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12:11 AM
@BrandonEnright looks like you got it just in time :)
and without my upvotes even ;)
... i keep forgetting what UT it is around here
12:43 AM
@ChrisWhite yeah I made it by ~4 min. Lucky.
3 hours later…
3:40 AM
A: Is antigravity the source of accelerating expansion (dark energy)?

Helder VelezThe facts: No antigravity has been observed ... and no DE has been observed also. It was discovered (measured) in 1998 an acceleration in the expansion of space. The mass (M) is the source of gravity (G). Every force has a source of it, charges, masses,... . The source of antigravity (AG) is ...

Whoa. That is one doozey of an answer.
2 hours later…
6:06 AM
@BrandonEnright yeah. Awesome answer btw :)
@BrandonEnright I have the ability to shift sleep schedules with relative ease. So when I'm at home, I sleep on time because everyone else does. When in the institute during vacations, I sleep late and wake up late because my friends do too. So...yeah, screwed up sleep schedule :P
But quite common amongst students
@BrandonEnright First time?
It's been a while since I rep capped on Phys.
It used to be quite hard a year a go, probably could do it easily now if I have the time
1 hour later…
7:21 AM
Q: Did Mendeleev predict the existence of neutrinos?

Ben NorrisAccording to this Wikipedia page, Mendeleev originally believed that the inert gases belonged in Group 0 (to the left of the alkali metals). Thus, helium would be placed in the second period to the left of lithium and argon would be placed in the third period to the left of sodium. Apparently thi...

7 hours later…
1:54 PM
Hey all, I posted a question here, and I think I know only one of the answers (what we are solving for), should I edit the message? Or post it as a reply to myself?
@GuySoft sure, post an answer
2 hours later…
3:48 PM
@GuySoft Self answers are not only allowed but encouraged.
Its a partial answer, so I added it as a comment
4:02 PM
@GuySoft Also if you get a good answer you must add it and also accept it!
like :
A: Moment of Inertia (triangular plate)

007Now I have got a method to get it directly.And again it came out to be an easy problem. The answer comes out to be $$I= \dfrac{m}{12}(a^2+c^2)$$ See if we add another such plate along it's side $AC$ , then it comes out to be a parallelogram plate , whose MOI is known, same as rectangular plate ...

4:27 PM
@007 I'd love to accept it once I get one :)
5:14 PM
@ManishEarth Thanks! I'm always amazed at how much detail must be left out to provide a casual answer.
@BrandonEnright ?
I never knew there were so many quack theories out there until I started searching for topics based on questions on this site. The amount of energy going into crazy stuff is really staggering.
5:49 PM
Anyone here?
6:17 PM
@BrandonEnright same here :s
@Alyosha me. though i need to sleep soon, gotta wake up early tomorrow
1 hour later…
7:20 PM
@Ϛѓăʑɏ why do you want to close this perfectly good and even nice theoretical physics question? Why do you think anything is wrong with it? Please dont closevote (perfectly good) interesting theoretical physics questions, if you dont understand the physics well enough they are asking about to judge their validity :-(. Just leave theme alone or skip them in the review queues ... BTW cant you change your name back? You are no longer pingable...
This is a valid question that shoul not be closed either, so maybe you are a bit too generous with your closevotes sometimes ... ;-)? Please dont try to kill valid questions like this, if you are not sure about the physics they are asking about just leave them alone :-/
Darn @CrazyBudy this is a perfectly valid theoretical physics question too, WTF are you doing? Why are you closevoting perfectly good and even nice questions like this?
Please, please, please, please , ... leave theoretical questions alone, if you dont understand the physics they are asking about and stop closevoting them just for no reaso, this is terrible :-(

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