:05 PM
@KyleKanos Good to have you back. (As if I'm here everyday)
@JaimeGallego Well it's like 6 AM in Cali....
@JaimeGallego he didn't said me anything :(
that appears to be a bridge failure
maybe he didn't need to use the bridge
Who uses bridges anyway?
2:07 PM
I swim underneath
@KyleKanos Even that appears silent on the "??" part. There just doesn't seem to be any explanation of the blunder. Maybe Randall should've put !! over there.
Did we catch a "blunder" :P
after witnessing how stupid engineers are, I don't trust engineers anymore (I am an engineering student)
@TheDarkSide The double question marks at the end of the title text indicates that Cueball's decision to score his conversations using chess notation was a 'blunder'.
@KyleKanos I don't get this part. 1/2 - 1/2 in human conversations is never a blunder, is it?
2:09 PM
@0celo7 Engineers are cancer
(I'm an engineering student)
@BernardoMeurer be on the lookout for a Fantano review
@TheDarkSide The blunder isn't the 1/2-1/2, it's using the scoring system in general that is the blunder
Future dropped an album
@0celo7 Oh, sweet
17 tracks, Fantano will be upset
2:09 PM
Did you listen to it? Is it any good?
He can't stand the guy for more than 30 minutes
@BernardoMeurer I listened to the first four tracks
It's ok
@KyleKanos Could you elaborate please, I just don't think so (as of now) :)
17 is way too much
No features which is really strange for such a huge artist
Very few people can pull an album with >10 tracks imo
2:11 PM
@TheDarkSide starting the conversation in the first place was the blunder
Like when Death Grips released an album whose sole purpose was for the tracks to spell "JENNY DEATH"
Gucci mane did 20 track albums while in federal prison lol
@TheDarkSide I'm not sure what is to elaborate. What part of the statement isn't unclear?
And MC Ride wasn't even in it :(
@0celo7 Lol
@heather Ahh. That nails it :)
2:12 PM
@BernardoMeurer you can't even hate on Gucci
@BernardoMeurer How are you defining 'album' in this context? Does multi-disc sets count as one album or $n$-albums?
He was in the fed for 3 years, made millions of dollars while inside and got ripped
@KyleKanos One album is a set of songs by a single artist (or group) with some general idea or theme binding them together in this context. So I'm not including things like compilations, "Best of" and so on
Okay. I can think of several albums that had >10 songs.
2:13 PM
@BernardoMeurer Future's albums have no theme
They're trap music
Something to listen to while making things less than epsilon
@KyleKanos I'm not saying they don't have >10 songs. I'm saying that it's hard to make a long album be good. 10 was a bad number though, I'll agree
My true opinion is that making an album that is longer than 60 minutes is hard
*a good album
Flogging Molly's Swagger and Drunken Lullabies could start us off. VAST's Nude, Music For People and Turquoise & Crimson could easily be added
Then pretty much all of the VG Remix albums I listen to are >10 song albums
@KyleKanos I know none of those
And a few are multi-"discs" of >10 song albums
@BernardoMeurer Deprived of beauty
@KyleKanos As I said, replace 10 with actual duration
1 hour
2:18 PM
The FF7 Remix album is like 3 hours.
Though there's one or two songs there that I don't care for
Who on earth are all these people you are talking about
Balance and Ruin was a great album pretty much all the way though.
@BernardoMeurer ocremix.org
For the album lists, see here
You're talking about video game soundtrack remixes?
CEO 2015 has some epic music in it
4 mins ago, by Kyle Kanos
Then pretty much all of the VG Remix albums I listen to are >10 song albums
Soundtracks are long by definition though :/
I wasn't talking about that, I meant like regular releases
2:22 PM
From what I recollect of your musical interests, you'd probably like the Bad Ass Boss Themes albums
@BernardoMeurer You're a definition
@KyleKanos I'll take that as a compliment
Also, I might be in trouble Kyle
My research will soon require me to write a new scheduler for the Linux Kernel
I'm scared
Write a new scheduler, why?
Because all the schedulers for ARM bigLITTLE suck balls
And we came up with a new way to profile the architecture that has nice results
nicer than obtained previously
and the next step is to implement that on a scheduler
Get source code $\to$ tweak what you want $\to$ release + profits (?)
Yes, but a scheduler is a behemoth
And I'm a child
2:27 PM
Never really used a scheduler
How is that possible?
If you used a computer you've used a scheduler
In computing, scheduling is the method by which work specified by some means is assigned to resources that complete the work. The work may be virtual computation elements such as threads, processes or data flows, which are in turn scheduled onto hardware resources such as processors, network links or expansion cards. A scheduler is what carries out the scheduling activity. Schedulers are often implemented so they keep all computer resources busy (as in load balancing), allow multiple users to share system resources effectively, or to achieve a target quality of service. Scheduling is fundamental...
The Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) is a process scheduler which was merged into the 2.6.23 (October 2007) release of the Linux kernel and is the default scheduler. It handles CPU resource allocation for executing processes, and aims to maximize overall CPU utilization while also maximizing interactive performance. Con Kolivas's work with CPU scheduling, most significantly his implementation of "fair scheduling" named Rotating Staircase Deadline, inspired Ingo Molnár to develop his CFS, as a replacement for the earlier O(1) scheduler, crediting Kolivas in his announcement. In contrast to the previous...
Hmm. I misunderstood what you meant.
I was figuring this sort of thing:
The software utility Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. People who set up and maintain software environments use cron to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. It typically automates system maintenance or administration—though its general-purpose nature makes it useful for things like downloading files from the Internet and downloading email at regular intervals. The origin of the name cron is from the Greek word for time, χρόνος (chronos). (Ken Thompson, author of cron, has confirmed this in a...
Ah, no no
I have to build an OG scheduler
Why are they asking an undergrad to do that type of work? Isn't that something for, IDK, a post-doc or CS-degree-holding-person to do?
@KyleKanos Dunno, it seems cool though
I have a degree from the streets playa
2:36 PM
I have a few degrees in physics that I don't really use.
In the electroplating process
@KyleKanos But yeah, it seems like too big a project
@BernardoMeurer It probably is. You should ragequit now
@KyleKanos Never
I'll die fighting
I'm Brazilian
In the electroplating process, the object on which electroplating has to be done, must be made cathode, why?
2:40 PM
@BernardoMeurer Tell that to Lyoto after his fight with Luke Rockhold
@AccidentalFourierTransform, thanks so much! I didn't even realize you'd bountied that question until yesterday =)
(that fight was featured on a local sports channel earlier in the week, which is why it's in memory)
@KyleKanos Who?
Lyoto Carvalho Machida (Portuguese pronunciation: [liˈotu maˈʃidɐ]; 町田龍太) (born May 30, 1978) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. == Early lifeEdit == Lyoto was born in Salvador, Brazil, as the third son of the highly ranked head of the Brazilian branch of the Japan Karate Association, Shotokan karate master Yoshizo Machida (町田嘉三). Yoshizo moved to Brazil from Japan when he was 22 years old, where he met and married Lyoto's mother, Ana Claudia, who is o...
Screw these UFC fighters
2:41 PM
he was pretty good for a while. Then people figured him out and he's not so good any more
Is this on-topic?
Q: How are hybrid orbitals more energetically favorable than their components?

Charlie GuinnWhen we talked about hybridization in bonding in my materials science class, we went over how in atoms like carbon, the s and the p orbitals can combine to make hybrid orbitals that are degenerate in energy. The class requires no background in quantum mechanics but I have a bit myself, and I'm ...

The OP talks about orbital hybridization theory.
Hello @YashasSamaga
I believe it Chemistry SE is a better place.
Hi @Ramanujan
For that question..
@KyleKanos Don't we all
2:45 PM
@Slereah Those of us not working as academics (any level) or researchers in physics (private or public inst.), yes
@YashasSamaga, it's from the chapter chemical effects of electric current from physics.
@Ramanujan Nah. It is from the chemical bonding chapter from chemistry.
I think it's from a biology book :/
What does it matter what book it is from?
Asking about orbital configurations strikes me as standard atomic physics, perhaps physical chemistry, but still physics.
@ACuriousMind, spam alert
Q: WATCH IF YOU WANT YOUR GRE SCORE UP .welcome to physics world

Study Made Easyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RnW-PAQrHE this video is of GRE standard .feel free to subscribe

okay, it's been deleted
2:52 PM
@heather I can still see it :D
@KyleKanos well you're over 10k, so. I'm just at 5400 rep.
@ACuriousMind Well, the hybridization theory is just a hypothesis which is actually wrong in reality but worked well in many cases.
@ACuriousMind And he asks why the theory works when it actually does not work.
Lol...the video has the subtitle Smart learning for the smart-phone generation
It existed a total of 1:29 mins on our site, not bad.
@ACuriousMind That's about 1:00 too long
2:54 PM
@YashasSamaga The Bohr model is also horribly wrong, yet we still allow questions about it. Most physical theories are wrong, at some point.
@ACuriousMind What are the rules for flagging a question as low quality?
Q: What is the minimum quantity of experiments needed to explain quantum physics and develop its main interpretations?

skanIf you were to explain what quantum physics is by first introducing the historic experiments/observations undertaken by scientists and then explain the different possible accepted interpretations and theory... How many experiments would you need? Which ones? Double Split Experiment. (Young) Bla...

@ACuriousMind Why are you vandalising my city?
@BernardoMeurer lol
@ACuriousMind Found this yesterday walking home lol
@YashasSamaga Uhh...I personally think flagging questions as LQ is rather pointless, just flag with a precise close reason directly, I cannot really imagine a case where an LQ flag would be valid but no close reason applies.
If you just literally think a question is low quality, just downvote it and move on
2:57 PM
What is the minimum quantity of experiments needed to explain quantum physics and develop its main interpretations? is not a well defined question.
every time there's a question in the LQ review queue, it's either close vote worthy or just worthy of a downvote (or both)
@YashasSamaga clearly, the answer is 42 =P
It's actually annoying that one can't downvote when reviewing the Close Queue
@YashasSamaga Okay, so if the question isn't well-defined, it's either unclear what you're asking or too broad, right?
I have to open the Q in a new tab, then downvote
Waste of time
2:59 PM
@KyleKanos you can't downvote reviewing the LQ queue either
I don't downvote anything because it makes me feel bad lol
which is an absolute pain
@heather Also true. That's the one that really needs it. Though a lot of times they end up getting deleted so DV may not be necessary
@KyleKanos for questions, though
@heather ah well, now you can approve tag wiki edits!
3:00 PM
Also true
@AccidentalFourierTransform, where do I go to do that? just the edit review queue?
idk lol
Ive never done that
@heather Tag Wiki Edits appear in the Suggested Edit queue
its a useless privilege
@KyleKanos ah, okay.
3:01 PM
@AccidentalFourierTransform You'd be surprised
@heather They appear among other edits in the suggested edit queue
@KyleKanos do my tag wiki edits get automatically approved, like at 2k all your edits get approved automatically?
@heather 20k for tag wiki's
@KyleKanos tell me all about it, oh you the King of the review queues
@KyleKanos darn.
3:02 PM
@AccidentalFourierTransform I often find that the wiki excerpts ignore the "when to use" aspect of the excerpt
Ah, editing tag wikis is something I always think about doing and then never get around to it
And they are usually copy-pastas of the tag wiki themselves
I wonder how many people actually look at those
@KyleKanos yes, thats true. But I usually approve them anyway because an incomplete wiki is better than no wiki, right?
@ACuriousMind I do for some of the tags I actually care about
3:04 PM
@ACuriousMind i certainly look at the tag usage guidance. and occasionally at the tag wiki. but not often.
@AccidentalFourierTransform I reject them or edit themselves
@AccidentalFourierTransform "no usage guidance" is an explicit reject reason for tag wiki excerpts
@ACuriousMind I know. But my point still stands, right?
an incomplete wiki is better than no wiki
very nice @KyleKanos
i'm writing a tag wiki right now for feynman diagrams
i'm feeling motivated =)
3:06 PM
I'm #3 in rep in that tag but #1 in terms of number of answers
(the comp-phys tag, I mean)
completed a starter tag wiki.
is there a way to sort for tags that don't have a tag wiki?
hmm, i guess i'll just go through alphabetically then and see if there's any i want to work on.
or sort by popular, so that you dont waste your time on tags nobody uses
@heather Don't be daft, use the Data Explorer: data.stackexchange.com/physics/query/629793/…
3:17 PM
@KyleKanos that works too =) thanks
I hope you've learned to Learn SQL
um...i've created one or two queries
pretty simple ones
and pretty bad ones.
Learn better.
@heather AMA is tomorrow?
hmm, is today saturday or sunday?
oh, it's saturday
so no @Fawad, the AMA is monday.
3:20 PM
Well I've got house things to do.
wow, the tag doesn't have a tag wiki or usage guidance?
@heather : Write one!
@heather It'd questions whether we need an "algorithms" tag at all.
@Qmechanic I am =)
Note that there are...zero questions tagged with it
3:22 PM
@ACuriousMind a few questions in there are mis-tagged
oh, excuse me -
(51 questions)
The tags must be merged.
Can we change its time? like 2 hours earlier, if possible for everybody.
It's 1:30am for me :(
@Mostafa see, that time is literally when I get home from school.
Sleep in the afternoon and stay up late :P
3:24 PM
@Mostafa i live in america
don't worry, i don't get home from school at 1:30am =P
@YashasSamaga I've changed that habit just last week after 1 month trying. can't risk it again :)
I'm not sure I see the value of the tag - computational-physics and quantum-computer seem to have got it covered. It also seems to be applied when the question is about computing something which is...not useful, technically you compute everything with an algorithm
@ACuriousMind true...really, the only questions in there that aren't mis-tagged belong in those two tags. Mainly they seem to be quantum-computing questions.
@heather : Save it while I synomize.
3:27 PM
@Qmechanic save what?
oh, okay.
@heather : The tag wiki
@Qmechanic saved.
@heather : Ok. Continue.
3:28 PM
you can write tag usage for synonyms?
it's also not even showing up what the tag's a synonym of...
@heather : Refresh & wait a minute.
@heather : No. A tag merge -> delete one tag wiki.
neither algorithm nor algorithms contain any questions now, though...
51 Questions for algorithms
oh, huh, they just showed up for me. nvm

questions tagged
3:35 PM
so...will algorithms be merged with quantum computing or computational science like @ACuriousMind suggested?
@heather Uh, I wouldn't do that because it's used for both - merging would mean declaring it synonymous or at least a full subset, which it isn't
sorry, not merged - deleted and retagged?
the tag deleted the questions retagged.
We can't really delete tags
@ACuriousMind not with that attitude
@AccidentalFourierTransform lol
3:37 PM
The way to get rid of tags is to not use them - if no questions are tagged with a tag, it gets automatically removed after a week or so
In exceptional cases we can call a CM to burninate a tag, but that's only for rare cases where the presence of a tag is actively detrimental and there's strong consensus it should be removed ASAP
so - rephrasing again: will all the questions with that tag be de-tagged?
If someone feels strongly about it, I guess so. I see little harm in just leaving the tag alone, though
okay. i didn't know because i thought you were questioning its existence earlier.
@heather I would say not quantum computing, but one could suggest -> e.g. here, if one thinks it is a good idea.
@Qmechanic Then we'd have to detag a lot of questions first, there's a bunch of things that are not computational-science that are tagged with algorithms
3:41 PM
How do you write that tag?
@Fawad [tag:tag-name]
@ACuriousMind : Yeah, it is a bit of a hassle.
it's not that big a deal - algorithms doesn't seem like a terrible tag to me.
@Sanya, hello - long time no see =)
I'm always curious about the users earlier than DavidZ in the avatar stack when I join The h-Bar.
3:51 PM
You do not have sufficient reputation to vote

remove notification
Why vote when starring a message?
@Mostafa Hm, why?
How can they get there?!
@Mostafa You get to the front of the line when you talk, so someone who entered before David last talked and never said anything after that will end up there
@Mostafa recent activity people gets upper …
@ACuriousMind what do you say?
@Fawad To what? Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.
3:55 PM
@ACuriousMind I know how it works, but that's easier said than done :)
Try to get there if you can.
as a challenge
I opened my other account (user145881) which don't have reputation,when I try to star a message it is showing…You do not have sufficient reputation to vote ,…so starring a message means voting? @ACuriousMind
@Mostafa Is that a veiled way to get me to shut up? ;)
lol no :)
@Fawad You cannot participate in chat below 20 reputation, this includes starring.
Also, note that attempting to star your own posts is technically an abuse of the system and may get your sockpuppets deleted.
3:58 PM
I thinks it's a typo…I don't think starring=voting in any sense
@ACuriousMind I know…I was experimenting
@Fawad Why would you be experimenting with multiple accounts?
I can think of legitimate reasons, but they are rather specific.
@ACuriousMind hormones.
It's not appropriate to say to mods ;D
mods already know it. You can't hide anything from them.
They're watching you, don't forget that ;)
@AccidentalFourierTransform oO
4:05 PM
@ACuriousMind that is what she said.
@Fawad that is what she said.
Hi @Ramanujan
How are you @Koolman
What is the role of water in multiplying force in a hydraulic press?
4:18 PM
@Ramanujan what would happen if there was no water?!
@Mostafa, I don't have any idea!
Well, the answer is it wouldn't work. Because its water that transfers the force, as a non-compressible fluid.
btw, I like your style @Ramanujan . Suddenly popping into the room and asking a random question :)
@Mostafa, why is it a random question?
@Ramanujan you need to understand the concept
4:25 PM
not commit answers to memory for all possible questions which can get asked in the exam
The question you asked hints that you don't understand fluid mechanics at all.
because it is that simple.
direct application of Pascal Law!
well, you don't even need that
water acts as a medium to transfer the pressure/force
Why '!
Hello all, anyone can help me with a simple physics (path of sunlight ) question.
In the picture uploaded, why is $F_{1}$ the midpoint of the duct with length $l$?
@Ramanujan you just proved that you don't understand it
Can anybody help me in this
@Koolman you need a formula or formulae that relate radius, turns, dip angle, and possibly H.
4:32 PM
@ArtOfCode sorry but I don't have any idea about the formulae
$B=\mu n i$ and and the ratio of B and H gives the tangent of dip angle.
@Koolman Read up the formulae for dip angle from your book
@LittleRookie are you sure it actually is the midpoint? That doesn't appear to be stated anywhere, nor is the diagram to scale.
@ArtOfCode it was mentioned by a prof from engineering.

this material was taken from an elective course that i took.
@anonymous there are two cases how to differentiate between them
whats up with that star?
4:37 PM
@LittleRookie I'm not sure it is. $F_1$ is the focus of the left-hand hyperbola, but there is no information in the question that allows you to determine where it is in relation to the duct
@ArtOfCode maybe it is due to a property of reflection of light?
any physicist know this?
@anonymous in my book it is written as $tan \theta =B_v/B_H$
Q: DC motor acceleration

JeffreyWorleyI'm doing a research project on the mathematics of robotics. For this research project I need to use calculus somewhere in the project. My plan was to calculate the acceleration of the robot and find the velocity and position by integrating. I am currently using the following equations to find ac...

Off-topic as homework or engineering?
I think there is a Robotics SE
The arrangement is similar to a tangent galvanometer (youtube.com/…) @Koolman
I couldn't find much info on the net
This video is good
4:43 PM
Hello all, anyone can help me with a simple physics (path of sunlight ) question.
In the picture uploaded, why is $F_{1}$ the midpoint of the duct with length $l$?
@LittleRookie repeating your question is going to make people less likely to help you.
also, are you sure you have license to redistribute that image? It's probably your professor's copyright.
Reflecting property of parabola should help here probably
A light ray passing through focus is reflected parallel to axis
And vice versa
It is said that F1 is focus
@anonymous Why is F1 the midpoint of the duct?
I need to re-read the problem a few times. Where is it written that F1 is the mid point of duct?
@anonymous on reversing the current the angle of dip should be same as magnitude is same
4:51 PM
@anonymous this is what I was saying - it's not.
and I don't think there's enough information to be able to say definitively that it is
It just uses the reflection property of hyperbola and parabola
Hello @YashasSamaga
Should be a simple problem. I don't know why these guys write such huge paragraphs.
@Ramanujan Hi, so what is the question?
Ramanujan says hello multiple times a day :P
4:54 PM
@YashasSamaga, what happens if alternating current is passed in the coil of the dynamo?
that is a really weird question
dynamo is a device which is used to generate electricity
it has a coil as the rotor and a magnetic cylinder as a stator (in most cases)
@YashasSamaga, It was asked in an exam
if you pass an alternating current thorugh it, I would expect the magnet to rotate
@YashasSamaga, why/how does the magnet rotate
@anonymous it was not written that F1 is the midpoint of the duct.

If i know F1 is the midpoint, i know how to solve the problem.

But i dont understand why is F1 the midpoint of the duct :(
4:57 PM
Electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy…(maybe?) @Ramanujan
If i know F1 is the midpoint, i know how to solve the problem.

But i dont understand why is F1 the midpoint of the duct :(
You are making a false assumption and then asking why it is not correct ?
@Fawad it is as long as the dynamo was an AC generator

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