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8:29 AM
this is not a Lum liveaction movie.
Hi, I'd like to ask whether music ID requests are considered off-topic or on-topic at Anime & Manga. I read through A&M Monthly Engagement Post #3: On music id-requests, organizing policy tracking, and proposal for bounty board system, but it isn't clear to me whether a decision on the proposal has been taken.
I see several music ID questions on the front page, but I don't want to end up answering them if they are off-topic, nor end up flagging them for closure if they are on-topic.
All though we did plan to start deprecating Music requests, we haven't actually initiated it's deprecation properly.

So feel free to answer them
As for the flagging. We do keep music id requests to a minimum standard though, so if they do not reach that standard, I would recommend leaving a comment to the user and/or flagging it.
9:04 AM
@Dimitrimx Thanks for clarifying!
9:24 AM
^ @hyper-neutrino
Also, let the hate for random forced co-op start.
9:44 AM
@SPArcheon that's adorable
@Memor-X I also suspect that the bombs in the last panel are actually wolfhooks ...
@SPArcheon i have no idea what they are. i just find the first half adorable as hell
a plant in the game.
known for sticking to clothes apparently.
Basically, in game versions of bur.
which would be super evil if those are also explosive like Klee bombs.
10:41 AM
10:51 AM
@hyper-neutrino getting a lot of hate on the official forum too hoyolab.com/genshin/article/362368
11:09 AM
> Considering the fact that Mihoyo's security is really lacking and fragile, I don't see how it would be safe for us to Co-Op with complete strangers. I feel very uneasy about this one and I am very disappointed that the players frustration has not been taken into consideration. I don't even allow people I don't know into my world and now I'm supposed to match with 3 other people?
and the usual smart guys that think they have got the point.
> There is no way a person can hack your account by using the ingame cooperative mode.
There are no security concerns at all unless you go to 3rd party sites or use 3rd party applications and disclose your login credentials.
the cooperative mode isn't an hacking tool.
at least, hopefully not. The rumors about bugs probably are just that - rumors.
But the co-op mode is a marketplace, a place for thieves to browse likeable accounts to steal.
And they have plenty of features for making you advertise the value of your account.
From the stupid cards (oh, look, this one has the paid for BP card, must be a big spender), to the even more idiotic character showcase feature.
Back when the Thunderfury was still a thing few players in the whole WoW servers had... would you have been fine with having a big "Thunderfury owner" sign on your account?
No? that is what the character showcase is.
11:34 AM
@SPArcheon except if they can exploit the chat
i think it was Terra Online which had a nasty exploit that allowed executing code to be inserted in chat
> As Kotaku reports, Reddit user Gosukek discovered an exploit existed in Tera due to the fact its in-game chat system uses HTML. It means players can send external images, links, execute functions, crash the game client, and worst of all, perform remote code execution which opens up the risk of malware distribution.
@Memor-X true, and that was a comment some smart one made on the forum link I just posted. Like I said below, the point is that even if the co-op is robust enough to not be a security issue by itself, it is a tool to make people aware your account exist and is worth to be stolen.
@Memor-X A quick search found multiple similar bug on other games. For example.
yet my point was far simpler. Even if one trust the game code to be robust enough, one should not trust the other players
Especially in a gacha game where people can spend thousand $$$ on a banner.
I will keep an eye on this, I hope to see the event get a lot of hate. That would mean that some players still have a brain and use it in an age of stupid social networks that want you to post where you are, how you are dressed, and where you store you spare home keys.
(and @forest is never around when we need them)
12:24 PM
@hyper-neutrino also worth noticing some comments:
> I feel this might turn into a "last one's a rotten egg" type of event.

Better max out rewards or trade the most valuable items in event asap because worst case scenario: once people got their primos, they won't be queueing for this crap no more and you could barely match with anyone for the few gaming hours you have for that day.
Event description:
> On the first day of the event, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins you can carry is 1,200. This amount will increase by 600 for each of the 6 days after that, up to a maximum of 4,800 Windtrace Coins. Use the matching function to find randomized games and obtain Windtrace Coins.
That feature only reason to exist is to keep the people playing the event on successive days.
So, it was already considered that people would drop out as soon as they got the rewards?
Then why have this in the first place?
12:38 PM
@Memor-X bruh, xss is like the oldest trick in the book, that's just sad
also, forced co-op? again? that's stupid
i'm just lucky i have like 8 friends who play the game (3 at my AR or higher)
@hyper-neutrino you really think so?
> ※ Windtrace Coins can only be obtained while playing in randomized games using the matching function. You will be unable to obtain Windtrace Coins while playing in a custom Co-Op party.
lol wtf
what's the point even
makes sense since the event is basically prop hunters.
12:41 PM
why is mihoyo trying to force players to use match/co-op when both of them are totally shit and their security is a joke
oh right it's this event
I guess the Ps4 players are the one who will suffer the less this time....
no mihoyo account to steal for them.
and Sony has 2fa
@SPArcheon well that's a first
@hyper-neutrino Well, they got spared the irony of the free daily login apple for the same reason
Oh, they didn't get access to that?
also I've been forgetting to do that
I'm missing out on my 3 raw meat :(
1:02 PM
since stupidly enough that thing is outside the game and on the site -> no site login -> no access to the calendar.
@hyper-neutrino it is also 60 gems/month. Basically a day of comisions.
oh that's dumb lol
yeah i still do it cuz it's free stuff but it's like 20 resin worth of stuff and a daily commission. per month
1:19 PM
@hyper-neutrino I guess that is the monthly leasing fee for the glider and the sword.
1:34 PM
Back to the original topic, I am kinda sad we won't ever get to see the survey answers after the event.
oh true, i wish they published those
2 hours later…
3:08 PM
Apparently, a new skin was leaked
apparently, there is plenty more.
Also, quite sure their abyss is worse than Genshin abyss, even if they made a floor with Oceanid and all the hypostasis at once
wdym by their abyss?
@hyper-neutrino i assume
Made in Abyss (Japanese: メイドインアビス, Hepburn: Meido in Abisu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi. It has been serialized online in Takeshobo's digital publication Web Comic Gamma since 2012 and has been collected into nine tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Kinema Citrus aired from July 7 to September 29, 2017. A sequel film premiered in Japan on January 17, 2020. It was originally scheduled to be released overseas on April 11, 2020, but had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A second anime season is set to premiere in 2022. An...
i think the skin is a cameo for a promotional event i assume either ties into Season 2 of the anime or the Game's release
Ah. Heard of that before but have no idea what it's about at all
3:17 PM
Memor reply is correct, but the skin is a fake. Just a joke
I figured it was a joke. didn't get the reference though (tends to be a pattern with me)
i'm the reverse. i got the reference but not the joke
and to be honest i thought Kat first and then i saw the rabbit ears
3:34 PM
@Memor-X would be a little too big for a Paimon.
atlas, I just enjoy silly crossovers artworks.
user image
@SPArcheon for a second there i thought it was Adventure Time cross over
the rainbow one isn't Lumpy Space Princess with sick on her head
@Memor-X Like Zelda and Adventure Time?
Or EG and adventure Time?
@SPArcheon Zelda and Adventure Time
Bubblegum as Zelda and Marceline as Minda
@Memor-X I see a Zelda, and then someone who can only described as red haired Lady Oscar.
4:41 PM
@hyper-neutrino people starting mentioning security as the reason for not wanting any co-op
> Oh come one Mihoyo this is the worst decision you could make. You can't even provide proper account protection yet you expect us to go on co-op with random strangers who may or may not hack our accounts after seeing our information? Not even mentioning how some people like me simply like playing solo more. Locking events and rewards behind forced co-op is the worst. I'm planning on not even participating.
> Bruhhh why cant we play with our own friends. The “strangers in coop can hack you” myth still scares me.
yeah it's really stupid
besides the fact that some people might not want to co-op due to internet or whatever
mihoyo doesn't even offer us proper account management yet expects us to just play along with this
one of my friends almost lost his account
took him like well over a week to get it back and he was lucky to have
Even simpler. Genshin is mostly a JRPG.
@hyper-neutrino And usually JRPG are a solo experience. See Final Fantasy, Seiken, Tales and so on. I play jrpg mostly for the plot, and I guess that Genshin players are mostly the same. If you want to compete there are a ton of other games that require less grind - some gacha, some not.
Fortnite, Fall Guys (which the Windblume Domain was based on), any Prop Hunt game etc.
just to mention some tittles that are known to everyone.
i personally kinda wanted a pvp option just for fun with friends or whatever but genshin doesn't really work well with that
but vs player competitive things just doesn't feel right
4:51 PM
@hyper-neutrino PVP with the "closest to you" autotarget thing? You are quite masochist I fear :P
well i mean like a pvp arena with just you and an opponent, or even as an FFA, with just players around and nothing else that could be autotargeted :P
works somehow for npc, but please no human mind that can abuse that to have you lose your target....
i mean it'd probably be really boring
someone just picks ganyu
shoots you once before you can get close
or alternatively, the other person goes zhongli
shields your damage
throws a planet at you
and you die
@hyper-neutrino The second you are 2vs2, the opponent Zhongli would be always close to you without any chance to target anything else. Melee? Hits Zhongli shield. Ranged? Zhongli murders you while you try to aim
the solution is to counter the shield tank with another shield tank :P
but yeah pvp combat in genshin wouldn't really make sense
4:54 PM
Diona has at best 2 seconds without cover. And so does Noelle.
only Zhongli has the shield duration longer than the skill cooldown time
i mean, even then, is zhongli's shield even strong enough to really tank more than like two hits
That you can do somehow with proper preparation with others.
characters deal a ton more damage than they have health, and enemies have a lot more health than how much damage they output (in general) (at least from my observations) so balance for pvp would be weird
i mean then it also depends on some other interactions
like for example
is venti ult just a free win
would need some reduction factor thrown in or a different formula.
warframe's conclave (pvp mode) does it by restricting the mods (sort of like artifacts, I guess) that you are allowed to equip so all frames and weapons are considerably weaker
also, the pvp gamemodes are totally dead and nobody ever plays them
4:58 PM
anyway, other valid argument, same post on the official forums.
> Not to mention language barrier if I got someone that doesn't speak my language, it's gonna be super awkward
hm. good point
I guess that ironically PS users are also covered there
they are region locked.
oh, lol
I think that IF they activate the option to only play with other PS users, then the matching is forced to people in the same region.
I think.
I never saw any western PS users on stream that had chinese/japanese/russian names in the co-op screen
huh. that's interesting. i have no clue about anything to do with playstation so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5:23 PM
I guess that they are just in time to get complains even before the event starts.
Don't they do a survey near the end of each banner?
believe so
there was one just like a day or two ago
zhongli's banner is over soon, i think? eula's teaser dropped last night so i think it's soon
don't usually really remember/keep track lol
@hyper-neutrino yea heard of that. Totally unrelated to skin.... just happens to be about character design
6:10 PM
hi. :)
was trying to find this room to show something.
3 hours later…
8:53 PM
Q: Oni with a dragon wrapped around them

DragonFishI'm looking for the origin of the image of an oni with a dragon wrapped around their torso. I know of four examples: Ryuutouki (the partner of Tentouki) The Dragon Emperor from Steel Jeeg The Amanojaku from Shikihime Garden Wood Release: Wood Human Technique from Naruto I can tell from the eyeb...

Q: Who is this character with tattoos and a kimono?

Toji22 I’ve had this photo of her in my camera roll but can’t find her anywhere

@SPArcheon Game code is never robust. It's seriously quite awful.
2 hours later…
11:08 PM
@SPArcheon it's supposed to be Minda (in her true form) from Twilight Princess

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