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@Tonepoet i can really only speculate. these Lancer Arturias were only created in Grand Order and i think they don't get the really developed back stories the ones outside Grand Order gets
1:18 PM
@Memor-X Sigh, without an explanation, the only thing we can assume is that all factors remain the same unless expressly retconned by the circumstances of the story. One part of the wiki. page suggests Merlin had temporarily turned her into a male, as you mentioned before, so maybe she was still trying to conceal her gender but then she couldn't have possibly done a very good job of it with breasts that large, unless her subjects are simply fools. XD
At least, not like this anyway:
@Tonepoet if i recall gender concealment was because people wouldn't accept a little girl as king. the futa was to help her have an heir
@Memor-X That's interesting because I suppose she's more of an adult woman in this form...
@Tonepoet true, i was talking about when she pulled Excalibur which locked her age
who knows maybe with Lancer and her ascension to something close to a Divine Spirit she was recognized subconsciously as the God a King represents
@Memor-X I'm just wondering how much of a difference little girl vs. adult woman makes in terms of acceptability.
after all, there are powers by greater beings in the Nasuverse which have absolute power over humans which defies normal logic, like Primate Murder, it has the absolute authority to kill humans not because of strength or speed or intelligence but just because it can
those aspects comes come into play when it has to fight non-humans such as Heroic Spirits
1:31 PM
Also, this whole spear business has me thinking that maybe some Madoka Magica madness took place after the fifth grail war: Saber made the mistake of wishing she never drew that sword, instead of never becoming King (which is what she actually wanted if I recall correctly)...
@Tonepoet that means Alter Arturia is a Witch?
@Memor-X Yes. But more importantly it means Kyubey is the holy grail. XP
@Tonepoet yes but remember Arturia's contract with the world or any attempt at the Holy Grail so her wish, if ever granted, might not have to be from a Fuyuki Holy Grail War which had never actually been proved in universe to grant a wish
A: What does the 8 inner gates require to use?

DS DharmaDo you wanna know the require to open 8 gates? or Lee can open 8 gates? etc..Questions...Right? How many gates can rock Lee open? Through Guy's teachings, Lee learned to open the first five of the Eight Gates at age 12, the sixth age 17, and the seventh at age 20. He is recognised as a geni...

what do you guys think about ^ answer
@mirroroftruth i'm not knowledgeable of Naruto so i can't really say. i don't see any obvious problems except from maybe the top line
1:42 PM
@Memor-X thanks
@mirroroftruth I haven't watched Naruto since very early on in the series, so I can't say much regarding accuracy. I think it needs to give more of a sense of when this was established (episodes numbers, manga volumes, &c.) and ...
Without that sort of citation, it difficult even for people who have access to the referenced source materials to verify the claims, especially in a series that has ran as long as Naruto....
you are right
1:56 PM
oh, is it ok to write Japanese's word here
@mirroroftruth the answer confuses me more than it answering the question xd
@Dimitrimx haha
Besides that, I think it is just a meh answer, only softly answering the question, without any true citations
the thing that really bothered me is the question in the first line and quoting the question and answering it, but the answer is not complete
2:10 PM
yo @mirroroftruth
@ColdFire yo, it is cold
and i am freezing :D
i need fire but not @ColdFire
hot fire :D
@Taisho is that for @Memor-X
coz it is winter but hey it is hot :P
says it's for warship girls
right there in the picture
is Mem a warship girl?
or does he worship girls
@mirroroftruth it's not yuri but well
okay, i was thinking about the climate and you people were think of something else, miscommunication :D
it is summer in Australia isn't it
@Avery congrats ;-) my memory card arrived today as well
2:19 PM
@mirroroftruth yup, in all south
kinda confusing. I talk with a friend in brazil a lot and she says "I'm dying from a strong sun" and stuff and I just go what
and then I remember
it's like 30C where she lives and 0C here
@mirroroftruth lol gives some hotfire to mirror
@Avery it's like never 0°C yet never 30°C either where I live x)
@ColdFire are you trying to melt me
@Morwenn sounds like paradise
2:27 PM
it usually range from 25-27 degrees here..
@Avery nope: wind & rain all year long (almost)
shishunki keeps fucking with my head >:I
can't stop reading it tho
that's precisely why I'm reading it
2:43 PM
@Taisho anime ?
Noun: animus (usually uncountable, plural animuses)
  1. The basic impulses and instincts which govern one's actions.
  2. A feeling of enmity, animosity or ill will.
  3. 2005, Christian Science Monitor, April 22
  4. The current row arose swiftly, sparked both by historical animus and jockeying over future power and place in Asia - and it surprised many observers in the depth of antipathy on both sides.
  5. (Jungian psychology) The masculine aspect of the feminine psyche or personality.
what? no that's not what the article starts with
@Taisho remind me with assassin creed
they're making a fucking ova
where's season 2 for all these MMORPG shows
grimgar, re zero, danmachi
I completely forgot I've watched danmachi
I don't wanna read those mangas
3:00 PM
@mirroroftruth Do you have melon bread?
> They are not traditionally melon flavored,[1] but in recent times it has become popular for manufacturers to add melon to melon bread.
> Cantaloupe (also known as muskmelon (India and the United States)
melon musk
@Hakase why ?
coz anime is better
3:17 PM
youtu.be/GqfWm6z84t0?t=648 … kelvins are not degrees, they're just plain units
@Tonepoet no, i ate it.
@Hakase true
@mirroroftruth :What a shame: I was going to suggest that maybe you could have worked out a trade with the Flame Haze.
it doesn't sound like the money department of the studio wants that
@Tonepoet ah, no melon bread, but lost of melon in this room to keep me warm :D
3:35 PM
SE is on maintenance :I
for a whole 1 minute
world doomed
couldn't find out how to close VIM for 1 minute
dorld woomed
just hit the power button on your copmuter
That actually won't work ;')
my power button does nothing
or pull the power plug
Wouldn't do much either
3:38 PM
take out the battery lol
removes battery
no there's 2 minute timeout before you leave the room automatically
I thought you were gonna take it further and say you're not in vim locally
in which case call your sysadmin and ask him to pull the plug in the server room
or you could log in as another user from another terminal and close the user session
but really, console apps?
@mirroroftruth oh that would work too
oh hakase is back too
what do you mean back
where have you been
dipping @Darjeeling?
3:48 PM
mister last seen a month ago
4:04 PM
@Hakase searching firewood in woods to set fire coz it is cold :P
how can you set firewood on fire if it's already firewood?
what a burn
why would you set firewood on fire?
would fat sire please set firewood on fire?
I keep getting upvotes on that stackoverflow.com/questions/41072534/…
4:27 PM
@Hakase to fire the firewood
it be fired
4:56 PM
angry face
@Hakase what if welcome is a thing, my welcome
what if my angry face is a thing, MY ANGRY FACE
read it as boy sauce
boi sos
when in the world is the ep 9 gonna come out? :<
5:10 PM
of what
@SaitamaSama the suspense is killing me
tell me
ep 9 of what
Just Because
#post Just Because
nope, not that
hmm, how did you add images to @Tai again?
Check this meta post on Anime&Manga.SE or ask around at Maid Café!
5:16 PM
I choose the latter
I wanted to edit out all text about karasu but then thought oh who cares
I care
5:33 PM
> You can contribute to the image stash by asking the regulars in chat
I want to!
#post add static.zerochan.net/Natsume.Mio.full.2099480.jpg just-because | natsume
Error: linked file was not in plan text format. MIME type: "image/jpeg".
Okay... so need to provide a link pool txt file
I have to do that for a single image as well?
5:46 PM
if it's a single image, you can just post it
but yes if you really want to add just 1 image, it still has to be the same way as if it's >1
I wanna eat fuckin ramen and I will!
6:24 PM
i didn't know there is something is call fukin ramen, is it new type of ramen
you know it's kinda like neko ramen and kitsune udon
they aren't actually made of cats and foxes
Q: What animal is chiko?

mirroroftruthThe pet of Kyuuta(Ren) is a fluffy ball of hair like animal. Though Kyuuta thinks and says it is a mouse but I didn't find anything to confirm that chiko is mouse. So what animal(If it is an animal) is chiko?

for example I just ate a bowl of chicken-flavored ramen with a side of wine-soaked herring
@mir probably a cartoonified mouse after all
I assume Chiko is chichai ko like lil boi
2 hours later…
8:50 PM
reddit more like deaddit
frikn database updates
back to reading bananga manga
and tea
9:18 PM
@Gallifreyan post to bridge too
9:37 PM
@EarlGrey which is what i thought of when i turn on my ipad and i get a ping "is that for @Memor-X"
even though i still have to wait another 3 hours before i get my stars back
10:00 PM
wow that's awkward
body swapping doesn't help the situation either :D
@milleniumbug they were body swapping?
@milleniumbug lol i didn't even know the manga
10:17 PM
well it's good
I recommend it
Q: Where are the remaining Angels?

Gary Andrews30We know in one of the episodes while Goku, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus sat down to eat, Whis stated that there were 18 Universes before and Zeno erased 6 Universes while he was in a bad mood. After the Zen Exhibition match, we know for a fact that if Zeno were to erase a universe, even the gods, Th...

Looks at the title: "oh, Evangelion question"
Looks down at the tags: "oh nvm"
10:38 PM
Q: Should i watch Fate/Stay Night?

eruSo i watched Fate Zero and UBW and i heard from a lot of sources that the old Fate/Stay Night Is quite bad compared to these 2 (which is true i suppose) but it is part of the story after all and im not sure if i should continue watching something from the Fate series or watch this first. What do ...

@milleniumbug i did the same lol
11:21 PM
Stack Exchange discourages this sort of question on the Q. & A. portion of the website speaking because it's what they call "Primarily Opinion Based", since there's no real fact-based answer, but chat is a more informal and social part of the website, where we might be willing to field such questions. We even actually encourage asking such questions there in the in the locally established scope of Anime S.E. As such, you might want to try asking in the Maid Cafe. — Tonepoet 3 mins ago
I'm mostly just pasting that there so I have access to the tiny U.R.Ls. I made later, since the question itself is likely to be deleted XP
Q: how do you get games on a nerve gear in the anime SAO (Sword Art Online)?

Summer DamronSo I have been writing my own fan-fiction and I was wondering "How do you get a game for a nerve-gear in SAO (Sword Art Online)?" because I noticed that in the begging of the anime Kirito was downloading something on his computer, and then played SAO after it was finished downloading so my questi...

11:50 PM
@Hakase Shishunki Bitter Change was good but I dropped it anyway
user image
I just got a brilliant idea! It goes something like this:

[Copy: Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1262495) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1263448) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2821841) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2851621) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1263448) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2767843) Paste: [Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2756855) [Paste: Yui.exe](http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2839776) Repeat until:
@Tonepoet what are you doing?
@Memor-X She's a computer program. She can be copied ad infinitum. The only downside is that she might grow insanely jealous of her alternate incarnations because humans like mommy and daddy can't be. XP
Haven't seen SAO, but I've seen SAO Abridged, which was excellent
11:55 PM
@Tonepoet ahhhhhh
@Tonepoet uhh wot
but is the copied AI the same AI when she does not have the experience of watching you copy and paste he
@EarlGrey y tho
thus would the original really be jealous because the others are never comparable to the original
@Memor-X Close 'nuf. She should have all of her memories up until that point. XP
11:57 PM
@Hakase it gives out shoujo feeling
and that is bad?
> Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Psychological, Gender Bender
recently I stopped looking at labels
@Memor-X tbh I don't know it's actually shoujo
11:59 PM
@EarlGrey whelp, there's the genres. you feeling was spot on!
what is shoujo
is it something that has feelings?
Shōjo, shojo, or shoujo manga (少女漫画, shōjo manga) is manga aimed at a teenage female readership. The name romanizes the Japanese 少女 (shōjo), literally "young woman". Shōjo manga covers many subjects in a variety of narrative styles, from historical drama to science fiction, often with a focus on romantic relationships or emotions. Strictly speaking, however, shōjo manga does not comprise a style or genre, but rather indicates a target demographic. == History == Japanese magazines specifically for girls, known as shōjo magazines, first appeared in 1903 with the founding of Shōjo kai (少女界, Girls...
it's something opposite to shounen :D
something that has brutal combat?
I think @Hakase is well aware what shoujo is
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