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7:06 AM
Q: Are there any differences between manga and anime copyrights?

WillyAccording to the law in Japan when a mangaka dies after 70 years (if I remember correctly) the copyrights are annulled and now their manga are public access, in that case what happens with the manga that were adapted to anime? the anime are also public access or only the manga? If both copyrigths...

7:51 AM
@Memor-X nope, the Normandy is an S-class freighter with semi-fixed initial stats.
It also has a probably "unintended" caveat.
Normally when a frigate is damaged during an expedition you need to land on the frigate and repair some components.
But you can't land on the Normandy, probably because for licensing issues they didn't model the interiors of the ship too.
So, it seems that the Normandy can't be repaired and therefore is also coded to be unable of getting damaged in the first place.
at least mine has the "Times Damaged" value set to 1 like the one in this screenshot
And if you think about it that would be a pretty specific reference to Mass Effect considering what happened to the original
It is possible that the Leviathan frigate will allow the player to land on it (no licensing issues this time) but in that case I expect it to use living ship components for repairs.
So... Either you won't be able to land on the Leviathan like the Normandy, meaning it will also be indestructible... or it will require far rarer components than the average freighter rendering it completely useless (especially compared to the Normandy)
That said....
Predictably, I would have preferred another frigate crossover...
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10:12 AM
@SPArcheon ahhhhh i always thought it was a capital ship
now begs the question in how do you land on it to do repairs
10:32 AM
3 hours ago, by SPArcheon
But you can't land on the Normandy, probably because for licensing issues they didn't model the interiors of the ship too.
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12:26 PM
Q: Why are some good animes shows get banned from America in English dub It makes no sense

Sean JobNow I recognized there’s a lot of good anime that America bands because whatever the stupid reason is because America is bullies if they think something is not right they don’t want it in America which I am American but there’s a lot of good animes I want to watch in English dubs but they Band a ...

12:43 PM
@Sakamoto because most local TV channels are managed by a bunch of dinosaurs that mostly do not have an idea of what an Anime is in the first place.
In order for a publisher to have a good catalogue it has to CARE about that.
Most not-anime-only channels won't.
That is why you can find a big selection on Crunchyroll, a few popular show that big executive is into on Netflix and next to nothing on local broadcast public TV.
I have friends in Italy. Lupin III is very loved there. And you probabably noticed that there are even a few Lupin series that actually take place in Italy
It would make sense for them to get the spin-off...
but nope.

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