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12:23 AM
Q: What song plays at 1:21:01 in the movie (Futari no Hero/Two Heroes)

Pooya FBIn the movie, at 1:21:01 when the other kids arrive and start attacking the villain, a certain song is played which is not even included in the OST discs! Anyone know what the name of that song is?

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4:35 AM
Q: Is Boogiepop series connected to the Boogie music genre?

lulalalaLooking up the Oxford dictionary, the definition of "boogie" is: A style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat. From Wikipedia it is defined as: Boogie (sometimes called post-disco) is a rhythm and blues genre of electronic dance music with close ties to the post-disco s...

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6:15 AM
Well, I just read the first two volumes of Chio's School Road and that was unexpectedly delightful. Surprisingly, it is fluently acrobatic for a comedic manga and planned out with finesse. My only complaint is that it crosses the line with a few crass moments, but it was certainly fun to read. Unfortunately, the first episode of the anime does not seem like the anime does not do it justice. It really needs the Ichijo treatment, but it lacks the animation budget for that.
Chio also has quite the knack for getting herself out of misfortune.
6:31 AM
Q: Why was Spike looking for beans in “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”?

doctorsherlockIn Cowboy Bebop: The Movie how did Spike know where to look for the virus? How did he end up in that Moroccan styled market? Do we see him getting any leads that lead him there?

6:50 AM
Q: What is the song at the end of history's strongest disciple kenichi?

loumastBefore the actual ending credits. Don't think it's the opening changed up.

7:24 AM
8:05 AM
@Tonepoet wow that's deep
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11:40 AM
Q: Is Jiren the strongest character in Dragon Ball Heroes?

PabloSo apparently a character (which I dont remember the name) reads Hit's mind and he finds out Hit thinks Jiren is the strongest mortal in all the universes. Hit has seen UI Goku and Hit has fought Goku SSB Kaioken. Also supposedly this character which reads Hit's mind is shown to think the same la...

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2:20 PM
@forest Long time no see fellow Touhou Mashimaro fan. Is it just me or does Chio look like Matsuri?
:Maybe with Miu's red hair color:
Oh my:
2:39 PM
I just realized. After Nobue and Ana apparently get married Matsuri doesn't have much in the way of anybody else she's particularly close to and passive enough that maybe, the more agressive Miu, eventually, well...
I see crossovers everywhere. =P
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4 hours later…
9:57 PM
@Memor-X King's game can get really lewd very quickly
just imagining Persona 4 where a King would ask the numbers for Chie and Yukiko or Rise and Naoto to kiss......and because one of thew girls in those pairs is drunk the kiss because like the above
10:55 PM
Q: Regarding identification requests

W. AreFor identification requests, are we allowed to give an answer in the comments? I'm just confused since while the site bans these questions, I sometimes see comments giving out the answers anyway. While I have nothing against people doing so, if they believe it as an act of goodwill or something...


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