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1:36 AM
Q: Anime where girl turns into crystal/stone/glass and dies?

naomiplease forgive me, for this is going to be very vague. I remember seeing a scene from an anime or cartoon in my childhood where this girl was surrounded by a group of people and it seemed like she was in a lot of pain, I don’t remember all the details but what I do remember is that she quickly tu...

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7:36 AM
@Memor-X I kinda wish A Lull in the Sea were less heteronormative. A lot of potential between female characters (女同士) was never considered.
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9:43 AM
@EddieKal a part of me was hoping for Chisaki x Manaka or Miuna x Sayu
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11:16 AM
Q: What does the anime scene in the video mean?

むさつIts a scene from anime of a Ojousama character in the video: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm37386050

why do i suspect it's Danel Rigg again
not to mention it's off topic. the video uses english subs so in the current context it's not even about the japanese language
@Memor-X Perhaps because they created a user on A&M with the identicall name
@Dimitrimx it was networked linked if i remember correctly
i seem to recall checking it out when that answer was posted, since we could tell it was an obvious sock puppet here i wanted to see if there was any possibility they were using it for voting minipulation
but the rep was too low from what i remember so there was little risk there for now
i have flagged the question pointing to their original Japanese Language question (but i do have a link to one of the deleted questions here which links to the same video), and posted a link to the deleted answer but not sure if you or Krazer can show the original user of that answer before they were removed
11:37 AM
@Memor-X Deleted users are normalized to their user id, we can see their previous known names from that pages ye
@Dimitrimx i had a feeling. Mods have so much power
Ye, there ain't a lot of limits in regards to possibilities ;/
12:30 PM
Q: What does the anime scene in the video mean from an Ojousama character

むさつwww.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm37386050 Its a scene that I can't understand and I need help please

@Kiki'sExpressDelivery apply table flip
12:42 PM
@Dimitrimx i expect that given i have flagged this as aswell with the same flag but added the self deleted question link and also i've commented
also copied my comment's text (and hyperlinks) so it's easy to repost it again if they go to delete the question again
It's a shame. If they could just figure out a way to convey what they ain't understanding about the scene, it probably wouldn't be too hard to answer. Even just giving more context to the "I keep overthinking it" would get them a long way.
But more and more I get the feeling they are either still young, and don't really know how to convey it properly. Or is looking for a very specific answer that fits with some sort of preconceived mental model they have. Where anything that does not fit with that must be wrong.
@Dimitrimx well you tried originally. other users have tried to get them to fix their original question which had your answer with what the problem is
@Dimitrimx i think it's the latter here. they want a specific answer that validates their opinion and anything that opposes this is wrong
@Memor-X In which case, if they can't convey what their preconceptions are, no answer will ever be valid.
1:09 PM
Q: why didn't they use the boats to go back to Shiganshina

Xantoshokay here is my full question! in AOT they used boats in canals to get the bulk of women and children from shiganshina to Trost! So why did the survey corps just not use boats to get between those 2 districts instead of riding out and risking death? from what i can see from googling it, there are...

1:33 PM
Q: dragon ball z villain death plot hole

USerNAme(couldn't find question like this, if it's been asked please remove it) There are several known plot holes in the DBZ story, but one that made me be interested is when villain or rather wicked human/alien dead, in the Buu saga it has been said that once dead, in hell they erase his body and his m...

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3:12 PM
Q: Help me find this manga (yaoi) pleaseee

Andreajane MedelOkay I’m trying to find the (yaoi) manga of two male actors playing the roles of acting in a movie. All I can remember is the male (bottom ) is named love ( I think) . But it ends where like another male (top) voice overs a movie and the (bottom) is acting in and he well has a erection from liste...

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6:45 PM
wow looks at Memor and Dimitri they are still alive.. turns to clone "fetch a medical capsule eminently "
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8:09 PM
Q: Manga with guy that has mouth or nose piercing / chain

NINII'm looking for the manga that matches the title.. a while back I had seen a tweet of this manga couple and the girl was holing on to the guys chains.. I believe he had either a nose and/or lip piercing with a cain connected to it. Also maybe a choker with another chain. In one of the pictures th...

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11:06 PM
@xpert as per my wristband
> treat with heavy dose of Yuri, followed by Blood Transfusion to replace loss of blood from Yuri Treatment
11:19 PM

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