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5:25 PM
@RhysW Well put. Allowing novice questions is sort of a necessary evil. Well, not even an "evil" per se, but you get what I mean :)
@ChrisWhite thanks for the headsup, looking
3 hours later…
8:34 PM
@ManishEarth if you haven't seen it already, take a look at physics.stackexchange.com/users/24611/rafael-m-munoz and his recent activity.
oh yay non mainstream physics
rummages for mod message template
Completely incoherent non-mainstream physics.
well, it has a Wikipedia page
is it still non-mainstream?
looks like it to me
Well my point was that his question and two of his answers are essentially copy and pastes of each other
I'm all for allowing one crazy post per person but he's spamming the site with it.
that too
8:41 PM
Everyone should get one "full retard" pass per 500 rep.
We should convince John Rennie to post a kook answer and see how the upvotes roll in :P
@BrandonEnright That movie was very good fun!
of course, folks here are quick to comment and downvote on wrong stuff
2 hours later…
10:21 PM
A: Why isn't data lost when sent over large distances?

ManishearthFirstly, long wavelengths are used in the carrier waves. These are affected less by everyday matter, and are good at spreading out. They can reflect, but they aren't distorted or diffracted much. That's all the physics involved. It's good enough for a radio to work. Fortunately the format of rad...

A question which has a half-physics, half-computer answer. Yay!
there probably are other reasons behind the radio wave thing
10:37 PM
@ManishEarth you and I both jumped on that question. It's a good one.
And you must have the most screwed up sleep schedule ever. I swear we're always online at the same time even though we're on different sides of the Earth.
11:04 PM
185 rep today. I don't think I'm going to make it to 200.
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