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12:04 AM
@ACuriousMind Make me happy
12:29 AM
@BernardoMeurer: Hi, what makes you happy?
@MoziburUllah Alcohol, tobacco, some soft samba/jazz in Rio, food, playing cards, family dinners, being at the beach, trees, warm clothing from the drier, women, buying audio equipment
Those come to mind
@BernardoMeurer: that all sounds good - is @curiousmind handing out all those goodies? Looks like he's a man to know...!
@MoziburUllah He could definitely get me a majority of those
@BernardoMeurer I count 5-6, so that's technically true ;) However all that would be much easier if you weren't half the globe away :P
@ACuriousMind That is true
12:39 AM
virtual goodies aren't really goodies at all.
unlike virtual particles.
Not true, vide bitcoins
Whats all the fuss with bitcoins? Its just another speculative storm in a teapot.
@MoziburUllah Say that to all the money I made this month :P
Hmm, are you handing out goodies too?
Financed the shipment of my stuff from Lisbon here to Santa Barbara
12:40 AM
Make me happy Me Bernardo!
Mr Bernado!
If I could I would
I can only make anyone happy after my third beer
before that I'm a complete bum
Well, have three beers on me...
Its the h-bar after all.
@ACuriousMind: Hi, whats life like as a moderator? Would you recommend it to anyone?
@rob: Hi dude!
@MoziburUllah Greetings
@rob hai
@BernardoMeurer Salutations
12:46 AM
@rob Magentizations my fellow kumquat
Bon jour except its bon nuit where I am.
It would be more bon nuit if the bartender would turn up.
Is this really a h bar?
@MoziburUllah It's like life as an ordinary user, just with a bit more abuse hurled at you ;) More seriously, I'd only recommend it if you enjoy tasks like going through the review queues.
Now we all turn magenta...
Jan 14 at 15:36, by rob
We're going to have to rename the place "the h bar and grill" if the food discussions become any more prominent.
Q: Choosing the name of the chat room

John RennieThe name of the chat room was recently changed to the h bar(becue) as a joke because of the multiple posts about food made by the more rapscallionary members of the room. I've seen a few rather terse posts suggesting that not everyone is happy with this, so maybe we should try and arrive at a co...

@ACuriousMind: I can't say that I'm too fond of abuse - so the moderators life ain't for me; glad you've taken it on ;).
I'm happy with h-bar - its cool. I just want it to live up to its name. And not by serving out h's.
12:52 AM
We tried serving digital drinks once but they had all sorts of weird bits in them :P
@ACuriousMind: I had to read that twice before I got the pun (groan).
Is there an emoticon for (groan)?
Not that I've seen it, but I'm not an expert on these
Me neither.
1:11 AM
@ocelo7: Hi! How do you get pictures for your emoticons? teach us your sorcery...
I think he's just using his phone
ok, phone witchery!
@ACuriousMind Do you have proof of that claim
1:18 AM
@ocelo7: the proofs in the magentasition. When everything goes purple.
1:35 AM
I need a phone upgrade 'cos I can't get those emoticons on my phone; got to do it old-skool.
Silence reigns in the h-bar as the bars outta the purple juice.
Well, you found it in a rather quiet hour. Also, what's with the purple?
1:53 AM
@ACuriousMind: ask @BernardoMeurer, he started it with 'Magentizations my fellow kumquat'; maybe it was a typo and he was talking about magnets rather than magenta (which is a kind of purplish-violet colour).
I just wanted a fancy greeting to use, but since I didn't know any I made one up
Magenta is a fancy color
So it was only natural what followed
2:06 AM
@BernardoMeurer: I like magenta - it reminds me of my commodore 64 days. Before that I thought of it as violet or purple.
Wasn't there an X-Man character named after magenta too?
@MoziburUllah Interesting, I had a dream last night I found an Amiga computer on the streets and got it working
Yeah, I bought an Amiga but by then I was deep into mathematics so computers had lost their gloss by then...it wasn't the same as the Commodore 64 and its eight sprites and tinkering with machine code; LDA - load accumator!
BNE - Branch on negative!
Its funny how memory works - I find it difficult to remember my mobile phone number; back then I was soaking up numbers and acronyms like crazy.
1 hour later…
3:41 AM
@ACuriousMind in this lecture cosmolearning.org/video-lectures/… the guy goes through the beginning of the Polchinski/Weinberg spinor appendix, some useful comments
4:17 AM
Hi, everybody.
The Karate Kid?
4:48 AM
Human beings are addicted to correcting others mistakes:
Given a sentence, if they spot something wrong, they often cannot resist the urge to correct something wrong
This leads to a highly effective but risky technique of question asking:
@Secret You have term repetition of "something wrong" here
In a math/physics lecture if you correct a mistake you get a thank you, sometimes even gifts, it's encouraged apparently
O I see, then make the change of the 2nd instance of "something wrong" into "said wrong thing"
@Secret Uhum, or the first usage can become "if they spot a mistake"
4:54 AM
hmm, that works too
But mostly I was just trying to be obnoxious and find a mistake to correct :P
Given a question Q, you deliberately make the part you are not sure of A an assertive statement E. Thus Q goes from Q(A) to Q(E). Then provided you don't get a reputation of trolling or exploiting people like that (this is the risky part as you are literally gambling with your whole future whenever you ask questions like that), then in a short period of time, there will exist at least one person correcting you, thus you get your answer to your question in this roundabout fashion.

Obviously, for me, because I am clumsy, I made my mistakes in my questions due to lack of awareness
Q: Is it possible to locate the Fermi level (in a double doped semiconductor) without knowing the intrinsic Fermi level?

BlueSuppose phosphorus ($\require{mhchem}\ce{P}$) is introduced into $\require{mhchem}\ce{p-Si}$. At a given temperature (say at room temperature $300K$) is it possible to find the location of the Fermi level, if I don't know the intrinsic Fermi level position? The information I have is: The rati...

In case someone can help ^
Put it simply, there exists people in this world who ask other people question by provoking their urge to correct others, thus indirectly getting the answer as a result, when normally the response rate of such question will be low
Conclusion: I suspect aliens and AI will be better than us humans in terms of efficiency of certain things because they will not be psychologically exploited that easily
Actually, now I am starting to wonder, whether cranks bullshit their stuff is actually trying to get people to challenge their beliefs, and thus constitute a notion of trolling :?
5:01 AM
@Secret I'm convinced you're either an Alien or AI
secret is my spirit animal
5:14 AM
Some people just enjoy stirring things up.
As long as its done with some wit and panache I don't mind.
5:30 AM
@ooolb: Hi, is your spirit animal tame, wild or is it a secret?
@MoziburUllah it's not a secret
it's @Secret
I was being reverse ironic don't reply saying that's what you meant.
or I'll kms
kool my senses
with this
Ah, ok; I alsways wondered what drinking the Kool-Aid was about!
5:38 AM
I've invented a new internet acronym: iksa - it kicks some ass!
It looks refreshing.
especially on ice
I thought raspberries were a kind of reddish colour?
crappy design
I've seen better emojis.
Blue is a refreshing colour tho.
@MoziburUllah you have my attention.
5:43 AM
Why?! What did I say?
@JohnRennie: Hi, how you doing?
And top of the mornng to you sah!
@MoziburUllah you said blue is refreshing and I think that's hot.
(no homo)
Hot, blue and refreshing - now that a sweet mix.
@MoziburUllah that's literally me irl
5:48 AM
@ooolb I'm pleased.
@Blue you're Blue not blue.
learn the difference.
7 mins ago, by Mozibur Ullah
Blue is a refreshing colour tho.
colours can't do physics.
oh wait...
5:51 AM
modern physics began with colours - look at newton with his prism.
@MoziburUllah you're a few more phrases away from being KenM.
KenM? Whose he?
a fine fellow
So I guessed, its not Ken Kesey. Thats the only kesey I ken (know of).
is there a language barrier or are you being ironic
5:55 AM
Hmm, that ouught to be thats the only Ken I ken.
if it's the latter then i'm impressed.
ken is scottish slang for know of.
Its also is/was yorkshire slang for some reason too.
@JohnRennie: is your background in physics?
@MoziburUllah who uses proper capitalization in 2017?
you embarrassed me in front of @Blue
hope you're satisfied
@MoziburUllah Nah, he's a soap scientist ;)
(Joking. He has a PhD in Physical Chemistry :))
6:00 AM
Bubbles are cool - they've got rainbows swimming in them.
I am satisfied ;).
And like a cheshire cat nly my smile remains ).
only my...
Does anyone know the best place to place a pair of collimating lenses, to focus laser light?
@JohnRennie who would win
@ooolb: non millenials...
a fine englishman with a degree in quantum chemistry or some cool oids
sounds like a good place to do some finite group theory and play about with energy levels.
6:04 AM
@MoziburUllah are you a chat bot?
I'm playing the imitation game!
who are you roleplaying?
Nobody - I'm just being myself.
Thats my real name by the way. It takes some cheek to tell someone they're role-playing when they've got monikers like ooolb. How do you pronounce that?
No capitals neither.
I was jesting...;).
6:08 AM
the pronunciation is down to interpretation.
it's blooo backwards which is blue spelled autistically.
ooolb is the mirror image of blooo
@Blue +1
i expected no less from Blue
@Blue: +100.
Going to read some GR tonight
6:10 AM
That should have been to @ooolb.
@ooolb it's a secret hehe
I mean it's just some notes someone gave me
@Cows that's really shady
I've always liked Robert Gerochs book, General relativity from A to B; he gets to the point using just basic arithmetic just like Einstein did with special relativity; it was the first book I read on GR.
@ooolb hehe, I do have a few GR texts though. I have Caroll's GR text, and another one, I forgot the author though, too lazy to get up from bed and check lol
6:12 AM
@Cows nice i was reading carroll too
yeah it's the standard graduate text
But not too lazy to type. When we have voice activated typing we won't even need to do that.
I am not reading it now though :P
@MoziburUllah yeah lol
you know there is software that does voice activated typing though
I actually used to own it
I do...but I don't have it, and I've never been anywhere near it.
6:14 AM
@cows: how well did it work?
it's was ok, this was a few years ago. I am sure it's better now
I once met a professor who coded something like this for latex
I feel like I should read Einstein's GR book but I might go crazy like a certain person
lord voldemort?
who went crazy lol
shall not be named
6:16 AM
hmm hehe
or you'll get banned
I was thinking of Godel - he went paranoid - he starved himself as he thought people were trying to poison him.
No, a (former?) user of this site
Sad end for a fine mind really - and he was a good friend of Einstein.
He got banned for saying some nutty things to the wrong people
6:17 AM
Don't you eventually get unbanned?
he's still got a few months left
@MoziburUllah after you say some fruity things to the right people.
How do you know the right people from the wrong people?
6:18 AM
Great minds think alike. lol!
@MoziburUllah the wrong people are the people who can literally erase you from the system if they really wanted to
yup :D
@0celo7 fok da system
Do they come with some kind of mark on their icon so you know to be careful around them, or do you just have to hang around for long enough.
how do you delete system32 for stackexchange
6:20 AM
yeah - rage against the machine!
[edited to look ironic]*
gn i'm going to sleep
My guess would be that they're employees of SE or have some close association - that way you get close to the source...
@MoziburUllah yes, this person was
6:22 AM
E? 3? P? Is this some secret internet slang?
I've gotten as far as :P.
My kitchen calls, I've got a soup on the boil.
@0celo7 Why do I feel like I know who you are referring to...
@JohnRennie Morning!
Do you want to adopt my friend who is going on exchange to Leeds soon?
@Sid because everyone knows him
@BernardoMeurer Morning
@BernardoMeurer not really :-)
Well, I mean that figuratively :P
6:29 AM
Leeds university, or is she working in Leeds?
She's going to Leeds uni, yeah
She's real nice John, and she listens to me rant quite a bit
Leeds is a great city. Bit cold though.
So think of all the rants that weren't posted here because she listened to them
@JohnRennie that is why you should always use "they". instead of "he" and "she"
Unilever has a factory there and I used to have to go there on a regular basis.
6:30 AM
@JohnRennie Nice! Give her the city tips :P
@Sid Shrug :-)
She hears me talk about you a lot :P
I haven't been to Leeds for over a decade ...
Leeds was definitely cold during the 70s, especially during winter when the snow fell .
6:32 AM
It's the wrong side of the Pennines. They shield it from the Gulf Stream that keeps the west side of the UK so warm.
Giving a talk in the PDE seminar later today
Good luck!
I have a feeling I’m going to forget some really trivial analysis
I just got out of bed to work out some Holder norms
@MoziburUllah thanks
@0celo7 Struggling with that proof
I have found the pattern though
6:35 AM
Seems right
@0celo7 Good luck!
John can help you
I’ve got to sleep
But the induction step is not easy
@0celo7 Night!
@ocelo7: G'night.
6:35 AM
@Sid thanks
@ACuriousMind @heather @Mithrandir24601 individual hair follicles grow hair in a cycle. They produce hair (at about 1cm/month) for several years, then they go into a resting state and the hair drops out. Then they start producing a new hair. That's why there is a maximum length for hair even if you never cut it.
I studied this stuff when I did some work with Unilever's hair care division.
@JohnRennie What is that max length?
Does the same hold for facial hair?
@Sid the active growing phase (called anagen) varies from individual to individual and it varies with age. But it's generally 3-7 years and the growth rate is around a cm per month.
So the maximum length is of order one metre.
Incidentally that's why it's normal to find hair drops out when you have a shower or bath. It's just hair follicles that have reached the natural end of their growth cycle and are shedding the hair they were producing.
So from head to just above knee-level.
@JohnRennie So, you are saying that hair-loss is normal and people shouldn't freak out over it?
6:48 AM
From memory you naturally lose about 30 hairs a day due to the cycling
That explains a lot about my bath-tub!
@Sid Unless the rate is too high. Everyone loses hair everyday.
Obviously if you're becoming bald...that's something to worry about
@Blue I'm not sure it's something to worry about since there's nothing you can do about it!
You just have to grin and accept it.
@JohnRennie Well, yeah. Worrying doesn't help much
6:51 AM
One could get a hair transplant or something
Often baldness is genetic
But then there are some diseases which can cause people to lose hair
@Blue So, you do a bunch of Math things and tell me that the max length of the hair can be 3 feet(~1m). JR being the hand-wavy physicist that he is, sits in his chair and tells me the max length of hair can be 1m. Hence, proved: JR is a genius
JR gave the biological reason. :P
7:05 AM
The math gives the proof
The DEs point out that there is a stable equilibrium formed
Well, the proof consists of just multiplying a velocity by a time. Hardly mind mangling :-)
Biology never gives you an exact value. JR gave a very close value...
The same applies to all hair follicles, but the growth rates and growth cycle durations differ.
I was just thinking the other day that maybe DNA is a binary code.
7:08 AM
That's why your eyebrow hair maintains a constant (average) length even though you never cut it.
Likewise nose hair, though strangely the maximum nose hair length seems to increase as you get older.
@JohnRennie My eyebrow length increased from what it was when I was younger...
@Sid This is actually a part of a field of mathematics called dynamical systems, Sid :P Remember the predator prey models? You can hand-wave and say that the curves are always closed. But the DEs actually show that neither the predator or the prey never becomes extinct.
@JohnRennie Well, that was the simplest version
@JohnRennie: I've noticed that with nose-hair...
7:11 AM
There can be more non-trivial math done with this, I'm sure
empirically speaking...
Eyebrows seem to get bushier with age as well. Observation suggests that old men tend to have bushy eyebrows and lots of nose hair (ugh :-)
@JohnRennie Unless they have a habit of digging their noses XD That's would be more "üghy"!
What a lovely turn this conversation has taken :-)
Drawings of father christmas always have him with bushy eyebrows...
@JohnRennie: some-one brought up hair...and then it went from there.
As usual, down hill, then off a cliff.
7:15 AM
At least be happy we're still talking about hairs on the upper half of the body. ;)
Incidentally, when my nose hairs started getting long I tried dealing with it by plucking the hairs. But ... I don't advise this. It is agonisingly painful! I tried it precisely once :-)
@Blue Um... yeah, no. (Ugh)
@JohnRennie I tried plucking my eyebrows. Wasn't very pleasant...
I better go off now or else I'd have to tear my hairs in the exam hall. See you people later :P
Its annoying when you find one hair just that bit longer than the rest...
so ya got to pluck it.
Now that I'm in London, I kinda missed the small city vibe of a place like Leeds.
@MoziburUllah Do you know anyone at the maths dpt of ULeeds? :P
7:24 AM
I'm afraid not - I once knew a molecular biologist there - but I've kinda lost touch with her now.
Dangit :P
Leeds was the city I grew up in, but I didn't study there.
Thanks for answering me though
Whats your interest in Leeds?
My friend's going there for exchange next semester
She asked if I knew anyone to give her tips or show her around or anything and I don't
7:26 AM
I've kinda lost my Yorkshire twang, I was listening to a real yorkshire man the other day and I was thinking did I once speak like that.
Because @JohnRennie Lives inside a Greggs somewhere, and he's the only brit I know
Hyde park corner is close to the university quarter and its a good spot to hang about in; Headingly is a little North of that and thats nice; theres a town called Hebden Bridge which is a nice arty village.
@MoziburUllah Taking notes
The old city library has been pimped up a bit and it has a nice cafe there. Lovely old victorian archtecture.
There's also an old style market in Leeds city market which is good for atmosphere. Its not like your polished markets that I was agog at OXford - I kept thinking this isn't a real market...
Nice! Dully noted
7:32 AM
It also has a nice cosy art gallery next to the city museum which isn't grand but still good; the Henry Moore gallery next to that is more austere and contemporary.
And theres always the Moors if you want a bit of nature - all you have to do is just drive out of Leeds east.
If I think of anything else I'll keep you posted.
@MoziburUllah Thank you so much!
Whens she moving there?
She leaves Jan 14 I think
So around that time I suppose
You're welcome. Never thought that info would come in useful - its been sometime since I've bumped into someone with a connection to Leeds.
She's a maths and philosophy major here at UCSB
7:35 AM
Is that where you're based?
I live in Santa Barbara, CA; yeah
CA - california?

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