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Q: How was Orochimaru able to jump bodies?

Memor-XDuring the attack on the Leaf Village by the Sand and Sound Ninja, Orochimaru revealed he had learned the Jutsu that allowed him to jump bodies and thus achieve a form of immortality. during their fight Hiruzen Sarutobi used the Reaper Death Seal Jutsu to seal away Orochimaru's arms and thus taki...

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Q: Majin boo vs Lord Berus who is stronger

jmazaredoMajin boo can tear a hole and go interdimension. Does berus can do it? Also I think majin boo can regenerate.

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@Sakamoto Pudding. Think that word alone answers the question
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@Memor-X can't test the update right now but apparently:
- old planets terrain did not change. But biomes... could. So the plain near a lake you built your base on will still be a plain near a lake... but it could have turned into something more funny (for Dwarf Fortress definition of funny - enjoy your wormy neighbor)
- star systems will have more planets than before, so you could find new planets in system you already visited. Those will be far more diverse than the "regular" planet.
@Derpy yeh, will be starting a bran new game. not going to have a mix between planets i've visted in systems i've been in and new ones appearing
@Memor-X ? What you mean by... mix?
@Derpy well new planets are going to appear in systems you've already been too
2:20 PM
@Memor-X yep, that part I got, I just don't get what would be different if you just visited those planets.
I mean, it's not like the same system would be any different if you by chance managed to visit it before and after the update.
The new planets would simply not exist... and the old planets would be the same, with the same changes even if you saw them before.
The worse thing that could happen is a planet you had a base on becoming too different.
I just hope that hotspots didn't move on me.
I've spent two hours on a glitched planet to find a Boundary near enough to an hotspot to be able to build a base there.
@Derpy it's more the system
i already designate planets in my "home system" for certain things
@Memor-X I would at least check before deciding. Maybe you are lucky and you get a nice new planet or a good remix of the existing ones.
@Derpy naaa, been thinking about starting a new game because not 100% happy with my current home base and system having this ugly red glow
@Memor-X That is exactly what I said
The terrain shape is guaranteed to be the same for old planets - so bases shouldn't end up buried in a mountain/lake.
But the biomes / colors / weather could have changed.
Been looking at the reddit.
An ice planet turned into a fire storm planet so you could get lucky.
Just have a look. Maybe now the planet is full of chibi Madokas
..... or full of Kyubey if you are unlucky.
@Memor-X If anything else, ask yourself: Do you REALLY want to have to buy all the quicksilver items again?
2:44 PM
@Derpy never got any
@Memor-X skipped the void egg then?
@Derpy i assume so, not 100% what that is
@Memor-X Living Ship.
You know, the ones that kinda look like a bug.
@Derpy oh, never got it
@Memor-X left you the patch notes on the other board
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hoping that the extreme sentinel planet has turned to this after the update.
Just watched 凪のあすから A Lull in the Sea. Breathtakingly beautiful yet incredibly disturbing.
Why is a god so obsessed with taking young girl sacrifices and imprisoning them...
4:06 PM
@EddieKal i don't remember everything about it but i assume because it wants it's loved one back

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