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2:31 AM
Q: Looking for this manga but can’t remember the name

killer dragon arcI’m looking for this manga where their’s a overpopulation problem in hell. So a demon chooses the MC as a executor in order to punish and purify evil women on earth so they won’t be sent to hell.(the image is picture of a chapter when I was trying to recommend it to my friend awhile back)

2:41 AM
Q: Why is some directors don't direct more anime anthology films?

Tony ByrdDirectors like Katsuhiro Otomo who did anime anthology films like Robot Carnival, Neo-Tokyo and many others, but some didn't direct more. Why is that?

2 hours later…
4:38 AM
pluralization bug
mihoyo this is unacceptable
2 hours later…
how's things been with you @hyper-neutrino
@Memor-X pretty good! uni started back up a few weeks ago and it's been going pretty smoothly; just hoping it stays that way for a while lol. how've you been
7:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino somewhat good. still finding it hard to enjoy work like i used to. outside of work i'm almost finished Ys VIII, started Tales of Zestiria and been thinking about starting a new game in Death Stranding since the Director's Cut didn't add a new region so the drive to buy the upgrade on console is more or less gone
ah, that's unfortunate; any particular reason why it hasn't been as enjoyable? (and i have not heard of any of those rip)
@hyper-neutrino well i'm working from home which really reduces what i can do since at work i would have the the work desktop with 2 screens and the laptop with a headset connected. at home i am using the laptop to access the work desktop remotely which has reduced screen space, my normal tasks take even longer to do than what they used to and then there's dealing with my family who doesn't seem to care that i am working when they want tech support
ah yeah working from home is tough. sorry to hear about your family though; my mom's kinda like that with my dad who now works at home and i can imagine it's extremely annoying
how has the covid situation been developing where you live anyway? hopefully not too bad?
@hyper-neutrino still got raising cases and we expect even more thanks to "freedom protestors" who were arrested testing positive for COVID
but i got my first jab booked this weekend
*sigh* the freedom protestors, probably the group most responsible for delaying when everyone gets freedom. ironic in a sad way. at least i don't think my city has too many of those; we have it around the country but not too much here i think
@Memor-X oh that's good news tho \o/
7:14 AM
@hyper-neutrino yeh i'm far enough away from Melbourne that they don't affect me directly, but they do keep Melbourne locked down and last i checked if i want to start HRT i need to make a trip to Melbourne unless someone gets trained locally which last time i was told about that was back in May
oh i see :/ well it's good that you're away from the hotspot but that still sucks. yeah after (at least, from what i heard, idk if this is correct) pretty much becoming covid-free it's sad to see australia's gone pretty much back to where most other places are
@hyper-neutrino that's the problem with Delta. we were managing with the original strain but got complacent and now it's going to be hard to get rid of it outside of starving it of hosts by getting everyone vaccinated
yeah.. do you think enough people will be getting vaccinated? or are there too many people against it
i think we can get heard immunity but we'll have to keep up with monitoring the virus and have better vaccine rollouts since as so long as it can infect someone it can mutate and we just need that one mutation to make it resistant to current vaccines and without a proper rollout for boosters we'll be back at this again
yeah that's definitely true. that's something i'd been worried about since before the vaccine even existed tbh - that people would think they're safe once they have both doses, get careless, and drive up the rates again and especially if that mutates it's back to square one, or worse if the new strain is even stronger and people have stopped listening to regulations
7:39 AM
anyway, i should go to sleep now. or rather i should've gone to sleep hours ago. nice talking to you though o/
@Memor-X ^
You start the game, there is Zed, there is the dog... and Bieko is nowhere to be found.
@hyper-neutrino you can't. You have to watch the dumpster fire and eat popcorn.
> At the fountain, you got the chance to help Antony getting a cure for his sister exactly 0 times in a whole year.
@Memor-X please tell me she is trying to strangle the white devil.
8:27 AM
Q: Name of anime / donghua with Sun Wukong as the main character

MacaqueThe show is an adaptation of the classical novel ''Journey to the West''. I saw images of the show where Wukong was in it on Twitter and I do not know what the name is. It's style was similar to the movie ''Havoc in Heaven'' or ''Uproar in Heaven''. One of the images looked like this:

8:41 AM
@SPArcheon i see no White Devil
though even if she was there she doesn't have a purpose as there is no need to befriend those two
@SPArcheon Disgaea can be slow in making characters shown on the cover available
Disgaea 4 Vulcanus doesn't join until the Episode before you go after the Corruptament if i recall and Fuka if i recall is Episode 3 (the Prinny Wars) while Desco is Episode 4 (when Emil and Axel go to get revenge of Lord Val by activating the Ultimate Final Boss)
9:30 AM
@Memor-X the one that looks like an archery practice target.
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11:17 AM
I fear I am opening Pandora's box with this one...
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1:35 PM
@hyper-neutrino rating down to 3.8
incoming paid request to Google to remove bad reviews
> I would love to give this a better review, but it's more and more obvious that Mihoyo is ignoring it's fan base. With the release of half build characters that shouldn't have been let out of testing, the input of a mediocre fishing system, and the cherry on top; an absolute joke of an anniversary event, it obvious to me now that they only care about the money without proper upkeep of current content.
> The company is EXTREMELY greedy though. If you don't cash on the game, you can't even get a pull a day, only once every 3 days. Their first anniversary is a measly 10 pulls and they're using "web events" to get cheap labour out of players to advertise the game for them.
BTW, since you can test this... did they really blocked the ability to change users profile in game fearing for bad comments??
2 hours later…
@hyper-neutrino Was just going to post that
yep signature editing is disabled again
4:14 PM
Totally impossible, but it would be super funny if they actually planned to give out Childe for free on 2.2 event (that should be focused on him) since the anniversary "events" oddly all end about when 2.2 starts...
4:27 PM
A cross over I never expected.
> 'Deep into those votes peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming rewards no mortal ever dared to dream before
@hyper-neutrino like I said, it is kinda funny how some don't even want the 5*, just the Klee furniture and the Dodoco barbecue/stove
Or give a Guoba furniture for the pot.
5:11 PM
@hyper-neutrino the best part is people that don't understand the game claiming the current event has "big rewards"
May be true, maybe.. but...
I think someone did the counting
it is always about 2.4k gems from event/new quests each patch.
so the gems just move around but the total free gems/patch is almost constant.
in The Bridge, 17 secs ago, by SPArcheon
Genshin Android rating dropped to 2.2 and still falling......
and since I am evil.....
@hyper-neutrino wonder what did Mihoyo do for anniversary?
5 hours later…
10:26 PM
@SPArcheon if this is what i think it is people are complaining that they spent money on this as opposed to giving away a 5* drop, like it's some sort of surprise
it's a gacha game, you don't get rare stuff for free just out of charity, if you get free stuff it's marketing
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11:43 PM
Q: Synonym of もちろん?

ZuboIn Fruits Basket S2E5, around 20:30, Hanajima says something that sounds like "mochi atabou yo", which is subbed as "of course". I guess from this and her character that it's probably some archaic form of 勿論, but I've just started learning Japanese and don't really know how to look that up, besid...

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