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Harem Genre, thinly veiled Yuri
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Q: which anime is this character from?

rhythmxecho I don't know which anime this character is from and I would like to know

1 hour later…
8:06 AM
nope - I still claim that is an Oscar recolor.
8:45 AM
@hyper-neutrino another one, players are mad. reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/najoce/… (warning: bad language)
9:04 AM
@Memor-X 2-in-1 package! Win-Win solution!
9:21 AM
@AndrewT. Tekkaman Blade.
He manages to get even more of a painful ending than Madoka.
Uses a magic stone to transform, and unlike Madoka he is fully aware from the start that using the stone is seriously damaging him, so he don't even get the 5 minutes thinking "how nice, I am a magical girl now".
And he doesn't even just die in the end.
Nope, he is reduced to a catatonic state and ends up in a well-chair for the rest of his life.
Huh? Yuki Yuna?!
9:54 AM
@hyper-neutrino will be funny...
Q: How does Genshin Impact integrate with the PSN (co-op, friends list, etc)?

SPArcheonThis is a question that came to mind while chatting in one of the network chatrooms about a recent event in the game that will force players to play random co-op to be able to participate Apparently this caused a lot of mixed felling from the player base, with angry posts on various topics (secur...

10:34 AM
cc @SPArcheon possible "leak" of Fort Condor Mini Game for Part 2?
like i'm not aware of any of the new Final Fantasy VII side projects that this would fit into
> Replying to @SquareEnix and @finalfantasyvii
Shame this "couldn't" run on ps4. Sony must have paid a high price to make this ps5 only.
@Memor-X ^ see above, they are trash to my eyes after the decision to make Yuffie DLC ps5 only.
Because ps5 is so easy to buy right now....
@SPArcheon i get the annoyance, trust me. however it might be a blessing
the first 2 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel games was originally on PS3 and then after a long delay the third one came out for PS4. because the Cold Steel Series does save importing and (to my knowledge) can't import from PS3 to PS4. anyone who played the first 2 would be unable to carry over their data unless they re-brought both games for the PS4
To cite an old Uncle Scrooge story... "They brains have escaped their heads and now are running free in the vast plains where the buffaloes roams"
@Memor-X DLC . Not NEW GAME.
DLC. Basically, a finger to whoever bought the game when it was PS4 only.
10:46 AM
Final Fantasy VII Remake at the very least gets a free upgrade to PS5 where you can continue from there if you got it for the PS4 which means when Part 2 comes out, if there is any save game importing chnaces are your save game is imported from PS4 to PS5 aswell. if not it's not as much of a problem as it was with Trails of Cold Steel
for perspective, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky took me ~60 hours to complete and there was no voices in cut scenes, i was following a walkthrough and had completed it before.
now yes the PS5 stock issues is a massive hurdle but that is Sony's screw up, not Square's. Square's screw up is making the remake episodic
@Memor-X That is not the point. The point is that they sold a game on PS4, then ported it on ps5 ( the game is the same game, there is no "PS5 version", just ps4 one running on PS5 with better performance). And now they are telling the PS4 player to shot themselves if they play on the console they bough the game for by purposely making the DLC not available for them.
@SPArcheon actually there's been graphical "improvements"
though i personally don't think they are
Do you really expect me to believe that ... I don't know... Yuffie hairs require the PS5 hardware to render and can't be run on ps4?
nope, most of it is lighting
By the same company that didn't ever bother to fix Nier Automata on pc - still an unplayable bug fest?
They have been paid to keep the exclusive to ps5 to push sales and they are fine with it.
so... no sympathy from me.
10:53 AM
that's the compare
@SPArcheon they are apparently fixing the PC version since it came out for Game Pass
@Memor-X base on what my friends told me... still the same.
chances are though is that they are applying some changes that they developed for Replicant
but i have it for PS4 which is Denuvo free
@Memor-X Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. What I meant is that it is the... third time now that they say "next fix is the working one" on pc.
@Memor-X Also, you assume that there will be a continue feature, but I don't think it makes sense as the game is right now. I suspect there will be just some bonus starting items for having completed the previous game but nothing else.
11:11 AM
I guess that they think that the DLC will push some players to promote scalpers and just buy the console from them at 250% the original price.
@SPArcheon probably more they want to show off the graphics ready for Final Fantasy XVI
@Memor-X Anyway, I agree to disagree here. The morale, if any, is that I don't care for yet another game that will take 20 years to complete and will be spread out on every platform they can put their hand on.
Really, I hoped they would focus on finish the remake in at most 3/4 games.
Nooooooooo...... silly me for thinking.
They have to also work on FF16 because one thing at time is too smart.... and then they lament few resources.
Also, ready to restart the nonsense (just being polite here) of the FF7 mobile inutility games.
Because we really needed to spread the story on books, movies, smartphones, multiple consoles AND EVEN A DIFFERENT GAME (see: KH)
And here we go doing that AGAIN.
11:29 AM
@SPArcheon well they are a huge company so they can have multiple projects running with multiple teams
so long as the projects are managed properly
@Memor-X THEY are the one lamenting too much parallel projects, not me.
Remember this one?
> FFXV global brand director Akio Ofuji said in the video presentation that "the company has made an important directional change, and the decision has been made to re-examine these projects." He explained that Luminous Productions, the Square Enix studio built in 2018 from the core of the FFXV team to support the game as well as make new games, will focus on the new. Squeenix expand elsewhere that they "decided to focus [Luminous's] development efforts on large-scale, high-quality AAA game titles, which best leverages [their] strengths."
@SPArcheon yeh their battle royal game. interesting concept to mix magic into it but don't see it being anything but free with macro-transactions because
But FF7 mobile trash.... that must be done! Allocate resource! Gacha potential! Easy money! Easy story damage! Who cares if the players of the real console games will miss some story elements! They have to play our trash on their smartphones and if they don't... we don't care about them.
I wait for E3 for them to also reveal remake #44775 of Advent Childrens with 2 seconds more bonus scenes that explains the Wardens of Fate from the remake
@SPArcheon yeh i remember that. it was a point i made about the whole episodic release of the remake
@Memor-X Yep, so one more reason for not repeating the "let's spread the plot on five different medias, multiple consoles and about 10 years worth of releases"
11:40 AM
@SPArcheon should point out that PC that the original is still there on PC and you can mod it to fix the issues
I wonder what percentage of FF7 players played/read/watched every FF7 source material.
@Memor-X You can mod Before Crysis plot into the original game?
Or the book only novels that THEY MADE RELEVANT IN THE REMAKE?
Really... they had Kyrie in the remake. The book only character from a side novel.
Saw her with voiced dialogue and a "???" name... for a second I actually though they remade Yuffie with a different hair cut.
The similar clothes don't help.
@SPArcheon no but for the most part you'd be playing the same experience as what most people had been playing since the remake was announced for the PS2
maybe slightly improved graphics wise
if the Remake gets abandoned, that's all that'll be left
12:04 PM
@Memor-X I will reveal you a secret. I am not a fan of FF7 original plot.
Never had been.
The only interes I had in the remake is that it could turn that plot into a premise for something better.
The "bad ending " before unlocking the "golden ending"
and also retcon some of the disturbing pieces from the original.
Not even talking about the Honey Inn here...
When I played the original game, I basically never used Red XIII because just looking at him remembered me the utterly awkward scene he was introduced with.
12:26 PM
@SPArcheon he does explain he was putting on a show for Hojo and he had no intention of doing anything to Aerith
interesting thing is what his plan was as he can't have known Barret would shoot at the chamber
@Memor-X Still, utterly awkward. But it seemed like the game was aiming at being "all grown up" since you know "Sony players are more cool that Nintendo babies". Always had the feeling the game was trying hard to cater to a specific playerbase, similar to what Sega tried with all the trash talk about Nintendo in their old ads.
See this one for example.
forgot to mention that the Game Gear backlight was unbearable and that a battery charge wouldn't last you a full game of Sonic.
That said, back to FF7 I had the idea it tried really hard to be grown-up and serious.
And good riddance some of the "smartest" ideas never reached the final PS1 release (seriously, look at WHY for one of the component of Cloud disguise only two variations exist in the final game while all the others have tree)
@SPArcheon don't understand that
you talking about the Sector 5 Slums bit?
You know the part where Cloud has to disguise as a girl?
@SPArcheon yeh
You remember that for every disguise piece there are multiple variations?
12:35 PM
from what i remember there was just the dress and the perfume
For every part of the dress there are three possible variants.
For example the tiara was Ruby, Diamond and Glass
i don't remember a tiara
i remember the dress, the wig and the perfume
Coton Dress, Satin Dress, Silk Dress....
and then there was an item that oddly had only two variants.
Why? Because the third one was censored.
@Memor-X See here.
@SPArcheon ahh it's from the honey bee inn. never went there
well i did but never inside, either it had the bouncer at the front or everyone rushed to Cloud as soon as he appeared in the dress
@Memor-X What was left was quite disturbing and nonsensical (why is a Caith doll in there?) and what was cut was even worse apparently.
I mean, even Dragon Quest has that recurring joke, but FF7 was on a whole different level. And I can't shake the felling someone told them to be "Less Mario & Kirby, More Duke Nukem"
(See Mr T as a playable character, or the "totally coincidental" combination of weird camera angles, a character who loves to kick high and a quite short skirt)
12:52 PM
@SPArcheon i assume a plant to use to keep an eye on the President
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1:58 PM
Q: Did Vegeta "super saiyan blue evil aura" form surpassed Goku Ultra Instinct in power?

PabloIn Dragon Ball Heroes Vegeta in "super saiyan blue evil aura" was able to knock down Cumber in super saiyan 3 form, which is supposed to be x400 times stronger than his base form. However before, Goku needed mastered Ultra Instinct to defeat base form Cumber. Also, Cumber base form was a match fo...

2 hours later…
3:35 PM
Q: Where Bishōnen originated from

LilyHello on wikipedia it states that the origin of Bishōnen is linked to hindu concepts. Is this true. I checked the book they referenced and quoted but on the pages there's no mention of Bishōnen did they make a mistake? It's in another page but doesn't mention any hindu concepts only Chinese budd...

2 hours later…
5:36 PM
Q: Is Hagu's name a reference to The Hague?

Shaymin GratitudeIn Honey and Clover the character Hagumi Hanamoto often goes by the abbreviation of her name, Hagu. I just noticed this is spelled similarly to The Hague, a city and municipality in the Netherlands. In the story, Hagu is a genius artist, and a precursory internet search shows that The Hague does ...

5 hours later…
10:25 PM
A: What is Shanks relationship with the Gorosei

ansicoYo creo que tiene que ver con lo del sombrero gigante de paja, que también es un símbolo de la corona del rey, y que casualidad que el mismo sombrero esté junto con un misterioso hombre, IM, el no Rey, porque supuestamente el trono está vacío. Para mí debe ser como dos facciones con distintos rey...

Are questions supposed to be answered in a different language than the OP?
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ content on SE is supposed to be in english, barring the specific language sites
Well, I've flagged an answer to the question above. The OP (Rumpelstiltskin, originally the Anime Scientist) asked a question in English (obviously, considering the sites language) but, its been answered in pure Spanish. I was wondering if I should retract the flag because it's in a different language.
But you just confirmed it should only be in English sooo..
11:12 PM
What does it mean for one to be suspended for cooldown?
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ it's generally to cool heads if there was an argument or something.
rather than continuing the interaction the people with the cooldown are forced to stop interacting and step away
Sorry for the stupid-ish questions but I'm kinda new to the site (only like 41 days) so I still have lots of stuff to learn.
Was lurking around Anime.SE and came across this user:
So wondered what cooldown meant.
that's fine. it's not so stupid-ish to ask about the suspension cooldown thing, more so if you see it from someone who been a heavy contrabutor to the network
> ends on Feb 25 '22
yeh they did something bad
not sure if it was here though
11:15 PM
I'll continue lurking to see what they did. :/
Anyways, know some people who have been suspended for like 5 years
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ lol, if there was they might have been forgotten about
Q: What caused this character's trauma?

F1Krazy(Forgive the awkward wording, but I'm trying to be as un-spoilery as I can.) In the final episode of Wonder Egg Priority, Ai hatches a Wonder Egg containing This girl's Wonder Killer takes the form of This suggests he did something that traumatised the girl and helped drive her to suicide, but ...

@Memor-X ok it was here since their only questions have been on Anime and Manga
I just lurked around their other 4 communities and they look like he just signed up.
He had past 50 rep so it must've been in comments
Highly doubt hes retarted enough to argue with someone by posting answer
you'd be surprised
11:19 PM
Ok I take back my entire comment about him not being retarted enough to post a response to an argument as an answer
He seems well informed on Naruto yet didn't know Indra was the first to awaken the Mangekyo
had a user who kept posting the same question. even after getting an answer they harassed the answerer to "clarify" despite not explaining what needed to be clarified. harassed other users to fix it or answer, edit vandalizing, abusive in comments and answers
Apparently to him it was Madara
can ya link it
the questions themselves have been deleted. i'll see if i can find part of the transcript here
I hate people like that. They're like wanna-be moderators who are like "cAn yA cLaRiFY oN tHaT bUdDy" even tho the answer is as good as it can get
@Memor-X well it's probably here (if by here you mean A&M, not maid cafe specifically) because the suspension isn't network-wide
11:23 PM
so illogical if you ask me. I really can't see any point in that besides trolling.
also i don't think they give network suspensions to people who just need to cool down unless they're going around the network causing trouble, which is probably more of a rule violation
@hyper-neutrino yeh i noticed that. i generally assume network wide first when i saw all the 1 rep sites but then noticed the lack of content
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ some answers or questions that may seem clear the the poster might be unclear to someone reading. even if it's clear, someone might interpret it wrong. i wouldn't exactly hate on them, sometimes it really is unclear and the OP can't see it, sometimes the person reading is misunderstanding, and it's not productive to hate anyone particularly
unless they're being a jerk about it lol
@Memor-X ah. yeah, the suspension banner will say if the person is suspended network-wide (idk if you know / have seen that though; it's pretty uncommon, lol)
Yeah based off how Memor worded it they're most likely being a jerk abt it
11:25 PM
oh sorry i missed her message lol
skimmed through too fast catching up
@hyper-neutrino probably have but don't remember it because of how uncommon it is
He wasn't banned network wide (I believe). He must just be a low rep user on his alternate communities
11:26 PM
to me it's more common to find someone suspended on Anime and Manga because of a network suspension
I was talking about Masked Man before, his last post was saying he's taking a break from SE
this is what it'd look like
Aug 25 '20 at 23:03, by Dimitri mx
I am truly curious what answer they 'are' looking for ;/
roughly the start of it
So I really have no clue as to why Masked Man was banned
ah thanks @Memor-X
11:27 PM
I just bursted out in laughter reading this dude's stuff to say
he must be 11-12
alot of the more hostile "comments" was done on questions/answers/comments that are now deleted
well deleted in the view of lower rep users. mods can still see the deleted stuff
higher rep users can see the deleted questions/answers
At what rep can they see deleted stuff?
I'm currently at 663 so I wanna know
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ i think when you get the privilege to vote to delete, i'll have to double check
11:30 PM
Woops, that's the stackoverflow one.
(they should be the same anyway)
Yeah, I see no reason as to why to make rep gain for privelages different bc its a different site but
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ because of new sites
They are different during the beta phase of a site
beta sites have much lower requirements
11:31 PM
ninja'd :c
@Dimitrimx reply immediately when I'm talking to you!
@Dimitrimx still not replying?! you're unbelievable!!
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ 10k
I can't express how hard I laughed at that
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ this from the transscript?
Ye it is
I recall our friend Kade very well ;')
11:32 PM
@memor-x yeah
@Peilonrayz arigato
oh my god
for him to be so comical that you remember him from like a year ago
that experience must have been the funniest thing
wait let me
pull up a calculator
@Dimitrimx i don't. only 2 i remember is Rigg and Jan and the account is too young to be either with a name change
I'll need 9336 rep to see deleted posts
who are rigg and jan
@Memor-X Rigg I remember, jan not so much
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ on a site like Anime and Manga it's not all that impressive but on a more active site you can see some entertaining posts
i really dont care because
my expectations have been low today so
itll probably be entertaining
11:36 PM
@Dimitrimx Jan was the one who kept trying to push that joke Toshino made about genitals
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ ^ and Rigg is just short hand for the user i was talking about before
Toshino as in Toshino Kyouko?
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ that was the name he went by here
oh i see
@Memor-X Not sure I was involved in that one, can't recall it what's however.
i only remember him because he's a tomato
otherwise i have no idea who he is
im gonna look further into the discussion with rigg and dimitri
@Dimitrimx please remove your answer
@Dimitrimx its not the real answer I want
@Dimitrimx you're not even answering me! I'II flag you!
I'II flag you!
who threatens people like that lmao
11:42 PM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ Dimitrimx is getting pinged lol
whoops lol
the use of grammar in that
for some reason just made it 10 times funnier
i just find exclamation points cringy
perhaps thats why
@Dimitrimx i don't remember either. can't even remember what to look for to get Toshino's original answer
i really avoid using exclamation points in essays
due to that
even if the scene might be the most exciting thing in the universe
> its not the real answer I want
this sorta summarizes the entire thing. the user wanted a specific answer and wouldn't accept anything else
11:44 PM
being able to see deleted posts is overrated sometimes lol.
we have a meta post on our site with 3.6k answers and close to 5k deleted answers and navigating it is quite annoying sometimes
if its not your desired answer move on smh
dont accept it
I wish I could see deleted comments...
yeah same bruv
11:45 PM
@hyper-neutrino how crap that's alot of answers
quite the pain to miss the what could be so funny
@hyper-neutrino This is why I am happy with the deleted:0 filter
oh lord hyper
must suck
oh wait.
@Dimitrimx yeah the post is impossible to actually navigate. we just search through it or link specific answers
11:46 PM
whats the post
since we don't really post questions
@hyper-neutrino oh yeh that's right, your a mod for Code Golf
we post challenges which have a pretty high standard so people will propose their challenges as an answer to a meta post beforehand to get feedback. even with 30k rep and as a mod, i still use it to make sure my challenges are up to standards and i often need to add clarifications and fix things before posting :P
it's insanely helpful, but unfortunately some things never get feedback / get seen cuz there's just so much
@hyper-neutrino could be worth making it Archival?
@Memor-X yep, so i spend a disproportionately high amount of mod time not clearing flags or handling problematic users/posts, but trying to get shit to work on my site with SE xD
@Memor-X wdym by that
11:48 PM
like every so often you close/lock the old sandbox and start a new one
that's what we used to do
i think that just made it more messy / hard to follow though, lol
having it in one place is still more convenient
ahhhh i see
there was a userscript a while back to view stuff more easily but it's broken with the new site design
ooh my gosh
(the userscript's really old. our site design isn't exactly "new" anymore. :P)
11:49 PM
theres literally separate pages for answers, never seen that before
so laggy as well
ignore that red circle
Hate it when site changes break users scripts ;P
I use way too many
@hyper-neutrino IIRC you graduated in '16?
i think so. did we get our design then too?
i have 23 userscripts lol
just gained 1 reputation on Anime.SE for literally no reason
you know what isn't a great privilege though
11:54 PM
IDK I know design independent graduation was a thing. I think we (CR) got our design in '17 and graduated in '16
checked achievements to find nothing there
what isnt hyper
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ chnaces are, deleted post you downvoted
@Peilonrayz ah okay. either way i think we graduated and got our design both later than CR did. people were salty about that. /shrug/
when the post gets deleted you get the rep back
11:54 PM
@hyper-neutrino Yeah I recall a slight rivalry between our sites ;)
@hyper-neutrino being able to (by which i mean being forced to) see nuked posts without the censor
you're right. my 2 flags pending got accepted
@Peilonrayz haha, yep. just a bit, nothing major or anything, right.... :)
i'm glad one of your mods (or active users) declined the "friendly challenge" someone proposed a while back
and i downvoted one of em
i was naive then so i was like "yeah let's do this, everyone just be friendly"
11:56 PM
Friendly challenge?
normally when a post is deleted due to spam or rude/abusive flags, people who can see deleted posts see it but with a note saying it was nuked, and pointing them to the revision history if they want to see the content
mods just see the post itself directly
@Dimitrimx someone on my sight proposed a friendly challenge for CGCC vs CR
which, given our history, is not a spectacular idea
I guess it's due to me not knowing the history.
But it sounds like a good idea to me
@hyper-neutrino Been a while since I've seen that post, yeah... XD
@Dimitrimx do you remember stack eggs?
(i wasn't around then, but i've heard (horror) stories about it)
Q: Code review has been challenged to a KOTH battle

ChristopherThe corresponding meta post for code review, and the chatroom. Currently the plan is to have each side have a team and build resources and a base. Limited resources. The last team standing wins. Currently the two ideas for "winning" is destroy the other sides artifact or have no respawns and las...

i got the Populist badge from this, lol
lmfao what the hell

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