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12:04 AM
@dmckee how goes parenthood? (a late congratulations, by the way!)
yesterday, by dmckee
We're starting to figure out how she works well enough to be able to sleep as much as two hours at a time. I suppose that means pretty well.
4 hours later…
4:18 AM
@Mostafa I use an extension called porkchat that adds a button to easily call upon certain words or faces
@SirCumference Are you using a Mac?
@0celo7 I remember you sharing a pic with you and a mac
Mar 20 at 19:29, by 0celo7
user image
@SirCumference $5 if you can guess the book
4:30 AM
@0celo7 Caroll
@SirCumference why would I be reading that
5:03 AM
@SirCumference why would I be reading an elementary ODE book?
5:15 AM
@SirCumference Nice :)
that supplementary document was only 4 pages! I expected a comprehensive derivation of everything in the paper. WTH
1 hour later…
6:18 AM
@JohnR: Morning :-)
Morning :-)
I have to cancel my subscription to Netflix in five days :-(
@Kaumudi.H Have you managed to watch everything you wanted?
Not yet, no. I have about 4 films left on my list...
One film a day - that should be doable :-)
Did you watch Beauty and the Beast? Is it any good?
6:39 AM
Have you guys heard anything about net neutrality?
Sorry about that; I was on the phone with my grandma.
@JohnRennie Definitely :-) I watched two yesterday! To The Bone and Revolutionary Road.
in Mathematics, 9 hours ago, by Eric Silva
yeah it would let companies like Spectrum which have services that compete with netflix slow down your internet if you try to access netflix
@JohnRennie No, I haven't watched it yet because it doesn't have any subtitles :-( I'll see if it can be done on my phone on which I can use my earphones.
Re: YouTube was a dating site in 2005:
6:44 AM
(^ Comments on Hank's video in which this enlightening piece of information was revealed to us!)
@Kaumudi.H there's no hurry. My Sky account isn't going anywhere :-)
:-) OK. Thanks!
I'll be getting the DVD at the end of July, though you'll be in MEC by then. However if you're still interested you're welcome to a copy of the film with subtitles.
BTW, the T-shirt that Hank is wearing in said video is a reference to that scavenger hunt! We made it happen! :-)
6:49 AM
@JohnRennie Ah, OK :-) We'll see if it's possible to watch on my phone...
@JohnR: How's ur Saturday going?
@Kaumudi.H It will certainly play on your phone if you install the Sky app. I'm not sure that watching on the phone is going to be much fun.
Hmm, it's alright; I've been watching Netflix on my phone and it isn't too bad...
@Kaumudi.H good so far. No dead servers. It's the SciFi reading group meeting this afternoon, which will be fun :-)
Ah, 6 hours of fun! :-)
6:53 AM
6 hours? Possibly, it depends on how long we stay in the pub afterwards :-)
And I'm meeting up with some old friends for a meal on Suday afternoon, so it's shaping up to be an enjoyable weekend all round.
Oh, I think I remember being astounded at the fact that the last one lasted for about 6 hours. And the one before that as well...
@JohnRennie That sounds lovely :-) Have fun!
@Kaumudi.H And I've got a new PC coming on Monday!
Wow. So much excitement! :-) Why did u buy it?
@Kaumudi.H It's for my brother. Sadly I don't get to keep it.
6:57 AM
Ah, I see :-)
It is a very, very nice PC though. Maybe I'll keep it and give him my old one :-)
Howdy :)
@JohnRennie :-)
@SirCumference Hello! :-) How's it going?
7:00 AM
Pretty good, couldn't sleep so figured I'd head here
How are ya?
@SirCumference Go the f*k to sleep.
@SirCumference I'm alright, thanks :-) Two weeks to go until I join college!
You excited? :)
A little bit, yes. I'm also terrified and sad.
Is yours close to home?
7:03 AM
No, it's a 15 hour train/bus journey away from home.
(0.5 hour by flight but flights are too expensive)
@Kaumudi.H What's scary?
It's a new city and I don't know anybody there; that's quite scary...
One of my hostel wardens is a little...out of it and that too is discomforting.
@Kaumudi.H In my experience I thought it'd be terrifying living in a new city, but it's surprisingly easy to adjust to. You can make new friends quickly and share cool stories about your home town. Plus a lot of them are probably from other areas, so you won't be alone
7:08 AM
Right, right. Thank you :-) I certainly won't be alone, no.
Man, you moved to NY, didn't you? That must've been even more terrifying than moving to someplace like Kochi.
@Kaumudi.H Nah, I moved from New York to a more suburban place. Very different and has a completely different culture
Ohh, I thought u study in NY...
Terrifying for drastically different reasons, then :-P
Yeah haha. This neighborhood is also known for being very dangerous >_>
Like, record high
7:11 AM
Oh, no! :-( You've lived there for a year now, yes? (Aren't u in ur second year of college?)
Yup, it's pretty easy to avoid as long as you don't venture to strange places in the night
I see...
BTW, you really should do something about this insomnia!
@Kaumudi.H Oye, you're telling me :/
YES! I slept for 11 hours last night!
7:15 AM
@Kaumudi.H That concept is theoretical to me...
I don't recommend this either; I seem to have a serious problem. 11 hours is too much.
Well it depends, so long as you don't wake up in the afternoon
btw samuel l jackson is scaring me
@SirCumference I did wake up in the afternoon.
@SirCumference x'D Did u try listening to less terrifying boring podcasts?
7:20 AM
@Kaumudi.H I dunno how less terrifying it can get when you have someone yelling at you "gtf to sleep"
But it's a plus if it lacks samuel l jackson
:-P Right...
Oh, my sisters and begging me to get off my arse and buy them some chips but I haven't even showered yet! I'll catch u later. I hope u're able to fall asleep soon...
Yep. 'night (in case)
:-P Bye!
7:37 AM
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Yeah, That's one thing I have failed to understand so far
7:48 AM
@0celo7 I don't see any book. Also, Your professor wears hooded jackets to class?
@Sid perhaps I'll ask on SO.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas what do you want to know about net neutrality?
What's it about?
Suppose Amazon want their site to work quicker than anyone elses. So they approach the big Internet companies and say we'll pay you to prioritise traffic to and from our web site so it's faster than anyone elses.
Right now that's illegal because net neutrality says you have to treat all Internet traffic with equal priority.
And that's enforced in American law.
7:58 AM
If the net neutrality laws are repealed then the biggest (and richest) companies can pay to freeze out competitors.
In particular it makes it hard for small companies with new ideas to get started because they won't have the money to compete for Internet bandwidth with big established companies.
But of course the Internet companies would love it because they'd have an extra source of income from those payments.
That's unfair. Why did this become an issue in the first place?
It's a no-brainer.
@Sid Americans (Republican Americans that is) have a fetish about allowing unfettered capitalism i.e. not imposing rules on what companies can do.
But, you would need to amend a law to allow this to happen, right?
Why would anyone repeal such a law unless they are being paid by the companies?
8:20 AM
@Sid when are gonna play spyfall next?
Last time I played, it was the 17th century
@Avantgarde lol
No, we play spyfall when there is >6 players and all are willing to commit to >an hour of play without interruptions
Yeah, that's understandable
I mean, you could play with 3 or 4 players but it is no fun
: (
So, it's tough to get a quorum for playing. In case of contact or codenames, you can leave whenever you want. So, people prefer playing that
8:23 AM
I can't play the other two games.
Don't know the rules yet. And I didn't find it that appealing anyway
Yeah, contact and codenames require quite a bit of knowledge which is not in the case of spyfall
Also, I would say any chance of playing spyfall wouldn't be in the next couple of days at least
Maybe around Tuesday or something, we could get a game together
Eh, it's fine.
(Although, there is another reason why we don't play that. But, that shouldn't be discussed with non-PSE members)
Is it some secret society cult related thing?
Sort of. I wouldn't like to delve into that topic here.
8:29 AM
At least tell me what you have for your coat of arms
coat of arms?
Didn't get what you mean
Do you know what coat of arms are
Google tells me it is some shield of family
8:37 AM
not just family. It can be an individual, or a political entity.
So, what do I tell you? I am clearly not getting what I am supposed to say here
It's basically a logo. So do you guys in the cult have a logo?
Nothing like that.
aw man. I would've liked that.
We have the Satyamev Jayate as the emblem. Kind of like a coat of arms. It's an emblem, though.
Not sure what the difference is, however.
It's the same thing, I believe. Just different words.
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
So the GKP boundary of spacetimes is constructed from elements of the type $I^\pm (\gamma)$, whose boundaries are events and particle horizons
So there is quite a direct link between the boundaries and horizons
10:57 AM
@0celo7 @ACuriousMind you were talking about editors? backreaction.blogspot.com.es/2017/07/…
So, aminliverpool is practicing mathjax, and he defined a wrong newcommand. Given I am the king/queen of bulky posts, I then do the following:
in Practicing MathJax, 15 mins ago, by Secret
Let me help you to push the newcommand off the screen...
11:14 AM
Q: Fermion propagator as derivative of scalar propagator

JamieBondiI've seen this expression in two spacetime dimensions, $$ \langle \bar{\psi}(x) \psi(0) \rangle = \gamma^\mu{\partial_\mu} \langle \phi(x) \phi(0) \rangle $$ The LHS is the fermion propagator, and the expectation on RHS is the scalar propagator. For 2 dimensional case, the scalar propagator is ...

four answers by the same user
@EmilioPisanty a friend of mine has a friend who has a room for rent (metro station Urgell)
I can send you an email with her phone number if you want
it seems a bit expensive IMO but as it is for one month, perhaps its fine for you
550€ for a room? Geez, and I thought Heidelberg was expensive :P
yeah, Barcelona is very cheap
Spain in general is very cheap
550€ is not that bad, but you can find reasonable rooms for 400€, and decent rooms for 300€
wait, are you saying that 550 is actually cheap? or are you being sarcastic?
I thought that Germany was much more expensive than that
@AccidentalFourierTransform I'm saying 550€ for a room is expensive unless it's in some fancy mansion
well, a room typically includes a (shared) bathroom and use of the kitchen (and common zones)
so its not actually just a room
\subsection{Spenor feynman Propagator}
12:04 PM
Q: On the embedding of the Schwarzschild metric in six dimensions

Naveen BalajiAt every point of the 4-D space-time, it's metric, being a symmetric 2-tensor, has $\frac{D(D+1)}{2}=10$ independent components. From this we can subtract four degrees of freedom according to the four coordinate transformations; Hence, we have six independent degrees of freedom at every point. Th...

Anyone, please.
12:41 PM
Help urgently needed
What are some good headphones with a mic?
Expensive but good.

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