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4:43 AM
this popped up on my twitter feed
(I don't know anything about Genshin ^_^;; wat is happening...)
@ahiijny it's the genshin anniversary right now and a large portion (probably a majority if not most) think the rewards are really bad
but that's just some rewards so that's not really the core of the issue
these complaints have been around for a long time and so the issue has become mihoyo ignoring its playerbase more so than the actual rewards itself
and so you have people spamming the discord, spamming reviews which is why the genshin rating dropped by over two full stars in like a day or two, the subreddit is basically totally flooded with anniversary discussion / complaints right now, etc
and idrk what's up with the censorship thing; they disabled editing your profile which last happened around the week of 06/04 (chinese company, so that's expected) but i hear the subreddit's also full of mods removing anything negative about mihoyo or whatever
i haven't really been following; i'd like better rewards but i'm not going to 1* the app and ESPECIALLY not 1* other mihoyo games which i think is totally stupid, and i just try to stay away from the drama because it's tiring
o I see
oh the discord's slow mode has apparently gone from 10m up to 30m now
yep can confirm
the whole discord's unusable because of all the qiqifallen spam
5:30 AM
at the same time its a gacha game and there's only 1 group they care for
5:48 AM
well yeah
that's the confusing part tho; it's not like it's been a financially beneficial decision recently. but like i've said before and will say again, what do i know lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i'll just, as sparcheon puts it, grab some popcorn and watch
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
Q: i forget my manga

danui forgot what was the title. i just read like less than 8 chapter. i wanna know what manga it was. so, it start with mc go to game center/shop to update/make his profile for online game. there, he met with woman/girl whom had been updated her profile befor mc. after that, when mc try to log in, h...

ppl really out here just tagging things with whatever cuz ID has been blocked lol
8:06 AM
@Memor-X even as marketing, what is better? "Start playing during anniversary and get a free 5* char!" or "yay! Klee tag on twitter will have a little emoji for the next week!!! And we spent ONE MILLION $ for this one..... AND THERE ARE MORE THAN 20 OF THEM!"
@hyper-neutrino not just reddit. Reddit has REVIEW MODE activated so new post have to be reviewed. Discord is on slow mode and has banned multiple well known Youtuber for being "toxic" (saw someone who was banned and insulted in the process. They told him "See you NEVER"). Hoyolab is distributing free bans and removing posts. Multiple chinese forums are in censorship mode with banned words and such....
@hyper-neutrino that said, yep, the problem is not the entitled group that just want free stuff. The players were already angry for the total lack of acknowledgement of any issue in the last patch cycle.
As I said, the issue started with Yoimiya
Continued with Raiden, Sara & Kokomi and reached the anni
Furthermore, more are quite angry not for the poor rewards but for the exploitative media campaigns.
Fan art contest to win 2$ worths of gems. Cosplay contest with pathetic prizes. The web event that asks you to get other people to play the game to receive minor rewards.....
As for the review bombing, expected. And to be fair, it doesn't worry me much nor seems that bad. In the end, it shows that your userbase is angry so... the fact that a bombing is possible is a review by itself - we are not talking about a "0.000001% minority that uses Meta", a far larger % or the players must be angry to make that thing happen.
I am more baffled by people pointing guns at the wrong people.
I mean...
It is a mess. A pure dumpster fire.
And in the middle of this, Mihoyo refuses to talk the problems with the players.
To me, it seems like this is a show of strength for them.
Like "We have to show the players who is the boss after they got us with Zhongli"
Seems oddly similar to something that happened with a big company that runs a Question&Answers site and one of their mods...
> Shut up! Don't explain! Don't show any weakness! They are the users! They have to obey! Show them who is the boss.
Didn't work very well for that company, I doubt will work for Mihoyo...
And... if one REALLY want to be dastardly, I could also easily point at some very precise coincidences in all of this that could even prove ill-will.
The Raiden/Beidou incident is still an open wound for many, but it is very suspicious. The broken synergy is very specific (and consider that Raiden E works on KLEE BOMBS) and used to work during Beta.
so, what can you make of this:
A) Giving out Beidou for free just before Raiden. Why wasn't the free 4* gift saved for anni if they didn't had anything else? Why waste a reward when no one was expecting it??
B) change in the skill text only a few hours after Raiden got live, almost like they were already expecting it.
C) no feedback for the TONS of enquirers they got about the issue.
D) that was the time they started the "Leakers Hunting Decree"
So.. isn't it kinda odd that they made a last minute change that would strongly hurt those who based their Raiden pulls on leakers data?
Almost like... they expected whales to get angry at leakers for "fake info"
8:55 AM
Is the stock price also crashing?
I don't think Mihoyo has public stocks available
9:17 AM
"bad reviews posted by BOTS"
yep, those are all fitly bots. Especially the one who are posting insults and phrases like "[redacted] Google, stop removing my review!"
anyway, cute pic here
will respect artist and not repost as requested, follow the link to see it.
1 hour later…
10:38 AM
@SPArcheon the latter because it brings in more potential customers
Mihoyo isn't a new company, they would have already weighed between getting new customers with some twitter promotion VS giving away something for free and loose out on the whale money
@Memor-X I don't think so. They have multiple well known whales (streamers ones) quitting. Not sure that they weighted the results.
I have three theories
option a) something changed high up in the company, new management is running around like a chicken with no head.
option b) self boycott/moles. Not impossible since apparently (can't confirm this info) it was discovered recently that Tecent paid people for defamatory campaign against Genshin and yet little ago they opened up they store to the game....
option c) the recent China "Effeminate man in media ban/ No more than 3 hours/week gaming" is actually huge impact there and they are desperate to "fly low"
option C may seem quite odd, but could make sense. Trying to avoid drawing attention with big rewards but causing the opposite effect than hoped
Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if with the new laws... anniversary rewards could be seen as "gambling addiction promotion"
(which isn't that of a stretch to be fair... but now could cause unwanted government attention)
11:15 AM
24 hours ago, by SPArcheon
user image
was @Memor-X who stared this?
anyway, for reference.
Back to Genshin, see this post - reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/pxa16v/…
12:13 PM
oh, found another.
12:55 PM
@hyper-neutrino new China only web event.
With huge 40 primo reward.
For the first 3 millions players
nope, by now it is clear.
They ARE trying to commit seppuku.
They can't continue adding fuel to the fire every single time just by coincidence
1 hour later…
2:01 PM
yeah unfortunately some people are really stupid and don't realize that the VAs have nothing to do with this
IIRC the english VA for diluc has completely cut himself off from the community because he was harassed so much he just stopped engaging altogether
kokomi VA had to restrict stream
english aether VA has publicly requested people stop harassing VAs
people review bombing honkai / tears of themis for this are also being unreasonable
like the thing is mihoyo ignoring its playerbase and the lack of player-company / player-dev connection is definitely an issue
but so many people are just acting like entitled children
@hyper-neutrino well, to be fair that is no different to bombing Genshin.
Either you refuse the idea of the review bombing or you accept that the bombing is trying to damage the company, not the specific game.
The "entitled children" part is clearly true, people just use the anni thing to pretend they are owned big free stuff.
Yet, there is also a little logic in that - by which I mean that the sequence of events with the game have caused a crescendo of anger that just exploded
For one... where did the KFC glider end up?
Was promised for JULY. Did they ever said something about that?
Did they said something even after people asked for info?
They are closed to communication to the point it is stupid right now, and those you see are partially consequences of that.
The few "rotten apples" gain traction if the whole player base is feed up with the company and feels like they have no way to be heard
BTW the estimate expense for twitter hashflag is probably wrong. They have many more, not just one for character.
Xinqqui for example got at least 4.
Gohua, JuvenileGalant, Raincutter... also point to him.
they even bought ... cocogoat.
I knew it.
2:54 PM
@AndrewT. any chance anyone here can translate how bad this is?
Still about the China government recent wave of regularization on gaming.
Would be interested in seeing what they say about the "Effeminate man" thing.. just to se how bad that is.
But those are all pictures, no way to use google translate.
2 hours later…
4:45 PM
@hyper-neutrino seem they dropped the fight.
gave out 400 primo and the glider that originally was meant for the paid pack.
the Musical/Concert themed one.
also, mail says 1/4
it is pure damage control, mind you - no way they PLANNED to give that specific glider out
but... it is something.
Still, they should watch MLP. ALL 9 SEASONS. (Barbara VA probably is already good with that considering she slipped the "Friendship is Magic" line in a stream).
If that show has a recurring theme, is that 99% of the mess is caused by characters NOT TALKING AND WAITING FOR PROBLEMS TO ESCALATE
Wait, errata. Someone pointed out that MAYBE those aren't the same wings.
Seem a different color.
Q: I can’t find a song from Hunter X Hunter! Please help me!

SarahWhat is the music called when killua fights rammot season 5 episode 19 friend x journey

mentioned in patch notes also
> New Bundle "Boundless Symphony" will be added to the Shop at a later date: Purchase this bundle to receive Special Namecard Style: "Celebration: Tuneful Delight," Special Furnishing: "Splendid Phrase," Special Wind Glider: "Wings of Poetic Melodies," and Primogems × 1,000.
seem they redirected the wings as actual free stuff.
They say 1/4
ah I see
4:58 PM
So, could be wings, card and the furniture leaving the 4th mail to be just a link to the concert (should happen same day)
Could also be free Qiqi on the 4th day as a revenge....
(which many would actually like to get but don't let them know... just pretend you are annoyed)
at least they are kinda decent I guess.
Probably fits only Albedo color scheme but...
That said...
Kokomi is still quite bad placed
5:27 PM
@hyper-neutrino something that comes to mind. The glider was supposed to be on sale ... next week.
There is a small chance this WAS planned - after all Barbara skin is on sale too - for those who missed the free giveaway.
Yet, doesn't make sense to give the thing one day later. Unless.. everyone counted wrong and Mihoyo really considers the anniversary date the 29.
1 hour later…
6:32 PM
Q: Any news when Black Clover anime will be back?

Danish BansalIs there any news yet when black clover will be back on the air?

4 hours later…
10:51 PM
@SPArcheon let see
the answer is yes
i mainly started because Madoka hugging Moemura is always adorable
more so when Madoka's voice enters your mind when you see it saying "Homura-chan!"

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