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2:36 AM
Q: Do cell phones and email exist in Gankutsuou?

MaroonFor the most part, Gankutsuou is set in Paris in the year 5053. Technological advancements shown in the series include: Space travel and moon colonisation Danglars' communication with Michelle, his assistant, over a wireless connection Noirtier de Villefort's prosthetic arm The pen inside Noirt...

3:20 AM
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4:32 AM
Q: What is the name of the mecha anime where the hero gets two robot suits?

Igvad dominiWhat is the name of the mecha anime where the hero uses one mobile suit but when the battle gets tough he calls for another suit that comes from somewhere and takes him in? I saw it on Cartoon network, not adult swim, maybe in the 90’s. I recently remembered some scenes and it has been bothering...

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6:37 AM
7:05 AM
@Memor-X Other chat sites have those. They're literally everywhere.
@Dimitrimx Yup it's a hoax. Either that or something stupid like XSS.
7:21 AM
7:47 AM
8:01 AM
Q: Was the main protagonist shin in kingdom manga real historical figure?

aditya prakashAs the question suggest I wanted to ask that was there really some commoner like shin in kingdom manga who became one of the great generals of Qin Dynasty in reality (according to warring States era history)

4 hours later…
11:38 AM
just discovered the page
seems to be pretty neat
11:49 AM
@forest yeh but i seem to only hear about Discord
@Memor-X Maybe because they're idiots there and don't know how to use discretion.
@Proxy lol, from the end of the 4th line it's nothing but Persona 5 Futaba
well i checked only the first two pages :D
@Proxy no it's just funny that i keep seeing her everywhere like she's now the poster girl for Persona 5
oh yeah they announced her. I kind hoped for p5 for the switch
but meh
12:04 PM
@Proxy is Persona 5 Royal is like the Portable or Golden for 3 and 4 i suspect it will be
12:35 PM
it is but only for ps4
hopefully they will port it @Memor-X
@Proxy yeh but Royal isn't out yet, isn't it?
nope not yet.
@Tonepoet I downvoted the last answer yesterday. It was not an answer then.
12:55 PM
@AsieR_2 I noticed that actually, but that's not what my recent comment was addressing. Two people seemingly voted against all four answers, all at the same time. Also, sorry for the bother. I wasn't trying to personally address you, but commenting on the question seemed like the best way to make a generalized statement regarding that matter.
1:07 PM
@AsieR_2 I don't have the privilege, but with my crude mental tracking of the votes I think the overall scores should be -4 (maybe -5) for Shawiz's answer, -3 for handyman's, and -2 for me and journeyman. The vote that accompanied your comment explains why handyman's has an extra vote against it, but I was specifically addressing those who voted against me and journeyman, since those two people seemed to have indiscriminately voted against all of the answers, without explanation.
user image
Hmm, at face value the image is quite adorable, but it is strange to see Patchouli smiling, or Marisa looking so uncertain and confused. It makes me wonder if Patchouli is suffering from the early stages of the Yandere Syndrome there. =P
1:26 PM
@Tonepoet or maybe without any vampires or armpit miko Patchouli is happy to get some alone time with Marisa
1:38 PM
@Memor-X It could be either, or both. It's also probably fun for Patchouli to be riding a broomstick at any rate. She may technically be a witch of sorts, but not normally the broom stick riding kind.
@Proxy i don't get it
unless it's a joke at how rich he is being able to get 2 copies
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
@Tonepoet I do not agree with such censorship. However I do not see the point in making that answer, it is clear that people are not in favor.
3 hours later…
6:23 PM
@Tonepoet or maybe they accidentally swapped bodies
6:38 PM
@AsieR_2 I think such an opinion should be argued and given a chance before making that determination, and even if so, an express answer showing an amount of dissent might show the moderators how compromising they should be when dealing with future cases at the very least. In any case, I'm not so fond of censorship either. In the case of my answer I was hoping to establish a less strict standard than no bodily fluids whatsoever.
@Tonepoet Meh, I don't know.
I will stop using this kind of AOT gifs xD
@AsieR_2 In any case, it's probably way too late now. If the first such person who voted in such a way wrote a decent answer, then maybe their argument would have been given due consideration and gained votes for it. At this point I don't expect there to be so very many more votes for any answer. I mean sometimes a really well received answer will gain surprising amounts of support, but it is rare.
6:55 PM
user image
^ a tribute to Kyoto Animation: artstation.com/artwork/dO6n8X
^ and here's a cute soft-ear-chan to brighten things up: artstation.com/artwork/aR6qDX
@Gallifreyan Even though it is not the same kind of flower, that reminds me of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast:
Although the rose looks more magenta than I thought it was there.
4 hours later…
10:41 PM
@Tonepoet yeh it's a magic rose so it can be any color it wants
11:00 PM
@Memor-X Even mundane roses come in a variety of colors. It's just worth noting since that makes it resemble the other flower a little less, and I could've sworn it was red if I was going based on my memories of the movie alone.

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