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Good mornin~
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@Memor-X yes
@ToshinouKyouko but you haven't been asked your wish yet
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Q: Does Mitsuki lose his ability?

DonnaTellooWhen the Otsukski impales Mitsuki and rips the sage Mode chakra from his body, did he steal Mitsuki’s ability to do it altogether, or just the little amount of chakra he had gathered into his body?

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Q: Can humans be cut out of all Titans?

AbdulThis question is in regards to the anime. I've watched all of the episodes that are available. Since humans who can turn to Titans at will (I think they're called shifters) can be cut out of the Titan body, can the humans inside other "normal" titans (like the ones who became titans via injecti...

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Q: If 120 experts in 12 different fields were sent back 10,000 years, could they recreate the 21 century in 100 years?

user2741831Ten experts (CEOs, professors) of each of the fields of math, physics, chemistry, economics, engineering, electrical engineering, CS, sociology, psychology, art, politics and education (120 total) are sent back in time to recreate the 21st century in a different timeline. They can carry as many ...

^^ Dr. Stone anyone?
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Q: Is G5 robot supposed to be superior to G4?

PabloIn One Punch Man manga chapter #119 , Is G5 robot supposed to be superior to G4?

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Watch Dr.Stone Anime, somewhat related — AEonAX 2 days ago
someone had the same idea
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lol, obviously I didn't read the comments.

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