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@AvnishKabaj someone's been watching some bizarre adventures
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Q: Does the truth that Naofumi did nothing to Myne ever come out?

Shantanu BedajnaDoes the truth ever come out that Naofumi did nothing to Myne, in The Rising o the Shield Hero ? I don't care for spoilers, it would be really good to know if the truth ever come out or not.

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1:49 PM
Q: Which characters in One Punch Man have regeneration habilities?

PabloI was reading the One Punch Man wikia and it apparently claimed Metal Bat has some sort of regeneration habilities which I don't know if it's true. I actually didnt think he had those if he actually does, what makes me think if true there could be several more. Which characters in One Punch Man a...

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Q: Devil Fruit Question

PSGTo get the devil fruit power is it necessary to eat the whole devil fruit? What if one person eats half and some other person eats the rest. Will both of them get the devil fruit power? I am currently on Dressrosa Arc. So, please try to give a spoiler-free answer.

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Loading scroll log from several days ago... wow loading images is slow.
@Tonepoet huh, yeah a little
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Is Girls' Last Tour / Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (the manga or anime) any good?
Been reading up a bit about it (saw spoilers though, but oh well).
Trying to figure out if it's the kind of thing I'd like.
I guess I'm wondering if the end is more or less hopeful than Planetarian (the VN).
7:14 PM
Q: What does the “5D’s” mean in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s?

ThunderforgeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s is the third incarnation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. Having watched the first season (dub), I still have no clue what the 5D’s in the title is supposed to mean. Was it just something that sounds cool in Japanese? Or is there actually meaning to it?

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^ Pantsu, everyone
10:03 PM
@forest depends on size. i always try to make sure the biggest is posted
@Gallifreyan Pantsu? they don't look like pantsu
Why the hell doesn't SE load thumbnails?
Why is it so stupid as to load the entire image and then scale it?
@forest when we had Taisho and was using google drive we had that it would be better to create thumbnails with the suffix _thumb and then had a userscript for removing this for those who wanted the full size
I don't use userscripts. I also use Tor, which makes it really slow. :P
Though it's not too bad unless I load many previous pages.
^ interesting fact. they are both Casters yet the girl on the left is just a novelist, no previous magical abilities
so it seems that well known novelists get into the Throne of Heroes and are considered Casters by the Holy Grail as per with Shakespeare
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