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12:00 AM
idk man I just know if I like something or not
I don't usually worry about classifications and categorizations so it's not clear to me
it's not because it have genre shoujo that I didn't like it..
see that's the problem when you don't see the world (people of the world actually) as separated into MEN and WOMEN
idk what the distinction is apart from the stereotypes, there's no obvious parallel in my eyes which explains what shoujo and shounen genres mean
@EarlGrey I got it, but I'm now on the hunt for what shoujo means
also why did you drop it
speaking of dropping things, I dropped Oregairu in the first 2 minutes because I didn't like the teacher's reaction to the main character's essay
@Memor-X wikipedia page doesn't explain the specifics
I haven't seen oregairu and it's not on my watchlist for whatever reason even though it has 8.1
maybe I should
@Hakase more than one guy chasing the same girl generally. And specially the guy (girl) actually started to like this guy - as a friend probably but since he's in a girl body...
12:06 AM
> often with a focus on romantic relationships or emotions.
that's like… what any good work of art should do
for Shounen
> Shōnen manga is typically characterized by high-action,[4] often humorous plots featuring male protagonists. The camaraderie between boys or men on sports teams, fighting squads and the like is often emphasized. Main characters may also feature an ongoing desire to better themselves.
for Shoujo
> Shōjo manga covers many subjects in a variety of narrative styles, from historical drama to science fiction, often with a focus on romantic relationships or emotions.
I guess… but that's just too general
can a single work be in both of these genres?
Kiddy stuff: All of it! Watch Seinen instead! =P
what if the girls show comraderie? what if the boys focus on relationships?
@Hakase well, technically they aren't genres but demographics
12:08 AM
yea yea
I guess it's just a vague classification like that
to me, shoujo is usually about art style.. plot wise, it usually focus on a girl conflict feeling about her relationship with several guy. and there's other girl who like the main guy.. and the other guy who like the other girl.. etc etc
@EarlGrey and other guys liking the guy the girl likes
12:10 AM
user image
@EarlGrey art style like kimi ni todoke?
or chihayafuru
and I guess Nana
@milleniumbug that was probably fake
yea.. but that's only generally. there's at least 1 anime with shoujo style that I like
@Taisho haha… that's not shoujo
@EarlGrey which 1
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
12:13 AM
huh didn't watch yet
> so long as no one presses an esc key like it says in that box floating in the sky in-front of us, it wont
not to be surprise that the mangaka is actually is a shoujo mangaka
but it's not drawn like the ones I listed
and make plenty shoujo manga
but gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is not a shoujo
it's shoujo parody
so there are at least 0 anime with shoujo style that you like :I
12:15 AM
no.. it's shoujo art style
but not shoujo
but… it's not shoujo art style?
it is...
just look at the guy main character
it's just normal faces
whereas shoujo boiz and girlz have eyelashes for miles
normal parody style :p
does anyone remember the person on the right in that Nana pic is it a dude or a chick?
12:20 AM
it's not just about eyelashes, but the head proportion and body and usually bishounen and also eye shape
yea I guess it's bishounen
@milleniumbug where's that from
ah I already downloaded it
it's waiting for its turn
(closes torrent tab)
ok so this 3-guts lion or something seems popular
might have to watch it
don't wanna stop being a trendy nerd gamer memer moviewatcher theatergoer bookreader
wow this is weird
9 episodes, 13 minutes, made by SHAFT, around average score on MAL
I did
@Hakase it's was surprisingly fun, but not something I would recommend everyone
ok I might watch it someday then
I'm just browsing shaft works
there's some stuff in there…
I've seen katte ni kaizo but didn't remember any… ah there was that weird dick in a glass jar gag
gotta try at least
"You have fully used your vote allowance for today" it hasn't even been an hour! *sobs*
12:38 AM
maybe they reduced your allowance
this anime has a 5 y/o which looks like 20 y/o, a girl who turns everything into chocolate and a futanari girl
ok but it's already downloading so there's nothing more I can do
@Hakase it has to be since there is no way i started 30-40 image since when @EarlGrey posted that image of Hakuno and Nero
12:40 AM
maybe the allowance means each individual vote has its own 24 hour refresh timer
or maybe it calculates them hourly
I think I dropped it but I don't remember
@Hakase it's the anime with boob missile
@milleniumbug i don't suppose the futa is a yuri right?
I remember I dropped sakura trick coz it got boring
@EarlGrey their daughter?
12:43 AM
I just want to post yuri...
so you can't vote
evil tea
@EarlGrey Who's on Marisa's back there?
@Tonepoet their daughter probably.. it's a doujin pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=62703273
it's in japanese tho
sauceNao won't give the name
no danbooru either
12:55 AM
> The main gameplay involves guiding Alice Margatroid to the goal, which is Marisa Kirisame.
the mental image of Alice side-saddling Marisa's broom, her eyes closed resting her head on Maria's back with the text "The two hearts grow closer to each other.☆". it's so beautiful
@EarlGrey @Memor-X I guess it's just an unnamed O.C. then. This looks like the same kid, but there's no tag for her name on safebooru:
I mean the hair style and dress is different, but she's about the same size. Is it the same artist?
1:08 AM
@Tonepoet same artist I assume?
http://iqdb.org/?url=http://safebooru.donmai.us/data/__alice_margatroid_and_kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_chata_maru_irori_sabou__5b0b3e504781e59f4f64fa6e2d702071.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=http://safebooru.donmai.us/data/__alice_margatroid_and_kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_chata_maru_irori_sabou__5b0b3e504781e59f4f64fa6e2d702071.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://safebooru.donmai.us/data/__alice_margatroid_and_kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_chata_maru_irori_sabou__5b0b3e504781e59f4f64fa6e2d702071.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=http://safebooru.donmai.
Uploaded (UTC): 14.08.2017 22:22:18 by (228525) Gallifreyan, tag: pixiv
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/luqXd4p.png | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/luqXd4p.png | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/luqXd4p.png | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/luqXd4p.png | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/luqXd4p.png
@Tonepoet hairstyle looks similar to me
1:12 AM
@Memor-X Not quite. The first picture has hair ribbons in it that aren't in the second one.
it's the same artist
Which bunches her hair into, well, I don't know what you call it, but Patchouli's hair is bunched up the same way (although Patchy's is longer).
like with no character tag, Alice and Marisa there and the girl having their hair colour i assume either it's their daughter or she belongs only to one of them but the other is a second mum who takes over from some deadbeat who's ran off
@Memor-X I can't think of many characters that would be deadbeat moms in Gensokyo. I mean the closest I can think of is Yukari, but it doesn't make sense when she has Ran and Chen... XP
@Tonepoet i was more thinking of a deadbeat father
if the girl is a magic baby from 2 women then might as well be the former anyway
1:20 AM
Yeah, she's their daughter. The translation on this image settles it.
@Memor-X Mordred?
@EarlGrey obviously. any shoujo ai/yuri pair which gets a daughter from nowhere (Madoka x Homura. Misaka x Kuroko) i always assume one use magic to become a Futa so that the child is only theirs, not shared with a third XY party
easy for titles with magic. bit harder in titles like Yuru Yuri where there is no magic
just make Chinatsu become a real magical girl
1:37 AM
@EarlGrey her first job would be to get Yui pregnant with her baby or get pregnant with Yui's
and she might refuse to help Toshino
you know, because she was such a bitch to her when they were little
1:53 AM
user image
oh no get away from him
2:08 AM
hmm, I think I already post that before..
@EarlGrey i think you have too
though take that with a grain of salt considering that last time i though @Gallifreyan (almost couldn't ping then) posted an image and it was actually @Tonepoet
@Memor-X @Earl_Grey History repeats itself. I was discussing how I feared Alice made a wish on Kyubey to grow up. XP
@EarlGrey And fair's fair. Memor-X insisted on a penalty loli from @Gallifreyan so now you owe us one. =P
@Earl_Grey won't ping me
@EarlGrey Blame the 'booru tagging system. XP
@Tonepoet yes, post loli @EarlGrey!
2:23 AM
that come out of nowhere so I just post mine :p
Loli Lily
@EarlGrey it's nothing offical. just getting free lolis posted
Lolis are the best!
see, even the bot agrees
@EarlGrey I thought that was Saber in Reimu's clothing for a minute there. XP
2:35 AM
that was Lily
@EarlGrey how do you mean?
you know how it look like when you ignore a tag
@EarlGrey have you ignored a tag?
@EarlGrey what about
2:44 AM
looks normal to me somehow...
how do you know I ignore o.O
@EarlGrey i didn't
you only need to have one of the tags ignored for the styling to take effect
but for some reason the question with got white out
didn't even put them on my ignored list
i only ignored
@EarlGrey maybe a synonym of it?
not a synonym
2:50 AM
@EarlGrey Oh sure, I saw you mention that and I see it now, but still, it's quite the resemblance with the large ribbon, exposed shoulders, and loose sleeves (granted, in your case they're loose because they're too large, rather than loose by design), esp. in monochrome where the color cues are harder to discern:
@EarlGrey hmmmm, yeh that is weird
@Tonepoet oh yeah look like her.. well I might color it someday.. but still the is black and white so there won't be much difference. Only skin color etc
@Memor-X I assume look normal to you?
@EarlGrey yep
entire thing looks normal. only tag i ignore is
wait a sec.. I just realize why you ask how stupid of me
@EarlGrey lol, still wont explain the one.....unless you ignored that one too
2:58 AM
I ignore that too
@EarlGrey then we have solved the mystery! now onto the next one
why are all questions tagged with only naruto tags
because they ask from naruto manga
but yea they don't need to added the tag
since they're general question about panel arrangement
3:16 AM
something something I don't read manga something something but what about these ~11800 hentai doujin folders
@Hakase where did you end up
that's a lot..
I considered my self as avid manga reader but still I only read less than 200 titles (including several one-shot). 11800 is just way too much
I don't read doujin tho
wow diomeda made beatless next season, and fate/extra by SHAFT?? And Takagi-san anime adaptation \o/
nn, not much else
3:34 AM
@EarlGrey i've already said i have 17,000 (close to 18,000 now) doujin from just Dynasty but there's only 130 pages of 50 doujin each tagged NSFW and NSFW is not always sex/hentai
lol, you just realized i mean 50 doujin each page
huh, now that I read again.. what do you mean 50 doujin each page
@EarlGrey 130 pages. 50 doujin per page
130 * 50 = 6500
assuming the last page has 50
50 doujin means.. 50 titles, no?
@EarlGrey yes
how's this 1 page contain 50 titles?
3:43 AM
@EarlGrey like this first page of doujin tagged with NSFW (warning, you might see NSFW images at the top)
oh wait, it's 25 per page
....where am i getting 50 from?
ok then. 130 * 25 = 3250
oh I thought it was paper page
@EarlGrey lol no.......the average is about 20 pages per title so 3250 * 20 = 65000 pages
I was starting to wonder if you read your doujin like reading newspaper
@EarlGrey when i get this GOD DAM ARCHIVE FINISHED! i will start
3:50 AM
like currently i plan to start reading First Love Sisters since Dynasty as the remaining chapters that Seven Seas didn't translate
then there's that Iono-sama Fanatics i need to read
Dec 4 at 23:58, by Tonepoet
less it happens again
so @EarlGrey do you not read the Girls und Panzer doujin?
not one as far as I concern
there's one originally a doujin but it get serialized after so read that
the problem with doujin for me is it's hard to find one with nice art. there are just too many of them
and none of the doujinka name easy to google
so it's bit hard to look up
4:16 AM
@EarlGrey here's 15 supposedly SFW doujin. i think Lovey-dovey Panzer might be the one you're talking about
and Dynasty will link to websites for artists aswell if you find some you like
@Memor-X It was only two volumes long the last time I checked. You can probably do it overnight. XP
@Tonepoet true but i'm going to put it in a PDF and read it on my eReader
that way i can be on the bed and read
my computer desk at home is not the best place for reading Doujin
@Memor-X and one other reason is probably I never really know dynasty scan... even though you mentioned it countless time
my pc desk is side by side with my bed so I can be on the bed while using my computer
@EarlGrey well i did some of the work for you. if you find a gem you can follow the artist/scanlator from there if you can get the links
@EarlGrey sorta but the screen faces the wrong way for me to do that
      | < Desk
   O  |
the circle is like where my chair is
@Hakase do make sense
4:29 AM
@Memor-X move your desk right and throw your chair out
@EarlGrey both of which i need to do. like my chair the right armrest has fallen off twice already and repaired. now the left is starting to come out
5:00 AM
@LucasHenrique yo
Unlimited Train Works:
It takes so much training to learn that technique!
@Memor-X ooo... Aki Eda is there :o
seems like there are some pro that still do doujin
@Tonepoet I thought it's action figure from thumbnail. with lots of train toy behind
5:16 AM
@EarlGrey I guess you could say the image is photorealistic then. XP
2 hours later…
7:15 AM
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
I made another drawing!
@SaitamaSama oo nice. Nao?
@SaitamaSama nice
@EarlGrey just some name I thought of during the history class
9:04 AM
@SaitamaSama someone with that name in your history class? xD
nope :P
hmm, the name does have some similarity with my crush's name
but that's it :P
oho so that's how it is ;)
9:18 AM
Morning ^^
10:15 AM
quack quack
@ToshinouKyouko i think that op did something to your voice, that's not how tomatos sound
@ToshinouKyouko there was a moment there where she looked like pineapple Ritsu
10:36 AM
@Memor-X right :D
11:03 AM
al right, this doujin archive is done. aside from the fact that i have around 2000 artists which slows the search result like hell if i search by artist it works well enough for me to find the manga i want to reach
ie. i can find the remaining 10 chapters of First Love Sisters that didn't get localized
Anime severlere müzik servisi sunan bir platform https://etohum.com/anime-music
My god
they are all categorized in Yuri-hime except for chapter 8 which i assume was in Yuri-Hime Volume 6. also i found the 2 extra chapters. one in Sayuri-hime Volume 1 and the other in Petit Yuri-hime
Cc @gal
That's a relative of mine
I think that he invested in that.
I'm dying why is that a thing
@Ave what is it? it's not loading for me
Spotify for anime music, apparently
11:07 AM
@Ave that is a.....good thing?
sorry but when i hear/read people say "why is that/this/it a thing" it's generally a bad thing
It's a bad thing
Rather, a dumb thing
Firstly, "anime music"
What's that name?
Secondly, why Turkey based
Thirdly, how the hell do you expect to get into agreements with companies
@Ave if it's digital yeh that's a problem but if they are reselling original disks there's no problem
It's probably digital
Otherwise they wouldn't get etohum'd
@Ave don't know what the last word is but i assume it has something to do with digital stuff
@Ave Geoblocking and no VPNs
@Ave is anime music really a bad thing?
@Memor-X an investment thing that is for internet companies
@Memor-X i'm talking about name of service
11:19 AM
hich gets me pulled wh
Netflix isn't called "movies and tv shows"
Spotify isn't called "mainstream music"
Bandcamp isn't “high-end indie music"
Soundcloud isn't "indie music"
wait, the name is actually "anime music"?
@Ave that's mostly because my band is on Bandcamp and definitively not everything we've got there is high-end x)
Much better than some SC stuff
At least it's your own stuff, not some dumb mishmash of songs and bad, bad rap
@Ave weeeeell, I've got dumb things on SC too xD
11:23 AM
I mean sc has good stuff but most are terrible
We all do
the album format used on Bandcamp helps to share structured things
nice lights :o
11:26 AM
*to the main theme of Tum Burton's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* "no boitch ass mo fo going keep me keep me keep me down! pick pick pick pickle rick!"
@Ave not to be confused with animusic.com which has little to do with animes :p
that was supposed to be bad rap
@Ave yes, because xyz is always used for legit sites huh
> There are many playlists which contain a lot of anime music.
wait, so those playlists in the screenshot aren't user created ones?
Checked it
The playlists are just anime lists
You tap an anime name and listen
11:35 AM
@Ave so "best anime playlists" isn't real?
It's just an anime list wgen you press that
@Ave what in gui
yeh, totally legit
this is why any app on iOS or Android with the name "anime" in it is shit
But yes
This app got greenlighted in this one investment platform
So likex they got listed
That's not an easy task to accomplish
I hate the "lol startup" "lol machine learnin bigdata iot" mentality
11:51 AM
some friend of mine told me yesterday about the nonsensical presentationof a manager/commercial about making everything AI because Moore law permitted it and some random stuff like that
aaaaaaaaaaaah I was about to say "you forgot BIG DATA" but then you just added it T_T
Blockchains run on raspberry pis
Which use microsoft iot services
And communicate using skype bot framework
Based on azure machine learning
Set up hadoop
(Go is actually decent tbh)
11:58 AM
coming from a C++ metaprogramming background, I'd take Rust over Go anyday :D
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