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2:01 AM
user image
image 1 is really just a focus on the faces
*swaps out tissue plugs in nose* there's only so much a girl can take
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6:21 AM
Q: Isekai manga where the main character wakes up as the demon lord

Mephisto Pheles I remember reading a manga where a kid wakes up inside of a game he used to play. he finds one of the characters standing by him. I think he is considered a demon lord. a chapter later a group of starving elves find him and beg for help so he makes food out of thin air to feed their village.

6:41 AM
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery all Isekai in existence
because all those people who wake up in other worlds, they aren't good guys, they are bad guys killing innocent boney warlocks who only want to remain in their dark realm and not be bothered by anyone
but no, some brat from our world sent by Truck-kun has to get all high and mighty and push their moral standards on a world that they weren't born in
Isekai Protag: you can't genocide people!

"Dark Lord": those people were depleting the natural resources which is in direct violation of the Environment Protections Act which they themselves created which, by the very law they created, punishment is death. you try to be an upstanding warlock and enact the law but no, you get labeled a Dark or Demon Lord and they outsource the assassination to a world with a crappy monetary exchange rate
@Memor-X Have you been rewatching Magic Knights Rayearth recently?
@Derpy on my watch list
6:58 AM
@Memor-X Oh, then... forget what I said, it has nothing to do with what you were saying before.... looks around nervously
@Derpy lol, don't tell me that i just described the big bad of the series in a joke having never saw it?
@Memor-X nope, I wouldn't say so. But there is still something in that series that avoids the usual "dark lord" thing.
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12:43 PM
Q: What's Genos rank after Bang, Metal Bat, Child Emperor and SuperAlloy Darkshine left the Hero association?

PabloGenos was promoted a few times but after a bunch of heroes left the Hero Association for the Neo Heroes and someone like Bang retired, we never hear of Genos S Class rank anymore. What's Genos rank after Bang, Metal Bat, Child Emperor and SuperAlloy Darkshine left the Hero association?

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2:16 PM
Please help over this nicovideo.jp/watch/sm37386050
I'm really confused over it so I need help please
2:29 PM
Did she or didn't she reject the protagonist?
2:48 PM
@Memor-X Just wondering, since you play NMS... Can I assume you know Artemis full story from the Artemis path quest line?
@Derpy nope, never completed it. the most i got was contacting the second guy after Apollo and that was in my first game (where you use the gate way and almost looks like things reset)
@Memor-X Ah.... ok, forget I mentioned it then.
Wanted to ask an opinion on a specific event but then.. you probably never saw it in the first place
in my second game i didn't finish the Apollo part, was doing work on my base but i did find an Atlas Interface
So you don't know where Artemis ended up. Ok, notice taken.
@Derpy well where i got up to it was suggested he was trapped in the space between portals but i assume there's more too it than that
3:07 PM
Yep, and therefore I can't ask my question.
Q: Could Bartholomew Kuma's devil fruit work inside Doffy's Birdcage?

CMD.EXESo guys, I just wanted to know what would happen if you have been pushed (i.e transported) by Kuma's devil fruit powers if you were trapped inside Doflamingo's birdcage? Will the victim get wounded or injured of the slicing strings of the Birdcage when transported inside Kuma's Paw-like bubble? o...

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4:23 PM
hello? someone please help me
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7:28 PM
@Dimitrimx Please answer the question!!
8:24 PM
@Memor-X Hey, a drawing of Tomoko and Emoji (Emiri/Emily) from Watamote. That's cool.
9:15 PM
I said please help over that!!!
9:34 PM
10:17 PM
Q: Who is stronger, SSG Goku(T.O.P) or SSG Vegeta(DBS: Broly)?

Sut_RemixThis is about the T.O.P and Broly Movie. So no manga, only anime.

10:54 PM
@DanielRigg This kind of demanding behavior is not appreciated.
You have been informed to update your question. If you do so, people may answer your updated question. But pushing people to do so will only work against you, as they no longer wish to answer you questions that way around.
@Dimitrimx Pretty sure Daniel can't edit the post
@Peilonrayz I am very much aware. They will have to sit out their suspension first.

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