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12:45 AM
Oh crap i am sorry. I didn't realize anyone actually responded
@forest sorry!
1:36 AM
Q: Why is that woman considerd the woman that Rimuru is destined to be with?

YetAnotherRandomUserIn episode 6, we learn that is the woman Rimuru is destined to be with. She shows up in the next episode. Why is she considered so important and "Rimuru's destiny"? Why is she seemingly more important than Veldora, the ogre women, Miliam, etc? I'm only familiar with the anime, so if th...

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7:42 AM
8:42 AM
9:26 AM
10:15 AM
Q: Why Myne framed Naofumi?

ExecutionerAxeI did not find any reason that why myne choose shield hero as her aid and later betrayed him for some mere 800 gold coins, that were equally divided between heroes. Is it because Naofumi is a Shield Hero (a degraded heroes)

10:25 AM
Q: Why does Sosuke call his parents by their first names?

Shana TarIn Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Sosuke calls both of his parents by their first names. It is clear they both are his born parents. This is uncommon even in western culture, but in Japanese tradition it feels especially weird. I feel like it should have some symbolic meaning to support...

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11:35 AM
@Memor-X It's pan + tsu
11:50 AM
Q: Was Haru actually trying to kill Yamaken?

RumpelstiltskinIn episode 10 of Tonari no Kaibatsu kun, after Yamaken asked Haru "what if mizutani san says that she likes me more?", Haru thought for a second and then slowly reached out to Yamaken, however, before he did whatever he was thinking, Mizutani asked what he was up to and he snapped out of his thou...

2 hours later…
1:49 PM
@Dimitrimx skeleton joooooooke
@Proxy That's because I am only bones you see~
2:10 PM
are you still following the manga?
Actually read the most recent chapter today
i would discuss it but at the same i do not want to spoil for others
2:28 PM
You could always dm with me about it on discord ;p
Then you wouldnt spoil anybody
well for that i need to have your discord first :P
2:45 PM
Are you not in the aho channel ;o?
nope... i did not know there was even a channel :O
@Dimitrimx lol
@Proxy discord.gg/nhnwTv It's the un-official A&M discord.
You will see some familiar names there, that used to visit this chat ;)
But me on discord is: d3ullist
i see. Tank you
2:52 PM
How have you two been doing anyway
me okay i guess
have a meeting with my "superior" on the coming monday
we will see how it goes
That doesn't sound too bad
yeah but we will see
3:32 PM
@Dimitrimx I am good wbu?
4:04 PM
@ColdFire Working with some prehistoric code atm. Which is quite aggrevating. Beyond that quite good as well
4:16 PM
oh crystal reports?
yes indeed xd
At the same time I am also battleing aws & nodejs
Because switching between ancient context, and fairly modern context is not uncommon here ;')
4 hours later…
8:25 PM
user image
That's @Memor-X there on the left

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