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12:40 AM
@forest a second or 2 of a titan with hat weird looking mouth and face, up close biting down on something and blood spraying everywhere. for non anime-fans i think it would be creepy
also more so if they are aware that Xenomorphs are on another channel and actively trying to avoid seeing them
12:56 AM
@Memor-X ?
@forest the past couple of nights on 7Mate (Australian TV Channel) they've been playing the Alien films. the aliens in those (the Xenomorphs) scare the fuck out of me and i generally sit on 7Mate for background noise because nothing else is on and i lost Channel 32 when it changed from Viceland to World Movies
and since when channel surfing i generally put 63 (7Mate's channel) in my default, i have to keep remidning myself not to do that because Xenomorphs scare the fuck out of me and that Attack on Titan gif was extra creepy in the current context of me avoiding nightmare fuel
1:11 AM
I see.
this might be a breif on the up and coming "Storm Area 51" events where they say that the military can't stop them all if they Naruto Run
A: Why do ninjas run with their hands at the back?

infiniteBladeWorksBased on research... ...Ninjas frequently were portrayed running with The Airplane Arms. Ninja are also frequently portrayed running this way (with the arms swept farther back, like the wings on an F-14 Tomcat), though they now tend to prefer the Ninja Run. Samurai also run in a similar manne...

Normally I'd make a comment about my disdain for the Air Force, but I actually laughed.
there is Research!
That's pretty awesome.
@forest i'm laughing at the image on the left
imagine the guy who had to make that slide
1:18 AM
Their bullets can't catch us if we Naruto run!!!
1:33 AM
I fail to see why it has been particularly associated with Naruto. That's the way every Ninja runs.
Well, except maybe the original Ninja turtles, but that can probably be blamed on the shells.
1:52 AM
@Tonepoet Naruto popularized Ninjas
Average people think anime = Naruto.
So that's where they get the exposure from.
just like how One Piece popularized Pirates and Death Note popularized Magical Books of Death
I thought Lazy Town and Metallica popularized pirates.
@Memor-X Uhm, ninjas were always popular. >_>...
@forest well you can replace Naruto with any of the Big 3 really
1:53 AM
Ah what's that one site about how awesome ninjas are...
> Facts:

1. Ninjas are mammals.
2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.
@forest I thought Ninjas were reptiles that ate pizza most of the time and let the bad guys escape 'cause they're too busy trying to woo news reporters in bananna suits and taking advice from dirty rats.
2:16 AM
Doubter: Ninjas aren't real
Believer: have you ever seen one?
Doubter: no
Believer: point proven
2:26 AM
There probably won't be another opportunity to mention Ninja Turtles again anytime soon, so as long as I've mentioned it, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters for the S.N.E.S. is actually quite fun, for a fighting game:
Turtles in Time A.K.A. Hyperstone Heist is also supposed to be a great brawler, but I never played it. Konami really knew what they were doing back then though. Their Simpsons adaptation for the arcade was great.
@Tonepoet might get another chance if they do a reboot of the series and i bitch how Krang isn't as good as he used to be
or if they introduce a female turtle and i remind people they introduced one before
@Memor-X Sheesh, really? It sounds like the E.P.A. needs to make a visit to New York City to stop people from illegally flushing radioactive waste and turtles down the toilet.
@Memor-X Also, that vaguely reminds me of this:
> Narrator: And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to ... Mojo Jojo for creating the Powerpuff Girls
Mojo: No! I do not create Powerpuff Girls!
Narrator yes you did
Mojo: no i do not
Narrator yes you did!
Mojo: Curses!
2:45 AM
@Memor-X I read about that episode once, but it's kind of a wierd retcon considering that the show's opening actually shows the creation of the power puff girls being as a result of Utonium carelessly breaking the beaker with the handle of whatever he was using to stir.
@Tonepoet there's 2 episodes of it, one showing how Mojo pushed the Professor when he was a normal monkey and another showing how he went back in time and it shows how it was his future self that caused his past self to push the professor
and it sorta does ironically play into how he created the Rowdyruff Boys, he was responsible for creating the girls and then creates the boys who are in the end destroyed by the girls
Speaking of the Powerpuff girls, did anybody here ever read the unofficial Snafu comics adaptation? I remember it was released not too long before Powerpuff Girls Z. Just a few years prior.
3:00 AM
@Tonepoet looks like Z
would not be surprised if Z was an adaptation
@Memor-X I've suspected as much myself on occasion.
4:05 AM
^ cc @forest @Tonepoet you know Touhou is too big when a store separates it from the rest of Games and Anime
4:21 AM
Wtf, is it really that popular now? O_o
I'm glad ZUN isn't selling out.
@Memor-X @Forest This shouldn't be news. Jbox has been that way for ages, and if I recall correctly palletweb was the same way when that website existed. R.I.P. Palletweb.
Well I've never used Jbox.
I get my stuff from places recommended in 4chan buyfa* threads.
@forest Can I take that to mean you have used palletweb? XD
Nope, I mostly went to high quality bootleg sites.
E.g. things from buyfags.moe/List_of_shops.
@forest Hmm, I only recongize about half of those shops.
4:32 AM
@Tonepoet Well to be fair, the guide used to be way smaller.
It was like... Amiami for most stuff, Hobby Heart for dakis, and... one big bootleg site. I forget.
4:43 AM
Oh dear, poor April was mistaken to be a female memeber of the killer banana species:
@forest That is the story of a Goodsmile customer's life.
@forest Frame 4: Oh cool they have this thing back in stock again
@Memor-X Only if it's Saber. =P
Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but she seems to get the most reissues.
5:30 AM
Saber bootleg best bootleg.
Also gift-gift.jp is good.
Has some qt lolis
5:49 AM
@forest has plushies similar to the nendoroid gift plus series. shame their search is just google's and thus doesn't show me product previews for all the links and more importantly doesn't have the Nero i want to buy and cuddle and sleep with
6:08 AM
I just got banned for this :(
@forest ^ that's the gif i was talking about
@Memor-X lol xD
@AsieR_2 yeh i saw the flag but it was resolved before i could check context
when a chat flag is raised it's visible to everyone who can act on it on all of SO and SE
@Memor-X I was putting S3 gifs and I remembred this one, so, I put it xD
So, it's considered innapropiate content anime/movie gifs if they contain violence?
and we've had issues with stuff we don't see need flags getting flagged by people who never are in this room and this gets seen by everyone. not that the images we post here we are shamed of, just that there are people who don't believe they should be posted at all despite the context of the room, or so i've heard
6:17 AM
@Memor-X pufff
@AsieR_2 Ouch, from where?
@AsieR_2 here in the Maid Cafe? there's no rule against it per say but i would refrain from posting overly violent things out of context. personally seeing that gif does unnerve me a bit mainly because of the Titan's face, but i ain't going to kick you in the teeth (kick-mute this user) for it
i assume you'r watching Season 3? you read the manga?
(I haven't seen S3. Pls no spoilers)
@Memor-X they also deleted this one :/
@forest s3 coming
thumbs.gfycat.com/Forma lInnocentFugu-size_restricted.gif
@AsieR_2 that would be the flag getting being validated
if a flag is validated the post is removed
6:23 AM
That doesn't seem like a particularly violent GIF, all things considered.
It's anime ffs.
It's not like someone posted a GIF from Euphoria.
@forest Im going to talk with mods
@forest the HBO show?
Were you banned from another chat or from SE proper?
@Memor-X The anime/hentai based on the much worse VN.
6:25 AM
@forest SOes chat
@forest ahhhh
@AsieR_2 explains why you can post here. from my understanding SE and SO have different chat collections even though you use the same account
curious if anyone's played the Attack on Titan games and weather the controls and combat are as fulfilling as you would expect of being able to interact with the 3D Gear
@Memor-X nope, it's easy to play
@AsieR_2 Eh, I've gotten banned for worse things. Posted a GIF of Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden blowing bubbles through a straw... Turns out the site I linked to had hotlink protection that replaced the image with goatse (a vile shock image).
6:28 AM
both games
@forest the levi gif was in the context of talking about the quality of animation in anime xD
@AsieR_2 yeh but is the combat fun? or is the combat too easy and not fun?
@forest i've had the displeasure of know what that is
@Memor-X It's repetitive, you can buy it on steam and try it for 2 hours
@AsieR_2 the titan gif you posted?
@Memor-X Well, it was only the most popular shock image of the 2000s.
6:32 AM
@Memor-X Cuz i was posting aot gifs xD
@AsieR_2 i have the first one on the PS4 and looking to get the second one, just haven't gotten around to playing it yet
@Memor-X oh, they are similar
Everyone and their dog who browsed the internet then has seen it. Now, it's worse if you've seen tubgirl, I'm swinging, lemonparty, meatspin (don't Google these)... Goatse was not the only one. :P
@AsieR_2 than all i can say is that someone didn't like it and thought to get rid of it by flagging it as spam or offensive. if it's something in context and not entirely offensive then i might be better to enter the room and see if you can get a local mod to remove it as opposed to getting someone banned
Sadly the flag process is highly automated.
You can get banned without mods even noticing.
6:34 AM
@forest not automation, just very visible to everyone in SO
Well I mean enough "valid" flags and it gets auto-deleted and you get banned.
A mod doesn't need to look at it to issue the ban.
Same issue everywhere
@forest oh yeh that. well i can get why it's like that but the local site mods and Room Owners really need some tools to use to better mods chat rooms
6:50 AM
nope, still broken
we'll probably never see twitter oneboxed again on chat i'm afraid because you would think chat mod tools would take precedence over twitter oneboxing and we still don't have that
@Memor-X this?
@AsieR_2 yes
though a while back you could post a twitter link and it would onebox like that
@Memor-X not possible now
@AsieR_2 i know. making readable links to twitter like schmucks
I'm used to IRC, so honestly I don't feel like I'm missing much with broken oneboxing.
6:55 AM
@forest yeh yeh shove that irc superiority in our faces why don't you lol
still could never work it out
glad Yuri-ism went to Discord
I can use nothing more than netcat and get on IRC. ;)
Did it, really? I thought #yuri-ism was still on Rizon.
@forest isn't IRC and Rizon the same thing?
Rizon is the name of one of the big IRC networks. It's mostly anime stuff.
(cf. Freenode which is for software development, or Undernet which is for weird shit)
Hell, XDCC is pretty much synonymous with Rizon nowadays!
And it is by far one of the best ways to download anime.
and just checking the site i don't see anything but Discord on it
I guess the #yuri-ism will just have the Rizon community in it.
It was pretty big last I checked.
(I hate Discord with a passion anyway)
6:58 AM
@forest assuming we're talking about the sane thing
@forest why?
It's ugly, requires a captcha for registration, has no nice TUI clients...
@forest Text User Interface?
Terminal User Interface.
Like CLI but less limited.
Also, Rizon is where pretty much all the major fansub projects hang out.
The community there is also far more educated than literally any other chat medium.
With the possible exception of XMPP.
"How does one patch KDE2 under FreeBSD?" (Russian: «Как пропатчить KDE2 под FreeBSD?», tr. «Kak propatčitʹ KDE2 pod FreeBSD?», [ˈkak prɐˈpat͡ʃitʲ ka dɛ ɛ ˈdva pɐt fri bi ɛs ˈdi]) is an internet meme in Russian Internet culture. The question was originally posted on the #anime channel of the RusNet IRC network on May 8, 2004. This is the original post, followed by a translation: "Здравствуйте, это канал об аниме? -- Да. -- Как мне пропатчить KDE2 под FreeBSD?" "Hello, is this an anime channel? — Yes [it is] — How do I patch KDE2 under FreeBSD?" The first question was rhetorical. It satirized the...
7:18 AM
7:32 AM
Q: the sharigan question about the fading sharingans and the ones that remain

Ngevu DlaminiI am still puzzled guys how come itachi died but sasuke still has his eyes but when obito died kakashi lost his sharingan eyes and all the skills it came with.is there something im missing or its something the writers just came up with on the spot

8:01 AM
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
Q: Is this type of content 'inappropriate content' for the chat?

AsieR_2When today I connected to the chat (SOes) I saw that yesterday I was suspended 30 minutes for 'inappropriate content'. I clicked on the notification and I saw the flagged message, it was this: https://chat.stackexchange.com/messages/51109359/history https://isabellasradblog.files.wordpress.com/2...

Let's see what happens
9:48 AM
It's also worth while to take a look at https://anime.meta.stackexchange.com/a/2660/1458
All though written with the intent for posts/answers, it's a good policy to follow in chat as well
@Dimitrimx According to that, the gif should be ok, here
@AsieR_2 If contained in a spoiler block
@Dimitrimx how
Not sure if chat has that. lets test
>! spoiler?
9:53 AM
Guess chat doesn't has spoiler mark down ;/
Then linking it (aka not embeding it) and warning about the content should be fine.
But it happens more often, that non anime-people join this chat. They tend to take offense in such content a tad faster then people who do watch/read more often.
2 hours later…
11:56 AM
@Proxy belated yo
@Dimitrimx morning. when was that presentation of yours?
i.stack.imgur.com/PuEBC.jpg (WARNING - Yuri Hand Holding)
^ @AsieR_2 @Dimitrimx that can work. either pasting the image link and the warning in the same post so it doesn't onebox or when you upload, edit the post afterwards with the warning and the onebox will be undone
12:13 PM
Q: Is Komachi equally cynical as her own brother?

Soumalya PramanikIn the anime, I have seen Komachi act all happy-go-lucky and cute. She doesn't have a problem in socializing with people. Her actions make her look like she's really oblivious to what's happening around her and his brother, but she's surprisingly perceptive. My question is, is she really optimist...

@Memor-X well, the event date is already over due. So I figure they found somebody else. Which is fine by me.
@Memor-X I should remember that ;')
@Memor-X I'll post it again that way, let's see if they suspend me again xD
12:28 PM
@Dimitrimx well that's good isn't it, they didn't give you any details in the first place.
The pro's and cons of working at a hub.
Same happens with a lot of people that want to do collaborations and such ;/
On the other hand, it is a fairly good experience to have.
user image
@Dimitrimx working at a hub or that speech thing you was going to do?
@Memor-X Both
@Proxy awww
for a moment i thought it was Bunny Drop
what manga is it?
@AsieR_2 looks like you didn't edit the warning in time before it got flagged
12:45 PM
@Memor-X what
@AsieR_2 saw that gif again in the flags
By another user though.
@Memor-X not mine
i assume it was your post?
@Dimitrimx oh
in a spanish chat room? If my eyes saw correctly
12:46 PM
didn't take too much notice of the user
@Dimitrimx yep
mine is up
chat.stackexch ange.com/transcript/message/51122733#51122733
for now
Personally I also prefer those kinda gifs to not be oneboxed.
The hub usually doesn't mind, but people do pull some awkward faces when they see some handholding ;')
It has a spoiler in the title so I better cut the link
lol, the google translate for this post
in Stack Overflow en español, 25 mins ago, by David DPG
por lo que veo te han dicho que a joderse y aguantarse
> From what I see, they told you to fuck and hold on
@Memor-X yes xD
12:49 PM
@Memor-X i have no idea, looks a bit like it but i only watched the anime.
even if you remove the swear i'm laughing like an idiot
and i thought google translate was working really well until that
SOes is a beautiful place
@AsieR_2 well when you go outside of SO's chats you get some more varied chats
@Memor-X yep but SOes is
@Proxy likewise but the Manga i hear continues on showing when Rin grows up
@AsieR_2 a cul de saci i barricade with tanks i stole from Area 69 when i turn on the Pedestrians Riot/Have Weapons and Sandstorm cheats?
(tanks that i stole by Naruto Running into Area 69 mind you)
1:01 PM
@Memor-X mesa dont't understand
I am amused by the offensive flags in SOes
@AsieR_2 i've played GTA:SA and what i generally do in Grove Street is lock it down like a fortress, turn on Pedestrians Riot/Have Weapons and Sandstorm cheats and then fight back the chaos of Pedestrians using weapons like the M9 and Rocket Launcher.
@Dimitrimx i sorta find it annoying
and just after we stopped getting the Russian ones
here i was thinking that they fixed that
Well, if it's ones like gyazo.com/74c3dbf8d1c15e5c531ce6f5e7363108 I wouldn't mind it all that much
gave me a chuckle
@Dimitrimx i'm proably still just annoyed getting foreign SO Chat flags which most of the time i can't do anything about and so i hit not sure and still have that one sitting on my head and which i click it i have nothing in it
Fair enough.
Usually I don't really see chat flags all that often.
After all I tend to lurk here in chat.
Discord is the place I am active most ^^
1:07 PM
@Dimitrimx speaking of discord. you heard about this threat by some butt hurt twits hackers going to kill it?
@Memor-X Can't say I have. But you have my attention. Enlighten me ;o
@Dimitrimx getting the images now but i've seen it on a couple of servers about something big happening on the 27 and on those servers there's been suggestions to not use servers using KawaiiBot, unlink account and use the browser version so it has less access to PC files
Kawaiibot a self hosted bot?
I am aware of global FBI involvement in discord servers, due to the huge amount of whitewashing, crypto shuffling, and general criminal activity though.
@Dimitrimx it's a bot i have seen on a couple of servers which is used for assigned roles and sending commands like .kannasleep
There's even a huge amount of scam rings on discord ;s
1:14 PM
In all honesty, it comes over as a total hoax to me.
As a person that communicates often, both with other bot developers, and discord people on occasion as well. I would assume, that if there was a significant flaw in the bot framework that would allow for such a scale of attack, I would have known before ;)
In all honesty I have more fear for the still active pedo-rings on discord.
@Dimitrimx yeh i had a feeling it might be given it was announced and generally if you want to do damage you don't announce it
@Dimitrimx i wonder why Discord is getting those and not other chat clients
No active content monitoring.
As opposed to a lot of other services.
But to be fair, those kinda rings also exists on other platforms.
They are just a lot less prevalent, as they never did all out spam attacks, just throwing those pictures to every single person they could find/guess.
1:40 PM
@Memor-X Also incentives like this cause a lot of borderline legal/illegal activity on discord gyazo.com/aff65a9338eeea44f89a3ece79203a14
1:51 PM
@Dimitrimx is someone getting someone doxed there?
@Memor-X Yup. you see that correctly
Whitewashing crypto currency happens a lot as well. By means of spreading it around.
@Dimitrimx is that like money laundering but for crypto?
@Memor-X In practice? yes. In declared intention? no.
Pre-mined coins, spreading their love over the community.
Pre-mined coins:
you can't obtain them yourself. Hence it has to spread like this.

Developers (owners) keep around 5% of the coin for them selfs.
The more people have it, the more people trade it, the more it is liquid, the more it is worth.
So sharing like this, leads to price increase.
@Dimitrimx what's the difference?
But mostly, alt coins are not regulated like bitcoin.
Thus it's a lot easier to 'buy' things indirectly, making it quite the big scale laundering rings.
Just by being in those communities, I receive around 3-4k worth of crypto over the past year .-.
Discord has a lot of dark-sided communities.
But just like the darker parts of the web. It's mostly, if not totally, on a need to know basis.
1:58 PM
@Dimitrimx yeh but generally the dark part of the web is hard to get into anyway
Yup, unlike discord, which is very accesible.
And the bleed through communities are also very, very accesible
@AsieR_2 I just wrote an answer which tries to strike a balance. I think that image just scarcely falls on the wrong side of acceptable for the general network, 'cause it's closer to R-rated than PG-13.
My answer will probably never catch up to the other one though, which suggests that blood is always unacceptable.
Sometimes I find myself wishing that there was a grace period on voting so that quick and easy answers wouldn't have an uncatchable head-start over more extensively deliberated ones. =\
I started writing when there were 3 votes for the other answer, but by the time I finished there were 10.
2:33 PM
RAM came in and just ordered Windows 10 Pro for AU$82. still waiting for Power supply and extra Thermal Paste. still need to buy the SSD, 2 HDD, Bluray Drive, Wifi Dongle and LED Controller which i hope to buy this week
assuming everything goes well, C.C will have her new body sometime next month and be totally kicking ass
got to start thinking about listing the mods i use in Bethesda games and redownloading/backing them up ready for when i reinstall them
2:59 PM
3 hours later…
5:53 PM
Q: Sasuke vs Itachi fight

RandomDude007So i was thinking when i watched their fight that itachi said that to get EMS he must transplant his brothers eyes that have to be mangekyou sharingan. But sasuke didnt have mangekyou yet so even if he did get his normal sharingan eyes how could he get the ems?

3 hours later…
8:54 PM
Q: What is the song playing in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 26 at 6:05?

PlushyI hear this song in a lot of episodes but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Please help, I know for sure it's in season 2 episode 26 at 6:05

1 hour later…
9:55 PM
Q: Which adventurer has the highest level?

PabloSo in the anime several adventurers reached level 6. Which is the level one of the protagonist of the story (Aisu) has. Is this the highest level an adventurer has reached in the story? Which adventurer has the highest level?

Q: Why Tsukasa didnt kill Senku and his friends in episode 3?

PabloIn episode 3, Tsukasa had the chance of killing Senku and his friends, after Senku fired a sort of arrow at him and missed, but he left them alive. Why Tsukasa didnt kill Senku and his friends in episode 3, when they are confronted, Senku tried to kill him , and Tsukasa clearly has no problem k...

1 hour later…
11:15 PM
Q: What was the result of Sanji's battle in episode 794? (spoilers)

YetAnotherRandomUserIn episode 794, Sanji fights his father. We don't see the ending/outcome of the battle, but we do see Sanji and his father after the battle. Does this get flashbacked in (shown later via flashbacks) later? Sanji had equal footing and/or the upper hand, but their interaction shows that Sanji di...


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