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12:00 AM
Gotta love the competitive spirits haha
in bold words you get:
bro imagine building up the courage to challenge one of the most goated people in that area and then
thats gotta hurt
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ debatable
KOTH is a category on CGCC, not CR
CR people are good at writing useful code
we don't do that here
I just noticed it's been 6 years since I was last active on CR ._.
anime and manga really needs like
people asking questions
spent most of my day flagging questions with only like 1 answered question
what's your Q/D?
12:03 AM
CGCCs was once like 10.6 on graduation i think but we're down to like less than 3-ish maybe
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ [q]uestion / [d]ay
how do i
check that sorry
I believe we averaged around 6 in 2013
don't think it shows anywhere
i just used SEDE and plugged it into a python script
since i don't know how to average count in SQL
i'm terrible at sql lol
that was a quick edit
ok that didnt matter
12:05 AM
it was only like 8 keystrokes lol
we average like 8763494378644444444444444444 identification questions per day (joke)
Don't they have a prebuild sql script for it :thinking:
but we do get a hell ton of id requests
12:06 AM
Oh I'm glad you said that was a joke otherwise I would have believed it.
it would be hard not to if you looked at the site smh
i really wouldve been tricked if someone else said that
I mean...
i notice A&M's activity mostly by how much sakamoto posts lol
i have this room bookmarked but i don't actually go to A&M too often
That many questions per day would probably overload every CPU on Earth. It's approximately 101429333086162551440329 questions per second. If every human had a computer, it would be 14489904726595 split between them all!
skip the code of conduct and wonder why their questions get closed
yeah true
@hyper-neutrino that's probably the same way mods can close off topic stuff in seconds after it was posted
12:08 AM
not really
sakamoto is quite useful in this chat
chat feeds are slow as hell
i close stuff in seconds because i have the site i moderate open almost always, lol
@hyper-neutrino going by 2021 9.4
12:08 AM
also i have a userscript that notifies me every time a new post (question or answer) shows up
it's quite nice
my time zone allows me to identify off topic stuff easily
like i flag it before moderators are even awake
it just catches the 404 at codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/new and replaces it
due to differing time zones
@Dimitrimx oh that's nice
(heh that'd be 453 questions per cycle assuming each computer had 8 cores at 4.0 GHz)
12:10 AM
wait what is this
questions per month?
isn't that hard to tell that this isn't the type of site you wanna skip the code of conduct
some people just don't read
i mean its been said on many meta posts (which i cant find) that this site moderates differently than others
@hyper-neutrino That's if chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/57978971#57978971 was true, assuming 7 billion people with 8 core, 4 GHz computers all handling the questions.
we get a good amount of questions that belong on stack overflow even though we have like 4 different places explaining why code-golf is not a site for programming help questions
12:11 AM
i skipped over some stuff then really payed attention to it once i saw the first closed post
@hyper-neutrino questions per month /30 averaged
@hyper-neutrino That belong on Stack Overflow? O_o
@Dimitrimx well for 21-04 it says 996 so idk how to interpret that
i don't think we had 33 questions per day
how do you even become a moderator on anime.se
kinda confused
@forest well some people see "code" in "code golf and coding challenges" and think AH YES THIS IS WHERE I GO FOR PROGRAMMING HELP
idk maybe "i have a challenge with the code i am writing"???
12:12 AM
Oh I thought you meant Anime.
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ You get elected, when an election is started, and you volunteer.
really that simple?
whens the next election
i don't think that's "simple"
i do ik why
i searched it up once and the answers were like
12:13 AM
i think you only need 300 rep to be eligible
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ whenever there's a need for new moderators
@hyper-neutrino We too get lots of those questions. Kinda shocked you get them... a quick glance at your site should make that apparent
664 on m
@Peilonrayz if there's any site that has any mention of code, some people will just assume it's where yuo go for coding help lol
what makes even less sense is the people who post to MSE like
@hyper-neutrino Hmm. intresting. I'll take a second glance on the query when it's not 2AM ;p
stack overflows election quite differs from what dimitri says
probably why i'm confused
12:14 AM
how so
well to get elected you obviously have to go through the process
You also must have these badges:

Civic Duty
Strunk & White
And you must have 3000 reputation or more.
oh. right forgot about that
(per random meta page)
yeah that's just SO
whereas dimitri just says get elected
after volunteering
12:15 AM
well, you can't get elected without those badges ;P
on what?
SO is big enough they need a pre-filter
You have to be 18 by the time the election ends too
or just there
oh yeah that too
i got elected 2 months after turning 18
12:16 AM
Wow, cutting it close XD
the initial time slot for the election would've been half a year too early for me
stole the words
why 18 tho
That rule wasn't there when I started as a mod :p (all though I did already qualify)
12:16 AM
(though i think the policy only came into place after i turned 18 - i forget when the 18 requirement happened)
in january they asked how people felt about an election
i mean i can imagine some 9 year old on this site acting like a mod
i said i'd be willing to run only for the sake of the community and not because i supported SE
no clue why
Why do you have to be 18 to be a mod?
the post got -35 score, so......... they didn't do it until later
@forest legal reasons
12:17 AM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ have to be 13 to use the site, or yer account gets destroyed.
i can query other people's IP addresses, and i think some laws in some regions require 18+ to be able to access said PII, or smth. lol
@hyper-neutrino But you don't have to be 18 to use the site.
knew that but
You have to be 16 in some areas too. Saw an account get nuked for being 15... (depending on local law)
12:17 AM
not the mod stuff
That's so stupid.
@Peilonrayz mine got nuked a week or two before i turned 15 :) but that's due to miscommunication, lol. was just a mistake, wasn't too hard to correct either
Believe TOS mentions something about age where they are allowed to store your data etc with baseline being 13
how do they even figure out the age
kinda confused
12:19 AM
you have to tell them i think
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ People mention it in chat, put it in their profile or otherwise voice it in their questions.
yes, you could lie about it
that's illegal though
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ For the incident I'm referencing the user said "I'm 15 review the cool game I wrote"
or sometimes people (specifically: me) will talk about creating their SE account before 13, even though they are older than 13, and then remove their PII, thus causing their site's mods to think their underage, and thus nuking the account even though they are already old enough
12:20 AM
@hyper-neutrino Ouch, D:
thats a loss
@hyper-neutrino oh no, mentioned 13, time to escalate~
@hyper-neutrino i really cant see -35 as a low score because of this:
look at downvotes
heh. yeah that... that was a thing
there's one that was even lower i think
12:23 AM
seen a post with 1089 downvotes tryna find it
IIRC there's one with -1000... 19 wasn't a good year
Yeah, that was another apology one i believe
(i don't have 10k rep on meta, but i answered it, so i can still see the question and my own answer specifically)
yeah it was by the messenger
i note none of te hate was directed to him but the people who made him right the message
oh my god
wonder what her rep is
@hyper-neutrino Oh, didn't know about that. That's really cool.
12:25 AM
it's 5k
@hyper-neutrino That was the post by K. right?
@Dimitrimx whomst?
K something. I forgot the full name
well it was sara chipps
12:26 AM
Ah yes, sara
I remember having a whole chat about that post with krazer
i feel bad for sara having the face the brunt of the hate directed at SE since I think she posted most/all of the shitty corporate-style apologies to meta
lol thats the same stuff that happened with the 1089 downvotes i keep talking about
from a recent meta post catija said she's nice to work with and she trusts sara so i'd take her word for it. never interacted with sara so i wouldn't know but i trust catija's judgement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol
80% of the comments were "go die" or stuff like that and 20% was like "please note the hate isnt directed at you"
most apology posts i see are like that
Never interacted with Sara either. Not a fan of messages she posed, but I do feel it was from a corporate mouthpiece esq position, so I definitly don't blame her personally.
Unlike a lot of folks.
12:29 AM
i wish they just posted it from community
cause it cant gain or lose rep
i believe
community can make posts
well rep is hardly what matters
On meta downvotes don't take of rep iirc.
and what type of person makes those type comments to a bot lmao
on meta.se they do i think
meta.SE isn't a meta site (yes that sounds confusing)
12:30 AM
@Dimitrimx MSE functions like a main site
i'm aware that community can make posts
i've lost rep from getting downvoted before
I keep forgetting it moved to ti's own main site instead of meta.so xd
12:31 AM
This is why I can never find anything ;')
I really don't think I've ever made a bad post before. I've only lost rep from downvoting trash stuff so frequently
(On Anime.SE and my other communities)
oh my god
the review queues notification is glitched and its
annoying me so dang much
in my early days i had a bunch of really well and really poorly received questions, lol
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ Showing when you have no reviews?
I've had my fair share of bad questions and answers. Both here and on other sites
12:33 AM
im relatively new (42 days UTC only 41 days at my place)
IIRC the icon uses the same cache for everyone. So items are in the queue for others but... you've done everything
so I can't be posting 1931278656 thngs despite being behind the sites time zone giving me more time for it
been here for only a bit so my bad questions and answer are yet to come
unfortunately i know nothing about like any 'mainstream' anime and i don't really have questions i'd know how to ask here. so i can't really get any rep here lol
can't remember if i had many/any bad posts on SO
I started of on SO, it was... tough.
definitely had a couple bad questions on CGCC, but i don't think any bad answers?
i started on SO but mostly answering
12:35 AM
how did you even get rep, hyper? all i can think of is that bonus 100 for being trusted. where did the other 97 come from
my lowest score SO question is +1/-2
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ answering random crap :P
or actually most of it came from answering your question :P
nvm it all came from answering your question + one other question
i have two posts at +7/-1 and 0/0 both accepted
yeah i was lurking around your profile nd you gained like 75 from my question lmao
12:36 AM
not too bad :P
most downvoted q on codegolf is +5/-45
like bro
on SO it's +71/-217 = -146
all i asked was what does canon mean
(undeleted, ofc)
me and hyper ended up gaining like 70 rep from that question
some of my posts got no vottes
12:39 AM
I don't think we even reach those kind of voting ranges on A&M
like this one
Q: Why wasn't the Susanoo used?

GK ADuring their fight with Kaguya, Obito, or even Sasuke didn't use their Susanoo which could have protected them from Kaguyas "Bone Ash" jutsu. Same is the case when Sasuke fought Madara (Tobirama was lying on the ground paralysed and Sasuke jumped from above to attack Madara). Sasuke could have u...

There's not a lot of people voting around these days
i always hesitate to downvoting due to losing rep from it but
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ The question went "hot" so more people can see and vote on the post
high rep ppl like you and aki (andrew) can downvote 50594 posts and get like a 2 rep change
but im not that high so
dont do it as much
andrew is like the most active voter so
12:41 AM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ That's what it's meant for. However, if people agree, you'll get it back when roomba cleansup
thats my votes
Looking at my votes i'm on 13/-33 for the month~
most of it is up but recently a heck ton has been down
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ That also counts close/reopen etc votes ^^
You can click it for a breakdown
in case youre looking at my consecutive days through the badge (no im not a no life)
ye ik
ive never voted to reopen
dont even think i can do that
not sure
12:46 AM
you need 3k i think
i've cast 5 up and 4 down votes, totalling 11 (i'm assuming some were deleted)
yeah so im far behind
to get 664 in 41 days is still quite good tho but
reached a dead end
Madara Uchiha also said once people reach like 600-1000 they hit a dead end
think i get what he means now
@Dimitrimx Wat, why does the votes info take you to close/reopen votes and not to the votes info at the bottom of the page...
@Peilonrayz I guess because you can click it from another tab than the summary. So it's easier to just redirect to the 'view more' page instead
man i
have an edit suggestion from a week ago
maybe people are inactive because most of my suggestions get accepted in an hour or two
no clue
a week and one day to be exact
how many reviewers does A&M even have
12:51 AM
Mostly the mods I believe
i can't see the relevant stats but how many users even do review tasks lol
also irrelevant note but this room probably has one of the highest ratios of mod activity / presence, lol
i do the review queues but
most of them are on topics idek about
well 9 days for you UTC people but
8 days where i'm at
Well, i'm around. Might as well clear some queues
mine is already cleared
are all of our queues connected or
do we get different stuff
We all get the same with some exceptions, eg. you won't review your own edits etc.
12:54 AM
ah yeah
And most queues require a consensus where 3 or more people agree on an action.
oh you just accepted 2 of my suggestions
But moderators have veto rights, and can initiate an action with 1 vote.
Reason I skip a lot of things in the queue, to leave it for others to review first.
That's why my edit on why do Bijuu grow up didn't go into play when Memor-X came but when you did
but the Rasengan color thingy did the minute you only accpted
Yep, mod powers.
12:56 AM
ok now i can edit more posts
105 more suggested edit reviews to go through for the steward badge~
before i had too many pending
people on my site have (jokingly) complained about me doing review tasks, because there's a badge for review progress, and when i do tasks, i reduce the number of review tasks available because of my binding action :P
is there any privileges to get rid of that
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ 2k rep
12:57 AM
2k lets you just edit without suggestion
After 2k you also no longer gain rep for edits.
@hyper-neutrino Stealing the people's badges, the ultimate theft ;)
only got 2 pending now
so ima go see if theres stuff to flag or edit
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