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11:02 AM
Sure, but you gotta admit that when you first start to build up an understanding of something it does require a certain amount of recall...
Being able to remember something is a side effect of understanding, not the cause
New knowledge is built on old.
11:14 AM
Touché @Slereah
In my opinion, memorizing is a crutch for understanding @Mithrandir24601 once i get a deeper understanding I can throw away the crutches :-)
@Kaumudi.H Here's an interesting thing.A wave function will be of the form $f(\vec{k}.\vec{r}-\omega t)$, where $\vec{r}$ is the position vector of a point. Now, if we look at all the points with same phase, then $\vec{k}.\vec{r}$ is a constant, which implies that the set of points with same phase are planes with area vector in the $\vec{k}$ direction, which means you'r wave is effectively travelling in the $\vec{k}$ direction.
11:33 AM
@JohnR: Just now, I literally cried because I am starving.
@Kaumudi.H Then eat something!
@Kaumudi.H :-(
Would eating something be out of the question?
There is nothing to eat, you see.
The shops are all closed and I have nothing but those rotten biscuits at hand.
They're all closed? What about fast food?
(Also, why are they closed? Is it a holiday in India?)
11:38 AM
Never before have actual tears (accompanied, of course, by a runny nose) sprouted at a lack of availability of food. There has always been something to eat.
@ACuriousMind I have no friggin' clue as to why they are closed.
All shops closing for no discernible reason sounds...ominous
Not all of them, to be clear-the one's on "campus" is what I really mean.
And I'm guessing it's a long trip to some place off-campus where you could get food? Because if it's not, definitely consider that instead of staying hungry!
@ACuriousMind Nothing near enough, man. In the afternoon, I went to a vegetarian restaurant around 3 Kms away, to find that it was populated by a hoard of seniors. I struggled some, to find a less conspicuous seat, so that I wouldn't get ragged. The food wasn't even very good, so I asked them to pack half of it, so that I could have the rest for dinner, and left in a hurry, before any of the more problematic seniors spotted me.
11:43 AM
Drink LOTS of water, till you can find food.
@user685252 That might make you feel more full but it won't actually do much good
@ACuriousMind It is quite a way away-I have an exam tomorrow and don't fancy a 6-8 Km walk :-/ In the afternoon, I borrowed my friend's scooter but I highly doubt if she'd let me borrow it again, without at least a hint of hesitation and/or judgement.
It's a temporary solution.
You need food.
@Kaumudi.H Well, before you ask friends you lend you their scooter you could ask for some food! I certainly wouldn't let my friends starve
They don't have anything, I think. Besides, I did post a status about this starvation-crying situation, which several of my friends from hostel seem to have seen, but none responded...
11:47 AM
First, you need to calm down...
x'D I am calm.
...try some water.
I even ate two bananas!
Hm, so there's a hostel full of ravenously hungry students right now? I guess then it's time to start drawing lots who gets eaten first ;)
(It was the only food I could find when I ventured out to get anything to eat)
11:48 AM
@ACuriousMind No, no, they're not hungry or anything, they ate from the canteen.
Which appears to not be an option for you else you'd have taken it. That sucks
Yepp, exactly. Thanks for your sympathies :-) I wish I could eat them.
@JohnR: No chocolate either! (Obviously) ;_;
@Kaumudi.H "them" = "your fellow students"? ;D
11:53 AM
Think of ways for this to never happen again :-)
@Kaumudi.H I'll happily order you a takeaway if there's a restaurant near you that does online orders ...
@JohnRennie :-) You're so kind, but no, there are none.
@ACuriousMind -.- What is this dream you are starting to see, in which this hostel kills itself overnight?
@Kaumudi.H I like trashy horror movies, and this sounds like a wonderful plot for one ;)
Ah, yes, I remember you saying something about how you get together with friends to watch trashy horror movies.
11:56 AM
(I also wanted to nitpick that "them" in your sentence had nothing else it could refer to grammatically, but that's beside the point :P )
@Kaumudi.H Indeed, you remember correctly :)
B horror movies are the best horror movies
Is Obama still in India?
@BalarkaSen The B stands for Balarka.
I take that as a compliment
Or, perhaps a complement
@ACuriousMind :-P Well, grammar aside, I meant to say that I wish I could eat your sympathies!
11:59 AM
@Kaumudi.H Ahhhhhh. That actually works grammatically, it just never crossed my mind you might mean that!
Love will keep us alive
Hmm, I seem to have found something...
12:05 PM
@MLK: about the new Blade Runner? Yes, its a great homage to the original movie.
I should see the original one
Nope, no vegetarian burgers. AAAAARGH.
Just eat the bun!
@MLK: I thought the original had a bit more heart, but that might just be because I saw that first ;).
Ah, if only I had at least the satisfaction of having finished revision or something.
12:13 PM
GAH, when you build your order and then they tell you that they don't deliver to the given address.
Praise the Lord!!
Nobody? Someone be happy for me!
Praise Burger Spot!
12:21 PM
Yess! :-D
@Kaumudi.H mushroom sub sounds good!
What does ka Baap mean?
x'D "Father of".
Father of burgers ???
You ordered the father of all classic veggie burgers?
It's a tongue-and-cheek way of saying it's the Big Burger.
12:25 PM
Hahaha, they mean to emphasize that it is no ordinary burger, it is the biggest, most powerful of them all...which is to say that yeah, it's pretty huge, as Balaraka says :-P
@BalarkaSen *tongue-in-cheek
As in the mother of all wars only more masculine and less bellicose?
@ACuriousMind Thanks.
I can't type
Make burgers not war
12:26 PM
@JohnRennie Yupp! x'D
@JohnRennie An excellent credo to live by
Burgers ...
Damn ...
Now you're hungry? :P
What are you "damn..."ing about?! No burgers in town today? Lunch is soon, no?
A server?
12:28 PM
@ACuriousMind I always fast on Mondays (for reasons that I don't wish to defend as they are less than logical) so it is nearly 48 hours since I last ate. I am feeling a tad peckish :-)
Post-rock is a musical genre where there's way too many albums to pick out the ones with original, fresh sounds.
Which kinda sucks, it's a good style
"tad peckish" of course being British for "I'm starving", eh?
@JohnRennie Wait, what? I've known you for 1+ year and 25% of our conversations are about food, how have I not known this?!
@Kaumudi.H I've told you many times ...
He told us.
12:29 PM
:-O You have?!
Him and I have pretty much the same eating habits.
Apr 28 at 17:39, by John Rennie
I might have an Indian feast on Monday.
Apparently this fasting is a new development :P
in In At The Deep End, Aug 7 at 14:48, by John Rennie
I generally fast on Mondays
:-/ Damn.
12:31 PM
One good meal per day, right?
@ACuriousMind that was a bank holiday Monday. Fasting is suspended on holidays :-)
Fasting one day per week is good for your system.
@Kaumudi.H post of picture of your daddyburger when it arrives!
@skullpatrol I do it because I eat huge meals at the weekend so by Monday morning I'm feeling pretty bloated. After fasting on Monday I feel a lot more energetic. You should see me run to the supermarket :-)
Explosions in the Sky doesn't ring with me for some reason. I haven't found them particularly fascinating.
Oh well
As it happens there is a supermarket next door to the shop where I'm picking up my new pushbike, so I'll combine getting a pushbike with getting lunch. But the pushbike isn't ready until 15:00 ...
12:37 PM
@JohnRennie Hehe, will do! :-)
1:00 PM
Any explosions nearby, never mind in the sky, would get my attention.
1:13 PM
Hmm, it should have been here one minute ago...
It's only 2 Kms away, why is it taking so ruddy long?!
@BalarkaSen Oh, which?
I recently bought Hirsh-Smale to read at home
@Blue Cool, that book is good.
The one I am thinking of is
Katok-Hasselblatt, "A first course in dynamics: with a panoramic whatever I forgot"
in the no-normie zone , Nov 28 at 9:25, by Balarka Sen
It's in Katok-Hasselblatt but I do not recommend reading it
1:35 PM
That's not the book I am talking about
That K-H is an epic tome
Kaumundi is an official 'epic tome'...
@EmilioPisanty looks like Mexico is in the group of death with defending champs Germany :-)
@CooperCape Tf...
(Also, KaumuDi!! My name's right there, man, how hard could it possibly be?)
1:40 PM
Found it!
Let's see if I get it on libgen
Heh, they have the pdf
@Kaumudi.H Balarka said 'That K-H is an epic tome'. Also, fair.
libgen has it yep
1:42 PM
Oh I see
@CooperCape Ah, lol, didn't notice the "H" :-P
Wow! Amazon links take up a lot of real estate in here!?
A: What is an observer in QFT?

Siva VatsWhy describe an unknown in terms of an abstruse? The Quantum Field Theory is a mathematical logical construct in a human mind with a 'developed intellect' which adds to alters or takes away from the logical construct. All this is known to a 'knower' in the mind who may well be called the mathemat...

Anyone here familiar with Fourier series?
2:11 PM
It’s raining
@ACuriousMind make it stop
@BalarkaSen I showed Morwen Thistlethwaite how to play GTA San Andreas on my phone btw
wait, Thistlethwaite plays GTA San Andreas?
No, pretty sure he still thinks video games are a complete waste of time
But he was amazed
2:25 PM
Ok, look
I know I don’t have a good track record with India
But is that a metal plate?
Steel, yeah.
@0celo7 how do you play GTASA on phone? i thought that game needs a huge graphics requirement
@BalarkaSen I’ve had it for years
2:27 PM
I really need to learn some cat theory
At some point it just gets impossible to read bundle stuff without it
It ran on my previous phone too
@Kaumudi.H ..that looks rather small.
Its width was quite big, man!
@Slereah it goes it goes it goes it goes nlab
That’s what she said
2:28 PM
Two types of cheese and everything, my, my!
@0celo7 Oh, man.
I just want to know what a natural bundle is ;w;
@0celo7 there are kids in here
and then they start "The bundle functor..."
@BalarkaSen You mean you? :-P
2:29 PM
Check Kolar, Michor, Slovak
(and that burger is expensive...)
It's common knowledge that I am 13. But I mean it in a Rick and Morty sense
@Sid It is, and completely worth it!
@BalarkaSen ...weren't you 17 or something?
something like that
i have forgotten
2:31 PM
Anyway, @BalarkaSen Morwen was old when Pong came out
I don’t think he really gets the concept of games
@blue what do i need to revise for that course that you mentioned?
how old is he
2:32 PM
@0celo7 are we talking about @JohnRennie
No, an algebraist I know
hes a knot theorist isnt he
knot theory is algebra nowadays so
@Slereah He's 56, not around 73!!
Old Man John
2:39 PM
@BalarkaSen he does representation theory of groups arising in knot theory and hyperbolic geometry
@Slereah No country for old Johns
3:09 PM
@JohnRennie I think this one could use your patience
3:25 PM
2. Definition

The Peirls bracket

under construction
nlab is useless i tell you
I like nlab
I just wish I understood it
@Slereah If you want to know about the Peierls bracket, look in deWitt's QFT book
If you can decipher the notation it's pretty good :P
Is DeWitt the one that uses indexes for everything
who is user10851
is that Chris White's old account?
@ACuriousMind how do you feel about learning LQG with me
3:40 PM
@Slereah Yes
@0celo7 I have no desire at all to learn about LQG, actually :P
@ACuriousMind but it's like GR with more analysis!
Like $$\int f(x) g^*(x) = f_x g^x$$
@Slereah that is disgusting
that is what DeWitt does
3:45 PM
@0celo7 "Let $\gamma$ be any timelike curve for which $I^-[\gamma]$ is a TIP. If $I^-[\gamma]$ is not the entire space, then it has a boundary, which may be regarded as the limit of the past light cone $I^-[q]$ as $q$ recedes to infinity in the future direction along $\gamma$. It is clear that such a limiting past lightcone will be a null hyperplane."
Is that clear to you
Terminal irreducible past set
What does that mean
It's a past set that is irreducible (can't be expressed as the union of two past sets) and terminal (it's not of the form $I^-(p)$)
@Kaumudi.H it finally arrived then :-)
3:47 PM
Basically it's $I^-(\gamma)$ for a curve with no future endpoint
Can’t be expressed as the union of two past sets?
There's no past sets $A, B$ such that the TIP is $A \cup B$
@JohnRennie Yes, and my God, it was beautiful.
Less beautiful now, I believe :-P
An irreducible past set is basically a set that's similar to $I^\pm(p)$
But for ideal points
rather than spacetime points
Every such set is generated by a single point, as it were
But basically the problem is that Geroch pretends that the limit of a past lightcone for a timelike curve at infinity will obviously have a null hypersurface as a boundary
Which doesn't sounds very obvious to me
3:55 PM
@Bernardo Check out the Tower of Hanoi problem. A good exercise in induction.
@Mithrandir24601 Re: Memory tests: Man, my whole Physics exam is a stinking memory test.
@Kaumudi.H How can Physics be a "stinking memory test"?
by its offensive smell
All (of which there are very few) the problems are straightforward and require only direct substitution. The rest of the paper consists of questions asking for definitions and derivations. Now, it makes sense that we'd be asked to derive stuff but come on, we miss one line and they reduce 3 marks? They need us to write exactly what they expect, word to word.
@Kaumudi.H not that I wish to seem critical, but eating properly is an investment worth making. Low blood sugar won't help you revise or in the exam ...
4:03 PM
Haha, you can be critical all you want, John, you make a good point-one that my mum reminds me through shouting almost every day.
OK, my laptop's running out of juice. Brb...
@Blue nice find, are you taking a class? working on a very tricky problem in this area... somewhat stymieing at times... :(
I recommended him that book.
@BalarkaSen cool, are you taking a class? you might like strogatz, a near-classic ref. have been banging my head on this for wks, its re Jacobian etc
Q: partial differential equation coupled system

vznhave been wrestling with this n-d coupled PDE for awhile and finding it very difficult to come up with an answer, but am wondering if there is some elusive "trick". have looked through various books with standard forms and havent seen it yet. the context is something of a long story but the eqn i...

@vzn No, not taking a class, but I'm quite interested in dynamical systems (and applications of ODEs)
@BalarkaSen Sard’s theorem is the ultimate induction.
@vzn I am afraid I do not know an answer to your question
@0celo7 Bleh
I mean true
I never cared for the proof of Sard's theorem I guess
I wonder if there’s an abstract nonsense proof
@0celo7 That's a thali
By “abstract nonsense” I mean proper measure theory
4:14 PM
@BalarkaSen thx for looking. it seems to be hard or simple and/ or unknown or known, dont know right now. anyway am uncovering a very neat connection between number theory + dynamics at moment ("application")...
The usual proof is completely elementary which is neat
@vzn I see.
Sounds interesting.
:) think you say that not-so-often. (not easily impressed, to the contrary)
I think interesting-sounding things are worth acknowledging as interesting
And, similarly, non-interesting or worthless-sounding things are worth acknowledging as worthless, which I often do.
right. but default mood for cyber chat room(s) is often "blase nonchalance"
4:17 PM
hi :)
4:34 PM
@JohnRennie what?
@0celo7 what do you eat in?
What are you talking about
@Sid this
@0celo7 Are you on mobile?
John's message was an answer to your question about the metal plate.
@ACuriousMind I don’t have anything else, do I?
4:39 PM
@0celo7 What?
oh i see what you did there.
@0celo7 anyhow, the metal plate that K's burger was on is called a thali and is a traditional way to serve food in India.
In effect it's just a tray.
@JohnRennie It's basically a plate. A more traditional way is eating on a banana leaf
@0celo7 Rumor has it you both own a Macbook and a gaming PC :P
4:43 PM
@Sid isn't that only in the south of India?
@JohnRennie ...Now, that you say it, probably yes.
I'm fairly sure thalis are used all over. My father was in the North West during the second world war and he remembers using thalis there.
@JohnRennie Well, even in West Bengal and other Northern states using banana leaf plates is an old tradition, during ceremonies.
Even some restaurants serve food in that
@Blue Ah, I live and learn :-)
4:45 PM
Not especially comfortable to eat from, though :P Some people like it
@ACuriousMind rumor has it, oooh
@JohnRennie This is one of the Bengali signature dishes
I didn't know it was in North as well. I thought leaves was used only in the South and some parts of the East
@JohnRennie I must say I struggle to see the advantage over regular plates
And @ACuriousMind before you get butthurt i buy plates at Walmart for $2
@Blue without seeing, I say that is a fish dish. :P
4:47 PM
I don't see why my butt would care about your cheap plates :P
@0celo7 Metal plates are easier to maintain and last very long- over 5 years minimum
@0celo7 If you drop regular plates, they break. Thalis don't break
@0celo7 The large plate acts as a tray. You put separate bowls for the separate sauces inside the large plate. It gives room for all the sauces, the rice and the bread.
I still have the metal plate which I was gifted during my birth ceremony. It's shiny even now
After 18 years
4:49 PM
Birth ceremony? Jeez
@Sid Of course
That’s far more serious than a baby shower
@0celo7 Yeah, it's called Anna Prasan here
@Sid don’t drop plates
Just a family meet of sorts
4:49 PM
@Blue Standard ceramic plates also last over 5 years if you don't drop them :P
@Blue Ah. I was confused whether it was that or the "naming ceremony or something"
@ACuriousMind Well, "if you don't drop them" :P
@ACuriousMind Standard metal plates last well over 5 years even if you drop them
I am wondering what Blue is doing to ceramic that he destroys them in 5 years
Ok people why do you drop plates so much
I’ve never dropped one
Would I be some sort of god in India?
4:51 PM
@0celo7 Overpopulation. Try going to some feast in India.
@Blue Heh, well, okay, I can see the advantage if you're clumsy or want to play frisbee with the plates ;)
@0celo7 that's because you are careful to not drop them. Here, even if you drop plates, you don't get to incur more expenses
Shit, you’re not careful to not drop them?
You just eat the food off the floor after it falls?
Seems kinda gross but ok
4:53 PM
what is up dramalertnation it's your boi wikileaks here
what is going on
@BalarkaSen ...what
@0celo7 I suspect most drops/breaks occur when the plates are being washed and dried, not when they have food on them.
@ACuriousMind do you know keemstar?
@BalarkaSen I have no idea who/what that is
4:57 PM
@JohnRennie Again, never seen that happen.
@ACuriousMind Best to let it be that way. I shall not explain the meme
@0celo7 I haven't broken many plates, but over the decades I've been washing plates I have dropped and broken a few.
@0celo7 Have you ever washed plates?
I've washed plates for five years until I got a dishwasher again and never broken a single one
And I am clumsy, I've broken a few glasses in that while

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